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170709 LieV Hip hop team song recommendations

S.coupsG-DRAGON - ‘무제(無題) (Untitled, 2014)

Wonwoo이은미 (Lee Eunmi) - 알바트로스 (Albatross) 

Vernon - Kero One & Azure - Let Me Show You

Mingyu - (스탠딩에그) Standing EGG - (시간이 달라서) Because of Different Time

Hip hop unit - Position (포지션)   - One Day (하루)

Olympic Hockey Forward: Georgia Martin

For the beautiful The Women of Check Please Zine that @omgcpwomen put together!! (clicky the link, download it, gaze upon it <3)

<3 Georgia is a fucking goddess ok.

Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Gouache. (I…don’t usually put my media on this blog whoops oh well. habits)

My other Check, Please! FanArt

anonymous asked:

Aunty Jillian, something awful has happened. I'm a Victorian goth, and I was wearing the fashion full time. But I also have rheumatoid arthritis, especially in my knees and hips. And my doctor just told me No More Pretty Shoes. It's ortho sneakers forever more, if I want to be able to walk when I'm 35. Worse yet, the style that is best for me only comes in BRIGHT CYAN or HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW. Neither of which even pretends to go with my wardrobe. *sobs dramatically* Any advice on hiding my hooves?

Oh no! But still, being able to walk when you’re 35 is pretty important. I know this will seem odd coming from me, with my ridiculous wardrobe, but health should always take precedence over fashion.

Hiding your hooves. Do you wear gothy Victorian skirts? If so, now is the time to add extra ruffles to the hems, and go with floor-length skirts. Yes, there is a learning curve to how to walk in them, but it’s actually not that difficult.

Spats? There will still be parts of the BRIGHT orthopedic sneakers that show, but at least parts of them will be covered.

Also, I wonder if it’s possible to stain or paint the exterior of the shoes? I’ve only ever colored satin or cotton-blend shoes, so I have no idea if this can even be done on the  high-tech wonder materials used for orthopedic shoes. 

Okay, peeps, you know the drill: anyone have any helpful suggestions? Clicky-links?

I’m kinda going overboard here but here is better meta about Sam’s timeline and the military and even where he might’ve gone to school with lots of links: I’m kinda going overboard here but here is better meta about Sam’s timeline and the military and even where he might’ve gone to school with lots of links: (I just love Sam so much)

Timeline Anon

Timeline Anon, you warm our hearts. <3

Here’s a clicky link:

Love, Mod Sarsa


A new piece of sigil art has been added. Meet the second symbol of the Sigilum Mox- The Anti-Surveillance Sigil.

Right now, it’s available through Redbubble on a number of products (which, today, also happen to be 20% off when you use the code HOTSTUFF20)- here’s the link- GO CLICKY

“This entry in the series is designed NOT to be used as an invisibility or cloaking sigil. In fact, wearing it may make you MORE noticeable rather than less. Instead, this is designed to attract the attention of those watching, confuse and confound their sight, increase feelings of paranoia, fear, and distraction.
Best used by placing prints, cameras, or other objects bearing the sigil in full view of whatever may be watching. Or worn to serve as a distraction while others do work they wish to go unnoticed.”

As per usual, use where needed, take all of the doses in the bottle without ending the regimen early, share/inscribe where needed and useful (with appropriate crediting), make sure to take with food, and purchase when deeply desired.

OIbligatory Daenerys painting from me ‘cause I’m the chick who paints Dany all the time. It would be a blasphemy to end my GoT painting craze without one!

PRINTS are available on my Society6 store. FREE worldwide shipping till July 10, 2016 at Midnight Pacific Time using this link. Clicky click!

Okay peeps, Auntie Jilli needs you to help her find a thing. ChicStar has discontinued this “Layered Velvet Long Vest”. A brief search of eBay and Amazon hasn’t turned anything up, but I’m deep in the depths of this deadline, so I can’t obsessively search like I usually would.

So I turn to you, Tumblr Hivemind! I’m looking for one in burgundy, in a size “46″, 1X, or 18 (which is all the same thing). Help? Find me a clicky-link of shopping?

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so i've decided to return to the dark side but i think i chose the worst time to cuz it's about to be summer and my usual wardrobe of dark jeans and black shirts just won't work with 90 degree weather. any advice on how a guy can still rock the goth, or in my case punk, look without dying of heat exhaustion or constantly looking like a tomato? much thanks :)

Oooh! I actually have a Gothic Charm School post about this!

Of Gentlemen’s Summerwear and of Alternative Genders.

(Apologies for the short, clicky-link answer, but I’m onsite at one of my corporate offices this week, so my time is crammed with meetings.)

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Dmitri, Make me summadem brass nails. They be fucking awesome.


You mean thesebrass nails right here? 

You think you got the chutzpah to wield the might of a hundred steampunk serial killers distilled down into ten sharp-hooked talons? (Yes, ten killes per claw. We made sure. No, you don’t want to know how.)


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Heya. I hope this doesn't come off as rude but could you possibly direct me to some good place to learn/read about Tim Drake? I hardly know anything about him and would like to change that. No worries if you can't!

Omg no not rude at ALL!! I will happily direct to all the places for more Tim Drake content because anyone who is interested in learning about Tim Drake is automatically Good in my book.

So here’s a quick summary on Tim’s original, pre-52 story: 

Tim was always fascinated by Batman and Robin as a child and actually discovered their identities at a very young age, thanks to deducing that Robin was Dick Grayson through his gymnastics skills, gathering that Bruce was Batman by association. When Jason Todd died, Tim realized Batman was becoming violent and a danger to himself and others, so he stepped up, asking first Dick to come back to be Robin, and then offered to do it himself when Dick refused. With fairly absent parents, he assumed it would be something he could do to keep his mind off of feeling lonely. 

His mom ends up dying in an non-Batman-related kidnapping, dad in a coma, and Tim becomes Robin. He’s Robin for some time, juggling school, his recovering father, relationships, “regular teenager things” etc. He carries on with a brief break and a lot of trials, tribulations and tragedies, before Damian Wayne, biological son of Bruce, comes along, Bruce “dies”, and Dick takes over as Batman, instating Damian as Robin and pushing Tim out on his own. He adopts the mantle of Red Robin, previously used by Jason Todd, in order to go search for Bruce. New 52 then happens and the universe resets and I am sad.

So if that interests you at all, THIS is a masterpost with basically all of your comics for Tim! They give a brief summary of them too, and I think almost all the links are functional (?) and have options to read or download. In my opinion, the later Robin comics are very good and Red Robin is one of the best comic runs to exist, plus it’s short at only 26 issues. :) Also, his Teen Titans issues are great because he has friends!! Like Kon, Bart, Cassie, and some of the others!

In summary, Tim’s personality gets simplified by the fandom into a sleep deprived nerd, but he’s pretty complex! He’s definitely got a lot of issues from his upbringing, but he’s loyal to a fault, cares a little too much, brilliant, and extremely dedicated to Bruce’s mission. He can also be cold, manipulative, and angry in his later years. He’s often compared to Bruce and many say he’s the most like Bruce out of all the bat kids because he is “The Detective” of the kids. I’ve written a small synopsis on his character and some of his relationships HERE, if you’d like to read it! And there’s THIS really cool “10 adjectives to describe Tim” post that I love. :) 

tl;dr: Tim Drake is awesome and clicky the link for my reference tag with lots of Tim things!

Behold! A Soriel shimeji! :D

This one is dedicated to @renrink . She really likes this ship and I do too 8D
To download, you clicky this link and download the file:
It’s a .rar file, so once the download is complete you unzip it with Winrar.
Once it’s downloaded, you click the file. 
Going into the file, you look for the Executable Jar File and click that. The shimeji should run itself. C:

Do take in mind that to run this program, you need to have Java installed (the newer versions apparently do not like shimejis and do not run them. Stare.)

They jump, they dance, they climb and they snooze. Have fun!

(Link to Mac download: )

all i care about right now is that scene in the movie john wick where keanu reeves kills 940 billion guys in a nightclub.

special sexual shoutout to the part where he jacks a henchman up against a wall, stabs him in the gut, then slaps a hand over his mouth and shoves the knife up through his chin, making very intense Erotic Monster eye contact until the guy is dead.

the song is really good too (think by kaleida) and i could write you a paper on how romantic my feelings for the fight choreography are.

i don’t know how to make a clicky link on mobile but here you go:

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for transgender goths?

Please keep in mind that I’m a cis, het, monogamously-married woman, so my advice may not be as directly useful as words of wisdom from other, more trans (or is it *trans?) -focused sources. HOWEVER, my biggest piece of advice is be as true to yourself as you can be, and to always be mindful of your safety, because there are horrible people out there who take a violent and hateful stance toward anyone different from their narrow views.

anonymous asked:

This is random and probably a weird question, but can you recommend any books on basic witchcraft? I'm weird and a nerd so this is the kind of thing I enjoy learning about :p

Being weird and a nerd is awesome! 

Witchcraft books I particularly like (with clicky-links that go to Amazon, but get them from wherever you prefer (check your local library!):

The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, and Brews

Charms, Spells, and Formulas

Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

The Concise Lexicon of the Occult

A Victorian Grimoire (This one is great for around-the-house folklore and kitchen witchery)

The Sisters Grimmoire: Spells and Charms for Your Happily Ever After (Hi @breelandwalker!)

… other than that, go to your local library and start reading your way through the occult, magic, and folklore sections. That’s what I did as a wee girl, and I’ve never regretted it.