My biggest pet peeve on social media, but particularly on tumblr where I spend most of the time, is how people just don’t fact check. So you read a celeb’s problematic tweet on tumblr and just believe it because it supports your negative view of this person? You don’t even bother going on twitter and check if it happened. Usually if a post has no sources it’s probably fake.

And people wonder how bad people get in power. It works both ways, my friends.


Hi there! I tried this once a long time ago and met some awesome people, so I wanted to try again. My name is Lanie, I’m 22, living in Atlanta. Lover of music, books, Harry Potter, cooking, baking, art, horses, and dogs of course (that’s my tripod Max 🐶😊). Come say hey, my inbox is always open! Find me @herlastmuse or
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Chasity. 22. Eugene, Oregon. I enjoy meeting and talking to new people! I tell lame jokes and work too much.
I love cooking, baking, make up, music, drinking, being with friends, and taking naps.
Message me, follow me. Looking for friends and whatever else this brings. :)

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Size: A4 scan at 300 dpi
Medium: Water Colours, Inktense, Prisma Colours - Coloured Pencils, Acryl
Series: Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-v
Characters: Kurosaki Ruri, Yuuto

Another snowy piece, this time a Yuuto and Ruri one. They are walking through their city to do some christmas shopping, I guess. Shun was taking this photo :’) At least that’s what I think.

“While the snow was dacing, flattering down,
We held hands and
The scenery of the city we are living in
Moved our hearts.”

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anonymous asked:

I'm with you. In 25 and I've never had a passion for a certain job or field. I've had interest in things but nothing that just clicked?? It makes me feel like I'm broken in a way when other people know what they want and have it all figured out and then there's me who's going through life trying to find my way.

But that`s not important. All I want to say to you is that you won`t find nobody who will care about you enough or show you the right way. You must do it for yourself. You shoud stand for yourself. You should fight for yourself. And you should listen to your heart. I was blind. I`ve listened to others and I lost a lot. I almost lost myself. You shoud be you and something inside you will lead you to where you should be and what you should do.            

And about Bangtan - they gave me strength to fight and to stand up again and again. Because if they were able to archieve their dreams why can`t I? The only thing that holds me back and prevents me is myself and my troubled mind. Always belive that something wonderfull is about to happen. Wish you the best, your anon. (sorry for my bad english)

Thank you so much for this message! and yes, exactly!! it just wont click. and that really takes the motivation away to keep trying ;; Im not sure about the people part though, i guess you have to get really lucky to find that one person that will truly care about you- and try to show you the ‘right’ way.. its a luxury almost. (I’ve only ever had “bad” friendships tbh but i’d like to think..hope.. that real friendship somehow still exists! look at vminanyway, its true that we always have to do things for ourselves and not for anybody else. Im glad you remembered that, please try to always keep that in mind from now on. I wish you all the best, too! <3
And your english is perfectly fine, no need to apologize!

me: sees new brown guy follow me and go thru my me tag liking every post, me: hmm wonder what his blog is like ! ready 2 be surprised, me: clicks on it *porn everywhere*, me: I’m so shocked !

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I know it gets me slightly angry, like stop asking about Selena their thing happened 1 year ago, stop asking about 1D, they went on a break a year ago too and he has answered 10000000 times that they are coming back and are in touch (I love hearing about that but come on it's getting repetitive). Ask him about his single and new album and leave the gossip aside, because if they ask these things it's because it's gossip and great click bait for listeners not because it offers anything music wise.

I know?? like I get it, it was fun and chill for the first couple of weeks, but it’s been months, yet the interviewers seem too lazy to put their effort and ask about music-wise instead…you’re right about click bait, but not me though, in fact, it makes me not clicking anything at all when I saw the same, repetitive headlines…

urgh..SOMEONE PAY ME TO INTERVIEW NIALL please…I have so many questions to ask…for example..

How does he choose the next single? Would it be slow or more upbeat? What is the main theme of his album? Has he chosen his album cover yet? He said he can play some piano, how much is ‘some’ in the album that he played? Has he formed his live band yet if let’s say the next single requires more instrument when he plays it live? How many co-writers and producers that he has worked with? What kind of new things that he’s learning while recording as solo artist?

and…like….5 million other questions…

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Why do you wear the same bra in every picture of yourself you post

If you actually took .6 seconds to click my #me tag , you’d see that I do not “wear the same bra in every single photo” i post.
But if you care to know, I’m broke as shit, I have 28F boobs & have to shop at the ONE SINGLE lingerie shop in my town in order to find a bra that fits me properly.
That usually costs me (or my grama) about $90-$120.
SO if you’re wondering , yes that is the only bra I own (that actually fits me.)


- “Have no fear… For I am here now.”

Sometimes Todoroki dreams of the past. 

Midoriya lulls him back to sleep with soft touches and heavy nerdiness.


Sterek AU: Drive-Thru I Do’s

Stiles finally cracks. He’s had enough of this town and not enough of Derek. They’ve secretly, well as secretly as you can be with a bunch of weres around, carried on their long distance relationship for over a year now while Derek took his pack to mingle with others across the world. Now Stiles wants nothing more than to finally be with his Alpha-hubby-to-be and his pack, their pack, for as long as they both shall live.


this one is up for preorder on my storenvy :DD and I’ll also be selling it at Tekko this spring (the only con i can get to,,,, ;v;)

please do preorder this if you want it! that lets me know how many I’ll need to order to begin with! preorders close on February 25th, you’ve got a little over two weeks for that, but I will be ordering extras because Tekko so don’t worry if you miss the preorder deadline!

stay tuned for more prints and stuff soon, imma try and yknow. actually draw stuff I like this semester haha