Lament for a library

My workplace, a university library, is closing soon. Cuts to the budget of the state of California are affecting every aspect of the University of California, and my campus is closing 4 out of our 6 libraries as a result.

How does this make any sense? They already charge us more tuition for fewer services and educational opportunities and more crowded classes every year. My university is a prestigious research institution, yet it is facing a 2/3 reduction in libraries.

The worst part is that we, the students, are powerless in this. The administration isn’t looking for solutions or suggestions, only announcing the cutbacks. My coworkers just joke grimly about the closure and eye the office supplies, I search for new jobs guiltily while at work.

The saddest part, I think, will be seeing the husk of CLICS, and the way I’ll never need to walk into Revelle Plaza ever again.