Zenyatta preview for the @overwatchzine! 

It was an honor participating in this with all the other awesome artists! 

Preorders are now closed, but there may be some left to purchase at Anime Expo or at a later date~ Be sure to check the Tumblr page!

Allison Howle / Anireal  / Aurum  / Axel / bearcoffee / ClickMist  / Colatechi / cottonwings / Denize / dragonsroar / Egg Dishes / Fungii / I.M.BRAVO / Jackie Lee / JEL / Kaywinnit / kolo / Leon Woon Ir Vin / Lulu’s Dragon House / Megomyarto / Missdeerface / momobucket / Monobun / oiiChyo / pandyssiaa / qpeura / RadJinja / rescoesto / RJ / SHUNAO! / spriteling / tecchen / ursadaemajor / Watt / Wrathes / Yves / Zee 

Thank you @oiichyo for putting this together!

I will be posting the full version of this piece available as a print at Anime Expo in the next new days!

ClickMist's 10$ Commissions

Hey guys, Mist here!

So I’m starting to accept commissions again, seeing how I’m in need of money and that I need to start saving up for Akon. I know the examples above are all half body, but I also accept full bodies as well. All for 10$! Donations/tips/signal boosts/reblogs are always welcome! Thank you guys for your support! > V <)b

-Fullbody/Halfbody: 10$

  • Additional Charas: +7$
  • Maximum 3 characters

-Paypal ONLY

-Contact me through tumblr messages, or ClickMist on dA, or through my email Thank you!