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“Jungkookie is really innocent. He hasn’t changed one bit since debut. He’s still the same 15 year old Jungkookie that I met on the first day.” -Mr. Son (Bangtan’s choreographer)

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Hi! Have you written a post about why you like chlo/nath that I could check out? Or could you maybe explain, if you haven't? I'm curious about the pairing and I want to know more about it! Thank you and hope you have a good day!

Hi nonny!! Great question!! I’ve discussed the ship before and how i got roped into the madness here: click me for the link!! (i rec reading some of the reblogs and replies on that post for other peoples story on how they came into the ship!!) 

i also talk about it here and here

basically the amazing @karawek drew peacock!nathanael and bee!chloe AND I WAS A GONER ;o;/ they are so beautiful!! and kara’s art is gorgeous!!! we chatted about it and came up with an au based around it and ever since then IVE BEEN SCREWED!! here’s the post that outlines the buzzkill au

check out kara’s art here and her chlonath art (x x x x x x) …ok some of those are just nathanael, but OMGGGGGGGGG ;o;/ 

Also, my boo, @twindoodle helped perpetuate this great love….HAVE YOU SEEN HER ART?!?!? like not just her chlonath art….but like ALL HER ART!!! i remember following her before i shipped chlonath, cause her art was so good! and then when i fell into the chlonath trash can i noticed she drew peacock!nathanael and bee!chloe based of karawek’s art and I DIEEEEDDD x___x 

links to twins art, her chlonath art, and her buzzkill art (x x)

Also this past june, i hosted chlonathweek2k17!!! it was loads of fun and so amazing to see a boost in such amazing chlonath content!!! 

Here’s a link to (hopefully all!) of the chlonathweek2k17 posts!! I tried my best to reblog every post!! (Ill have to delve through the tag again to double check!!) i also made a google spreadsheet with all the posts linked for each day! ill link it here if you’re interested!! (i also need to make sure thats up to date!! XD) 

other than that, i just think aesthetically they look adorable with each other! the blondie with the redhead gives me mad spitfire vibes and i love young justice! ;o;/ and i love the idea of nathanael being more and more willful like his superhero dream-self, and finding the courage to stand up to chloe. and i love the idea of chloe having an arc of redemption and them having that sort of gets on each other’s nerves but in a playful joking manner dynamic! 

another great chlonath artist is @aarspi ;o;/ like WOW! so many good pieces!!! and they also collabed with the amazing writer @krzed for chlonath week, AND MURDERED ME DOUBLY WITH THEIR ART AND WRITING!!!

Here’s a few links to some of my fav aarspi chlonath art (x x x x x x)

other notable posts that are up there as my top favs: 

@corgi-likes-chat made this beautiful nathbee kiss kiss 


@lunian also committed homicide in my murder with more chlonath babies

@mardimari just spoils me with cute! >////////<

@moonviewer anything moonviewer draws, I LOVE! this one particularly!!

@siderealscribblings this cute fanfic!!!

@clmeeni has an amazing angel!nathanael au in the works! and i’m already so in love with it!!! nathangel!!! amazing!!! here’s some art for it (x x x)

tldr: i ship them mostly because the love of my life, @karawek drew this and i died, since then i fell in love with the idea of both chloe and nathanael growing and developing as characters! and there have been so many talented artists and writers that have done just that!!

if youre looking for that sweet sweet chlonath content, feel free to peruse my chlonath tag on my blog (its linked in my description the lil 🍅 🐝 and ill link it here again!!

I KNOW IM MISSING LIKE 50 MILLION OTHER THINGS! butttttttt im starting to fall asleep and i really REALLY wanted to answer this ask, because it just got me so excited!! but i hope this helps as a smol introduction to the ship!!! honestly it’s just fun to play in the sandbox of this amazing universe thomas astruc created, this fandom is lovely and ill ship just about anything if there’s good content for it!!! this ship just so happens to be filled with beautiful art and lovely stories that grabbed my attention!! and through it I’ve made the greatest of friends and had so much fun!! 

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Hey do you know any tumblr/blog to read poems in Norwegian? Also, I was trying to find books about vikings, trolls and northen gods but I haven't find it yet. Tusen takk!

Hey there! c:

I don’t really know any specific blogs for that, but I did some digging around and this is what I found:

(keep in mind that the language used in older poems can be very outdated and probably won’t help much if you want to learn new vocabs etc)

Poems: (a norwegian site; might be hard to navigate)

heltgreipoesi (also in norwegian, but just click the green links and scroll down and you should be able to read the poems!)

poetricpoems (a tumblr that posts norwegian (and english) poems – they seem pretty good from what i can tell!)


For books, I’d just try to find some authentic Norwegian books - now I’m not saying every single English book about vikings/trolls/norse myths is horrible, but the majority of them can be filled with a lot of misleading information. Books from other Nordic countries are probably great, too, but keep in mind that a lot of the legends/stories/fairy tales vary from country to country. 

That being said, if you can get your hands on Norske Folkeeventyr, that would probably be a great place to start! <3 It’s mostly filled with old Norwegian fairy tales, so you might not find much about Norse myths or gods, but there’s an abundance of fairy tale creatures (like trolls!). (tho maybe i’m a liiiiittle biased - that was my favorite as a child ///v\\) 

After seeing a comment, with an accompanying link, about grounds for criticising Robert Jordan
  • Me: Really, no. Don't click it.
  • Me: There are valid criticisms to be made of Robert Jordan, and probably there are ones you haven't considered yet, but somehow I doubt this is going that. You're just going to sit there and go "Yes, but I don't read/interpret the text that way" and "But what about..."
  • Me: And then you'll get annoyed. We've been here before.
  • Me: *clicks the link*