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If you see either of these post around DO NOT click.

It’s supposed to be a link to a quiz that uses your blog to find out your personality. As soon as you click it the site will begin to act like it’s going through your blog, only to then bring you to a new page to download your results. As long as you don’t download the results you wont get any virus’s on your computer but it will still automatically reblog the link onto your blog. So like I said DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!!

If you did click the link than go to settings < apps < and then x out of it to delete it from allowing permission to post to your blog!

So look out for your fellow users! If you see that anyone reblogged this know it wasn’t intentional and send them a message so they know to delete it!

anônimo perguntou:

any tips on getting more followers on tumblr? I'm a larrie and just made a blog recently but have legit gained no followers.

1. Make your blog look nice. Seriously so many people will click away if you don’t have a decent looking theme. Take the time to search for a pretty one and customize it.

2. Follow people who aren’t big. Just go through the notes on posts you like and select ones at random to check out. You’re much more likely to get a follow back from someone who doesn’t have many followers themself, because they’ll notice you. Obviously you can also follow more well known blogs too, but try to keep it varied.

3. Post original content. Whether you’re adding onto other people’s posts, making new ones, or just have interesting thoughts you put in your tags, it will make it much more likely for people to want to follow you. If all you’re doing is reblogging other people’s stuff you’ll have a harder time attracting any interest or attention.

4. If you make analysis type posts that present new information to the fandom, go ahead and tag well known blogs. They’ll at least give it a read, and they might reblog it which will help you a lot. That said, try to make sure you’re providing new content or a new perspective.

5. Send messages off anon. Don’t spam people, but if you have an opinion or input you can add to something they’re discussing go ahead and do it. People like to get messages, and if you create a conversation with them they may be more inclined to follow you.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Just generally try to be personable and nice and friendly. I think that’s the most important thing. If you’re not putting yourself out there then most people won’t even realize you exist!

Top 15 Episodes as voted by our followers

As a little something to get us through the hiatus we’ve decided to organize a poll. Please vote here for your favorite episodes (you can select up to four answers) 

When all the results are in, we’ll be posting the top 15 in the form of 15 gifsets, so in way you can influence what’s going on the blog!

Voting will last until September 5th after which we’ll start posting gifsets!

Click here to go to the voting page.

(This is a new post, everyone who had already voted in the other one can vote again)

anônimo perguntou:

Is there a way to print these all out easily/fairly quickly? (I'm VERY NEW to tumblr) I think it would be fun to play this with my troupe

If you click through to my blog, on the right beneath my description, there are four boxes. The “DL CARDS” will take you to links for downloadable cards that can then be printed.

Just so everyone is aware, these printable sheets are a little out of date. I’m hoping to have some free time soon to update them and I’ll reblog this post when that’s done.


My tumblr app is living it’s own life! When I scroll down, waiting for new post to upload it skips up like ten or so post that I have to scroll through again before coming to the new ones, and when I want to reblog something and try to switch with of the blogs it’s going to be posted to (personal or fashion blog) it will switch back to the opposite and I have to click the right one again… Anyone else got this problem? I use an android device.. Also, sorry if I post wrong content on one of the blogs :(

coololiviafan perguntou:

ok ... I'm so done! Go on tell me ... Where the fuck is that little "hearty thing" you can click when you like a post? I can reblog the shit till I'm blue in the face, but the"hearty thing" ... nahh the bastards hiding. lol ... Searched right round the screen a gazillion times still no fucking heart lol! loving your work btw ;)x

LOL….too funny girl.  obviously you check out my blog on my blog which is totally cool.  Most tumblr users just scroll through their dashboards for new posts.   

I had to go and check to see if how I’ve formatted things hid the “heart” but Unfortunately, it seems that one was not included in the theme I chose.  

So until I look into another theme which might be awhile due to the time it takes to get one formatted correctly, there will be no “heart” on my blog.  

new copypasta

This is the gospel for the blogging ones
Who don’t do much but eat ship and slumber
Avoiding responsibility
Eating pizza and scrolling through tumblr
Woahhhhh (this is the click of the mouse)
With otp and fanfictions
Reblogging until dawn
With a butt load of superwholockkkk
If you love me let me scrollllllll
But my dash is trying to load (internet connection is slow)
Oh my gosh look at these post
These feels these feels are breaking my heart

New studyblr!

Hi! I’m a new studyblr. I live in Estonia and on september 1st i will start 7th grade. I created this studyblr blog to keep myself motivated and support others who need motivation. I will be posting more original content after september 1st. Until then i will reblog stuff and maybe post a bit original content. So if you want to see my journey through 7th grade, click follow! Btw, this is my side blog. So if i will follow you back, it will show up as “hannasnm started following you” because hannasnm is my main blog. :)


Sorry if it seems as if I’m on hiatus lately, especially regarding tags / replying asks and so forth. To be honest, I was working on my theme and several other things. FINALLY, after 2 days of lack of sleep and constantly facing html codes, I’m finally done with the new theme! Yayyyyyy~

I’ve made several new pages for you to navigate through (tag list, blogrolls, the holy squad and edits), so you can simply click onto the links to have immediate access either to my posts/the blogs that I follow. I’ll have to be consistent with my tags to make it easier for you guys.

Now I’m going to bed and rest. My head is dizzy from all the codes that I had to edit lol

P/S: I promise I’ll reply and answer you asap, but after a sufficient rest of course. ILY ❤️

anônimo perguntou:

Hey! We're new to the whole tumblr thing just wondering if you could help us do you make a masterlist? Xx btw we love your imagines!! 😘

thank you!

technically I have two masterlists - one is just like a normal text post but you have to save the link otherwise you’ll never ever find it again but it works better for mobile users :)

my second masterlist is linked on my blog’s actual website (does that make sense?) and you have to go through editing your theme to get to it - when you’ve clicked ‘edit theme’ scroll down to the bottom and click add a page and then add a link to whatever you’ve written, everyone formats it differently i like numbering mine and bolding the title and writing summary and whatnot

you do you, i bet your masterlist is infinitely better than mine

mine’s not even up to date, i really need to sort that out

Exploring CAPS Social Media

Unfortunately, CAPS isn’t open 24/7. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get academic assistance from us around the clock! Follow our social media sites where you can access countless resources at anytime, wherever you are!

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Check in daily or use the convenient search bar to find posts about a specific subject. From essay-writing tips to exam-taking strategies and vectors to titration, we’ve got posts on just about any subject!

2) Facebook

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Cities with the most single men and women

There are thousands of people who read this blog via email or by following on Tumblr. The rest of the readership just stops by on the web and visits periodically.

But of the thousands of regular readers, I know that many do not click through to the comment section. And that’s a shame. Because oftentimes I find the comments more interesting than my actual post.

Take for example yesterday’s post on The Millennial Dream

The initial post was about Millennial housing choices (and some stats on marriage and fertility rates). The comments provided some additional color on the trends, but they also got into mobile dating apps and whether or not it’s easier or harder to meet people in cities, today. It was a fun discussion.

This got me thinking and reminded me that people come to cities not only because of labor markets, but because of dating markets. 

So for today’s piece, I thought I would post the following diagram from Richard Florida’s book, Who’s Your City? It shows how many more singles (aged 20-64) there are – according to gender – in the largest US metro areas.

I couldn’t find an equally detailed map for Canada, but based on this, it looks like Toronto is slanted towards single women and Calgary is slanted towards single men.

Does the above look right to you?

6 Steps to Turn Your Summer Blogging into a Timeless Treasure

Best. Summer. Ever… or maybe just one of the best. Either way, the heat and humidity will soon be a distant memory unless you find a way to keep those priceless moments nearby year-round.

Luckily the perfect solution for capturing your summer is just a few clicks away since you can create a blog book that’s cover-to-cover summer fun. Here are some pointers on how to create a cherished memento of your summer escapades:

Step 1: Make sure your blog is chock-full of summer stories, anecdotes and observations
Even if you didn’t write up a post covering your trip to the lake, that night watching fireworks over the lake or Junior’s first trip to the ballpark, it’s not too late!

Flip through your calendar and flick through your camera roll to jog your memory. Come up with some new posts that recall those great times while it’s still fresh.

And if you don’t quite remember enough, ask the people you were with what they remember; you can always “interview” your family members and friends about your shared experiences.

Once you’ve squeezed in all the great summer memories you can think of, you’re ready to start making your book at

Step 2: Start building your book
Go to, select your blogging platform and enter your blog’s web site address (otherwise known as its URL). After signing in and telling your platform that it’s OK for Blog2Print to access your blog’s data, your next step is to tell Blog2Print what date range you want to use for this book.

Look back at your blog and decide if summer begins for your family on Memorial Day, the last day of school or some other date.

Step 3: Select a summery cover
Pick a bright color or appropriate pattern to teleport you back to the summer season from your bookshelves.

On the Personalize Your Book page, select the (Edit) Front & Back Cover option.

Select a cover design from the Design Choices menu then give your book a title and side text.

Step 4: Customize the cover with some of your favorite pics
You won’t have to turn the pages to transport yourself back to the past.

Click the Browse buttons under the Cover Photos section and choose a high-resolution photo for the front and back covers of your book.

Step 5: Select your seasonal posts
Your summer blog book doesn’t have to include your rant about your boss or a recipe just because you posted those in July or August. Edit down your blog posts to just the ones that fit your theme.

From the Personalize Your Book menu, select the (Edit) Posts option.

Uncheck any of the posts that don’t fit your summer theme.

Step 6: Don’t forget the photos
Your blog book isn’t limited to just the photos you included with your blog posts. You can add pages with different layouts to combine a photo album feel with your blogging chronicles of the summer season.

Select the (Edit) My Pages option on the Personalize Your Book screen.

Choose the page layouts you like, then add additional photos to complete your summer blog book.

Now you’re ready to finalize your book and send it off to be printed. Soon enough you’ll be flipping through those pages bundled up in a sweater, with those flip flops a distant memory.

anônimo perguntou:

I searched "xander" and through all the crazy Larry conspiracies and hate I saw some of your posts and clicked your blog and saw your name and lilo and connected the dots. I didn't know your new blog so I was just making sure it was really you lol

oh god wow.Yeah I’m a new xarry fan. I think they’re cute. 

Webroot Identifies Spamvertised Emails Leading To Malware Attacks

Cybercriminals are durable to attack users through various ways, spam attacks being one and only of the most received ways to attack. Webroot, the leaders in providing digital data security, understands the latest trends that crooks are using.
Primitive enough, a post was made in Webroot’s bona fide threat blog, which discusses about a new globe-trot which uses spam emails headed for attack users. According to Webroot, they have just now intercepted this in vogue spamvertised campaign, which pretends itself at what price HM’s Revenue and Luxury tax Department and lures users into clicking on links that are unfold in the fake email. These links are simply the malware-serving links and once clicked redirects users to a malicious URL.
This spamvertised campaign uses a binding looking email, which talks about error swank arrangement in regard to your tax, and misleads users to claim a tax bate online. The message content consists anent a €My Refund’ link, which is supposedly said to pension off you bill of complaint your weigh down make up to. Clicking on this link, will simply land you relating to a reecho web page, which is then used to infect and steal your sensitive data.
Sending constitutional looking spam emails to infect users’ PC or banking carte is mortal of the widely used methods that the attackers use. The reason this technicality of attack has been pretty effective, is because, target users can easily be the case tricked and fooled using legitimate looking emails. The attackers use the magnate of big brands\companies and government agencies to credulous person targets. On good terms lineup to make their attack emails look utter legitimate and appealing, attackers use and interfuse every requisite in the email. They’ll include punch names, logos, senior cure names and signatures. Plus they also cause to ritual speaking of captivating focus of interest approach and measurement content, which coherently lures users inflowing clicking fallow downloading malicious files and links. These files and links in turn, are used up to steal your online accounts details and your amassed enlightenment.
So, it is very important now, that users should stay very attentive while opening emails and then clicking or downloading files and links. Although the email services create alter provides immunity against spam mails, but sometimes, few spam emails break in transit to gift email service security.
Installing a good antivirus and internet trustworthiness solutions can prove so that endure dreadful effective resolutions to spam emails issues. Webroot Internet Security and Webroot Antivirus are good products to proper thing in such scenarios. They are resource known as things go their proactive, strong, and always-on protection against plenary kinds of attacks. These products are wanton to learn and helm, again executing unjelled minor operations needs help. So calling Webroot Tech Support Sheet and talking on seasoned experts will gang himself. A good company in order to start looking with Webroot help is SupportBuddy. Superego is a renowned girl friend that provides 24\7 dedicated support for Webroot.
To sum pass all, getting spam emails in your inbox is very common nowadays. So, it is powerful important that the users should authentic a suspicious email’s link or file, only if she are sure about its wraps. Per contra, staying exotic for malicious emails, online files, and links is the tour de force that you should do. Also install a good internet security colliquation on your PC, laptop, or smartphone.

I Am a Beautiful Warrior

New on the blog - I Am A Beautiful Warrior #beautifulwarriors #psbloggers #plussize #survivor

I was introduced by the beautiful Kat to a campaign fronted by Casey Bryden of Sunbella down under, and like Kat the message really struck a chord and I wanted to take part…. Here is my selfie I posted on IG yesterday, and if you click on the pic it will take you to what I had to say, but I wanted to elaborate on it a little bit more, and also know that maybe not all of you have an IG account……

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