24 Day Studio Ghibli Challenge!
(ps I hope more people do this, I don’t see other entries on my dash and it makes me sad / drop me an ask if you did!)

Day 7 — A Home

Ehmm well I’ve seen a few other entries for Day 7 and a few people said they love the cosiness of Kiki’s place etc etc but honestly I’m just in love with Howl’s home???! I found it freaky at first when I first watched the show, but as time passed I realized there’s something scarier about an empty room. Crowded rooms are cosier, and if you’re used to the sounds your stuff makes it provides security you can’t get anywhere else…

That and look, he has a disco ball above his head! I’m certain it isn’t really a disco ball but I’m just going to pretend it is / plus hey look Howl in bed. And don’t forget the house also has Calcifer, Markl, bacon, eggs, and a nifty door. The stuff of dreams…

(ps i set a clickthrough to original source for the gif!)