I feel so bad for dogs trained with Milan-esque ideology.

When I worked at the shelter, when dogs like that get afraid, they’d often react by trying to run from you or getting aggressive. They don’t trust you to help them, they listen because they’re scared of getting punished.

Bear has only been clicker trained while with me. Now when he’s scared, he runs to me. He knows that I am calm and safe, and that I’ll take care of him. He used to run away from everyone!

Long story short, that ask 6woofs got just made me really sad. That poor dog.

Bad Things Happen || Daniel & Charlie

Charlie loves her wall. The wall is her baby. She was so happy when she because the Captain of the wall. She loves her shifts on wall watch, she enjoys making sure their main security is in her hands mostly and protected. But she does enjoy when she get put on the outside patrols.

Charlie hasn’t had a patrol outside since the clicker incident. Charlie hasn’t even talked about the clickers since then. It makes her nervous about going out. She has been pacing all morning in the bunks. She has checked, double checked, even tripled checked to make sure Daniel isn’t listed on going out today. She even checked early this morning and it looked like she was still in the clear.

It was even more awkward since the second kiss. She doesn’t know what to say, or even what to think when he is around. She is just glad to have a day outside the QZ with out having to think about him, with out having to worry about messing up around him.

Charlie dresses, greens tucked in and everything, and heads out to the gate where they always meet before heading out. Charlie finds a spot to lean with her back against the wall and waits for everyone else to show up. Checking her watch it’s about 5 minutes before the take out and Charlie notices Daniel walking up from across the area.

She can’t hold in the sigh. So much for a day with out having to think about him.