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Weller’s drug store, Eighth & I streets S.E., Washington, D.C., circa 1915. Make sure you click through to see the hi-res photo. Wonderful details – the tin ceiling, the folding counter chairs, the elaborate carvings on the cases, “The Best Five Cent Carbellos Cigar”… there’s a wealth of amazing details to enjoy in this one. I can’t tell for sure if there’s a soda fountain here, but the stools at the counter would imply that there is, though you don’t really get to see it.

A not-so long time from now in a planetary orbit not far away, a team of astronauts will head to the International Space Station. NASA just revealed the official poster for Expedition 45 and it is a Star Wars-themed masterpiece.

You really have to click through to the hi-res version to fully appreciate its glory. Each astronaut has a differently-hued lightsaber. There’s a satellite that looks deceivingly like an X-Wing with its S-foils in attack position. And that eerily familiar object next to Scott Kelly’s head… that’s no moon.

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Click through link to hi res emojis isn't working right now? I neeeeed the hi res images! Do you have an alternative link? Thanks!

Sorry this took so long for us to fix, everyone. We have fixed the link to download hi res emojis here. Good news though - we finally have the sunglasses emoji!!!