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Orangie Sungjong Aesthetic 

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Source: KOUGI | @kougiw
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T/N: woke up and saw this beautiful art and did this in a rush so please forgive any mistakes. Also, I don’t know why the last two pics are lower quality than the rest…I can’t seem to fix it, sorry xP

anonymous asked:

Were sam and cait actually interviewed for Marie Claire and quoted about so's? Or just an online puff piece?

There are no direct interviews with anyone used as sources for this article. It appears to have been compiled wholly from internet information only. And rather suspect information at that. The only sources listed for the article are internet gossip sites such as Just Jared, Blastingnews, and the like, all of whom are getting their information indirectly as well from either making direct inferences from what they see in celebrity pics, or from other internet sources who ultimately got their information through equally unreliable means within the world of celebrity gossip reporting.
The gossip sites aren’t any more accurate than their source of information is- that is to say they aren’t accurate at all. They publish attention grabbing headlines designed to draw curious readers to click for more information in the actual article by promising to provide some in the actual article, but they never do. You get to the article and find that instead of any actual information most of it is adverts which is the real point of the whole exercise; to get you to click because that’s how they get paid. It’s not news in the sense that a news outlet reports news. Celebrity news sites exist simply to make money off of the public’s curiosity about the personal lives of celebrities. Verifiable sourcing and other concerns of real news reporting don’t enter into this world at all.
So when that Marie Claire article cites a Just Jared article as their source for the information about Sam Heughan’s romantic life, and an equally suppositional article, published by Blastingnews, about Cait and Tony, I am not inclined to believe them any more than I believe their sources; who, it appears, came to their conclusions based on seeing pictures of Sam and Cait taken at an Oscar’s week industry party.


Dragon Sketches Pidgance/Plance AUs 1/? - Howl’s Moving Castle (book version)

Well I said I was gonna do some of these so here’s the first one! One of my own AUs actually, a Howl’s Moving Castle (book) au because it’s literally perfect for them and as far as I know this au isn’t a thing yet??

Shout out to @kat-of-the-night for the ideas for the dialogue in the first scene and for the idea of Coran as Calcifer (an idea so perfect I butchered the dimensions of the second pic just so I could fit him in)

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btw are there any AUs people would especially like me to draw for? I won’t be doing every au (because there’s tons, and I don’t want to do any for things I’m not familiar with the source material for)


THUNDER THURSDAY #39: Shout Out to Colin Levy

Hey folks, Paul here for THUNDER THURSDAY! This week I’d like to spread word about my friend Colin Levy and his new project Skywatch. It looks stunning–please enjoy the video, and share it with your friends!

I know a lot of our followers like animation, so here are some details to note:

  • Colin worked at PIXAR for years before departing for indie projects.
  • One of his actors is Zach Callison, the voice of STEVEN UNIVERSE.
  • His effects are largely done in BLENDER, the open-source 3D animation software.

I met Colin Levy in 2007 (a decade ago!) when we were students at the Savannah College of Art and Design. We’ve kept in touch about our projects, and here’s a pic from our last in-person visit, late 2015:

He’s good people! If you’d like to see more of his work, I’ve gathered three shorts he directed–click on through to see ‘em!

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roochuchan  asked:

Hello! Sorry if you've already been asked this but is there any fairy kei known people who look super cute but with natural hair? After my bleach grew out I dyed it all back to brown and stopped wearing fairy kei because I feel like it doesn't work well TAT

There are lots of cute coords with dark hair! Especially if you look at more “vintage” fairy kei pics~

Since people change their hair colour all the time I can’t think of someone who has consistently dark hair off the top of my head aside from @strawberryskies (although it is coloured in areas).. however, here is some inspo:

image source: Spank! Eri

image source: Tokyo Fashion

image source: KERA

A lot of Japanese fairies keep their natural hair because of school etc! Also black hair x pastel clothing has become a trend recently thanks to Yulayula

Click here for more inspo~

I hope that helps♡


Unthinkingly, Augustus slipped his hand into his pocket, running his thumb over the smooth surface of his phone.

Patrick had insisted that what he wanted to talk about had nothing to do with Isaac, but Augustus couldn’t shake the feeling that it must have been. After all, hadn’t they been perfectly content before he’d received that text?

His heart felt heavy. He had liked talking to Isaac, but everywhere he stepped he seemed to be running into negative feelings about their renewed attempt at friendship. Augustus even suspected his parents would be disapproving. They had not been at all happy with how they felt their son had been treated. It was something they had made known on numerous occasions.

Should he be feeling this way too? Disapproving? Rejecting? He had at first, but…. Was he forgiving too easily? Was an apology enough? It wasn’t as if he was entrusting Isaac with his life. They were just talking and it felt good to talk to him. Or at least…it had. 

Augustus flumped onto a nearby bench. The sense that he was treading across thin ice came back in full force. Even his relationship with Patrick, which he had always considered to be a reliable source of happiness, was apparently also treading on thin ice.

“It’s nothing bad, really.”

Nothing bad, huh? Well, it didn’t sound like anything good either.