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(English Subs + Text) Soraru and Mafumafu’s new Cooking Videos

”I tried making Sticky Ramen for my friend”
I’ve subbed Soraru’s latest video on his official channel where he tries to cook a meal for Mafumafu! :O If the English subs don’t pop up immediately, click the gear icon and enable them~

Below the “read more” is the full transcript for Mafumafu’s video!
Watch Mafumafu’s video here.
I can’t subtitle it because his channel doesn’t have community contributions enabled, sorry! ;_; But feel free to share the link to this post if you see people wanting to know what’s happening in the video!
This goes line by line and might be a bit hard to understand without the video side by side, so feel free to ask if you have any questions~ I hope you enjoy both videos! :)
(Please do not use these translations to upload a subbed version of either video to Youtube or anywhere else)

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No but just imagine.

Homestuck ended. The fandom died back down. Theories, ships, OC’s all long done for and forgotten. No more update art.
A year passes and you go back to the Mspaintadventures website, just for old times.
You re-read the comic and once you reach the end, you see it.
After the little goodbye Hussie pulled together. There it is.
An arrow at the bottom, an arrow to the next page.
You click it and in the middle of the panel in blue it reads

“This 8nt over yet!!!!!!!!”

There’s another arrow.

You really can’t escape.

i made this into a text post because the formatting was strange after clicking on read more! 

there will definitely be background stories interwoven with the main plot, but they’re more about the past of the characters than of the relationships and because i don’t think that i’ll delve too much into it, i’ll explain it here (short version above the cut, long version beneath read more):

Nozoeli: Met in the park (as described in the 1st chapter)

Kotoumi: Met through Nozomi, who’s working for Kotori’s mother as an assistant

Nicomaki: Met at a gala hosted by the Minami Group

as you can see, the last ones to get together were the first ones to marry

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@princessofshadow replied (+)

Yashira looked up from the scroll she was reading. She was half tempted to just ignore the message and look at it later. When she noticed it was a picture, she decided to see what it was.

After clicking on it, she’s rather happy she did. She never expected Lux to send her nudes (seemed more like something she’d send to Atticus), but she certainly doesn’t mind seeing them. Should she send one back? Something tells her this was exactly intended for her so maybe not.

[Text]: Very nice. What did I do to deserve this?

Lux is half way through writing a reply when she realises that the recipient is not who she intended. Ah fuck. How can this happen twice in one day? Actually, how did she get the terrible idea to send nudes after accidentally sending them to someone?

[Text]: … I may have fucked up.