[Advice] What are some examples of an effective product landing page?

Hey Gang… Just posted this on a forum thread over at The 4-Hour Workweek.

Scott wrote:

Does anyone have some examples of product landing pages that were simple but successful? I know it depends on the product but I would like to get a general idea.


Hey Scott,

I guess we need a little bit more information.  When you’re saying product landing pages, are you talking about a sales page or is this an opt-in page to build a list first? 

There a number of different types of landing pages.  A couple of things I would suggest you do is to go and just literally Google “good landing pages.”  There are plenty of sites out there that already rank and talk about some of the most effective elements of landing pages. 

I’d also go and check out and their Marketplace.  It’s an online directory of information products.  So I’d go to their Marketplace and look for some of the top-selling products.  That way, you can then go and model off the landing pages and the sales pages that those websites use because they’re some of the highest-selling products out there.  That’s a really little sneaky trick to actually see what’s selling and what is working, and then leverage and model your sales page off those things over at ClickBank.

If it’s a physical product you’re selling, it’s a little bit different.  But please, let us know exactly what sort of landing page you’re after (whether it’s a sales page or a squeeze page where you just try and get e-mail addresses) and we can all be a little bit more specific with our reply.

Hope that helps.

Pete ||
p.s.  This response was actually transcribed and posted by my virtual assistant.
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