a rwby telephone game featuring

  1. me
  2. @azure-zer0
  3. @kumadraws
  4. @miss-nerdgasmz
  5. @ammietty
  6. @bonpyro
  7. @xuunies
  8. @kumafromtaiwan
  9. @booksandweapons
  10. @dashingicecream
  11. @theasgardiandetective
  12. @funblade

i took the burden of coming up with the starting image, i chose the theme Snow Ruby (like snow miku only ruby) we started before christmas so it explains the accidental christmas theme oops, (please right click idk what tumblr did but the quality died on some of them)

i made a lil story out of it:

Ruby purchases dolls of her teammates and plays with it before wrapping them up to give as a gift and weiss doll is having NONE of it and went rogue and probably breaks out blake doll and yang doll too and ruby is now telling weiss the story of how she acquired the dolls, weiss somehow not believing her tale and complains why is it her doll that went rogue and in the last scene u see the dolls showing signs of sentience. Also they changed outfits a lot, ruby likes to play dress up with the dolls

anway this was super fun and thank you everyone who joined!!

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