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There’s been a ton of new vegan food blogs following me that seem sort of like spam blogs, i’m not sure if they are, but the captions they write (after they remove mine) are pretty similar…

Please don’t remove my captions - that’s the point of this blog, sharing recipes. I know I link the source through the photo as well, but on mobile people can’t click that. Plus the people who post these recipes for us to drool over deserve the credit. So it’s actually super obnoxious. You can still obviously write whatever you want under mine, but removing the whole thing is kinda gross..this isn’t just a picture blog, the captions are there for a reason.

MASTER MasterList~

hey guys! i made them all individually so you don’t have to search through my blog or search through a large post. You can also just ask me for it and i’ll happily link you to it and soon there will be a link on my blog for you just to click on it anyway. also, most of these will not have anything on it since i have just added new groups to my writing list and soon it will expand.

This is my drabble game and these are always open! ( DRABBLES )








(Let me know if any links don’t work!!)


This here is the first page theme by @overcrissrph, it is a re-working of a theme from my old theme blog (@xyzisms), where I had released a very crappy rough version of this. It is set up to look JUST like an instagram page (as view on web), and is meant for character gallery type pages but can be used for person/indie/whatever else!!


  • 150 px icon
  • Fully editable Username & Description section
  • Fully editable User Stats section
  • Verified User Symbol
  • 300 px wide images
  • Caption on hover
  • Click through link on each photo, so you can link back to a post/account/whatever (will open in a new tab/window).
  • Optimized for Chrome

                                    Please do not claim this work as your own,
                                    use as a base code, repost or remove credit.

                    If you need any help editing the blog,
                    have questions or find an error in the coding,
                    please contact me directly through inbox here.

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I’d love to see what you do with it!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Enjoy!

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