re: that games article

‘Film, television, and literature all tell them better. So why are games still obsessed with narrative?’ faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart

hey guess what both film and television struggled for a LONG while with figuring out how to tell stories differently than in literature 

and in this case, as in that one, the answer *isn’t* “stop exploring the benefits of the media because I, dude who made Cow Clicker, say so”

games as a medium robust enough to tell stories at all, let alone well, are barely three decades old (the SNES was 1990)

if games haven’t had many shining moments in medium-specific narrative excellence, that’s to blame on the newness of the medium if anything.

for just one example: you absolutely can’t say Journey would’ve worked better as a film or a novel, tearing out the coop and the interaction

it’s undeniable that interaction and collaboration are unique to the medium of games and hopefully also that they’ve got narrative potential

One of the coolest things about clicker training is that there’s still a million things I can train Bubs to do even when he’s off/injured/lame. If anything, a setback just makes me go back to basic, fundamental cues and behaviors.

some Things(tm) about me:
  • I stayed up all night reading harry potter fanfiction on a school night
  • I have exactly one(1) key on my keychain
  • I have a framed and signed (by JV) copy of Issue 0 of the Invader ZIM comic
  • I fuckin love clicker games, incremental games etc and have very strict standards about what makes one good
  • I have ingested two(2) pepsis this morning in an effort to survive 

When you intern at Wolf Park you can eventually get cleared to do Through The Fence training with the animals. We train all our wolves with positive reinforcement and teach basic behaviours such as targeting, sitting and lying down. When you reach a Level 2 clearance, you can work on more advanced behaviours such as bow and back up.

Here is Fiona and Bicho and Kanti working on some basic behaviours. As you can see, they do seem to enjoy the interaction and the treats! It’s a great form of enrichment for them!


“Ugh….Quark! Do something to cheer him up! Sing or something?!”

“Yes my Council!”

Any tiny/microscope bots like Quark, Trepan, Rung, Perceptor and even Clicker can be viewed like Pearls in the Functionalist era since they look physically weak, aren’t that threatening and they fit in the socially acceptable class.  

In contrast, lets make it as shiny as possible!  Here’s a fresh conch and upper helix piercing done with a diamond 3-Flower-Garland and a diamond Eternity clicker from Maria Tash.   Thank you so much!

Piercings by Tobias at Venus by Maria Tash in Manhattan


Yesterday was a disaster and I completely forgot to post this, but new video’s up.

Like I said in the opening, I have no idea what the technical name for this is so I’m calling it name differentiation- asking the huas to recognize which cues apply to them and which do not. This is the first time I’ve attempted this with them in such a structured way and I was floored by how well they handled it. Obviously these clips are “highlights,” there were definitely a few times where they messed up but that’s okay, we ain’t all perfect! Also I’m making a blooper reel so you will be seeing the not-so-perfect moments in the future.

hey what’s up gamers

sorry i’ve been a bit silent lately, i’m about to move in with my bff and his dog and cat. gon party all day everyday

i’ve also spent the past week experimenting with making a MUD/interactive fiction engine in node.js, probably nothing serious will come out of it but i just felt nostalgic about my Crab Nicholson days

ANYWAY i’ll get back to Cookie Clicker and NeverEnding Legacy when things settle down a bit. thanks everyone for the valuable feedback on the Legacy alpha, i’ll be sure to use it to make a cool-ass beta release