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Vapor Trail

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So there’s a new cute and shy character out there. And these three seem to like what they see.

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s c reaming bc this is finally done!!
Honestly this turned out better than expected, and i might also turn it into a full body piece when i’m motivated enough to art. Anyway! I just really wanted to draw Eternity’s scars, which were a mighty pain to get right.  They also have them on the wrists, ankles and around the waist…because Marvel just LOVES torturing our favourite characters. (click pic for better quality!)

anonymous asked:

The last pic of Louis is so cuteeeeee he's so soft I clicked on the person who tweeted it thinking it was an actual fan. Nope her timeline is full of her and her friends driving around Leeds stalking Louis trying to find him. When will people leave them alone.

it’s never just a normal fan 🙄🙄🙄

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Could you post all the pool pic (except the kissing ones)? It's the first time i see most of them. And Thank you you are the best page for the shefani fans. You always find new pics

Sure thing. I’ll upload all the ones I got from this site on another site for you, so I don’t clog up peoples’ dashes…

Just let know if this doesn’t work for you. 41 images ahead! Just click through for the full size.

me, on the verge of tears: sometimes…somtimes you just gotta man

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been getting bored so i decided to draw full pics of some ocs ive had for a while now! 

basic premise is that people have these spirits appear to them in their lowest moments that are formed of their happiest memories called jovalities! and they serve as kinda therapy spirits that no one else can see

theres a big dumb action story here too but i jsut wanted to get all the main characters down for now lmao


I’ve always wanted to sketch out rough Smash Bros move sets! It’s not at all technical like some people’s, but it’s a bit of fun. I won’t do these regularly but if you have any requests, I might consider them! Happily do new and old characters with new movesets.

So after properly finishing Earthbound, something that’s abundantly clear is A) There’s room for loads more representation of this game in Smash Bros and B) That Ness is a thieving asshole who stole all of Paula’s moves for Smash.

So here is a moveset idea for Paula where I can represent what makes her unique without being a full clone or changing Ness or Lucas. She’s got a bit of Peach, a bit of Pikachu.

Click the pics for some details on the moves!

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I genuinely believe that all gems are placed in a diamond’s court on a strict colour-coded basis. So here you go: an arrangement of gems, corrupted or otherwise, sorted into diamond courts.

Some of them seem pretty obvious, while others are just plain guesses. And a few corrupted gems were left out (like watermelon tourmaline) because I had no idea where to put them. I also headcanon that, since Pink(?) Diamond is out of the picture, her court was split in half. So now Ruby would be under Yellow Diamond, Amethyst under Blue Diamond, etc.

But this is all speculation, so feel free to fight me if you have better ideas!

::– Fullbody picture of Viktor~! –:: 

If ya wonder how his head/neck is here have this
little pic on below~ ( click here for it’s original post

Now some lil bitty info; 

Full name: Viktor Toro Olszewski 
Gender: masculine ( he/him pronouns ) 
Height: 6′ 7′’ feet ( ~2 m ) 
Specie: –unknown– 
Occupation/s: Guard for hire (main). 
Bartender & hotel desk clerk (seconds). 

Where you find him: Depends really where his main job takes him, he usually guards travelers and their stuff from dangers on their long way. Beasts, bandits, he is all ready to take them on thanks for him being skilled fighter. 

When there isn’t anyone needing some guarding he stays to nearest town/city to him and does his second jobs as long until there is someone hiring him again for guarding. 

~ 🌸 ~