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Do you have a thing for a certain white hedgehog with awesome telekinetic abilities? Tired of constantly having to hear people whine and underappreciate him?

Network Silver is here to bring fellow Silver fans from the Sonic fandom into a nice welcoming community where we can all bond and cry over our favourite naive little hedgehog.

This Network aims to bring fellow Silver fans together, and encourages us to connect with and form new bonds.

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Babies' Birthdays (Jungkook)

And last but certainly not least, to finish off the series as he always does is our beloved golden maknae, the second half of the Busan line, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • Reading any of the posts I linked above isn’t required, you can easily read this without it but if you want more details and back story etc. you can read them !!
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!kookie post, he has two lil bbys, they’re twins, a boy and a girl who are his lil darlings
  • They’re mischievous lil bbys who love playing around with him
  • Like there’s this one time that Jin explains that some twins look identical and you can practically see the lil light bulb going off in their heads and they just look at each other with this look
  • The next day, they both put on one of kook’s shirts and run downstairs to see him
  • “Bet you can’t guess which one of us is which!!”
  • Kookie doesn’t have the heart to tell them that it’s pretty easy to tell them apart since they’re not the same gender, have different hair lengths, different voices so he plays along and is like oh no how will I ever know
  • They’re giggling and they’re both so so proud of themselves like haha we tricked you we got you that’s for giving us normal milk when we have plenty of chocolate milk in the fridge
  • He just starts laughing bc he can’t help it, they’re just too cute he’s gotta hug them and kisses their cute lil faces
  • They do share the same birthday since they’re twins but he still greets both of them individually
  • He wakes up bby boy first bc he’s easier to get up but he also takes longer like he’ll be awake but he needs some time to actually sit up and be ready to go
  • She’s the opposite of him, she takes a while to get awake but once she’s up, she’s up
  • So kookie always wakes bby boy up first so that by the time bby girl is up, he’s ready to start his day
  • They would lo v e pancakes but they'd love them even more if they were in a shape, sometimes they want a heart, sometimes a flower bc then they can cut the “petals” off one by one and snack on it instead of having to eat it with utensils
  • It isn’t rare for him to do that when he makes pancakes, he either makes them a flower or makes really small pancakes so they can carry it around and eat as they please  
  • He loves seeing them waddling around in his shirts with their lil pancake in hand, babbling to each other and just chilling like that sight is honestly so adorable bc they’re so smol and precious and his lil bbys
  • They’re both pretty chill kids and would rather just spend their birthdays with their family (which includes the boys)
  • They don’t really care too much about what they’re doing bc they know that the boys will make it fun no matter what and they’re also just really open to trying new things
  • For their first birthday, kookie takes them to a butterfly garden
  • They’re both easily fascinated bc they’re still in that learning phase so they’re immediately watching all of the butterflies
  • He lets them walk around with him close behind just in case one of them falls or stumbles or anything like that
  • They don’t know whether they should focus on the butterflies or the flowers bc they’re all so pretty
  • Kookie takes a few pictures of them for memory’s sake and he even gets them to pose for him which is absolutely adorable bc bby boy just does this really wide smile and hugs bby girl while she uses the lessons tae taught her and gives a lil peace sign and a huge smile and it’s just all really really fucking cute
  • When they get home that day, they tell kook they wanna start a garden so the next day he goes out and buys them those lil gardening kits and turns out, bbys are actually really good about watering them and keeping an eye on them
  • For their second birthday, they get to paint
  • Kookie plans out this lil party and buys a bunch of things for the kids to paint, like wooden butterflies, lil boxes, the first letter of their name etc.
  • He invites the family over and all of the kids get to paint while the adults relax and help them and just chill
  • He sets everything up in the backyard with the help of Jimin and Jin and he gets this long ass table all set up (it has to fit all of the kids plus some adults maybe and with seven boys that all have children, that’s a lot of room) with something covering it, maybe some newspaper or like a table cloth he can just wash afterwards bc everybody knows that this is gonna be a messy day
  • Not even two minutes in and bby girl already has paint down her arm, bby boy’s got a paint streak on his hand and his cheek and they’ve both gotten paint on the shirts kook had given them
  • He’d grab some o l d shirts of his that he never wore and let them borrow it bc he knew if he dressed them up in something cute, they’d just get paint all over it and now, watching the paint dry onto his old shirt, he’s v v glad he didn’t put them in anything expensive
  • Bby girl’s hair is getting in her voice so Yoongi braids it back for her out of instinct bc he’s got a lil girl too and he’s kinda just used to always having a way to get the bangs out of the way
  • Kookie kinda just sits there and is like ?? bc whoa wait that’s my bby and when no one’s looking he goes over and takes the braid out so he can redo it
  • She doesn’t really care who does the braid as long as everyone’s gentle with the bby’s hair but kook gets all smiley and kisses her lil cheek
  • For their third birthday, they choose to go to a museum
  • They love dinosaurs with all of their lil hearts, they could watch dino movies and shows and documentaries all day long, even if they don't know what half of the words mean
  • Neither of them know what an archeologist is but they think it has something to do with dinosaurs 
  • “Maybe it’s another word for t-rex”
  • “You’re probably right good thinking”
  • Which is why kookie is really confused when they run up to him and tell him they wanna be t-rexes when they grow up, he’s not fully sure how he should respond to that like does he let them know they’re human and there’s not really much chance of that or does he let it slide
  • When they walk in, they go straight for the dinosaur exhibit, that’s all they want, it’s what they came for but kookie does convince to look at the other things too
  • They get a reality check of how big dinosaurs actually were and their minds are blown like they both just stare up at it and kook has to try really hard not to laugh bc they just look so confused but fascinated
  • “Do you think when we grow up, we’ll be that tall??”
  • “Probably I mean dad’s pretty tall”
  • Kook is literally having to hide his face in his hands bc he doesn’t want to disturb all of the other people in the room by just full on rolling around on the floor laughing but he can’t help but giggle a bit bc they’re both so serious about it, they literally think they’re gonna be just as tall as the dinosaur bc kook’s “pretty tall”
  • “You two are honestly the most precious things in the world oh my god I love you”

Greetings beautifuls~

Let me introduce you to the working project  of REAL DRAMA!! REAL ACTION!! REAL METTATON!! (also a working title) This is a collaborative artbook of images dedicated to the one and only me, METTATON! Aw, what the heck, darling, bring all the fans along too.

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This is a panel approved process! What does this mean? We will be judging applicants based on quality of work what combination of content will be the best for the final product. As of this post, we are only going to be selecting 25 artists (collaborations are fine and count for 1 entry) but this number may change uh.. depending on the scale of applicants. 

Also note that this is a NON PROFIT project and you WILL NOT be compensated, however, you will retain the rights to your final image(s)!

Again PLEASE read all the rules in the links provided!

Baby's Birthday (Yoongi)

And now it is time for my spirit animal, one half of the Daegu line, the squishiest lil marshmallow that just looks so cuddly and reminds me of a lil kitty, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka August D

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • Reading any of the other father posts isn’t required, you can easily read this without it but if you want more details and back story, etc. you can read them !!
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!yoongi post, he has one lil daughter who gets the same gummy smile and the same eye smile and it’s really fucking cute
  • Like sometimes he’ll just smile at her randomly bc then she’ll smile back and he has to hold back a scream bc of the cuteness
  • If he’s wearing a scarf she’s gonna be really disappointed if she doesn’t get one too bc she wants to match with him
  • She won’t throw a tantrum over it but she will be a bit pouty
  • Yoongi’s trying really really hard not to giggle bc she’s just so damn cute walking around with her lil pout bc she didn’t get her lil scarf
  • He ends up giving her his scarf bc bby Min gets what she wants bc Yoongi can’t say no to his bby girl his princess his sunshine
  • He knows his bby well enough to know when she wants something, she doesn’t even need to say anything
  • He just knows from that lil pout and the way she keeps looking up at his scarf that she’s a bit upset she doesn’t get to match with her father
  • He ends up picking her up and throwing the end of his scarf over her shoulders
  • “I don’t want your precious lil bby neck to get cold my bby can’t be cold”
  • She’s literally s o happy in that moment bc not only does she get to SHARE the scarf with him (which is even better than matching) but she also gets to cozy up to him and be carried around and be shielded from the cold bc when he says his bby can’t be cold he means it
  • He tucks her underneath his jacket and makes sure her gloves are on right bc sometimes she gets two of her fingers stuck in one thing
  • He puts his chin on top of her head so that’s all tucked into him and it’s really really cute bc here’s the same man that was all “nah I’m not gonna be as whipped as you guys I’ll still be chill after she’s born”
  • Okay so real quick I have a head canon
  • He turns the spare room into a mini studio like he brings over his work computer/laptop and he sets up a lil desk and keeps everything he needs to create music in that room
  • That way he can be with his bby girl during the day and then when she takes a nap or goes to sleep for the night, he can work if he hasn’t fallen asleep with her
  • There are some days where he can’t resist taking a lil nap with her bc she insists he cuddle her while she falls asleep and sometimes he just doesn’t wanna get up bc she’s so smol and comfy
  • She always uses his arm or his chest or sometimes even his stomach as a pillow so it’s can be tricky to get up without waking her but when he can sneak away without disturbing the princess’s sleep, he goes into his lil studios and works on his songs but he always makes sure to leave the door open just a crack
  • Bc once she wakes up, she waddles her way into his studio, dragging her blanket and her teddy bear behind her with her messy bed hair and sleepy eyes
  • Depending on how much sleep she’s gotten, she’ll either curl up on the bed he has in that room that he definitely didn’t put in there just for her what no of course not and continue sleeping or she’ll draw or color quietly
  • Like she doesn’t run around the room and scream like she does when she’s outside of the room, she just knows that the studio is a quiet place for yoon to do his work and she wants to spend time with him and just chill
  • Her birthdays are v v important to him
  • He’ll take a break from whatever song he’s working on, he’ll take the day off completely and totally and just devote all of his attention onto her bc this is his bby girl’s day
  • She only gets one birthday a year so he has to be with her on it and it has to be a special day
  • He doesn’t seem to be one for parties, like he’ll go to one if he knows people he knows are going but he prefers spending his nights in, especially after he has bby girl
  • Once she’s born, parties aren’t even on his radar bc he ends up missing her after 0.2 seconds of not being near her
  • So he doesn’t really wanna throw a huge party but he does invite over the families and the boys and people who are close to him and her
  • One of Tae’s sons is being all cute with her and hugging her and wishing her a happy birthday and Yoongi is just !!!
  • “They’re literally two, dating isn’t even there vocabulary, he’s just being friendly and saying happy birthday”
  • Her first birthday is spent in Daegu
  • He tours her around his hometown and makes sure to take a million pictures bc I have this head canon that if you go onto father!yoongi’s camera roll, it’s nothing but her and you 
  • He gets this one picture of her wearing his sunglasses and they’re ten times too big for her and he makes it his wallpaper on literally everything, his phone, his tablet, his computer, his personal laptop, your phone too
  • He loves it so so much bc it’s his hometown and his bby girl combined how could he not love it with all of his lil heart
  • For her second birthday, he takes her to this lil garden place
  • She lo v es anything with flowers, she loves smelling them and touching the petals and seeing all of the different colors and shapes they come in
  • So he takes her to like a botanical garden so she can look at all of the plants and trees and of course flowers
  • The entire time, she has this look of wonder on her face and he’s so :D bc she’s so content in that moment
  • The lil breeze ruffling her tiny pigtails, her smol jacket keeping her warm, her eyes looking at everything she can as quickly as she can bc she doesn’t wanna miss anything, it’s all priceless to him
  • She can walk at that point so she’s waddling around the garden for a good chunk of their time there but in the beginning she’s a bit nervous bc she’s in a new place so she has Yoongi carry her for a bit until her curiosity gets the best of her and she gets the courage to walk on her own
  • He gives her one of those lil kid cameras and he has his more professional one so they both take pictures, she chooses to focus on the scenery but he’s only taking pictures of her
  • The entire time he’s carrying her back to the car, she’s telling him about everything she saw in her half awake half asleep state so her words are slurring and half of it doesn’t even make any sense but he still nods along to it
  • For her third birthday, he takes her to an arcade
  • She’s giggling the entire day bc there are so many games so many toys so many prizes !!!!
  • She likes working up to things so the idea of having to win tickets to get the prize is really appealing to her so she gets right to it
  • He helps her win most of them but he stays hush about that bc the look of accomplishment when “she” wins a bunch of tickets is too cute
  • Like he’s the one that’s actually getting the ball into the hoop and pressing all of the buttons but he’s still like oh my god you did it you’re amazing kid I should give you a sticker after this bc you’re that awesome at this
  • She does get her sticker btw he puts it on her forehead at first and she’s laughing about it for like an hour bc “that’s not where stickers go you silly goose!!!”
  • Together they earn enough tickets for a bunch of lil things and she’s so so happy with her loot
  • Like she runs over to the other kids and shows them and they all show each other what “they” (the boys did most of the work but they aren’t about to tell their bbys that) won for themselves
  • Every year, he always ends up carrying her back to the car bc she ends up way too tired to even walk but it’s such a sweet moment
  • “I love you a lot”
  • “I know bby I love you too”
  • “You’re like the best dad ever”
  • His heart melts bc he’s just so happy she’s happy that’s all he wants is to see her lil smile and hear her laugh and he got to do that all day and it’s just a really really good day
Babies' Birthdays (Taehyung)

And now it is time for the second half of the Daegu line, my love, my bby squish with the cutest lil giggle that just fits him so well bc it’s deep but it’s still a giggle, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • All of the father related posts are here  
  • Reading any of the posts I linked above isn’t required, you can easily read this without it but if you want more details and back story etc. you can read them !!
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!tae post, he has four kids
  • He has two lil boys and two lil girls, the oldest is one of his boys then it’s the girls who are twins and then it’s bby boy maknae
  • They are all his loves his angels his precious lil teddy bears that he just wants to cuddle all day long
  • His favorite days are when all of the kids squeeze into your bed and everyone just snuggles with each other and everyone’s :D
  • Someone’s foot is in someone else’s face and someone’s hand is pushing at someone else’s back but everyone’s giggling and warm and so so happy to just be together as a family
  • He loves them s o much and they love him just as much like everyone loves everyone with all of their lil tiny bby hearts
  • Like bby #3 likes to check up on everyone a few times a day, like she just makes sure everyone (including you and tae) has water and is fed and doesn’t need any emergency cuddles bc she can help with that if you do
  • Bby #4 likes to hug everything, his siblings, his parents, his uncles, his teddy bears, pillows blankets a cup anything
  • He can often be found in tae’s arms, just chilling out and hugging his father and his lil feet are swinging back and forth and he’s just s o content
  • He doesn’t even need tae to be focused on him, tae can be talking to other people, playing on his phone, watching a show, eating anything he wants as long as lil maknae gets to chill out on his chest, maybe his shoulder
  • Their birthdays are super important to tae
  • He wants to throw each and every one of them their own party, he wants to invite all of the family, he wants it to be a memorable day even though he understands it’s a bit unlikely they’ll remember their first birthday when they’re teenagers
  • Each of them get their own party with their own cake and their own theme depending on what they want
  • If they wanna go to a park, that’s what they go, if they wanna stay home, that’s what they do, it’s all up to them once they’re old enough to make the choice
  • Bby #1’s birthday is spent at an arcade
  • Bby #1 l o v e s games, he loves video games, he loves board games, card games, phone games
  • So it’s zero surprise to anyone that he chooses to go to this huge arcade
  • He doesn’t even really care about the tickets, he’s just there for the games tbh but once he’s reminded that there are possible prizes, he starts working on earning tickets
  • He leads tae all around the arcade and plays literally all of the games
  • He’s a bit too smol to reach some of the stuff which is where tae comes in, he lifts him up and holds him so he can play
  • He’s pretty used to having a child in his arms 25/8 bc he’s got four bbys one of them is always wanting to be held so thankfully his arms don’t get all that tired
  • Plus hearing his bby boy’s giggles and seeing his face light up as he plays and seeing the infamous square grin smiling up at him as he waves his tickets around is so worth any chance of sore arms
  • So here’s the thing
  • Bby #2 is leaning more towards an actual party but bby #3 kinda just wants to chill and have fun with her family instead of having an actual party
  • They share the same birthday so he has no idea what to do but then he gets this great idea when he’s lounging on the couch watching cartoons with them
  • They love anything animated, a kids show, an anime, a movie, anything
  • So he gets this idea to combine their ideas and invite all of the boys and the families over for a cartoon themed party
  • Everyone has to dress up, even the adults, as their favorite cartoon character, they get an extra big slice of cake if they act like their character too
  • Both of the girls are so happy with their lil party and they get to dress up and cuddle with tae and eat lots of cake and get presents like they’re just so :D all day long
  • Bby #3 chills out on Jin’s lap and they’re all cuddly but tae gets a bit jealous bc that’s his bby girl that’s his munchkin she should be cuddling him especially when his left side, which is normally where she goes, is completely empty and is getting a bit cold
  • He whines at her until she cuddles him bc not only does it get her all giggly, it also works 10/10 never fails
  • She’s back in his arms before he knows it, right where she should be
  • Bby #4 wants a party at the park
  • More specifically he wants to feed all of the lil ducks and he wants to go on the swings, that’s literally it
  • He could do it whenever really bc if he asked tae to go the park, he wouldn’t get a no but he just wants to go and see his lil duck friends
  • Some of his friends are invited, the boys bring along the puppies so the kids can run around with them bc then at the end of the day, both the children and the pups will be exhausted and the parents can sleep so it’s a pretty nice plan
  • Maknae races straight for the pond with a giggling tae not too far behind him bc “wait wait let me finish put your jacket on first baby bear”
  • He’s right behind him as he’s feeding the ducks with his hands on his lil bby’s waist bc he doesn’t want him to try to go into the pond and accidentally fall in or anything like that
  • He somehow ends up being the one that holds the food ?? like when did that happen when they first got there bby was agreeing that he’d be the one to hold it and now tae has somehow become the holder but he isn’t mad about it
  • Bc his lil maknae his tiniest bby is just so so giggly throwing the bread into the water and quacking at the ducks especially the bby ducks
  • He sees a line of bby ducks following their parent around and he lets out this itty bitty squeal and points at them
  • “Look look daddy it’s us!!”
  • Tae’s heart literally melts and fun fact that’s the reason he always calls his kids his lil ducklings
  • “Yeah lil bear, that’s us”

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MAC USERS (and possibly other computers) LISTEN HERE!!!

Okay, so here’s the link to view the Hakuouki: Premium Edition app for iPhones and iPads on the iTunes website. 


NOTE THAT THE APP COSTS $27.99 (USD). Be prepared to spend some money. You may also have to pay for additional chapters and/or new story content for each of the boys. Also the rating is 12+, so please inform anyone that you can that this game is definitely NOT suited for 12-yr-olds (it should be 18+).

  • STEP ONE: Once you get to the site from the link above, click the blue button under the app logo that says “View on iTunes”. In order for this to work, your MAC has to already have the the iTunes app on its dock. If you don’t own a MAC, it’s still possible to have this widget (but make sure you have it on your computer beforehand).
  • STEP TWO: You’re going to get a pop-up that says the app isn’t available in your store, but it’ll ask you if you want to change stores. Hit OK, then iTunes will open up to the app’s page.
  • STEP THREE: Once you’re ready to purchase this game, click the “buy” button, and iTunes will ask you for your Apple ID and password. From then on and after agreeing to all of the terms&conditions, the app should start downloading to your computer, which you’ll be able to sync into your iPhone or iPad once it’s on your computer.

As of now, I don’t have the money to spend on this app, so I can’t purchase it yet. But PLEASE let me know if this works out for you guys! If it does work, just tell me how the process works out so I can update this post. You can even list some complications if you experienced any, and I’ll jot it down as well.

If all is well, then have fun with this game!


Okay, so your original Apple ID might not work if it’s from the US store. Just create a new iTunes account from the Japanese and other eastern stores. I’ve even heard that Latin American accounts will work as well.

Hope this works for you guys!

Babies' Birthdays (Namjoon)

And now it is time for my lowkey spirit animal, an amazing leader who loves his group so so much and loves the army just as much, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • Reading any of the other posts isn’t required, you can easily read this without it but if you want more details and back story etc. you can read them !!
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!joon post, he has two lil bbys
  • A daughter and a son, the son is just a couple years younger than the daughter
  • They’re his lil buddies, they’re honestly his best friends
  • He could spend every single moment with them and be completely and totally happy bc they’re just his favorite people ever
  • They love him just as much of course bc he would be su c h an amazing father like I honestly need a video of Namjoon with bbys maybe some puppies maybe some kittens
  • Just bc they’re all so smol and he’s not smol physically he’s like really tall and broad and he’s got big hands that would look huge next to a tiny bby’s I want it  
  • His bbys are honestly the cutest lil bubs in the entire world to him
  • Like you know that clip where Jimin is playing the yellow card and Namjoon loses his shit bc it’s so fucking adorable and he’s just sitting there giggling over it that is 100% joon anytime his kids do anything
  • Like they love running up to greet him when he gets home and they’re both in the pajamas and their hair’s messed up from running down the stairs to see him and they both let out a “daddy!!!”
  • They do it every single day he has to work and yet it never gets old to him, every time they do it, he always turns :D and once he’s gotten them all tucked into bed and happy and cozy, he tells you about it
  • “They were so cute oh my god they ran up to me and they both wanted a hug and they were both so giggly oh my g o d I wanna kiss their cute lil faces”
  • “They do it literally every day”
  • “And it onLY GETS CUTER”
  • Their birthdays are s o important to him
  • He would write them goofy lil songs, like remember when he made a song for their 1000 days thing and he’s just goofing off and being silly and cute and funny
  • Those are the types of songs he would write for them bc there’s nothing he loves more than seeing them giggling away with dimples on full display
  • He does write them a serious song too though, once they’re old enough to know more words than just the basics and can actually somewhat understand what he means bc he’s writing it for them and he wants them to understand how much he loves them (which they do everyone can see these bbys are his everything)
  • Once they’re old enough, he lets them decide what they wanna do for their birthday
  • Do they wanna throw a party for it do they wanna go somewhere special do they wanna travel to a different city ?? Do they wanna make it a thing or do they wanna just chill at home and watch SpongeBob it’s all up to them
  • They do take different approaches to their birthdays
  • As I mentioned in father!joon part 2, lil princess is more outgoing than lil prince, who’s actually a bit shy tbh
  • She wants a party, she wants her friends and her family (which of course includes the boys and their families) to be there, she wants there to be music and dancing and everyone should have fun at her party
  • For her birthday, they throw a party at a local beach bc that’s where lil princess decides she wants to go
  • She lo v e s the beach, she loves playing with the sand, she loves doing that thing where you stand right on the shore line and try to run away from the waves as they come in, she could do that shit all day long and not get bored
  • She uses one of Namjoon’s shirts as a cover up bc she did wear a bathing suit just bc they were gonna be playing in the water a lot and it’s honestly the most adorable thing ever
  • She’s waddling around with his shirt dragging on the sand around her and she’s just so so content
  • She gets joon to play in the water with her and they’re both running away from the waves and literally everyone is laughing and giggling and having so much fun
  • Like the people that are eating or don’t wanna get in the water are just sitting back and talking and the people that are cool with being in the water are all splashing around
  • Lil princess is :D which means Namjoon is :D which is super fucking cute bc they both have the same smiles and it’s just dimple city
  • Lil prince on the other hand is more shy and kinda just wants to chill and hang out with the people he loves and feels comfortable around
  • Everyone comes over to the house and they have a family lunch together bc lil prince loves just being with his family that’s his favorite he loves all of the boys and their kids and their spouses so it’s just really fun
  • They all hang out in the backyard of the house and everyone’s being goofy
  • Like the boys bring out some instruments and start playing as horribly as they can, like kookie brings out a guitar and lets lil prince strum his heart away and is just like oh my god you’re gonna be a rock star someday
  • Like they’re playing around as if the music they’re making is really really good even though the guitar isn’t even tuned and none of them are playing actual chords but it just makes the kids laugh even more
  • And they get Namjoon to “sing” for them, here’s the thing joon can sing when he tries to but he can also really not sing when he tries to
  • We’ve all heard the difference between him joking around versus actually singing but the kids are still giggling from kookie strumming randomly at the guitar so joon keeps the mood going
  • Lil prince is literally on the floor giggling away bc hobi and jimin decide to dance around to the music but they dance really seriously like chim busts out some of those contemporary moves and hobi’s doing his lil pop dance
  • Even though they don’t go anywhere new and it’s a really chill party everyone has so much fun??
  • Both of the parties have everyone nonstop giggling and everyone’s just happy especially the bbys, which was all Namjoon wanted
Baby's Birthday (Jimin)

And now it is time for half of the Busan line, an actual angel with a giggle that could make someone’s heart do the thing and eyes that are honestly so fucking cute, Park Jimin aka chim

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • Reading any of the posts I linked above isn’t required, you can easily read this without it but if you want more details and back story etc. you can read them !!
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Jimin post, he has one lil daughter, his everything
  • She is his world like I have this head canon that when Jimin loves someone he l o v e s them and that isn’t strictly a romantic thing like he just seems like someone who sticks by his loved ones no matter what
  • And his daughter, his smol child, is definitely not an exception to that at all, he literally turn heart eyes just talking about her
  • His favorite sentence to say is “this is my daughter” bc he’s honestly so proud of everything she does
  • Like literally everything
  • The first time she opens a door by herself he’s cheering her on
  • The first time she figures out how to use a fork, he’s in the background applauding
  • The first time she’s able to fully lift her head up off the floor he’s ready to throw her a party
  • Like literally, he’s calling all of the boys to tell them about it in full detail and all of the boys that have kids are just getting those fond memories of when they screamed when their bby first lifted their heads
  • She’s his favorite person ever, he could easily spend every second of his day just holding her and listening to her coo bc she can’t talk yet but she’s still communicating with him and he finds that really fucking precious
  • He also coos back at her and the two of them sit there babbling at each other, he has no idea what she’s saying but she’s giggling and smiling so it doesn’t matter too much
  • Her birthday is s o important to him
  • Like he could never forget the day she was born but just in case he doesn’t pay attention to the date, he sets up about 5 different reminders on the days leading up to it
  • He’s actually a bit nervous leading up to her first birthday
  • He just wants it to be perfect for her bc this is her first birthday, even though she technically won’t remember it, he wants it to be something memorable for everyone else
  • He doesn’t wanna throw a huge party bc he doesn’t want her to get scared of all of the people being around her but he also just wants to cuddle her all day long
  • He’s really tempted to just snuggle in bed with her and you all day and maybe feed her some cake and just give her lots of love but he does invite everyone over for a lil dinner
  • He dresses her up in this really really cute dress and he gives her a lil headband and she just looks so adorable he wants to scream
  • She gets chocolate all over her face and hands and even on her foot?? Like when and how did she get it on her foot no one knows but everyone’s :D over it
  • She doesn’t fully know what’s happening bc she still doesn't really know what a birthday is, she just knows everyone is giving her hugs and kisses and presents and CAKE and she’s loving every second
  • For her second birthday, he decides to take her to this really cute ice cream shop and just walk around as a family, just you three
  • At that point she’s walking so she can walk besides him and honestly that sight may be one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen besides the look Jimin gives her whenever she smiles at him
  • She’s s o smol and she’s in the lil bby jeans and a tiny bby coat and lil bby boots and she’s holding his hand and eating her ice cream
  • And she’s just looking around at everything bc even though she’d been through this area a million times, she still loves seeing it
  • You stop by the park as you’re walking bc why not
  • Jimin rents one of those bikes that has the lil bench on the front of it and then the people pedal and the lil kids can sit on the bench and just look around
  • He bikes her all around the park and she keeps turning around and pointing at things he needs to look at like “daddy look there’s a bird”
  • “Look look oh my god it’s a fluffy squirrel”
  • “There’s a cloud up there and it looks like a cotton ball”
  • For her third birthday, he takes her to Busan
  • Her birthday’s on a Saturday that year but they spent the entire weekend there, from Friday to Sunday
  • He spends it at his family home so she gets to chill out with her grandparents and his brother and just all of the family that’s in Busan
  • He’s so :D walking around Busan with her and his parents bc this is home town and he’s so happy that she loves it so much
  • It’s more of a dragged out celebration than just a one day thing
  • Like her actual birthday is still celebrated, she gets the song and the cake and the presents and all of that but the other days are also really fun
  • Like he shows her all of the spots he used to go to as a kid and definitely takes her to the beach at some point
  • It’s a lil daddy daughter moment actually, just the two of them on the beach on Friday
  • They walk around finding shells and he tells her stories of the memories he has with that beach, how he used to build sand castles all the time
  • On her actual birthday, he smothers her in kisses and so many hugs that he actually loses count of how many times he randomly picks her up and hugs her super tight to his chest bc “my bby I love you so much you’re my angel”
  • She giggles every single time and lets him bc she loves his hugs just as much as he loves hugging her it works out great for both of them it’s a win win situation
  • She’s so smiley the entire weekend and so is he and just everyone is smiling so much their cheeks hurt, it’s a great birthday weekend

We’ve spent the last week and a half rereading this fantastic series, loving it even more than we did the first time, and theorising insanely.

books-and-cookies, thebookhangover and I found some really interesting details and hints at future plot that we originally missed because we didn’t marathon-read when HoF came out. So the result of the past week is A Google Doc of most of the potential plot/theories we think will happen. Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS FOR ALL THE BOOKS RELEASED, including TAB, if you click on that link. Seriously, if you have not finished Heir of Fire, you will be spoiled. 

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