It’s chilly today.
Be sure not to be careless and catch a cold or anything.
Having a cold during the hot season is tough!
Today, Ars was interviewed.
I wonder if we all talked on and on.
It was a fun, fantastic time full of laughter.
Today, I had another interview before that!
For “click clap!!vol.12” which is released 7/20.
This time I went by myself to experience Japan.
The theme this time was “tea ceremony.”
There were some parts that it really has in common with doing Ars, and I learned from it.
I wonder if I can make use of it in our tour.
I’m a bit different this time, you know?
I’m striving quite seriously.
I went to experience summer in a yukata, a step ahead.
Look forward to it.

click clap!! Editorial Department

ArsMagna Personal Project “Arbitrarily Editor-in-Chief!”. Kurou Kento-san appears in the next issue♪ Sensei, loving Japan, of course told us about his distinctive project choice, and also told us plenty about their single and tour. Enjoy the beauty of Japan in the click clap released on 7/20!