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Frisk Universe

This goes to the tune of the Steven Universe Extended Theme - We Are the Crystal Gems.

My favorite crossover for this game. Click pics for bigger versions.


I made these walls by request for loobyloucreations. Sorry it took me so long!

There are ten patterns, and each wall has a full wall version and a half panelled version. Please click the pics to see bigger previews of the patterns :) All 20 walls are included in one package file and they all show together, as one wall with 19 recolors. They are seamless and come in all heights.

If you like these please consider donating @ loobyloucreations’s paypal so that she can be further on her way to a new wheelchair :) Just a thought, not required. The link to her paypal is at the top of her blog. 

Download at my 

google drive


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Stag’s Flight - deer leg bone and water buffalo bone ritual knife with deerskin and lambskin leather sheath and ceramic stag medallion; created by Lupa. Available for purchase on Etsy.

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