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Hi Jam! :) I just found your tumblr page and I LOVE YOUR ART SO MUCH! I've only ever doodled and now after looking at all the fan art it makes me want to try drawing seriously... Do you have any tips for drawing? I really like the way you show light falling on your model's face and the way you vary between light and heavy strokes... You really capture the likeness of your models! (PS Chanyeol in your EXO giveaway is <3)

hello, sweet anon! ♥
aaah, thank you so much i cry ;v; 
I’ve made some ‘’tutorials’’ in the past (click1, click2, click3, click4, click5, brushes, one more ask) (they’re so old, I probably need to update them? ;v;), but in general - learn facial structure and proportions first if you want to draw portraits~ also, lots and lots of practice is extremely important! don’t underestimate time and practice. take a bunch of you bias’ pictures and sketch their features until you feel like you’re a van Gogh c:

my understanding of light and heavy brush strokes came from practice (duuh), but I think I got it very fast by painting a lot in black and white. when hues and colors don’t distract your eyes, it’s easier to see where the soft and harsh shadows are. plus it’s a great exercise to learn values :> I’m not a pro and I may be wrong, but that’s how I did/do it~ 

thank you so-so much once again and I’m very sorry for the late reply, I’m such a butt :’>
good luck in your art journey ♥ I’m gonna wait for one more amazing artist in a fandom~

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Hey Girl, Even after this #Click3 mention, you’re still the highlight of my day.