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I’ve made A Guide to Classic Sonic, because I was utterly bored.

Some notes:

- Only JP art, with a few exceptions (Hesse (US) Sonic R (UK) ). Because Hesse is just too good not to include.

- Not 100% chronological (this is mentioned in the thing but y’know

- I’ll probably add new ones as I remember/discover them, so click through and check this original post on my blog for the most up-to-date version. If… if I bother…

- A couple of pieces here are from the @thevideogameartarchive, so go check them out.

Current Version - 1.0

Adding salt to the wound


Y-y-yes, sir…?

The place is immaculate.

That’s correct, sir.

The air itself is clean.

My asthma is A-OK, sir.

Even your empty ramen pots are gone.

As if by magic, sir-

What happened.

I-I really don’t know! I was busy reading new messages on the blog - I-I didn’t see anything!

[Click, click]

Even our browser history is clean!

You didn’t clean a single thing?


Of course not; silly question.


What could have caused thi- Oh! I get it!

Alphys, I’m impressed. You finally finished your alpha build of those maid robots you were working on! And what a marvelous job they’ve done, too!

Huh? O-oh, I guess I did…?

Those things have been in development hell for years! What a nice surprise - I thought I’d never see the day!

Thank you for the vote of confidence, sir.

They must be incredibly efficient. There’s not a single speck of dust left in here! And your section of the lab was an complete pigsty!

Oh come on it wasn’t that bad-!

You’d left those pizza boxes lying around for two weeks! I was considering taking them to my lab to examine the ecosystem growing inside them-!

What are we going to show King Asgore, sir.




If you see either of these post around DO NOT click.

It’s supposed to be a link to a quiz that uses your blog to find out your personality. As soon as you click it the site will begin to act like it’s going through your blog, only to then bring you to a new page to download your results. As long as you don’t download the results you wont get any virus’s on your computer but it will still automatically reblog the link onto your blog. So like I said DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!!

If you did click the link than go to settings < apps < and then x out of it to delete it from allowing permission to post to your blog!

So look out for your fellow users! If you see that anyone reblogged this know it wasn’t intentional and send them a message so they know to delete it!

ostrichgirl replied to your post “family shit, cw fascism [[MOR] Honestly thinking over whether the…”

*offers hugs* I’m afraid I don’t have any solutions to your problem, but I was wondering if it was appropriate to ask how you were able to hide the post behind your warning?

a readmore you mean?

in the tumblr wysiwyg editor, when you begin a new paragraph, a row of icons appear:

the rightmost of them (box with three dots) is the option to add a readmore. content behind the readmore will be hidden on the dash and on your blog until you click through to the post. (users with the XKit extension Read More Now can click a button in the dash to load the rest of the post.) i’m not sure what happens if you have multiple readmores in a post and i’m too tired to test rn.

in the Markdown and HTML editors, a readmore can be inserted with the characters

Keep reading

Sooooo made a new blog for all my gamer based art.

I know I’ve started doing Septic Sam art recently so for those interested I’ve created a new blog @gamerart18: (click here to go to blog)

I do take requests and will be uploading a new Sam tomorrow, but yeah send you’re asks for gamer related fan art requests through this blog. Requests are free, i have the time and enjoy it so go for it I will be writing out a request post to give ideas about what you might want/what I can do.

P.s. The water test render is almost done after 5 days of rendering.

Hope you enjoy! 

There’s been a ton of new vegan food blogs following me that seem sort of like spam blogs, i’m not sure if they are, but the captions they write (after they remove mine) are pretty similar…

Please don’t remove my captions - that’s the point of this blog, sharing recipes. I know I link the source through the photo as well, but on mobile people can’t click that. Plus the people who post these recipes for us to drool over deserve the credit. So it’s actually super obnoxious. You can still obviously write whatever you want under mine, but removing the whole thing is kinda gross..this isn’t just a picture blog, the captions are there for a reason.

pokemon go player and pokemon blogger psa!!

hey everyone! I need to talk to you about something important for a minute!!

take a look at this screenshot I took with my phone. see, normally when I get a new follower I click on the url in the notification to check them out with tumblr’s pop-out feature, so I can determine if they’re a spam blog or anything without leaving the page I’m on, right?

I got one such new follower, but when I checked out their blog I saw posts like these:


I highly recommend blocking and/or reporting the blogs that are loaded with these posts as spam. as you can see in the screenshot, it seems these blogs that generate and reblog these virus posts have back-to-back pokemon names as their urls, so please beware! it may seem like a normal pokemon blog, but it’s a spam blog in disguise!!

I really didn’t know what I was expecting with the hit craze that Pokemon Go has become, but please be careful everyone! I also haven’t seen anyone else talk about this so please, reblog and spread the word!

Okay, so I found a way around the pain of trying to start a new thread from an ask without going through far too many steps. This is the easiest method I’ve found so far and it’s far from perfect but it’s a start. 

Step one: Open the ask on the person’s blog. 

Step Two: Find the Inspect Element option. In Chrome it’s under Developers tools. 

Step three: Search for a specific word in your reply. (Don’t pick something too simple of you’ll get a lot of results to sift through) It should look like this. 

Step Four: Select Edit as HTML

It’s really important that you click the line ABOVE the blockquote tags because that’s what’s going to get you the entire reply. This will let you copy and paste the exact coding into a new post and it will look exactly like the ask reply. 

I really hope that this helps out. If you have any questions about how to do this, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help as best we can. 

The update you’ve all been waiting for: No Miku Mode

Thanks to a few people, including my good friend kagaminechan02, I’ve realised there’s a pretty high demand for less Miku.

(Although Miku has always been my favourite and I think she deserves her spotlight, I genuinely can empathise with anyone who’s favourite Vocaloids are constantly overshadowed.)

So I’ve added a new update to my blog: No Miku Mode. And it’s pretty much what it sounds like.

This is my blog. It’s mostly full of art, and most of that art is Miku. It’s probably difficult going through all the art on and seeing a lot of Miku, so there’s a new switch at the top near the ‘about’ page:

Click on that switch and see what happens:

You can still browse through popular and featured art as usual, and look through any tag you like, but posts tagged with ‘Hatsune Miku’ will not show up in this mode until you click on the switch again.

Click here to try it out!


i have finally gotten sick of this blog being a “side blog”

so i recreated it using a new email

here it is: blog

this way i can follow people directly, send asks, and generally make blogging easier than going through my naruto blog (which is still there)

so if you want to keep on following me i encourage to click the link above and follow there

feel free to unfollow this account as i will be reblogging this post a few times a day for awhile to get the word out, and it’ll get annoying

thank you!!

Face here!

So… It’s been a bit over a year since I first joined this blog, and I’ve loved every moment of it. From my first article as part of the team, to my most recent big one, and even before I joined on, that time when I totally called it.

And it’s been a ton of fun! I’ve made new friends and learned new things, and just had a blast writing for you lovely folks. Whenever I made a post I was really proud of, I’d click through all the notes and smile as I read the tags you fans added on.

But… All good things must come to an end, and, long story short, I think now is that time for me. So I’ll be leaving this blog in the hands of four very capable and talented people.

I’ve been very lucky to work with Ark, Wander, Vienna, and Ryu, and I’m proud to call them my friends. I want to thank them so much for giving me this opportunity to write here.

But… Most of all, I want to thank you. The fans. All 21,631 of you. You guys have no idea how much you mean to me, and I love you all. It’s been a thrill writing for you, and I cannot express how much I appreciate every single one of you. It’s been an honor.

So, with that being said, if any of you have a burning desire to get in contact with me for some reason, you can check my personal blog. And if you enjoy dirty jokes about Fire Emblem characters, you can check this blog I started recently, TextsFromTheEmblem.

And I suppose there’s nothing left to say except…

Bon voyage, amigos.

my blog celebrates its one year anniversary today! 😊🎉

how has it been 12 full months already?? tbh it feels like it was only a couple months ago i was pondering the idea, and innocently clicking the “create new blog” button with absolutely no idea how much it would come to mean to me.  

so first, i want to thank all the wonderful people i’ve met and become friends with through this blog. everyone i’ve come across has been so kind and supportive, and i can’t imagine my tumblr experience being half as good without you. y’all are the lilo to my stich. the tiana to my lottie. THE TIMON TO MY PUMBA!!!!!!!!!! *infinite heart eyes emoji*

and of course i can’t forget my followers (all 16,700+ of you wtf where did you all come from) who have stuck with me through all the drama and semi-hiatuses and url changes (remember rapunzels-, anyone?) and everything, i don’t know how you do it but i’m glad you do. i appreciate every single one of you—all the likes, reblogs, messages, and replies (i notice all of them!!)—and i hope you know you make me ridiculously happy. thanks for a great year, you’re all stars and i love you to the moon and beyond :-) 

p.s. i hope you each find a $10 bill on the ground today because you deserve it