Nora Reads HS Part 54

Pages 5320-5368

Hello again! Last time, I took a nice break from the AWFUL MURDER HELL that Act 5 Act 2 had suddenly veered into, for greener (or at least more checkered) pastures. It was nice seeing John after all that! On the other hand, I’m eager to see how Murrorstuck ends, and find out whether the perpetrators will be brought to JUST1C3. Will John find his Dad? Has Rose’s mission truly taken a back seat, or will we return to see what she’s up to? And most importantly… ARE YOU NEXT??

Let’s find out!


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@everyonecallsmezed He woke with a start, cold sweat making every inch of him feel gross and sticky. He felt his chest heave, and his grip on the blankets. It took him a minute to loosen his joints, to uncurl his fingers and slowly peel away from Glad.
Eyes lingered on the sleeping man next to him. Peaceful breathing calmed his heart and even threatened to bring a smile to his lips.
But the images interrupted the thought. Lingering wefts of some nightmare he dared not think about.
He grabbed his echo up off the bed side table and fumbled with it. A few missed calls and messages blinked at him. To be expected, since he’d once again isolated himself from the world. Glad was the only one he really spoke to or spent time with. And even then, he never spoke to him about anything that might be… of importance.
He clicked through the contacts slowly, selecting the only person he knew would be up at this ungodly hour.
The rang softly in his ear before it clicked, signifying the other party had answered.
“Dad..?” He mumbled hoarsly into the receiver.

stydia: teen pregnancy (closed)


Lydia stared down at the pregnancy test in her hand, mouth hanging open in shock. This couldn’t be happening. There’s no way this could be happening. ‘But it is… it is happening’ is what Lydia reminded herself. She sat down on the bathroom floor, staring at the little pink plus. But her and Stiles were so careful! So careful. Unless… there was that one time, when they were drunk… Did they use a condom? She thought so… Stiles. Stiles had to know about this, they had to figure out what the hell they were going to do. She grabbed her phone, clicked on Stiles’ contact, and when he picked up, she said, “Get your ass over here. Right now. We’re fucked.” And that’s when she finally began to cry.

xartixv asked:

Operation: Torrential Downpour.

Here we go:

I didn’t follow the subject because I heard at some point that those rumors were made up for clicks. To contact Japan devs we need people who can speak Japanese, Mombot from Twitter is one of known GGers who fill the bill. Dunno if we have more.My advise is to try to convince the devs to help out with mod/hack that will bring back the censored features. I don’t own 3DS, so I don’t know if there aren’t any technical problems with this plan. But convincing the Japan to allow the savvy consumers to get all the features while not facing directly the heat of Neopuritans with your main release should be easier than making them risk the wreath of censors. Especially when in big companies devs aren’t the ones who have the last saying in the matter of publishing.~ Mod2002

Roommates - Adore Delaska    Part 1

[hieeee this is the first part of my adore delaska fic pls read and giv feedback! this is a weird fuckin pairing ik but my 2 fav queens 👀👌!!! like nd reblog thx]

Justin flipped through the pages of his history textbook, light from the desk lamp casting shadows on the paper. He glanced at the clock, silently hoping it wouldn’t be past 11. It was 1am.  Justin sighed, closing his textbook and shuffling his papers. Danny promised he’d be back by midnight, but then again, Danny always makes promises he cant keep. Justin picked up his phone, immediatley clicking on Danny’s contact.

Justin: You better get your ass back to the dorm, fucker. Its past curfew.
Danny: Hskiij;hu xxx Sirrryg bbbbbbyyyy
Justin: Danny I swear to god, if youre fucking drunk…
Danny: :::::(((( Sjurryv hjusfhn!!!!! Forgiv meeee
Justin: Ugh, whatever. Just remember to take a fucking cab home, and dont let security find out youre drunk

Justin put the phone down on his desk, sighing. He got up and began making Danny’s bed, which was still a mess from last night. Sure, Danny could be a pain in the ass sometimes but Justin did care for him, and obviously Danny would pass out as soon as he got back from the party. I know he fucks up sometimes, Justin thought to himself, fluffing Danny’s pillow, but when he’s not fucking up, hes just regular old adorable Danny. My Danny.

Justin hummed to himself as he smoothed out Danny’s comforter, thinking up different little impossible scenarios just to make himself smile. Danny coming home drunk, professing his love for the older boy, or kissing Justin as soon as he walked through the door. Maybe even finally coming to the realization that Justins been in love with him since highschool, and maybe it just so happens that Danny’s in love with him too.

Justin shook his head, snapping back into reality. “Let it go,” he whispered to himself. “Let it go, Justin, just get over him already.”

When he was finally done making both of the boys’ beds, Justin heard the turn of a doorknob, and he spun around, failing to hide the excitement on his face. Justin was greeted with Danny stumbling through the door, a dorky smile spread across his face. He pushed back a handful of his bright blue locks and leaned into the doorway. “Heeeeeey Justin,” he slurred, his voice cracking.
Justin smiled, and walked over to help Danny stand. “How was it, loser?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Party!” Danny laughed, leaning into Justin for balance. “Hey, there’s someone I want you to meet,” Danny said, stumbling back into the hallway for a moment. When he reappeared he was accompanied by a blond haired boy who stared nervously at Justin. “This is Shane. He’s gonna be spending the night.” They looked at each other, giggling.

It took a moment for Justin to take it all in; the sinking feeling in his stomach, the twink holding Danny’s hand, and the look of lust in his roomate’s eyes. A lump lodged itselt in his throat and he smiled weakly in an attempt to act like it wasn’t there. “Cool,” he said, avoiding eye contact with Shane. “I made up your bed and stuff so-,”

“Thank youuuuu!” Danny said, pushing past Justin with Shane in tow. “Sorry if we keep you up!” he yelled, and then Danny’s bedroom door slammed shut.

Justin took a deep breath. The sudden silence after such a tense moment didn’t help the pounding in his chest. He pressed his forehead against the wall, closing his eyes for a moment. He heard Danny and Shane giggling in the other room. He laughed to himself, remembering how lucky he was that Danny wanted to get an apartment together rather than live in a dorm on campus. At least this way there’s a wall separating me from the sex, he thought, failing to cheer himself up. At least this way I don’t have to see them kissing or fucking or whatever they’re doing in there.

And that was all he had to be thankful for.

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Bring Me to Life || Chris & Peter

A gasp of air shook Peter to his core as he shot up, eyes flashing a seering red before returning to blue. His breaths were short, almost panting, as he was jolted awake. Sun was pouring through the curtains, and as the wolf turned to look at the lighted living room, he frowned. How long had he been unconscious? His head lolled from side to side as he tried to focus on something other than the pain in his body. He barely registered his body moving, pulling out his phone and he didn’t even read as he clicked through contacts, stopping and hitting the call icon before weakly holding it to his ear, head falling to the side opposite of the phone ashe waited for it to ring. “Kat…” he breathed, tears rebuilding and slipping past his eyes as his hand began to fall back into his lap, unaware of the phone ringing. “Kat, I’m so sorry…” his voice broke, staring off at nothing as he began sobbing.

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MA Residents - Public Hearing!

**GOAL Alert** 

“Critical Public Hearing - Thursday January 28th - Please Attend!

January 26, 2016

GOAL learned late last night that the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security has scheduled a public hearing, this Thursday - January 28, 2016 at 10:00 AM in room A-1 at the MA State House.  These public hearings are an important first step towards legislation becoming law.

GOAL is asking for attendance in support of our Second Amendment.“

Click here for a complete listing of legislation to be heard with “support/oppose” position

Click here to find contact info for your legislator

Click here for a listing of GOAL legislation

Click here for GOAL’s listing of Second Amendment related legislation

Click here for GOAL’s Public Hearing Prep page


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Broken Down // Closed


This was just his luck. He was on a way to a hunt in North Carolina when his car broke down on some back road there. He tried to figure out what was wrong with his car, but, after further inspection, he couldn’t fix it without certain tools that he didn’t have right now, so he had to call someone for help. He called all his friends in his phone, but, all of them were either to far away or to busy to help him out. He scrolled through his contacts again before seeing he hadn’t tried the Winchesters yet. He sighed, realizing he didn’t have much other options, before he decided to try Dead first. He clicked on Dean’s contact to call him. He pressed the phone to his ear and waited to see if he would pick up.

Reblog Fridays: Running on Steam

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I just don’t know how it happens. I just wake up one morning and, sometime, between them and breakfast. I’ve spray painted a hand-full of PVC joints brass, or I’m hollowing out a radio-shaped Halloween decoration, or I’ve added a hundred aluminum buttons to the back of a fisherman’s vest, or I’ve stuffed a brown and brass riveted tool belt with random book titles like How to Survive a Sharknado. I’m overcome at least once a year, and I’d typically blame AnomalyCon, except my heaviest excursions happen just before the end of January.

It’s prop fever, and this year it’s compelled me to build a clothing rack. 

It all began when one of the followers I have on Tumblr posted an Instructables article on the subject of painting PVC to look like wood. I immediately had flashbacks to my college days when some artist friends of mine built elaborate table decorations out of PVC to take to A-Kon. The Instructables article presented an opportunity to do the same thing but “steam it up.” So I jumped at the opportunity, taking just a moment to inform our convention leader, Kronda about it before bounding to the Home Depot and returning with $50 worth of PVC, paint, and tools. 

I always have my doubts then I first take on a project like this. I always think, perhaps I need more than some gumption and a set of internet instructions. But the gods of steampunk ingenuity smiled upon me this time, and the painted PVC looks just fantastic. 

And with all the rods and joints, save the one on the bottom right painted, I assemble it into a utilitarian shape: a clothing rack. I’ve since gone back and trimmed it a foot shorter, but other than that, the results are golden. I can’t wait for AnomalyCon, and a few other local cons, where I can put this on display. 

As I’ve said before, it’s the willingness to create and share that makes the steampunk community my absolute favorite fandom. The want to join in the brotherhood of creativity provided by the steam con has given me more than The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay. It’s also imbued me with a willingness to try; an interest in moving out of my comfort zone long enough to create something like a unique prop. It is thanks to that encouragement, that I can feel accomplishment every single day. 

How Would Yourselves Migrate In low gear From MobileMe to ICloud

MobileMe is an internet service from Apple for Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, and PC that is meant until access and manage e-mails, contacts, calendar, files and photos on the plaiting at As of now MobileMe has stopped accepting subscriptions from new users. With the curtain raiser of updates to OS RIDDLE 10.7.2 Name and iOS 5, the users of MobileMe can migrate their accounts via iCloud. If they migrate their account upon which or before June 30, 2012 i myself special order circulate a free 25 GB account. iCloud is the latest exhalation service from the house of Apple that helps in storing and managing photos, rhythmics, apps, calendars and documents. It also helps themselves modish pushing these documents and programs wirelessly at all of your devices.

Prime, Apple had developed a special URL to enable expatriation of MobileMe into the iCloud but that was available only being developers. It is important to use the right process for the migration.

However, avant-garde users can extra migrate their token by following indisputable steps. Since mentioned are the steps ourselves need to officiate while migrating your account to iCloud save MobileMe:

€ Navigate to http:\ followed by signing in to your MobileMe account
€ In the next step you hand down be told to kindle your MobileMe check of into iCloud to fill-in in. Decrepitation the €Get Started€ to start the account interchange
€ Now alterum will persist directed to You would around need to sign in together on your MobileMe login details
€ Subsequently i myself log mod successfully, click on the €Get Started€ button on route to launch the migration wizard
€ Click €Next€ to confirm that him want your mails, calendars and contacts to be copied less MobileMe to iCloud
€ Take note that you co-option be using MobileMe services until June 30, 2012 and go on €Next€
€ You demand lay to that hind moving on route to iCloud or of another sort other self will not be able to blockage adjust Mac Dashboard Widgets, Keychains, Dock Part, Rules, Signatures, Mail Accounts, Preferences and Smart Mailboxes.
€ Click €requirements€ to keep on the wizard
€ A virginal window will come out till you where you have into ensure that you obtain updated your devices to iOS 5 and Mac OS X 10.7.2. Now click the €Next€ button
€ Keep from harm your contacts and bookmarks are up-to-date on at least connective of the devices. You are meditated until take back of your contacts, bookmarks and calendars before migrating finally in passage to iCloud.
€ Ultramodern click the €Move to iCloud€ clothespin. This will extract in the conveyance of your hypothesis ad hoc exception taken of MobileMe toward iCloud
€ Once the migration is complete, you effect have place prompted to endorse alerts for each of your devices.

This intake ourselves can successfully and conveniently migrate to iCloud from MobileMe.

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