client 5

  • Client: We are calling to cancel our 2pm appointment. Sniffles is better.
  • Receptionist: Oh, good to hear! Are you sure you don't a doctor to take a look just in case? We close at 4 today.
  • Client: No. He's better.
  • 5 PM
  • Client: HELLO?! We are on our way now. Sniffles has been vomiting all day.
  • Me: I'm so sorry to hear that. Unfortunately we closed at 4 today, I'm alone finishing up paperwork, we aren't seeing appointments. Let me get you the info for the emergency clinic-
  • Client: We have been coming to you for years! I am coming down now.
  • Me: Ma'am. I understand you are worried but there is no staff here. You had an appointment and cancelled and now you need to go to the emergency hospital.
  • Client: I'm in the parking lot. You have to see me!
  • 7 PM
  • Me: ok. The radiographs are done. Everything looks normal.
  • Client: Why did that take so long?!
  • Me: I'm sorry you had to wait, I told you I am here alone so it takes a bit longer.
  • Client: So. Your saying I came for nothing?
  • Me: No ma'am. I'm saying based on my exam, the blood work, and the x-rays Sniffles appears fine. I can give him an anti-emetic and some fluids and-
  • Client: Unreal. Unreal! We came all this way and you can't find anything. He's sick! We're done. Let's go Sniffles.
  • Me: The good news there appears not to be a problem. I'll walk you up to the front and you can pay.
  • Client: 600 dollars?!
  • Me: That is exactly what was on the estimate. I had to charge you an after hours emergency fee plus x-rays and lab work. You signed for it all, see?
  • Client: I didn't know what I was signing! You took advantage of my grief! I refuse to pay. You knew how upset I was. I would have signed anything! You can bill my lawyer!
Ereri Underrated Fic Recs by kagekii

Hello, lovelies!

In this fic recs I recommend you all the wonderful and precious underrated fics that I‘ve read so far on AO3. I was tired of all those fic recs in which are recommended always the same popular fics, so I’ve done this :D!

All those beautiful fics are completed and the possible trigger warnings are tagged!

- Undercover Lover by SimplyTsundere

 FBI Agent!Eren x Gangster!Levi |E| 30/30 | Warning for Past Suicide Attempt 

FBI Agent Eren Jaeger goes undercover into The Legion, a notorious group running drugs through the city of New Orleans, to avenge the death of his best friend and partner. How will his life change when he realizes that sometimes things aren’t always as black and white as they seem?   

- Recon Incorporated by freshia

Assistant!Eren x Boss!Levi |E| 11/11 | No Trigger Warnings

He was just looking for a way to pay the bills — a job that was easy, fun, and something he was into. Where could he possibly go wrong with a travel agency? 

- Kissing Booth by cinnamon_skull

College AU/Soccer players |T| 2/2 | No Trigger Warnings

Eren’s soccer team hosts a kissing booth at the Spring Carnival to raise money for charity. What will he do when he’s unexpectedly forced to work a shift with Levi, team captain and his secret crush?

Steamy kisses up ahead.

- My Home Is Where Your Heart Is by bfketh

Babysitter!Eren x Parent!Levi |E| 11/11 | No Trigger Warnings

Single father Levi is left scrambling to find an after school daycare for his daughter, Mikasa, when his regular babysitter announces that her husband’s job is being relocated. The only problem - they’re all far more expensive than he can afford.

The solution to his dilemma comes in the form of a college student, Eren, who will do it for a fraction of the cost - as long as Levi will save him from a steady diet of ramen and pop-tarts by feeding him dinner every night before he leaves.

- Maybe Third Time Isn’t The Charm by murakamism(VintageHandle)

Highschool AU/Soccer Player!Eren x Judoka!Levi |T| 19/19 | No Trigger Warnings

How could Levi have known that that dorky freshman he had rejected one year ago could turn into a ridiculously attractive soccer player? He wants those stupid big bright eyes and that wide smile that’s sweeter than crystallized sugar and that glorious butt that he saw when the object of his affections decided to reject him and run away but hey, Levi Ackerman does not give up. He doesn’t lose either.

An intimidating dorky senior chases a passionately dorky sophomore. It’s high school.

- Art Of War by catsonfire

Neighbors AU |E| 11/11 | No Trigger Warnings

Noisy neighbors, nursling dinosaurs, satanic box cutters, shitty convenience store management, the word ‘fuck’, hereditary (but not really) homosexuality, beer and ramen, pennies, truckstops, strippers, closets, semi-public defacing, rings, house parties, “recreational” drug use, accidental rendezvous, toxic stew (don’t eat the stew), nice abs, housewives–batteries not included, over-educational movie sessions, copious domesticity, kittens named after landlords, a shit joke at participating locations, and many, many happy endings.
A modern AU in which Eren moves into the apartment directly above Levi’s.

- Give Your Best by lowermiddlechild

Highschool AU/Football AU/Quarterback!Eren x Marching Band!Levi |E| 10/10 | Warning for Homophobic language

I sighed and jogged my sorry ass back to the locker room. That’s what I get for rushing. Karma strikes again. I pushed the door open and turned the corner and froze. Reiner was in the locker room. Missing some clothes, sporting a serious boner, and making out with another guy. Well shit.

- A Forged Wedding by mistyhollowdrummer

Assistant!Eren x Boss!Levi |M| 30/30 | Warnings for Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con

Modern AU, based off of the Japanese game: “I… Don’t think I heard you right. What did you just ask me, Rivaille?“ 

"I’m asking you to marry me for a month. How did you not hear me right?" 

- Love’s A Menace by seaofteeth

Tattoo Shop AU/ Piercer!Levi x Client! Eren |E| 5/5 | No Trigger Warnings

“Your favorite customer is here!” Hanji continued and damn them, Levi could practically hear their shit-eating grin. That could only mean one thing.

- Never A Rose by PlayingChello

Tattoo Artist! Eren x Florist!Levi |E| 11/11 | Warning for Talk Of Sexual And Emotional Abuse

Levi owns the Petal Wings flower shop and enjoys it as well as he can. At least until the new tattoo shop next door starts blasting music and irritating his work flow. He decides to take it upon himself to tell the shitty owner to turn it down. But there are just a few things standing in his way….

- La Maison Des Chats by AuraFelix

Mouline Rouge Settings/Prostitute!Eren x Painter!Levi |E| 16/16 | No Trigger Warnings

How can a romanticist’s heart escape the cruel realism that tears apart every emotion one can develop upon meeting their other half? Will it be able to remain ignorant of certain aspects of reality in order to create a world of self-perception? Or will it face the brutality of fate that defies the logic of that pure heart, guided by color of nature - green, that sees through the very walls of self-defense, destroying them with it’s shining warmth and exposing it’s very soul to world’s beautiful feeling - Love.

- Temporary Mistake, Permanent Fix by ChappyTheBunny

Tattoo Parlor AU/ College Student!Eren x Tattoo Artist!Levi |T| 33/33 | No Trigger Warnings

Mistakes happen. A slip of the tongue, a broken glass in the dishwasher, or an embarrassing typo in the middle of a text message. They’re small hindrances to everyday life, yet they can all be fixed by either an apology, a dust pan, or an asterisk. There is one thing – and only one – however, that Levi has never considered to be a mistake, and that is a tattoo. It’s not because he’s been a tattoo artist for over a decade, and it’s not because he’s owned his own tattoo shop for half of that. It’s because he’s a man who lives by the past and believes in its importance. So, why? Why erase something that, at one point in time, you wanted to be a part of your body forever?

- The Misanthrope by kazuma85

Canon Divergence |E| 14/14 | Warning for Underage

The story is set in an AU world where Eren was only a child when the humanity won against Titans. When he’s fifteen, he meets Levi, humanity’s introverted hero, who is not exactly the kind of person people believe he is.

- Warm Water by KeroseneShowers

Canon Divergence |E| 8/8 | Warning for Underage

Levi’s shower breaks. Desperate measures ensue. 

Neither Tarnished Nor Afraid by mongoose_bite

Police AU/Vigilante!Eren x Detective!Levi |E| 19/19 | Warnings for 
Graphic Depictions Of Violence and Minor Character Death

Levi is a rare thing; a man of honour in a city eternally selling its soul. They gave him a gun and a badge, and he walks the cruel and indifferent streets of Southport doing what he can for the forgotten ideal of justice. Someone else in Southport has an interest in justice as well, and he leaves a bloody trail of corpses in his wake as he tears through the city’s underworld.

Levi’s duty is to hunt him down, whether he is an avenging angel, a monster, or something slightly more complicated than either.

- Starboy by shulkie

Modern Settings |M| 10/10 | Warning for Major Character Death

In 1996, my boyfriend Eren Jaeger was abducted. In 2014, he suddenly reappeared. Only, he’s still sixteen and what’s more, he doesn’t remember anything that happened to him during his disappearance. This is a story about first loves, humanity, and maybe-alien boyfriends.

- Sex Bomb by cottontale

Gym/Yoga AU |E| 3/3 | No Trigger Warnings

Eren was covered in glitter and smelled like lavender. God, he loved bath bombs.

- Wake Up by Emiza 

Modern Settings/Dreamwalker!Eren |E| 24/24 | No Trigger Warnings

Eren dreamwalks in his sleep and invades people’s dreams by accident. He usually can avoid alerting the dreamer of his presence, but one day he’s caught by a mysterious man whose touch feels like fire. However, the man only thinks of Eren as a figment of his imagination. 

- Steered Straight by kylar

Military AU/Deliquent!Eren x Captain!Levi |E| 21/21 | Warnings for Graphic, Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death

Levi is a military Captain with the US Marine Corps in charge of a very small, elite reconnaissance force responsible for surveying enemy territory before the military formally makes its move. Eren is a rebellious trouble maker who shuffles in and out of lock-up until his twenty-first birthday when the judge offers him a choice between military service or prison time. Little does he know that his decision, and the unapproachable captain he’s stuck with, will change his life.

And that’s it!

If you guys want to recommend some more, please do it! I’d love to have some new fic recs ;3

Love y’all x

Benevolence 4

4/20 This chapter is pretty laid back just Y/N and Lisa working a few flashbacks and a phone call with Yixing. (I’m writing the next chapter right now) Next chapter will be much better than this. It’s only two chapters away from the real drama that’s going to go down.

Word Count: 2,800

I was alone I made sure of it, Baekhyun had took Taeyeon with him to the grocery store. As for me I faked being sick so I could make my escape, by know I had tried to leave three times. First two I stayed because he convinced me as for the third. “Y/N, you’re mine I need you here with me having just Taeyeon isn’t enough.” He basically shouted the same excuse at me before offering me an opportunity to become one of the head designers at SM. I tried to dedicated myself to just that so I could avoid him at all costs.

For a while it seemed to work I came home late at night so I didn’t have to see him or Taeyeon and woke up before either of them so I could go to work. Eventually, Baekhyun caught on, one night after coming back from SM he was sitting on the couch holding three of my newest pieces.

“What are you doing Baek?”, I asked trying to mask the small tint of fear in my voice. Of course, I wasn’t scared of him, I was scared that he’d finally caught on.

“You get off of work the same time my fourth round of practice ends. I know because you’d always come tell me you were leaving before you went home. It’s 1:32 AM, Jagi that’s four hours later.”, His voice was low and words came out slowly. He was exhausted you could hear it in each of his words.

“Go to sleep Baekhyun, you sound crazy.”, I muttered turning to head upstairs to take a shower.

“I haven’t been able to do that either.”, He blurted out stopping me from walking any further.


“I know you haven’t been sleeping in the bed lately it makes it harder for me to sleep. We don’t talk anymore Y/N. I’ve decided that you don’t need that head designer position at SM.” His hands gripped the items of clothing that I  designed in his fingers.

“Enough with the bullshit Baekhyun, you’re not going to have control over me.”, I snapped tired enough as it is. “You know how important this dream is to me. Why would you even consider thinking you could snatch it away from me?”

He stood on his feet letting the dress, coat, and bodysuit fall to the floor. Does he have no respect? I scoffed as he inched towards me an unfamiliar glint in his eyes. It made him seem uncontrollably desperate.

“Give me a kiss.” He demanded as his feet came in contact with my sock covered ones towering above me.

“Taeyeon is upstairs, go kiss her.”, I sighed going to turn around again but, a firm grip on my arm stopped.

“I miss my baby now give me a kiss.”

“I need to shower.”

“Then I’ll come with you.”, He insisted.

“What the hell do you want Baekhyun?”

“To know why you’re avoiding me.”, His arm now wrapping around my waist sneakily.

“I tried to break up with you psychopath but, you won’t leave me alone if I do leave. Then you threaten my job to get me to stay.”, I snapped at him desperately trying to get out of his grasp.

“Yes Y/N, I’m a psychopath wanting my girlfriend whom I’m deeply in love with to stay with me.”, He sarcastically muttered. “Now let’s go take a shower.”

I was tired physically and of his shit so, I went upstairs with him. Then once again I feel deeply into his trap, while Taeyeon was always there to remind me that none of this meant anything. Which brings us here, the two of them out of the house while I’m trying to leave unnoticed.

Carefully taking the rest of my designs off of the rack and folding them into my suitcase. I couldn’t deal with this anymore, I had enough talent to land another top notch designing job. Constantly being hurt by Baekhyun just wasn’t worth it anymore.

“What are you doing, Baby?”, A raspy voice interrupted my getaway. My back was towards him and I had no intentions of turning away. I was too soft on him for the longest of times, I accepted this relationship with Taeyeon to make him happy. Now that I’m in it I don’t even understand why I’m here, all of his attention is on her.

“Taking a trip, a get the fuck away from you trip.”, I mumbled sarcastically throwing some spare fabric in the trashcan.

“Get back in bed sweetheart you’re still sick.”, He ignored my last statement walking over to me trying to snatch the suitcase out of my hand.

“What’s going on?”, Taeyeon’s voice entered the room.

“Of course, you enter the room now.”, I deadpanned trying to snatch the suitcase away from Baekhyun.

“Enough with the bitchy comments Y/N.”, He snapped on me. 

“Enough with riding her dick Baekhyun.”, I threw back at him.

“Taeyeon go downstairs please.”, He spoke giving her a loving filled look. She glanced at me with a look I’ve never seen before. It wasn’t filled with hate or envy but disappointment, what the fuck was her problem? Her eyes never leaving my face as she walked out of the room, neither of us spoke until her foot steps had become silent.

“Let go I’m leaving and I don’t want to hear any of your excuses or bribes.”, I muttered finally getting him to let go of the suitcase. “I can build another career in fashion but you however, I’ll die if I have to stay with you and Taeyeon.”

I was finally leaving him it felt like nothing, because in truth no matter what he did a small piece of my heart stayed loyal. 

“What about the promise you made to us?”, He whispered lowly. The promise I made to myself and to him and to her. It was my pride I’d never forgive myself if I ended up like her but, was being in this situation really worth it? I felt his arms wrap themselves around my waist bringing me closer to his chest.

“Baby, I’m fighting for you because I don’t want you to regret this later on in life. When you told me about our promise it broke my heart what happened and now you just want to throw it all away.”, He pecked the back of my head.

This was far deeper than any petty “I promise I’ll love you forever.” promise this was my life.

“Fine.”, I couldn’t let her win not this time. “I’ll stay but please give me some space I really need it.”

“I’m going downstairs call me when you’re ready to take a shower.”, He spoke ignoring my request of space. It didn’t really matter though he’d pay attention to me for three days until, he was back to walking past me to kiss Taeyeon. For now I’ll stay it’s not like I had anywhere to go at the moment anyways. I had plenty of money it’s just really important for me to be saving it right now. I just don’t know how much more I can handle being treated second best until I’m ready to leave.

I remember those days, they went through my head often when I was alone with nothing to do. It wasn’t worth thinking about now really, I was too deep in. A week and a half had past since my birthday, things haven’t really changed except for Baekhyun trying sweet talk me more often. Taeyeon tried to act like she mad at him for a few days until she was back to running around giggling and cuddling with him. I couldn’t do it, at least not anymore when I looked at him my heart wasn’t telling me to just forgive him and share him. It was telling me to just focus on my career.

In order to truly get away from him for the day I went over Lisa’s to finish the rest of the designs. These dresses needed to be perfect in order for the rest of the companies to take me seriously. I was already at Lisa’s dorm but, she seemed to be running late.

“20 inches of lace fabric and 30 feet of silk.”, I mumbled writing down the measurements of the second dress. “Client is 5 feet tall and weighs 123 pounds.”

“Wow you work fast.”, I heard a female voice giggle. Lifting my head up to see Lisa standing behind me with a dress in her hand. It was beautiful she must’ve worked very hard on it.

“When did you get here?”, I questioned snipping off three inches of fabric. 

“Sorry I was late I needed to finish the last dress. You really do take this seriously?”, She chuckled realizing I wasn’t really paying attention to what she was say. 

Giving her a small chuckle of my own I responded. “I know it may not look like it but, this is what truly makes me happy. Putting all of your hard work into something only to see the beautiful outcome.”

I didn’t see if her expression had faltered I was too focused on the project. I had 23 more inches of fabric to sew while adding the lace to the front of it.

“You seem like your almost finished do you need any help?”, She asked slipping the dress on the rack. I was getting ready to reject her offer when my cell phone started to ring. Lifting my foot off of the foot petal I,checked the number it was Yixing.

“Yeah can you take over for a couple of minutes I need to take this.”, I turned to Lisa watching her look at my graph design.

“Of course.”, She replied smiling widely slipping onto the stool while I got off. Walking off to a more private area to answer the phone.

“Hey what’s up?”, I tried to sound more enthusiastic than I was was.

“Hey what you doing in a couple of days?”, He asked me hope laced in his words.

“Not anything that I know of why?.”

“Come fishing with me and the guys, please Y/N.”, His voice begged.

“Why do you want me to come?” 

“Baekhyun been acting like a dickhead lately and SM just so happened to invite Taeyeon and the rest of us don’t think it’s right if you’re not here.” He confessed.

I almost forgot that they still think Taeyeon is Baekhyun’s ex girlfriend. Was Baekhyun even going to tell me that they were going fishing? I can’t be angry though, because I’m never home anymore so I guess even if he didn’t want to tell me I wasn’t around.

“I understand if you don’t want to come. I can tell you Baekhyun have been going through a patch ever since your birthday.” He muttered softly.

“I’ll come since you begged so nicely.”, I giggled into the phone.

“Thanks Y/N we’ll make sure you’ll a good time.”, Yixing promised.

“Yeah, I’ll talk to you later don’t forget to meet me at Parakiss tomorrow.”

‘Yeah, I won’t see you later.”

I hung up the phone and made my way back to Lisa’s room only to hear something I don’t think I was meant to.

“So that’s it you’ll just crawl back to her. You don’t love her because if you did you wouldn’t have came to me.”, She snapped  before ending the call. 

My eyes traveled towards the dress, she had finished it no problem, good now I could relax a little.

“How much did you hear?” She pitifully asked.

“All of it but, that’s not my business the dress is finished and that’s all the matters. I’ll drop them off at the gallery on my way home.”, I spoke grabbing the two dresses we worked on today. I felt kind of bad for not even attempting to comfort her however, by the sounds of things she was the other woman. I didn’t want to get caught in anyone’s relationship drama.

“Just a word of advice get out of that mess.”

Her head shot up and gave me a look of confusion. Before she say anything I beat her to it.

“It’s not worth it, he’s the one who doesn’t love you if he did why would he still be with her? Just leave him alone, believe me it’s better to leave now or else you’ll be in a position where you’ll be hurting yourself by leaving him.”, I spoke turning my back on her.

“It’s not worth it.”, I mutter one last time before walking out the door. “It’s not worth it.”

Walking back into the apartment I kicked off my shoes. I hope everything is okay with Lisa and whoever she’s dating she seemed kind of down about it. In all honestly I couldn’t bring myself to care too much, just thinking about ‘relationships’ make me sick. 

It makes me sad thinking about how quickly my affection for Baekhyun was fading. I can’t say whether or not he still cares about me or if he was even truly sorry for what happened that day because I’m never around to listen. I know he isn’t stupid enough to think I’m just accidentally busy, I’m doing everything on purpose. I don’t even have the urge to leave him anymore, this is just a place to stay. Obviously he still thinks we’re together and I guess we are yet, I have no desires to be in a relationship. Not only is an entirely different situation keeping me from leaving him but also his form affection for me.

I can never be too upset with him because I know somewhere within in him he loves the people in his life so much..I’m just not one of those people. 

“Long time no see.”, A chuckle brought me out of my thoughts. Looking up to see Taeyeon dressed in one of a Baekhyun’s shirts with some sweatpants. “You’ve been working a lot lately. I guess we both have actually haven’t been home much lately either.”

I didn’t give not one fuck about what she was doing.

“I made dinner we already ate but, I made sure to set you plate for when you got home.”, She spoke noticing my lack of response.

“Thanks I’ll eat it later.” I responded.

“No you’ll eat in now, I haven’t seen you eat in awhile.”

Did this bitch really just try and order me to eat?

“Taeyeon, you clearly heard what the fu-” I was cut off by Baekhyun entering the room adding an unbelievable amount tension, His eyes were focused on Taeyeon while hers were glaring at me slowly shifting over to him.

“Hi Baek.”, She smiled at him while he pecked her lips lovingly. His whole facial expression changed when his eyes landed on me.

“Y/N, Taeyeon is right you need to eat and what I have I told you about the disrespect towards her. She’s the oldest out of the three of us and she’s actually putting in efforts to be kind to you.”, He spoke harsh and firm.

“I really don’t have time to listen to you kiss her ass.”, I deadpanned walking in the kitchen to get something to drink. “Just because you haven’t seen me eat doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating” I always made sure I ate at least three meals a day. I’ve actually been  eating more ‘snacks’ while I worked on the dresses.

“I really don’t want to fight with you Baby, I haven’t seen you in awhile.”, He spoke walking towards the island Taeyeon following behind.

“I’ve been busy.”

“Yixing told me you agreed to come on the fishing trip.” He suddenly blurted out.

“Yeah is that a problem if I go?”, I asked with attitude laced with every word.

“No I was going to ask you to come myself, I’m a little upset that he asked before I did.” He spoke clenching his jaw. “Anyways I have some exciting news to tell on the trip so get ready.”

“Whatever.”, I twisted the cap off of my Sprite bringing it to my lips. In the corner of my eyes I could see  Taeyeon eyeing me up and down.

 What was with her today?

“Since we’re all home why don’t we watch a movie?”, Baekhyun suggested already heading towards the couch.

“I’ll pass I have kink in my back so I’m heading to bed early.”, I spoke heading towards the stairs. If I started watching a ‘movie’ with Baekhyun it always ended in sex. I didn’t want to have sex with him at least not tonight. I’m not sure what his response was because I was already upstairs. Laying on the bed in the guest bedroom I started planning out things I could do tomorrow to stay away from them. I need to talk to Yixing tomorrow about Baekhyun he clearly has a problem with him lately. That’s what I hate about him he’s so over protective when I’m around other guys and yet, I’m supposed to be okay with Taeyeon.

Soon afterwards I drifted off to sleep only to be woken up by arms wrapping around my waist. I didn’t bother turning around it was obviously Baekhyun climbing into bed with me. It didn’t matter honestly because when I went to sleep I just kept having the same bad dream over and over again.

Why did this all have to happen?

Am I in too deep to ever even imagine getting out?

Fic Recs #14

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13

Another day, another fic rec! The talent in this fandom continues to surprise me every time I refresh AO3!

This is also written in the spirit of @peacefulboo asking if we read or write more fic over the holiday season. So, in a way, this is also for @realityisoverrated-fic @lerayon @machawicket @geniewithwifi and @adiwriting who said they all read more.

The way you make me feel (I call it love) by @smkkbert - It was only supposed to be a one time thing, calling a professional escort to be her date to an event. But once Felicity meets Oliver, she doesn’t know if she can stick to only once.

Call It a Family by @dettiot - Felicity Stark’s story isn’t done yet, and while we’re waiting for the sequel to the exceedingly amazing “It Runs in the Family,” we’ve been blessed with a ficlet series that takes place between the first and second stories!

Moose and Augie by @peacefulboo - Felicity is single mom with a prickly daughter, and Oliver is the lucky owner of a dog the little girl happens to love.

Originally posted by kaiyathegsd

In Deed and in Truth by @machawicket - Oliver’s just trying to be a good boyfriend, but Felicity keeps panicking when he tries to do anonymous nice things for her.

Say Nothing of My Fable by @geneeste - Season 5, but Oliver and Felicity are married. Aka, it’s a million times better!

Originally posted by ladylurksalot

See Beneath by @Vixx2pointOh - Felicity and Oliver are both on a 128 day cruise around the world. Ironic, since they’re both running from something on a ship they can’t get off of.

Tell Me a Story by @overwatchqueens - Olicity drabbles, ranging from fluffy and adorable to smutty and wonderful ;-)

it’s time to shed this masquerade by @ivorykeys09 - Five times Felicity borrowed Oliver’s clothes without asking, and the one time she did. Fluffy, angsty, and lovely.

A Woman’s Guide to Vigilantism by @juleswritesallwrongs - Why did it take me so long to finally read this?! Role reversal. Felicity’s the spoiled billionaire’s kid lost at sea for 5 years and Oliver is the cute tech expert that brings her out of her shell.

Originally posted by ilovenarcisse

i can tell (we are gonna be friends) by @babblekween - Next in the “welcome to your life (there’s no turning back)” series where Felicity is Bruce Wayne’s little sister. After Bruce abandons his sister and Gotham for Nanda Parbat to find the strength to save his city, Felicity doesn’t handle it well. Her only living family abandoned her, after all. After dying her hair black and going through a wardrobe overhaul and transferring to a school more suited to her IQ, Felicity meets Barbara Gordon and her number of friends officially doubles. Until Bruce Wayne comes back and turns her whole world upside down.

Originally posted by klarolicityswan

Reentry by @dmichellewrites - There’s a setback with the bio-stimulant in Felicity’s spine, and she has to come to terms with the fact that she might be permanently paralyzed again.

The Secret Ingredient by @realityisoverrated-fic - An extra-sweet installment of the Infinite Love Series involving French toast, beef bourguignon, and comfort sex.

Trust Me by @felicityollies - Prostitute/client AU of my angsty dreams. Felicity’s a prostitute about to break her #1 Rule: Never get close to a client.

Originally posted by blankofthemonth

Things veterinary technicians love to hear

1. Lunch and Learn next week.
2. Room 2 is full of puppies.
3. Doctor Always Running Behind is ahead of schedule.
4. A client brought cookies.
5. Thank you.
6. A client has requested you…and you actually like the client.
7. The dog that was at death’s door last week is doing great today.
8. It’s just a GI upset and not a blockage.
9. It’s not parvo…just giardia.
10. Silence and active listening during discharge instructions.
11. A client giving the doctor the same history that they gave you.
12. The client wants to do a full workup on the extremely ill and vomiting dog. Not just SQ fluids and some famotidine.


@theasgardiandetective’s Character Art Commissions!

That’s right, it’s been a long, long time coming; but I’m finally doing character commissions! :D

So how’s this gonna work? Well, as this is my first time doing commissions, I’ll be testing the waters by taking work over the course of a week - from the 15th till the 22nd August 2016. (although that timeslot may of course change depending on how things go :O)

That said, here’s the rundown:

  1. Want a commission of your fave character? Cool!
  2. Check that I still have slots available by quickly checking out the description of my blog (seriously, check before making any requests y’all)
  3. Read the terms under the cut!
  4. Anything unclear after reading that? Feel free to hit up my askbox with any queries!
  5. Once you’re ready, send a request my way via email!


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The thing about mental health work, when you’re out of school and you’ve got the clients and the 9-5 and the pressure, is that you need to know when to take a break. Because if you don’t, you’re going to burn out and you’ll become someone who needs the help more than you can give it. You gotta know when to take a step back and take care of you. You gotta find balance and then you’ll be able to survive and save people.
—  something one of my supervisors told me at my internship
10 things to ask a potential therapist

So this list is probably more in depth than what a normal person would really ask a therapist before deciding to work with them. I approached it considering what I would want to know about therapists before I would pick one I wanted to work with, which ended up being quite a bit of information. Obviously I love information, so more is always better :) In any case, it’s just fine to figure out what you are looking for in a therapist and what you need to accomplish your goals, and then look carefully to make sure your potential therapist has what it takes. 

1. What is your training background? The point of this question is to know where your potential therapist went to school and received any other training, and what they focused on during their training. Therapists should continue to receive training and education after graduation, so you can ask what kind of training they have focused on. You’re looking for good training that is relevant to therapy and what you want to accomplish in therapy (so if you want to work on eating related issues and this therapist focused on marital therapy, they’re probably not the one for you).

2. What is your speciality area? You want a therapist who has an area of focus that is related to the difficulties you’re currently facing (maybe those eating related issues) or the person you are (maybe LGBT clients). You do not want a therapist who says they can do anything- any person, of any age, of any background, with any issue. Multiple areas of focus is fine (“Adults with depression, anxiety, and trauma”), things that run the whole gamut and don’t make sense together probably indicates the person doesn’t really have up-to-date competency in all of those things (“People 0-99, substance abuse, conduct disorders, marital issues, end of life issues, personality disorders”).

3. What is your theoretical orientation? You probably won’t be familiar with different theoretical orientations, so ask your potential therapist to explain their theoretical orientation and outlook. The point is this is to make sure that: a) your therapist has some kind of orientation (they aren’t just making things up as they go along) and b) at the surface level, their orientation is compatible with you.

4. Tell me about your experience with cultural diversity. (You could tailor this to any particular areas of importance to you). There might be aspects of your life that are important to you and you want your therapist to be comfortable with or understand, so feel free to check on this. This could be a pretty wide set of aspects of your life- anything from your ethnic background to your religion. I tend to think that what is important is that atherapist is comfortable with working with people different from themselves, is competent with those groups, and won’t try to inflict their own opinions on their clients.

5. How long do you typically meet with clients? You want a therapist who meets with clients for as long as they need but does not meet with them forever.

6. How do you monitor outcomes? Your therapist should be working with you to monitor your progress, so the two of you can figure out how you are doing and what you need to do to reach your goals. You want a therapist who can talk about how they generally do this.

7. How involved are your clients in treatment planning and other decisions? You might want to be the person making most or all of the decisions in your mental health. You might want your therapist to make all the decisions about your treatment. You might want to collaborate about decisions. Different therapists approach this in different ways, so make sure your potential therapist does this in a way you are comfortable with.

8. Do you collaborate with other providers (like psychiatrists, general practitioners, case managers, etc)? You might have other providers and it can be really helpful for your therapist to be comfortable with collaboration with them. Some providers particularly work with other providers, so if you do have other providers that you would like to be involved in some way with your therapy or therapist, you might want to check whether your therapist has worked with them before or would be willing to work with them.

9. Do you take my insurance? (And other relevant questions about billing). It’s obviously very important to make sure you will be able to afford therapy. Some therapists take insurance, and others only do cash. Some have sliding scale fees.

10. Are you licensed? What is your license in? What is your license number? Because your therapist should be licensed (or working towards licensure with supervision, or in training with supervision). 

Booking at the Veterinarian
  • Nurse: XYZ Vet clinic, how can I help you?
  • Client: Oh Hi, I was wondering if I could get an appointment for my dog today?
  • Nurse: Certainly, what time did you have in mind?
  • Client: Oh, well, let's see.... I have to drop the kids at school and I have a dentist appointment at 11:30 and that sometimes runs late and blah blah blah....
  • Nurse: Would you like to call back when you know when you would prefer an appointment?
  • Client: No.
  • ------------------
  • Nurse: XYZ Vet clinic, how can I help you?
  • Client: Can I have an appointment for my dog?
  • Nurse: Sure, when would you like?
  • Client: Oh, um, hang on a sec.
  • Client: Shazza! Shazza! When do you want to take him to the vet... nah you're gonna need the car... well ask Sam that wont work... okay I'll ask.
  • Client: What time do you close?
  • Nurse: 8 pm.
  • Client: Shaz, they close at 8! When do you get back?
  • Nurse: ......
  • -----------------
  • Nurse: XYZ Vet clinic, how can I help you?
  • Client: Can I have an appointment please?
  • Nurse: Certainly, what time would you like?
  • Client: Can I have first thing tomorrow morning please?
  • Nurse: Of course, our first appointment is 8am.
  • Client: Oh no! That's a bit too early. Do you have anything later?
  • Nurse: Sure, we have 9am available.
  • Client: Anything later?
  • Nurse: ... 10am?
  • Client: That's still a bit early.
  • Nurse: 11am?
  • Client: Oh no, I have another appointment then.
  • Nurse: Midday?
  • Client: Oh yes, that will be perfect, thank you.
  • -----------------
  • Nurse: XYZ Vet clinic, how can I help you?
  • Client: Can I have an appointment on Friday please?
  • Nurse: Of course, what time would you like?
  • Client: Oh, I can do anytime.
  • Nurse: How about 10:30
  • Client: Oh no, I can't do then.
  • Nurse: Ok, what about 2:15?
  • Client: Oh, I can't do then either, but I'm free basically the rest of the time.
  • Nurse: 5:45?
  • Client: Oh, no I'm busy then too.
  • Nurse: So, when are you available?
  • Client: Basically all day!
  • ----------------
  • Nurse: XYZ vet clinic, how can I help you?
  • Client: Can I have an appointment for Fluffy Smith please?
  • Nurse: What time would you prefer?
  • Client: Anything between 4pm and 6pm on a Tuesday.
  • Nurse: How about 4:15 next Tuesday.
  • Client: Sounds great, see you then.
  • Nurse: ...
  • Nurse: Thank Flipping Christ.

EW’s Spoiler Room: Scoop on Elementary (Nov 4) 

Remember when I teased that a familiar face would return this season? I can now exclusively reveal that Ophelia Lovibond will reprise her role as Kitty Winter for at least two episodes in the latter half of the season. Sorry, further details on the return of Sherlock’s protégé are being kept under wraps!

Salon Etiquette

Okay so we have all had a client or experienced a client who happened to be so rude it took everything you had not to kick them out of your chair. So this is for everyone so they know WHAT NOT TO DO:

- Don’t Spin or move my chair

- Don’t tell me how to do my job

- Don’t ask to use, touch or mess with my “SHEARS“

- Don’t Ask me if I “Know what I’m doing” (I went to school passed my state boards and paid over $15,000 to know what I am doing!)

- Don’t be creepy and friend me of facebook after I cut your hair once

- Don’t tip in the form of mix tapes, old costume jewelry, ½ eaten sandwiches, or anything like that. We understand you don’t always have the money to tip, and that’s okay. But doing stuff like the above makes us feel bad as well as cheep and its like a slap in the face.

- Over all just DON’T be rude.

You have to remember we do our job because we love it, on average I see more that 5 clients a day so please don’t get upset if I ask you the same question twice or forget how you like your hair cut. My biggest goal in this industry is to be able to make you fee the best you can and its hard sometimes when clients forget that I am only human.

So, I work as a service professional at a company who houses and cares for disabled people, all over southern Indiana. I’ve only been working here for a few short months, but I’m attached to all my clients like they are my family.

We just lost a client yesterday (5/18/17) to old age and bad health. He was the third oldest in the Ohio Valley with Down’s syndrome, and the oldest in Indiana at age 66. He was the sweetest gentleman you could ever see, although he did have his moment where he liked to mess with people, but it made everyone laugh and brought him joy.

But we also have six other clients we take care of at this house I work at, and it’s taking a toll on them, and us staff. If I could ask a favor from the witch community. It’s nothing big, just a simple favor really.

If I could get some healing energies sent my way, and my clients’ and coworkers’, that would be amazing. We were all so close to Mr. Joe, and it’s hitting everyone like a brick through a window.

I thank you all in advance, to whoever sends energies our way, we need it.


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10 

The name has officially changed. Let the party rage on.

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PUBLIC NOTICE: We’re doing things a little differently this time! I also read Bellarke fanfiction at an alarmingly fast rate. So, I’m including some Bellarke fic at the end! I’ll differentiate between the two in case you’re only looking for one or the other.

The Shadow Behind Them by @geniewithwifi - After a curse set into motion by an ancestor, Felicity is constantly on the run from a demon who hunts her called the Captain. One night, he almost succeeds when Felicity meets a handsome stranger who is far more than he appears.

Patchwork Cities by @jakelovesamy - Felicity Smoak is a pilot in WWII, flying for the Allies while based in Hamble, England. She’s more of a delivery girl than a fighter, but she does her part to help the boys make it home. That is, until her plane crashes behind enemy lines and she’s met with none other than Oliver Queen – spy for the Allies, presumed dead for three years.

The Constellations Never Fail by @machawicket - Did you like that part in The Walking Dead when everyone went to Alexandria and it was major culture shock? Me too! Take that concept + Arrow character and you get a totally awesome, dangerous, sassy, sizzling Olicity fanfiction.

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Shared My Body and My Mind With You (That’s All Over Now) by @hoodiesandcomputers - What’s that? A sequel full-length fic to Taste of Your Poison Paradise? Don’t mind if I do! Oliver is a prostitute and Felicity was looking for a good lay. When she saw said lay at the coffee shop the next morning, she never thought she’d find a new best friend.

The Ghost of Jupiter: The Journey Home by @juliesioux - Oliver and Felicity begin their final international adventure in the Ghost of Jupiter series: Positano. Despite being in the land of ancient Roman myths, Coyote and the Old Man are persistently following them until they can learn what they need before going home.

Immortals by @yellowflicker09011996 - Hades/Persephone AU with a twist. Everyone’s favorite IT girl happens to be the goddess of death.

Little Bird Blue by @alexiablackbriar13 - A wounded bird gets trapped in the Foundry and Oliver nurses it back to health. Coincidentally enough, the entire time he’s taking care of the bird, a certain IT girl is also missing

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we used to be friends (a long time ago) by @DemiC - Felicity is dealing with the fallout of her best friends murder, her seemingly-perfect boyfriend Tommy dumping her out of the blue, trying not to punch the annoying Oliver Queen, and being the town pariah because she and her foster father John Diggle believe there’s more to Sara Lance’s murder than meets the eye.

The Power of Love by @mythica - Season 5 spec fic. When the Bratva comes to Mayor Queen, thinking they’ll find favor with a brother in the position, they’re sorely mistaken. But the Bratva isn’t an organization to be trifled with.

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Tears make Kaleidoscopes in your Eyes by @felicityollies - The 5 times Oliver took care of Felicity and one time she took care of him. I know it’s been done, but this one is so sweet! Besides, isn’t the point of fanfiction to reread our favorite tropes over and over?

Caught in the Rapture by @bindy417 - I think I already recced this but I don’t care. Felicity’s father - Damien Darhk - sells her to his long-time enemy to broker peace. She is to be married to Al Sah-him, Warith al Ghul, Heir to the Demon. Forced marriage fics usually make me extremely angry, but this one is so cleverly written and expertly navigated that it always leaves me wanting more!

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you might as well be the devil by @megaphonemonday - (Can someone tag her? My computer won’t let me!) SOULMATE AU FAM. The first words your soulmate says to you are tattooed on the back of your neck, but Clarke Griffin has seen the damage soulmates can bring. She refuses to accept whatever fate has in store for her. That’s why, when she meets Bellamy Blake and he says those fateful words, she vows never to speak to him.

Home by @grumpybell - The summary is so good, I’ll just leave you with it.

Now - Clarke Griffin is reported missing on a Thursday in February, when the sky is a cold, flat grey and the air is sharp and unforgiving.

Two Years, Five Months Ago - She meets Bellamy Blake at a party when she’s fifteen.

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Facing Tempests of Dust by @grumpybell - TWO IN A ROW WOOHOO. Clarke and another 99 delinquents are sent out of the artificial environment dome the Ark to see if life on the ground is possible. There, she meets a strange man with even stranger abilities.

I’ll Be Chasing Angels All My Life by @grumpybell - Did I say Bellarke fanfiction? Obviously I meant grumpybell’s fanfiction. Bellamy moves away from his horrible town with Octavia in tow and gets a job working for the Griffins. Clarke is just a spoiled princess to him at first, but then he begins to see the pain not so far beneath her surface.

i had 2 terrible clients today. the good news is that both were very quick and they paid piv prices to not have piv, but i really would have rather they just wanted to have piv instead of the weird shit they did (terribad oral from 1 and extremely bizarre silent leg-humping from the other). i used to have casual sex a lot when i was younger and i mixed it with fssw, and i thought i knew that guys were weird, but guys are WEIRD

ive had 5 clients so far (2 good, 1 insufficiently clean and then these 2) and i have already out-earned my day job for the month so there’s that

oh and i went to boots to get free condoms and i handed her the little card and she looked at me like ‘oh! uhhh act non-judgmental’ like you could literally see the cogs turning (and i had ‘variety of sizes’ ticked on the card) and she came back them in like an unmarked little parcel which she pseudo-surreptitiously slipped to me and uhhh i guess that’s cool for some people but it seemed like overkill, maybe next time i’ll open with ‘FREE CONDOMS PLEASE!’ so they know it’s ok