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anonymous asked:

Hi! I was just wondering something as I was scrolling through your blog. I am fairly new to the fandom about 7 months now, and you keep saying how the smosh fandom is rebuilding itself and how the ianthony fandom is rebuilding its self, and I was just wondering what happened that is making the fandom rebuild its self? I'm sorry if this question doesn't make sense, thanks!

Hiya Anon :D I’ve already answered something similar to this on my Ianthony blog. You can CLICK HERE to read that post :)

Amber’s back back back. back again. 

Hi everybody! Of course this won’t be one giant hello because since this is a brand new blog I have to go through and add all my friends again. 

Blogging was not (at all) the same without tumblr. 

I’ve found a way to have both of the best worlds. I can post to my wordpress blog and it can post here without the annoying “read more” click through thing. Who knew! Well, obviously people more technologically inclined than myself but let’s ignore them for now. 

I miss comments and interactions and all of the lovely folks on tumblr. This will allow me to keep my blog that I hope to build over time (I could be famous!) while still really writing to interact with you guys. I’ll keep more of the personal posts and workout posts flying over here but I won’t push every post from wordpress over here. I can’t force dietitian rambles onto you guys…yet. 

Quick talk of what I’ve been up to. I work in the capitol of Indiana now doing the same thing I did before but with fewer responsibilities. I’m still a dietitian. I still mostly enjoy running. I’m currently training for a full marathon on September 24th and I’m actually 5 miles ahead of the training plan. I’m currently on a two week streak of actually eating the lunch I packed for work instead of going out to eat a few days each week and I’m getting closer to paying off my student loans. Cough 72% paid off and I started with more than the national average. 

That’s life right now. No need to comment about your life, I’ve been stalking you ever since my other blog took a nosedive. [don’t worry I have access to the email address that I used to create this account and it’s not attached to my college or work so I can’t lose it].

cadensaurus  asked:

if you download the new xkit extension it has an option to turn off the autoplay ads

This wasn’t an ad. I have wrestling shit blacklisted not because I hate it but because I just don’t care about it. So a friend posted something about wrestling and it got hidden. But the sound from the video autoplayed. When I opened up the post to stop the video, it was just a black rectangle and I couldn’t stop it from playing (but if I clicked through to the blog it was a normal video).

Like, this was just some pro wrestler talking about his draft pick or something. But what if it was some horror video, a screamer or something? 

Edit: in fact, I also have phan blacklisted and the video you just posted also autoplayed from under the hide. And when I opened it, it was again a black rectangle. I popped it in and out of the post a few times and it turned into the video and I was able to hit pause.