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When you and EXO get into an argument.

This is based off a request I got earlier, it is a longer Suho reaction, so click “here” if you want to read it.

Part Two - the make up

I am sorry if some of these sound the same.

Xiumin – When you got home, you found Xiumin sitting on the couch scrolling through his phone. You walked over and placed your chin on top of his, 

“Hey, you all right,” you asked as you looked down at his phone. He was looking at the trailer to your upcoming movie and got to the part where you had to kiss your fellow actor. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked referring to the kiss.

You moved around to the front of the couch and said, “I thought I did tell you.”

He sighed shaking his head, “You didn’t.”

“Oh, well it doesn’t matter now.” You said sitting down next to him.

Xiumin stood up and walked to his room shouting, “It does matter, especially when another guy is kissing my girlfriend and she doesn’t tell me.” 

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Suho – It had been a long day for both of you and when you returned in late from work, Suho had a few words to say to you. Both of you started yelling at each other until you said,

“I am not five! I don’t need you to be worried if I come home late. Do I constantly check on you when you don’t come home on time, no I don’t!” 

“Well maybe it would show liked you actually cared about me, Y/N!” 

Fulled by your anger and the completely wrong accusation made, you spun on your heel and walked out of the room.

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Lay – To surprise Lay with the release of his new album, you flew over to China to congratulate him. However it wasn’t the response you anticipated.

“Y/N what are you doing here?” Lay said opening his apartment door and stayed in the door way.

“To congratulate you on the album, it’s really good!” You said smiling, but the emotion wasn’t reciprocated of Lay. “Why haven’t you invited me in yet?”

He looked behind him then back at you, “Press are in there at the moment, and they don’t know about you.” 

“Oh that’s better than what I thought.” You said, realizing the mistake as soon as you said it.

“What do you mean?”

“Well you didn’t invite me in so I assumed that-”

He looked at you and shook his head. “I can’t believe you would think that of me Y/N,” he said whispering. “We will talk later.”

With that he shut the door in your face.

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Baekhyun – Baekhyun texted you to say that he could come home early and asked if you could make dinner. You kindly agreed since you two rarely had dinner together, so you decided to finish most of your projects for work before he came home. However you got wrapped up in so much work that you forgot that Baekhyun was coming home early, until you heard footsteps coming through the door.

“Hey Y/N,” He said sighing, indicating a bad mood. “What times dinner?”

“Shit,” you muttered standing up walking over to the kitchen, “I will start now, sorry I forgot.”

He hummed sitting down on the sofa, “I am sure you are.” 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” 

“Nothing,” He sighed closing his eyes. “I am just in a bad mood, work is so stressful at the moment.” 

You cooked dinner but the comment that Baekhyun said still tugged at the back of your mind. 

“Baek what did you mean by I am sure you are?” You said as both of you sat down at the table.

“It’s just I asked you to do one thing and you didn’t do it until I came home,” He said eating his food. “I mean what could you have been doing all day to forget.” 

“Plenty actually,” With your change of tone, he paused eating looking at you. “I was doing my projects for work that need to be handed in.”

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Chen – You were having a bad day already, but it didn’t help that when you came home Chen decided to scare you. You were holding two cups of warm coffee, so when he did scare you; it fell onto the floor and you. You knew it wasn’t his fault for your bad mood, but that was the tipping point.” 

You didn’t mean to shout at him but it just slipped out, “Chen just go away, I really need to be alone right now!” 

Before he could reply, you stormed off into your room to clean yourself off.

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Chanyeol – Spelling and grammar in english has never been your thing, so when you were asked to write half a page in Korean for work you were mortified. This lead you to ask Chanyeol for help, you wanted to write it yourself but you needed a proof reader. You weren’t bothered by how many mistakes you made and you knew you were bad at writing Korean, however you didn’t like it that Chanyeol started to joke about how bad you were. 

He knew that this was a sensitive subject of yours, so when he did so, it made you spit out.

“I would like you to write a perfect paragraph in English, Mr. Park Chanyeol.”

You grabbed your paper and walked out of the living room and back into your study. To give an extra effect on how angry you were, you slammed the study door.

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Kyungsoo – Kyungsoo decided to plan a small date night since you two barely saw each other. You two planed to see a movie and get a take out dinner afterward, then eat back at your place. However that was ruined when you got a phone call from work.

“Kyungsoo I am really sorry, I have been called in for the night shift tonight.” you said putting your phone back into your bag. “Rachel is sick and no one else can fill in.” 

He huffed and muttered, “Of course.” You looked over and glared at him, “All I mean Y/N, is that anytime that I plan something for us it gets ruined by your work.”

“My work?” You laughed still looking at him, “Kyungsoo, tell me how many times you have had to cancel on me because of your work.” 

Quietly he said, “You could just say you can’t make it.”

“Pull over,” Kyungsoo turned his head to face you, but did as you asked and pulled over to the side of the road. You left saying, “Kyungsoo sometimes I think your ego takes over ever so slightly. Just because I don’t have a job that demands me to be in the spotlight 24/7, doesn’t mean I have a less stressful job.” 

With that you slammed the door and walked out.

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Kai – On the rare occasion that you two would argue, when it happened it would be big. Neither of you liked to argue with each other, so both of you would bottle it up until one of you was having a bad day. 

Today it happened to be Kai.

Because of his demanding schedule, he had been more tired and irritable recently, with you knowing this, you tried not to do anything to set him over the edge. However when you two decided to put the T.V on, the news started to bash on EXO’s new comeback. You quickly turned the TV to a new channel, but it didn’t stop Kai commenting.

“Why do news outlets need to comment like that?” He said rubbing his eyes.

You sighed realizing what was inevitably going to happen, “I don’t know Kai, but it happens every time for a comeback. You know and I know that this comeback is great.”

“But what if they are right?”

“They aren’t right.” You said trying to comfort him.

“How do you know, you don’t ever have to deal with this kind of pressure!” 

With that comment, you two got into a large fight which resulted into Kai leaving your apartment, and going back to the EXO dorms.

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Sehun - You didn’t mean to be late, it was just the traffic was really bad. You parked the car than ran into the restaurant, finding Sehun in the back corner looking through his phone. When you approached, he looked up and said,

“Where were you? I have been waiting here for nearly an hour.”

You pulled out your chair and quickly sat down, “The traffic was so bad and I left my phone at home, I really am sorry.” 

After ordering the food and discussing how each others day went, Sehun pulled out his phone and slightly ignored you. You kept trying to start conversation but he would only reply in short answers.

“I understand you are angry at me, but you don’t need to be so rude.” You said leaving some money on the table, before you made your way out of the resturant.  

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I was doing a Google Images search a month ago for, I dunno what, and out of nowhere came this screencap where Jim Backus and this woman were dressed as Vikings. I didn’t click on the “go to page” button to find out more, and Google Images now doesn’t know what this is (it offers “costumes”).

But through the magic of regular Google and the Internet Movie Database, I found out this is from the “The Vikings Have Landed” episode of The Ghost Busters (1975)… which I own the DVD set of but haven’t watched, ack! Backus played Eric The Red and Lisa Todd played Brunhilda.

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Here is a comic about a man I admire very much! Karl Heinrich Ulrichs was an early champion of LGBT rights, and maybe the first person to speak publicly for them as he did in Munich in 1867. The last picture there is the place where he spoke. He used the word “Urning” for gay men, a term he coined, because even the word “homosexual” wasn’t invented yet (it would be soon after). I only found out about him last fall, which is surprising and also sadly not surprising. But he was really amazing, I’m sure you will agree.

Hark! A Vagrant is a strange mix, sometimes the comics are straight jokes and sometimes, like here, I just want to talk about someone I think is great in a way that’s easy to pick up on - comics are great for that! And I tell you what, I got so much out of this particular collection, of all the things I read. Here is a link:

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs:
Urning Pride and the First Known Gay Activist

Translated and Edited by Michael Lombardi-Nash, PhD

The document is a mix of things, essays and Karl’s own writings and I think you will like it very much. I’m going to leave you with the epitaph on the stone his friends put up for him, he had many friends and admirers. It reads like a little affectionate biography.

Karl Henrich Ulrichs
who was born in Westerfeld near East Friesland
He distinguished himself and became renowned among
his equals by his mental faculties in the humanities and other disciplines
through instruction he received in Gottingen and Berlin.
He was concerned about new problems in anthropology and jurisprudence.
He had a remarkable sense of duty.
He was not elevated to prosperity nor was he humbled
by the attacks from his adversaries.
As a pauper he left the region of Hanover and went into exile.
He traveled through a great part of Europe.
He displayed everywhere a model character by his knowledge and virtue.
Finally he came to live in Aquila in central Italy to live for a long time.
He edited a Latin journal titled “Alaudae” [Larks]
which received praise from the old and new world.
Not complaining, not anguished, he died in our city in his 70th year
on the day before the Ides of July 1895
His loyal friends and admirers here and across the Alps
joined in to pay for this gift for their best friend whom
they mourn the loss of, and mock his lack of fortune
by this truly excellent monument.

“New problems in anthropology and jurisprudence.” Victorians, amirite? Never stop … Victorianing things.  But still, I mean, who doesn’t want their friends to mock their lack of fortune with truly excellent monuments?


Jack, I drew this Septic Sam for you. Anyway, I found your channel through PewDiePie. I was watching him play Evie when in my recommended, I saw one of your Evie videos. It was the one where Evie found out your name was Sean. As soon as I clicked on the video, I fell in love. You have helped me though my depression and my self harm issues. I starve myself as well, and you feed me. Thanks Jack for being the best! KEEP BEING A BOSS! @therealjacksepticeye

BTW: Through Jack, I found my late best friend, who killed herself. (I’m not saying her name) I found my friend Meghyn, but she doesn’t have Tumblr. I found @theyoutubersart and @super-septic-pewdie-plier! LOVE YOU GUYS!

anonymous asked:

i think i will fail this year. my biggest problem is math no matter what I do or who I ask I just don't understand anything. and my family can't afford a tutor to help me. I got an F on my last test and I don't know what to do anymore

you won’t fail bub!! just don’t give up. maths is awful when u don’t understand it but just keep at it - keep reading through ur textbooks and follow the explanations + demonstrations for ur practise questions. ask more people and try to figure out exactly what it is that u don’t understand, then try to work on it until u do. i’ve found that maths is just one of those subjects where u have to keep working on it until one day, it just clicks. it’s annoying but there’s not much else u can do i’m afraid 😓  

i also recommend checking out khanacademy for help w/ maths as they have some rly good, in depth videos ✨

going through childbirth:
  • Aries female: "gET THE FUCK OUT OF ME"
  • Aries male: *iPhone click* "GREAT PICTURE!!!" *smiling like a fool*
  • Taurus female: sUPER HAPPY, CALM AND EXCITED.
  • Taurus male: *Holding hands with the mother*
  • Gemini female: "Where's the head now- OW!"
  • Gemini male: *Smiles and waits to hold the baby impatiently.*
  • Cancer female: "please let this be over." *remembers a fucking baby is coming out* "omg omg omgomgomgomgmg"
  • Cancer male: "if i screw up putting this in the car i'm a terrible father."
  • Leo female: *Screams and almost breaks the hand she's holding.*
  • Virgo female: *Gets it done perfectly and carefully even if the pain sucked.*
  • Virgo male: *Comforts the mother and jumps to the baby when he hears crying.*
  • Libra female: "i'm fine... i'm fine... is it cute?"
  • Libra male: *Calms the mother down and listens to anything she says.*
  • Scorpio female: *Too drugged up to talk, barely remembers anything but still super happy and thinks the baby is the most beautiful thing in the world.*
  • Scorpio male: "Hey doc, IS THIS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN?!?!"
  • Sagittarius female: "fucking SHIT!!!!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKFCIFYFCKC"
  • Sagittarius male: "Nature is so weird. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?"
  • Capricorn female: -what? it's out already?
  • Capricorn male: *Cool, calm and collected until the baby is out, that's when he freaks out while cutting the cord - does cutting the cord hurt the baby????*
  • Aquarius female: *breathes just like he doc is telling her to*
  • Aquarius male: *watches the baby come out to understand the process*
  • Pisces female: "it's all for a good cause... fUCK."
  • Pisces male: "nO NO NO NO NO WHAT"
First Encounters of the Pissed Off Kind

The ringing gunfire cracked through the mostly desolate region, the time between shots decreasing with each burst. Its patterns were erratic, a combination of high caliber machine guns and heavy artillery ringing in the air with occasional sonic boom. Someone was having a dogfight somewhere, and that someone was getting closer.

-I’m picking up a Light signature, three clicks due West of here. I think we might’ve found help!-

“Adjust course, I don’t think we can shake him any longer!”

The fighter swerved around the canyon, squeezing brought narrow crevices as it pitched upwards out of the valley. Right behind it, a Vex gunship cleaved through the rock and compacted sediment, firing at the target it had had been pursuing. Another shockwave rang out as both vessels broke the sound barrier, heading to wherever this Light was coming from.

-What the hell… I found something else. Fallen base, seems to be where this Guardian might be.-


-I… Don’t know… Doesn’t match any currently known groups.-

“Well, I guess we’re about to find out…”


My aunt just called to say that I got my 7 year old cousin obsessed with PTX.

I fail to see what the problem is. 

But here’s the story:

I had to babysit her because she was too sick to go to school. She was complaining that she was bored, so I was just letting her watch music videos on YouTube from my playlist. She skips through Fall Out Boy, The Summer Set, All Time Low, etc. 

I was just sitting there reading and I hear Avi’s overtones in Starships. She stops hitting skip and just stares at the screen. She watched the entire thing and looked up at me. Then she said “Who are they? Do you have more videos?”

And I took her to the PTXOfficial YouTube page. She squealed and clicked on Where Are U Now. After that, she played Cheerleader, White Winter Hymnal, and on and on. 

Finally, after an hour of this, she found a recommended video about Pentatonix on the Sing Off. She scrolled until she found the first one. She watched the entire season in chronological order, listening to the judges talk and then adding her own commentary like “Mitch is great.” or “Scott is tall” or “Kirstie slays”. (I taught her that one)

By the end of the season, she was hanging onto this ratty old stuffed animal I had. If it was alive, she would have suffocated it. The minute PTX was the announced as the winner, she screamed so loud and ran through the house. 

When she came back into the room she just said “I knew they could do it. Have you heard Kevin and Avi? They are amazing.” 

So all day long we watch videos and interviews. And then she sees a Superfruit video in the recommended videos area. She goes to click on it. It’s 75 Pick Up Lines. 

I paused the video and showed her Defying Gravity instead. She loved it. She whispered “Mitch slay it” when he hit the high notes. And then Scott would come in and she’d say “yaaaaas queen.” (Again, I taught her that, but she used it on the wrong person).

She went home and apparently wouldn’t shut up about PTX. Her mom (my aunt) had to tell her, “Okay sweetie. That’s enough. Maybe we can continue this another day.” 

So the night continued on, my cousin went to sleep. And when my aunt woke her up the next morning, my cousin says “And Mitch is so good at singing.”

My aunt told me she just nodded and said “okay then”. Then she said that my cousin said, “What? You said another day. It’s another day. And Avi can go really low…” My aunt told me that she wouldn’t stop talking about PTX until she was dropped off at school. 

I’ve created a monster and I couldn’t be happier.

New Girl (Stiles X Reader)

Anonymous Request: Reader is Allison’s younger sister and has a crush on Stiles

Warnings: None

Word count: 859

Your name: submit What is this?

Being the new girl was by no means easy, trust me- I know. But lucky you had an older sister who would experience the terror of moving to a new school as well. You were a few months younger than her so you were in the same grade. You walked through the hall way trying to navigate where your locker was but found it rather difficult seeing as you came late and, first period was ending- people rushed out of their most hated classes just to enter another on a few minutes later.

As you looked down at the paper that had your schedule you collided with another person, who was significantly taller than you resulting in you falling down as people started crowding the hallway. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry,” the boy said holding his hand out to you. “a-ah thank you,” you said taking his hand, allowing him to pull you up to your feet. “Are you new here?” the boy asked, you nodded. “Yeah, My names Y/N Argent,” you said looking the boy up and down. He had chestnut hair, whiskey colored eyes, and his face was covered in adorable moles and freckles.

“Welcome to Beacon Hills, Y/N, I’m Stiles Stilinski,” he smiled. “Thank you stiles, you wouldn’t mind showing me to this general area would you?” you questioned, showing him the small map you held in your small hands. “Yeah sure, It looks like your next class is around there too, I take you to both,” he smiled and guided you to a section of lockers before approaching one and opening it. You scanned the area to see a locker missing a lock. “Why did you change schools?” Stiles said, smile unknown to you from behind his locker. “My family recently moved here, I’ve never been anywhere too long- my dad travels for work,” you said shoving your backpack into your locker after pulling the needed things from it. “Ah, cool,” he said slamming his locker.

As you followed him you both paid no mind to the bell as he showed you which classes were where on your way to the class you both were supposed to be in currently. “Down the hall is Mr. Finstocks class, he’s also the lacrosse coach,” Stiles pointed towards a door further down the hall as he stopped at another. “We’re here,” he said pulling the door open for you. “Ah if it isn’t Miss Y/N Argent, the Principal said you and your sister would be coming, did you find your way alright,” The teacher smiled at you. “Y-yeah, I got lost trying to find my locker, so Stiles helped me get to it and showed me around a little,” You said covering for him as he walked to his seat. “Well welcome to beacon hills, why don’t you just take an empty seat?” she waved gestured to the empty seats that scattered the room, you could’ve sat by your sister but found yourself drawn to sit next to Stiles.

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I was looking up Ellis Island name changes for a comic I’m writing and found out the whole thing is a misunderstanding!  People’s names weren’t FORCED to be changed there, it was just a convenient place where you could say whatever name you wanted, since there was no proof that wasn’t your name after all.

Anyway, click through to that NY Public Library post, because it’s really interesting.  At the bottom they talk about Frank Woodhull / “Mary Johnson”: a biological woman who wore male attire, because prospects were better for men than women.

Then came a time fifteen years ago when I got desperate. I had been told that I looked like a man, and I knew that in Canada some women have put on men’s clothes do men’s work. So the thought took shape in my mind. If these women had done it why could not I, who looked like a man? I was in California at the time. I bought men’s clothes and began to wear them. Then things changed. I had prospects. My occupation I have given here as canvasser, but I have done many things. I have sold books, lightning rods, and worked in stores. Never once was I suspected that I was other than Frank Woodhull.

What I love about the story is after being caught as being not born a man, the Ellis Island people were like, whatever, regardless of the clothes being worn, this is still a productive citizen: even more productive than most women at the time, due to sexism!  Woodhull again:

Men can work at many unskilled callings, but to a woman only a few are open, and they are the grinding, death-dealing kinds of work. Well, for me, I prefer to live a life of independence and freedom.

Most charming (and refreshing!) is that NY Public Library post after concluding “the individual identified at Ellis Island as Mary Johnson, was freed, to ‘face the world as Frank Woodhull’” uses masculine pronouns:

Once Woodhull left Ellis Island, he was no longer obliged to be known as Mary Johnson, but was free to resume his life, complete with the name and identity of his choosing. Ellis Island could not impose a name upon him.

Since Frank was someone who worked to pass as a man and clearly preferred to be considered as one, it’s appropriate AND terrific.  Great work, NY Public Library!  And great work, Frank Woodhull!

weirdest fic comments on tumblr:

  • “someone write this” i just wrote it what the fuck do you think you just read it was 2k
  • “who did this” my name is at the top of the post
  • “where do these things come from” my name is at the top of the post
  • “i would like it better if it was different” who asked
  • comments about how they want more that make it clear that they did not click through to my blog where they would have found more
  • “it’s great when people work together” all the names on the top of the post are the same i responded to my own prompt i was working with myself
  • “actually canonically” who asked
  • the many difficult-to-explain comments that suggest that the person reblogging it is under the impression that my writing of something enjoyable to read was a happy accident and not work
  • “i hate the character this fic is about” who asked


We at The Earth Story have tried to post these puzzles in the past, but you guys are too good for us. (I, on the other hand, can never figure them out!)

So here’s a new place for you to find, and I’m giving only one clue:

It’s NOT in Greece.

Annie R.

(answer can be found by clicking through the source and heading through the comments)