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Title: The Unrequited Love of Ladybug and Black Cat

Artist:  トム子@小宇宙燃焼中

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Title:  The Rain

Artist:   風眠

Texit in picture:

In the rain

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Guess what I just finished guys?? Yup, Akuma no Riddle. I don’t even know what to say. I went on a serious feels trip with this one. Cried a couple times. Overall I really enjoyed it, though I don’t think I was thrilled with the ending. I would def recommend it tho! Lots of yuri undertones. Lots of attractive, badass girls. (Sorry I couldn’t fit all the assassins in this post /: if you wanna see the couple that are missing click on the source link!)

Source–カゴ‐たん [pixiv]

“Confession” The reunion

【告白】再会カル愛 by りんたろう

part 2 of [this]  Like I said before, the artist doesn’t want her art to be reproduced, so I will respect her wish. You can click on the link to see her art from pixiv.

pg 1

Rintarou: This time, I will paint you a story about our heart broken Karma from two years later in the future.

pg 2

K: It’s about time for lunch.  

say, It’s been two years since that time.  

I’m quite glad that my job was interesting enough to take it seriously, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to get that memory off my mind.  

here, you slipped this.  

O: thank you very much….

pg 3

K: Okuda!?

O: Ah, Karma!

Could it be that your workplace is around here?

What a surprise.

K: no no, what do you mean by around here?

O: Recently, I was relocated to work here. To think that I run into you again in the same country is such a coincident.

K: you didn’t tell me anything about this.

O: sorry~ I forgot.  

But you know, I’m really happy that you’re here. I’m so helpless, I haven’t made any friend yet.

O: it would be great if our lunch time suit our schedule.

K: Okuda-san

pg 4

K: I still haven’t forget that day. you rejected me.  (enough, let’s just clear this doubt between us)

Please understand that I don’t have any ill intention toward you, but at this point, I don’t have those kind of time on my hand anymore.

O: ? but I didn’t reject your work offer.

I really didn’t.

K: nononononononno. (then what the hell was that “now way” back then)

(Could it be !?  She couldn’t tell that my proposal to her!?)

(that’s exactly it!!)

O: but I..

pg 5

O: It’s also because I like you. (TN:no, not romantically but as an admiration)

That time at the airport,  I was really happy.  

And from my circumstances at that same time, I came to learn something about my doubt.  

If I were compare myself to you, would I be able to walk in your shoes. I wondered if I even have what would it take to have the confidence to stand by you.

I thought I would just be in your way that’s why I didn’t hold back my answer.

In those days when I first started working, my feeling was a little disheartened I couldn’t put anything into word properly.  

That’s why my answer to you…..  this feeling/sentiment of mine was un needed for that moment.  

pg 6

O: but hear me out on this.

My feeling for karma-kun isn’t the same as those days anymore.

I’ve changed in these past two years.  

All these experiences I’ve gained are the hard work I put in. I feel like I have confidence in myself more than ever now.

That’s why, one more time, I fell in love with you as I am to my work.  Let’s do our best.

This is my confession to you this time.

pg 7

O: from now on let’s eat lunch together again.  

Ah!! I just realize that I don’t have much time anymore , so I’m going to leave the food aside.

K: that’s ok I’ll take it.

O: Thank you very much. This time will be my treat then.  Contact me again sometime!

K: (WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT.   You’re telling me after all that she didn’t get the point, I don’t get her at all. It’s way too damn late.)

pg 8

K:(But right now, I feel really happy.)

(I thought I can finally break though this doubt but nothing has changed at all!!)

 (TN: In another word, he want to unbound himself from that moment at the airport in part 1, well that ended in a failure just now)  

Waitress: Um… customer..

K: I’m OK.

(carelessly making confession to me like as if I’m her co-worker)

(Can someone like her be that slow?)  

(This taste horrible) Receipt please.  

side Kanji: All because of work…

pg 10

O: Why did I….   ohh did I really said that.

(TN: man this one was really challenging to translate at my level, I had trouble with a few grammar here and there but I tried my best to convey the artist’s feeling in full words. So, if any translator spot anything missing, feel free to contact me :)  


Title: One Punch Man doodle

Artist:  昌夜

Permission was granted by the artist to repost this work. Please do not redistribute or edit without artist’s permission. If you like this work, please click the link and rate/bookmark/comment to support the artist. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚

Bloody Moimoi Bus released one of her doujinshis IN FULL on pixiv:

Click on the following links to read the whole story:
Part 1 | Part 2 (I didn’t upload all the pages on tumblr deliberately, please support the artist and visit the original source!  She’s letting us read her doujinshi for free and really it’s the least we can do)

This fandom is so generous (Himaruya especially, he practically SPOILS us with fan service) I love it so much.

I hope to translate it some day after I clear up my to do list. :)

mmarycontrary  asked:

Are you on pixiv? Because if so, great, cute! If not, it looks like someone has reposted =( member(.)php?id=20933763

Thank you so, so much for checking in with me! :D No worries, that’s my pixiv! No art theft there ^ ^

It really means a lot to me that you’re looking out for me, thank you so much! ;A; So don’t think this is me being annoyed, not at all, but just to clarify for future reference so there’s no confusion:

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All of these links point to each other! That’s how you can tell it’s actually me and not an imposter ^ ^ These are my only current art blogs, and the only places that should have my art at the moment. Everything else is likely art theft.

I do not have an art facebook, but I do have an abandoned cosplay facebook page with the same name that I use to occasionally ask people to take down my stolen art ^ ^;

But please, if you’re ever uncertain it never hurts to ask! So thank you so much once again! m(_ _)m

Artist: はる (pixiv) |  静本はる●レディバグはまりすぎ病 (twitter)

Source: Pixiv  |  Twitter

If there was Egyptian Ladybug, why not Japanese Ladybug? :3

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Just decided to make a comic and also add some links for artists. I’m just tired of that argument that people shouldn’t post their work online if they didn’t want it edited or stolen. Like, ok teaching abstinence to post online isn’t going to stop people that purposely claim other art as their own. It certainly doesn’t teach people HEY source your shit, don’t remove comments, or respect people and their work. If you’re telling me to stop posting my work, you’re just telling me to have an empty gallery/blog and that I “deserve” to have it stolen or edited if I post online. So, anyway decided to make this post.

Reminder: Just because you follow an artist and like their work - does NOT mean they owe you anything. Unless you PAID for a commission or something then we don’t owe you anything. We draw and create whatever we want. Respect that. 

Don’t guilt trip anyone to make you something. AGAIN: WE DO NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING


Respecting Artists

I’ll probably add more links once I find some stuff I want to add. So, check this post once an awhile and maybe I’ll have it updated. Thanks for reading!

Please do not repost other people's art. Please do not post unsourced art.

“But this is my favorite art of my otp!”
- Okay, that’s great. But remember that for it to actually exist, a person had to work on it for hours. Someone worried over anatomy, the colors, the everything. If you saw that art on tumblr and you liked it, hit the reblog button, don’t right click and save. Reblogging is way easier than reposting, don’t you think?

“But I typed ‘art is not mine’ in the caption!”
- So who’s the source? That’s not enough. If the art is on tumblr, NEVER repost it. REBLOG it. If it’s on Pixiv, ASK THE ARTIST for permission. If they say no, DON’T POST IT. If they say yes, include the title, the artist, and of course link it to the original post on Pixiv.

“But this picture has been in my folders for ages, I can’t remember the source!”
- Use SauceNao or other stuff that can help you look for the source. You don’t know how to do it? Ask people.

“I can’t find the source!”
- Then don’t post it.

“If the artist is so against people reposting their stuff, then maybe they shouldn’t have posted them!”
- ??????????????????????? I have no idea how to ???? I’m assuming that you post art because you like them and you want to share them with your followers or something…. If they… didn’t post… the art in the first place…. then… you??? would have??? never??? seen it????????

“This post of yours is really rude!”
- Alright. Imagine that you drew something, worked on something for about 3 hours. Then you searched your otp’s tag because otp, yeah? And then you saw your art. No source. No anything. Maybe a little ‘art is not mine’. How would you feel? Oh and yeah, of course, addressing something like this is really rude, unlike posting unsourced art and reposting. Whoops. Sorry.

Please, do not repost edits as well. Just… just don’t repost…


Alright nerds, time to take a lesson in how to source or how to spot a source.

1. Mangacaps, Screencaps, and Gifs.

More than likely the original poster of a mangacap, screencap, and/or a gif will be the original creator. HOWEVER this is not always true. Manga and screecaps aren’t so easily claimed as one’s own unless they are edited in some way shape or form, and in most cases they will be marked with the original editor. BUT gifs will usually have a watermark or url of some kind to indicate the original creator, which will help you spot if it is from the original poster or it is reposted. Always make sure you check the gif for a watermark of some kind, and if you are still unsure, check the one who posted it and look for a variety of things like ‘my gif’ or 'my edit’ in their tags.

2. Properly sourced posts.

These posts will have a link to the original artist either right in the post or in the corner [corner sources cannot be removed so if it is pixiv or deviantart it is most probably correct] HOWEVER even if a post is properly sourced always check and see if that artist gave permission for it to be posted. It just takes a few simple clicks and a bit of translating in say Google or something like it. 

3. Original Artwork.

This is hard to spot sometimes because it is easier to steal. To know if it is from the original poster, most people tag posts as 'Art by OP’ to give an indication. You can also check the original poster and they will have something like ’—doodle’ or 'myart’ or any variation of those tags to let you know that they are the creator. BUT people will still try to steal it and claim it as their own, so if you are still unsure you can try and search the image in Google and see what comes up!

The example art can be found here.

4. Unsourced Art.

This is painfully easy to spot. Most of the time people will just post the picture and that’s it, with maybe one or two tags. There will not be a single source or indication, and many times people will tag it with 'no source lol’ or 'couldn’t find the source xD if you know it please add it to this post!’ Bottom line, if you don’t know the source don’t post it.

These are NOT sources:

  • Zerochan.
  • WeHeartIt.
  • YOU if you did not draw it.
  • Twitter [unless you know they are the original creator]
  • Photobucket.
  • Tinypic.
  • Pinterest.
  • Rebloggy [unless you’re sure it’s their own edit; rebloggy works much the same way tumblr does]
  • Google+
  • Facebook [unless you know they are the original creator]
  • Any sort of image hosting site.

These ARE sources:

  • Pixiv.
  • DeviantArt.
  • Twitter. [be sure to check if they drew it]
  • YOU if you drew the art or made the edit.
  • WorldCosplay.

Always remember to ask the artist’s permission if you wish to post their art or make edits of it. Do not repost an artist’s hard work and claim it as your own.


You see that lovely piece of unsourced Tsukishima art up there? Well, I’m gonna teach you how to source it.

First step: Right click on it.

Second step: Click on 'Search Google for this image.’

It will take you here;

Third step: See how none of these are sources? Oh wait look, there’s a Tumblr link! Click that. It takes you here, to the lovely original artist.

And if you scroll down a bit …

Oh look, there it is! And it has a Pixiv link.

Click on that. It’ll take you to the page. With the original work. Which should’ve been linked to.

But wait! Should I be posting it? That’s a good question. Go ahead and click on their Pixiv username. It will take you here;

Oh but it’s in Japanese! How do I know if I can post it? SImple! Right click and find the 'Translate to English’ or whatever your native language is and click that.

This should happen.

[this is the link to said source by the way]

Now, even if it doesn’t readily say that you shouldn’t post it without permission, YOU STILL NEED TO ASK.

Aaaand there you have it, how to source and spot a proper source!