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O.O I saw the pencil sketch of your dragon OC on the other Blog but how did you line art and color it on Paint?!! with a TRACKPAD? ._. And how did you erase the sketch? I'm sorry I'm a n00b but could you do a tut in your spare time for us people without fancy technology? PS: I bow before your skills TT^TT

OKAY INSIDE IS A PRETTY IN-DEPTH TUTORIAL, i didn’t leave out any steps or tricks i use. possibly the most useful ones are terminating the sketch, and how to use the eraser tool to color-swap which makes the following processes a lot easier:

  • putting markings on a color while without worrying about getting out of the lines

  • putting down some shading

  • coloring lineart

  • marking behind a drawing

(if you didn’t know about that, i recommend checking it out in step 4)

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so ive read that in religio romana, you aren't supposed to move your lararium around, but do you think that alongside a stationary lararium that itd be ok or make sense to have a portable mini-lararium/altar?

Lots of people have portable shrines, Anon, and they’re easy to make, if you’re so inclined. Any sturdy box that’s the right size for your particular needs will do. Some people customize Altoids tins, others use cardboard, wood, or plastic boxes.

You can decorate the outside if you wish, or keep it non-descript to avoid calling attention to it. The inside could be decorated with paint , paper, tape, or fabric. You could look for a photo of an ancient lararium, scale it to size, and print it to glue inside the lid of the box - or you could make a collage of pictures of your gods.

Travel Altar by aamethyst (click for instructions)

Think about the focus of your worship when assembling the contents of the box. It could be as simple as a battery tealight. A bigger box could hold one or more small offering dishes, cone incense (just to make the box and contents fragrant), a small piece of fabric to set things on, a miniature vial of liquid or grain, tiny figurines, or other small inspirational objects or offerings. For unusual and inexpensive small images of Hellenic and Roman gods, try using replicas of ancient coins or pins from the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Athena pocket shrine by Diane Sylvan (click for more of her shrines!)

I personally avoid using flame when travelling, because of the fire hazard and because it’s bad manners to use strong fragrance in hotel rooms, but I know people who travel with actual candles, candle holders, incense and incense burners. If you decide to go this route, please remember to protect underlying surfaces from possible heat damage.

Readers, please share photos of your travel and pocket shrines!

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Hi I'm mobile so I don't know if this is stated in your faq, but whenever you get a chance can you do a tutorial on how to get a tear texture for your container on your theme or know a tutorial to do so? Thank you!

hello there anon - and yes, sure thing!

I use tear/ripped/torn texture effects on a lot of my graphics - here’s an example of one of my large rp icons.

so the following will take you step by step through making the same effect on any graphic - which you can always use on your theme background ( as i have on this one! )

okay - so the following is how to create the effect using photoshop… I’ll show you how to do this on a ‘blank’ image, and then how you can pop a picture on the top so that your ‘tear’ effect is reusable!

1. create a new document, whatever size you like - usually make it a little bigger than you want the finished piece to be, because remember, you’re going to be ‘ripping’ a part off!

2. then create a new layer - it’s best to make this a colour so you can see what you’re doing clearly!  layer > new fill layer > solid color.  you will need to rasterize this - right click on the layer and click ‘rasterize layer’

we also need to get rid of the vector mask ( the white block on your layer thumbnail ) - just right click on the white block and choose ‘delete layer mask’.  this should leave you with only your color fill.

3. next, select the ‘lasso’ tool;

4. then draw a ‘squiggly line’ freehand across your canvas ( make sure your solid color layer is selected ).  when you’ve drawn the line, don’t let go as the selection will automatically join the two ends and look weird - you need to continue the line all the way around the outside of your canvas ( off to the side, along the top or the bottom ) and then back to the start…

5.  with your selection made - hit the ‘layer mask’ button ( the small grey icon with a white circle, third one in the image below )

which will add the selection to your color layer as a layer mask…

and your main image will look like this…

now we want to make the edges more ‘raggy’ to give the ‘torn’ effect…

6.  go to, filter > brush strokes > splatter.  set the ‘spray radius’ at between 10 and 15.  and set the ‘smooth’ between 8 and 10 - whatever suits your preference in the preview.  click okay to apply the splatter.  this will start to look more like a torn edge…

7. to add to the realistic effect, make sure your layer mask is selected on your color fill ( the white/black thumbnail ) and click on the ‘fx’ icon ( the second icon shown below )

and select ‘drop shadow’.

8. in the dialog box that appears, play with the selections ( distance, spread and size ) and the opacity until you get a ‘shadow effect’ on the preview that you like and click ‘ok’’.

9. now you have your torn template… to put an image over this, open your image and place the layer above your color fill.

this will probably cover your whole torn template.  right click on your image layer and select ‘create clipping mask’ - this links your image to the ‘torn’ area of your color fill… ( you can grab your image layer and resize it or move it around to get an effect you like inside the ‘tear’ )

NB/ if you’re using this in a background, just stop here and that’s it, save your image and you’re done!… if you want to save this for use in a post on tumblr, you will need to do 2 more steps!

10. you will now need to make the ‘white’ area of your image transparent, so that you can post it on any blog, with any colour background and not have the big white section making it look odd!  turn off your ‘background’ layer ( close the ‘eye’ icon next to your layer thumbnail )

and where the white section was, you should now see a ‘crosshatch’ effect - this is the transparent bit.

11.  now save your image but – make sure to save it as a ‘png’ and NOT a ‘jpeg’.  png’s support transparency, jpeg will just fill in the blank parts with white again.

here’s your finished image…

if you look at this on the dash, it appears fine against the white background, then look at it ( and the example at the top of the post ) on my blog, you can see it’s transparent against my grey background… 

and that’s it - creating a ‘torn’ effect on an image… :3

if this helps at all, a like or a reblog is much appreciated <3

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I would like to introduce @therealjacksepticeye to My Hero Academia sometimes. I think him and Septic Sam can become an awesome hero in the series. 

I should start a new series. Was thinking of calling it YuueiTubers. Though I should finish my other works as well (like Gem!KHR, and the long project I’m working on OTL.)

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