I really need to get a blazer that fucking fits. I love what’s happening on my face today though!

Blazer from Maurice’s

Vest from Forever 21

Camisole from….uh. I’ve had it forever. it’s just a black cotton camisole

Joggers from Gen X

Boots from Buffalo Exchange

Shades from Walgreens

makeup details TBA tonight


Ahhhh this was so much fun! There’s so much progress in just this one video!

I want the indication to be that she gets her nose as close as possible to the scent. At one point she started quite enthusiastically shoving her nose in there which was really good [she had dropped a treat in there lol, could make handy use of that situation]. I think that for now I might start putting a treat in there, later pair the treat with the scent, then gradually phase out the treat.

She’s at times also really clearly sniffing, which is good! I’m pretty excited about this new avenue.

Did a bit of clicker work today, but no batteries in the video camera, so no footage. She’s got the verbal Way to me cue for counter-clockwise circles now, and then today she spontaneously started to innovate the clockwise circles, so I jumped on that with the Come by cue. 

Weight and condition-wise she’s looking possibly the best she has, which is nice, but there is so so much room for improvement. And the weekend should see inroads made on going over her clip once more.


22 May, 2017

After a week off from ridden work, I hopped on the mare with a new weekly workout plan in mind. Where I have only been riding her once, and then twice per week, I have the intention of riding 3 times a week with in-hand work and fun ground/clicker work, and of course days off, in between.

So Monday the 22nd was Day 1, and we did a lot more work than I had set out to.

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When you intern at Wolf Park you can eventually get cleared to do Through The Fence training with the animals. We train all our wolves with positive reinforcement and teach basic behaviours such as targeting, sitting and lying down. When you reach a Level 2 clearance, you can work on more advanced behaviours such as bow and back up.

Here is Fiona and Bicho and Kanti working on some basic behaviours. As you can see, they do seem to enjoy the interaction and the treats! It’s a great form of enrichment for them!


When I’m not updating these blogs, I’m a game designer at PikPok Studios in New Zealand, and we have a new game - Dungeon, Inc!

I was the designer on Doomsday Clicker, which some of you may remember enjoying from last year. Dungeon, Inc. is a brand new game that mixes clicker style gameplay with raiding and dungeon defense

As Dungeon, Inc.’s new Gold Production Manager, you must maximize profits by any means necessary. Nothing is too devious to consider - if it works! Build your dungeon deeper, expand into new environments, and recruit mischievous monsters; the more you tap, the bigger the dungeon, and the more gold you make!

Collect monsters to help defend your dungeon from pesky Tax Knights and rival managers - then send your monsters off to sabotage others! When the insurance value of your dungeon is high enough, trigger an ‘accident’ to cash in on your value and start again.

Download it for free on iOS & Android! Would love to hear any feedback! Hope you love it!

@everyone who likes magikarp jump

this game was a collaboration between the pokemon company and another game company called select button (p sure select button did most of the work and nintendo just allowed them to use their licensed characters and took most of the credit for making the game but w/e)

select button’s other games aren’t listed as being related to this one but they’re realllly really similar and magikarp jump is basically a mashup of the two with the addition of pokemon

hunt cook has the same art style as magikarp jump, and also has a mini game that’s skill based rather than just luck. other than that, the gameplay (points that regenerate over time for you to train/hunt, random encounters, achievements that give you gems, etc) is super super similar to magikarp jump

the “tap the food for the fish to eat so it grows bigger” aspect of the game, along with the whole take a risk for a reward or have something bad happen thing, are both in survive! mola mola. it has a more pixely art style but is really cute and funny in a kinda morbid way

both of these games are really great and it really bums me out that select button isn’t really getting the credit they deserve/that people who like this game aren’t super likely to find their other games that they would probably also really enjoy

(basically the only credit they got was their logo at the start of the game for a few seconds, i honestly thought nintendo just made a blatant ripoff of their games at first)

so yeah if u like this game u should definitely check out select button’s other games and share this so other people will too!!

In contrast, lets make it as shiny as possible!  Here’s a fresh conch and upper helix piercing done with a diamond 3-Flower-Garland and a diamond Eternity clicker from Maria Tash.   Thank you so much!

Piercings by Tobias at Venus by Maria Tash in Manhattan


“Ugh….Quark! Do something to cheer him up! Sing or something?!”

“Yes my Council!”

Any tiny/microscope bots like Quark, Trepan, Rung, Perceptor and even Clicker can be viewed like Pearls in the Functionalist era since they look physically weak, aren’t that threatening and they fit in the socially acceptable class.  


Yesterday was a disaster and I completely forgot to post this, but new video’s up.

Like I said in the opening, I have no idea what the technical name for this is so I’m calling it name differentiation- asking the huas to recognize which cues apply to them and which do not. This is the first time I’ve attempted this with them in such a structured way and I was floored by how well they handled it. Obviously these clips are “highlights,” there were definitely a few times where they messed up but that’s okay, we ain’t all perfect! Also I’m making a blooper reel so you will be seeing the not-so-perfect moments in the future.