In contrast, lets make it as shiny as possible!  Here’s a fresh conch and upper helix piercing done with a diamond 3-Flower-Garland and a diamond Eternity clicker from Maria Tash.   Thank you so much!

Piercings by Tobias at Venus by Maria Tash in Manhattan


My tribute to one of the finest games ever made. I had a blast playing this game and wanted to create an illustration that conveys the mood of it. I included a black and white version as it looks really cool in contrast to the coloured version.


today is the first day that the clicker has been properly loaded. i never bothered introducing it to him because he’s mostly deaf, and although he can hear verbal cues, we primarily communicate through hand signals and body cues [we use thumbs up as a click usually]. he can hear some stuff though, and this clicker is pretty loud, so i figured why not try it out with him.

i spent a few minutes before recording introducing him to the idea that click = food, which he understood immediately, but we had a slight issue with him paying more attention to the actual sound of the click [he’s hard of hearing so any loud noise is very interesting] than to me trying to reinforce him.

i intended to teach him a wrap around the cone via shaping since he already knows hand targeting/following.

0:45 i cued for him to touch the cone [i pointed to the cone instead of the empty space next to it] accidentally instead of targeting. i ask him to target again, but he touches me instead. i then ask specifically for a touch so that i can reinforce the behaviour, hopefully satisfying his need to perform it so that we could move on.

1:00 i decide to scrap the wrap around and turn the cone over to see what he does. i didn’t have anything specific in mind, i asked him to touch it so that he understood that i wanted him to interact with the object, and then let him offer behaviours to me.

1:15 he is waiting for me to cue him, and i don’t respond to him as i wait for more offered behaviour. at this point, reinforcing touch on the bottom of the cone has been the only cone touch reinforced. it was at that point that i realized i could shape him to turn the cone right side up.

1:57 he flips the cone! he gets a big jackpot for that.

2:18 i reinforce him touching the cone on a different spot because i don’t want to ask for anything too specific. i just wanted him to know for sure that touching the cone is what we are focusing on.

2:25 excellent touch on the bottom.

2:55 i like to move the cone around occasionally just to change things up and keep him entertained.

3:06 both paws on the bottom! i should have reinforced it.

3:17 i state that from this point, i will only reinforce when he touches the bottom part of the cone.

3:45 he starts to get bored because he hasn’t been reinforced, and i get his attention again.


4:35 another complete behaviour. jackpotting each time he does it so that he knows that’s exactly what i was looking for.

4:54 success again

5:18 he just wants more food, too many jackpots too fast. i go back to reinforcing for paws on the bottom.

5:53 he does it again!

6:19 he is VERY excited about this trick now.

so this is how i taught my dog to flip a cone over in about 7 minutes. i’m sure it can be done way faster.


Yesterday was a disaster and I completely forgot to post this, but new video’s up.

Like I said in the opening, I have no idea what the technical name for this is so I’m calling it name differentiation- asking the huas to recognize which cues apply to them and which do not. This is the first time I’ve attempted this with them in such a structured way and I was floored by how well they handled it. Obviously these clips are “highlights,” there were definitely a few times where they messed up but that’s okay, we ain’t all perfect! Also I’m making a blooper reel so you will be seeing the not-so-perfect moments in the future.

cat trainer on tv: clicker training works better than any other method

dog trainer on tv: clicker training works better than any other method

rat trainer on tv: clicker training works better than any other method

donkey trainer on tv: clicker training works better than any other method

alligator trainer on tv: clicker training works better than any other method

dolphin trainer on tv: clicker training works better than any other method

horse trainer on tv: just beat tf out of your animal! dont be nice to your horse!


Have to share this for those who want to teach their horse crunches! This girl documented it step by step and has 6 videos up so far, great for anyone unsure how to start. Plus her horse is super cute.