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t h e  g o r g o n s  were three powerful, winged daemons named medusa, stheno, and euryale. while descriptions of gorgons vary across greek literature, the term commonly refers to any of three sisters who had hair made of living, venomous snakes, as well as a horrifying visage that turned those who beheld her to stone. of the three sisters, only medusa was mortal, and so it was her head which king polydectes of seriphos commanded the young hero perseus to fetch. 

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butler choro and master kara………..dont ask,,,///


Had a burst of inspiration to do some LLS x HarryPotter and voila some concept arts XD;;;;; click for larger view and for my ramblings

I haven’t thought much on the plot if there’s even one LOL  and no idea what ships yet, but for sure there will be lots of subunit bonding

[KanaDiaMari concept arts] [Chapter 1] [ChikaYouRiko concept arts]


Inktober day 31 :)
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Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions, They were all really good, I chose my favourites to do here but I might take inspiration from all the others at a later time :D

You can see all my other inktober drawings here :)


“I’m afraid my height doesn’t match up for such a sport. I prefer fencing and take some gymnastics though.”

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I know it said larger inmates mostly, but I thought I’d throw in the protagonists too. From what I understand, everyone in the asylum is 6′0″ to 6′1″ on average. The only bigger inmates/variants that I know of are Walker, Gluskin, and the Twins. Also made sure to show off Miles’ little ponytail :P))


Thominho AU: Minho, as a curious marine biology student, goes every weekend to the beach looking for seashells, crabs and other stuff like that for study and investigate it. One day he saw something strange in the water and then he saw him. A guy with no legs, with something like a fish tail, but prettier than a fish. That creature looked scared, but then they made eye contact, he quickly jumped into Minho, keeping face to face, and smiled.

-Hi. I’m Thomas…

mermaid!thomas is now my fave thomas. if someone writes this is going to win my heart forever to the darkest depths of hell


A story about a princess who isn’t too keen about sitting around all day while the rest of the world existed. Her guardian dragon has the unfortunate job of being, well, her guardian. I have been wondering what happens when fairytale logic meets the hard rules of westerns.

Might revisit this character and make some changes…

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