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Important information for Content Creators on Tumblr (Last Updated June 23, 2017)

okay i know ive posted alot about this just now, but now that ive got it more or less figured out I’m gonna make a better post here and include the tags relevent to my interactions in it to ensure no one else in my fandoms/communities are blindsided like i was. 

I encourage you to make your own, or to just recopy this, tagging the fandoms and communities important to you!


If you make a post with external links, your post will be hidden from searches. If you make a post and link to your redbubble, no one can search for your post. If you make art and link it to your deviantart or artstation, no one can search for you post. If you make any post and just throw on a “hey here is where you find me!” no one can search that post. If you want to recommend a fic or a youtube video, no one can search your post, if you… hell you get the idea. Tumblr has completely shut down content creators on this hellsite and its fucking infuriating.

I have just confirmed that the post type “Link” also does not show up in the tags. Thats right, there is an ENTIRE TYPE OF TUMBLR POST that cannot be searched. G-FUCKING-G TUMBLR.

EDIT: Okay! I have done more testing (and a video to go along with it) and at this point i can say that this is still very real, but that it only affects links to specific websites, presumably ones that tumblr doesn’t have added to some sort of “internal whitelist” of safe sites. 
I would suggest if you intend to continue tagging, to maintain a very very unique tag and use it to keep tabs on your work to ensure they are continuing to show up.
In the meantime, I will do my best to keep a list here of links verified to work, and ones verified to not work. Please feel free to comment on the post or reblog if you have your own experiences!

Also there has been confirmation that this change affects posts regardless of posting date. So it’ll hide posts made before the update went into affect; expected but good to confirm!

Edit (6/1/2017): working with someone to try to determine why an image is being hidden from the tag regardless of if it has text or a link or anything. The image in question should have worked, we tried reposting, we tried changing the file name, it still didn’t show up. Finally we changed it from a .png to a .jpg and it worked! So we thought we stumbled on something but, i posted one of my images in a test tag, as a jpg, as a png and as a transparent png and all showed up. So sometimes posts arent showing up for other reasons that have yet to be discovered (just because tumblr is shit it would seem)

Edit (6/23/2017):  So it looks like certain links might only show up in certain searches.

in this case the etsy link only showed up in recent, not in popular and not in text posts. 

Also if you wanted to try to include a non linked post in the description such as a url with the dots obfuscated by parenthesis then you have to do both the www(.) and the (.)com, one or the other will still find your post blocked.

in short using any links whatsoever COULD be problematic, using no links at all could be, but will probably increase the chances of your post being seen.

In general Tumblr’s search is absolutely degenerating, seemingly with each passing day.


It shuts down posts with external links, so at first i assumed internal links would be fine. and they are. if you make a page on your tumblr blog called like /links or something you can certainly link to that. But in that way you run into an issue, tumblr mobile is a piece of shit and cant load tumblr pages, and itll just take you back to the mainblog any time you try.

The best solution ive found so far is put all your relevent links in your blog description like so:

and then in every content post, call tumblr out for being a piece of shit and direct them to the links in your blog description.

Edit: In the top right hand side of photo posts you can click on it and include a single link as “source” that should work if you have one link neccessary. though if you need more you are still SOL. Find it like so:

It will appear in dash format at the bottom left of the post:

in desktop them view where it can be found, or if it can be found, varies by theme.


It is important now more than ever on this hellsite that you try to support your artist and content creators, reblog as much as possible, look to find them on websites off this piece of shit, and generally do your best to spread the word and support them, since tumblr itself is trying to silence them! 


See this photo? I had to stamp a watermark because it has been spreading around without my knowledge nor my girlfriend’s (The Keith cosplayer in this photo)
It really isn’t okay to take someone’s photo without a source + tampering with it. A photo is just as much of an artwork like a drawing is. It isn’t a simple click of the button. Not when I dished out over 2k to get such a shot like this one.
My girlfriend doesn’t have a tumblr to start off with & if this photo isn’t posted anywhere on social media by EmberJayCosplay or Fricklefracklemarco? I want it removed IMMEDIATELY. 
I don’t mean to burst ANY bubbles, but seeing a low-res of MY photo literally drove me INSANE to the point of where I’m actually posting on Tumblr about it. 

Her and I LOVEEEEEE Klance just as much as the next person. (Talk to us about them & we will never stop.)
But taking photos and reposting them? Is a big no no. 

For now? Let us admire this beauty of a photo. 

Follow us on Social Media for all the Klance goods. 
Keith: EmberJayCosplay
Photo credit: Fricklefracklemarco

Note: YES. I am aware of it being posted on FB. 


Store update August 30, 2017

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  • NEW LIMITED XL GOLDEN GUN DECALS: Gold vinyl with a full spectrum holographic finish, see item description for more details! 
  • NEW Holographic crystal skulls, a new style that will be a regular item, more designs in the future.
  • LIMITED $20+ orders with Overwatch items placed before September 6th will get a free sparkly Pachimari! Not stackable with sale items.

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Click the source link if you’re on mobile!

DIY Inspiration: Galaxy Freckles Trend Started by Artist Qinni

I have seen these galaxy makeup images on so many posts about Halloween makeup in the past weeks. But then I click on the source and they all point me to a generic Pinterest pin, that points me to a Halloween makeup roundup, that points me to Pinterest pin, and on and on. 

So Frustrating, but then I used my tutorial: 5 Easy Steps to Finding the Original SourceThen I found PopSugar’s post on this trend here, that led me to Instagram. You can search #quinniart or #galaxyfreckles on Instagram for hundreds of examples of galaxy makeup.

This is the watercolor sketch by Qinni @Qinniart on Instagram that started the Galactic Freckles trend here

A photo posted by Qinni (@qinniart) on Jul 17, 2016 at 10:46pm PDT

Brienneon @ briekt on Instagram here.

A photo posted by Brienne (@briekt) on Jul 25, 2016 at 6:38pm PDT

Chloe Jeong @chloesportfolio on Instagram here.

A photo posted by Chloe Jeong (@chloesportfolio) on Sep 13, 2016 at 9:47pm PDT

Ivy Kungu @ ivykungu  on Instagram here.

A photo posted by Ivy Kungu (@ivykungu) on Jul 10, 2016 at 3:04pm PDT

Mistah D! @saorukouhai on Instagram here.

A photo posted by ,stay street, (@saorukouhai) on Dec 6, 2016 at 6:09am PST

tip one: reposting vs. reblogging

Reblogging leaves credit to the original poster, and is the correct way to share something that you enjoy. Reposting is when you save, screenshot or copy something and create a new post it. So what if there’s a really great post you found somewhere outside of tumblr that you want to share here, or vice versa? Reposting is okay if, and only if, you have the authors express permission and clearly credit them in your post. People work hard, don’t steal their stuff! 

tip two: captions

Do not delete original captions. It makes it much harder to find the original author. In cases like mentioned above where someone has reposted something properly, deleting the caption deletes the credit completely. 

Also, never add a meaningless comment to a post to promote your blog. Why is this not cool? Well, for one it’s trying to gain followers based on someone else’s work instead of your own, but it’s also against community guidelines. Skip these types of captions and focus on gaining traffic through your own original posts.

tip three: reblogging things without a caption/that have been reposted

If you smell something fishy don’t spread the post around! If there’s a caption-less post that seems like it should have one (or it has a long string of promotional captions), click back to the original source and reblog from them. If there’s something that just seems too perfect, check out their blog and see if their original content matches up, or just seems like a collection of random photos from other people’s instagrams. If so, don’t reblog!

tip four: tags

When you shouldn’t tag something: If it’s hate, please don’t tag the fandom in it! It’s fine if you didn’t like a book/movie/show, but fans want to scroll through that tag and see positive posts about it, not hate. Another one is if it’s not relevant; for original posts. It’s great to add a lot of tags to get it out there, but if someone is looking through the math tag, they want help with math and not to see a picture of your cat (however cute he may be).

When you should alway tag things: For people’s blacklist. Things like sexual or violent/disturbing pictures should always be tagged with nsfw. Spoilers should also be tagged! You don’t wanna be the one that tells some one that SPOILER darth vader is luke’s father.

tip five: be kind, always

The internet makes it easy to say things without consequences, but just because you don’t say it to someone’s face doesn’t mean it can’t hurt them. Anon hate, rude comments, and picking fights over trivial things is never okay. Be respectful and kind. The internet already has enough negativity, don’t add to it. 

Not a game anymore

After 10 years of being in the dark, memories of a tragedy rise to the surface of the reader’s mind and she is consumed with grief, anger and vengeance. But why is the monstrous clown awake 17 years before it should be? Questions are in need of answering and the lives of many other children and adults alike are in need of saving. It’s only a matter of time before the reader loses another close friend or worse. But does the reader have the willpower to confront the clown, or will her mind cripple under pressure?

Y o o o here we are everyone, the sequel to Just A Game! I was gonna leave this for at least another week but my fingers itched to get started right away. I hope you’ll enjoy this journey with me!

If you ain’t a clownfucker then w h a t you doing here? For real. I’m not even in the main It movie tags so…



There was a total of 10 boxes of forgotten clothes, possessions and other miscellaneous things that you couldn’t even remember about and in the space of two hours you were working on box number 7. Inside were simple clothes that you must have had when you were last in Derry. Every time you grabbed a shirt or a pair of trousers you would unfold I and hold them up to see if they would fit, keeping the clothes that did in one pile and those that didn’t in another. You grabbed a woolen jumper and shook it open and were surprised to hear a tinker of a small piece of metal fall onto the floor. You frowned and discarded the jumper to the side and searched the floor for the unknown object. You stared for a moment when you finally found it.

Attached to a piece of velvety string tied into a choker was a peculiar bell striped white and black. It was worn and slightly battered, showing it’s age. You grabbed it and froze. You remembered something. Pain. Heartbreak. A friend. You shuddered and dropped the bell again.

“No…” You whispered. It was impossible. You stepped away from the damned bell when everything came back to you. The dare, the dead friend. The pain you had felt 10 years ago flooded your senses and tears had begun to threaten to fall because you had never truly mourned when you’d forgotten. One name now settled in your mind and you hated to think of it. Pennywise. The creature that had both frightened you and fueled your sexual desires but was also the murderer of your friend. Just the thought made you feel warm and angry inside. But no matter how you felt about Pennywise the dancing clown, you’d sworn to never return to Derry, Maine.




And yet it wasn’t long before you found yourself stood in the centre of a very familiar town. Your rational part of your brain wondered why you would ever want to return here after what you had been through but a larger, more hurtful part of your brain gave reason; you needed answers. Why was the clown active so early? Why did he do what he did? And importantly, was there a way to save innocent lives from him? You didn’t want to confront him, to ever see his nasty painted face again but being in the town meant there was a possibility of running into him again.

You had decided to stay with the friend who still lived in Derry just a precaution of the safety of you both. They were confused at first when you contacted them, telling them about your plans to visit and they agreed to let you stay, even if they were a little unsure. Now you were sat in a booth opposite them sipping on coffee and avoiding eye contact with the friend sat opposite you. He eventually reached out and placed his hand upon yours and your eyes flicked up to his face in surprise. He seemed so concerned, his brow furrowed and his eyes wide.

“Hey, are you alright?” He asked softly, causing a shy smile to occupy your lips.

“I’ve had better times.” You admitted. Since you had left Derry, (mf/n) had been the one to keep contact with you after all these years whilst the others had faded away, annoyed with the way you were so distant in opening up to them throughout the ten years. He had now become the one you turned to about everything, no matter the physical distance between you both.

He brushed his thumb over your knuckles comfortingly.

“I’m sorry to hear that. I wanna help you if I can.” He said. You curled your hand round to squeeze his in appreciation.

“You can probably guess that my visit here isn’t just a random spur of the moment.”

Your eyes drifted to the two of yours hands as you spoke.

“I know it isn’t. It’s something to do with the disappearances, isn’t it? They’ve started early.” (Mf/n) pointed out and you nodded, using your other hand to bring your drink to your mouth to sip.

“I don’t know how to explain what’s happening without sounding insane. It’s why the others don’t talk to me anymore.” You muttered quietly.

“You can tell me, whatever it is.” He urged gently. You shifted in your seat again.

“Promise you won’t shut me out and call me crazy?” You asked meekly. He nodded seriously. You sighed gently in defeat. “Alright, I’ll tell you. Just hear me out, no matter what.”

And then you told him about the balloon the first time you arrived back ten years ago, the incident in the sewers, you talked about the times the clown appeared to you in various locations, missing out the details of you sexual activities.

“And then, the final night before I was meant to leave, It came again….(b-bf/n) woke up whilst It was…talking to me and he didn’t like that. It-It grabbed her by the neck and it’s jaw- it dislocated so far his whole face peeled back! And then It-It engulfed her entire head.” Tears had begun to roll down your cheeks as you relived the moment vividly. (Mf/n) stayed silent but he squeezed your hand comfortingly. “I watched her as she thrashed, listened to her muffled screams until she fell silent and her body slumped. And then it took her away.” You finished and sniffled. You friend said nothing but he stood up from the booth and pulled you up for a hug. You sobbed quietly and he rubbed circles across your back, no doubt drawing attention to you both in the diner. It took a long time for you to calm down and by that point a stranger had come over offering a tissue which you took to dab your tearful eyes.

“I believe you. There’s so many bad things happening here that it can’t be coincidence.” (Mf/n) said after you both sat down again. You offered a wobbly smile in appreciation.

“Thank you for believing in me despite it sounding so strange.”

“So…why have you returned here?” He asked cautiously. You breathed a sigh.

“It’s back, earlier than he should be. I wanna be able to help people from going missing, to stop the clown once and for all. Or at least, try to.” You replied firmly and he nodded.

“I will try helping you if I can, even if I can’t remember the clown.”

You smiled and finished your coffee off in large gulps. When both of you were ready to leave, you paid the bill and exited the diner, strolling off down the street. You didn’t notice the red balloon floating nearby as you walked away. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

Over the next few hours, you and (mf/n) researched all about the history of Derry on the internet, a better alternative to the library that you had refused to go near, even with your friend with you. It was easier to use the internet anyway to research. It hadn’t taken even a few clicks and a couple letters being pressed on the keyboard to find useful sources of information going along the timeline of Derry and explaining in full detail about what had happened through history.

However, as you searched in more depth on the subject, you came across a disturbing site known as clown sightings. It was a mixture of videos and photos of different people dressed up as clowns across the country chasing and scaring people everywhere they went; especially at night. It was also known as the “clown epidemic” and for some reason you had missed it being reported on the news the whole time. It was tradition, starting 10 years ago and now every year around Halloween clowns would appear everywhere to terrorise the country.

But as you searched through the sightings in Derry, you made the worst discovery yet; the clown in the silver suit. You knew it was Pennywise right away when the first image showed. He was unsightly tall, his hair a flaming orange and his make up so familiar to you that a shiver crawled down your spine. He had been discovered but it didnt appear as though he cared, even waving at the camera in some of the photos. (Mf/n) noticed your discomfort as you tensed beside him on the sofa where you were sat with your laptop.

“What’s wrong? Do you wanna stop looking at this?” His voice startled you, having you shake your head quickly in response.

“No. I’ll be fine, it’s just…this is him; Pennywise the dancing clown. (Bf/n)’s killer.” You murmured a reply. You watched as your friend’s face turned sour as his eyes cast back to the screen where Pennywise smirked back.

“Fucking dick. I would punch those fucking stupid rabbit teeth down his throat if I ever-” he began to rant but you pressed your finger to his rapidly moving lips to silence him.

“Hush, you know that would never do anything to him. He’s not human.” You reminded him. He sighed quietly, the annoyance burning in his eyes.

“I know. But he’s got the sort of face you wanna punch.”

Despite your everlasting ache within your body, you laughed at his comment and your attention left the laptop completely.

“You’re so weird.” You giggled and (mf/n) smiled goofily. It felt good to be in such company again, you thought. However, as the two of you laughed and joked with each other, your attention away from the laptop, you both missed the way the photo of Pennywise smiling transformed, his smile forming into a frown and his grip on the balloon string tightening. He was watching, always.


Here we go fam we got the first chapter of my sequel to Just A Game! Hope you all like this haha as always let me know if you wanna be tagged.

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request:  Omg 5!

hello loves! so no, this is not part two to ‘Dust’, and i know that you all have been waiting patiently, so i will be posting part two next time. i haven’t had a ton of inspiration for it, because i always saw it as just one part, but i want to give you guys what you want, so it’ll be out next! this one is a little heavy, and not usually something i would right, but having dealt with this myself, i feel comfortable enough writing about it and sharing it with you guys. anyways, keep sending in requests! i hope you enjoy!

trigger warning: mentions of anorexia so viewer discretion is advised

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anonymous asked:

I don't mean this in a rude way or anything but I was just wondering when you post fantaken photos, why don't you link the fansites? I know you still keep their logo in the photo, but I see a lot of other blogs link so I was just asking.

No No, you are not rude THANK YOU SO MUCH. It helped me.

So when I make photosets, most of them come from different places. Usually, it’s more than 4 fansites per set and adding in the descriptions the names of the fansite alone will still be confusing. But there is a Tumblr option that allows you to add links or descriptions to photos. BUT it seems that I am the only one who sees them ???? (after receiving your ask I sent my post to my friend to make sure). This is how it appears to me:

But now I corrected it (Click on the ‘X’ to find the original post or click the name of the fansite to be redirected to their page)

As for the ones who come from the same post you just click on the source and get redirected to the fansite asap.

If you think a post is not well credited it’s probably that I just forgot to add the source as I work super fast. It will be soooo much appreciated if you send me an ask telling me or a DM will be even better. Thank you so much for helping me learn. I appreciate it. 

My other favorite funny bit from Naomi Alderman’s freewheeling interview with that “mess of a mind” Dan Stevens–

Dan: “I was just on TV doing Good Morning Britain…when live on the air Susanna Reid says ‘so did you have to beat off a lot of American men to get the role?….’

And I lost it, I actually lost it on air. I tried to answer…and I just couldn’t.
…I should have said Yes, seventeen…

Naomi: "You should have said, But it’s no chore Susanna…”
Dan: “Yeah…it’s all in a day’s work!”

(Dan later bought and sent flowers to Susanna Reid who honestly had no idea what she was saying…) sweet man that he is…

The Happy Reader, Winter 2014, penguin Penguin, p 11.

Want to download the highest quality version of an Instagram photo? View the page source on desktop and find the line titled "og:image"

Instagram tries to make it difficult to save photos outside of the app, but there’s a pretty easy workaround.

Let’s say you want to save this image to your desktop:

Load it in it’s own browser tab (I’m using Google Chrome), right click and select “View Page Source” (Ctrl+U):

Then in the page source search for “og:image”. That URL links to the raw file. Copy and paste that image URL into a new tab and do with it as you wish!