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After trying to find a specific GIF from Bill Wurtz’s history of the entire world, i guess and failing, I ended up making the GIF myself… and as usual, I always do everything to excess, so here’s like 10 of them. If you click ‘em, they get bigger. You can use them for absolutely anything you want, no need to credit ever, but if you like ‘em, please like this post so I feel nice things.

Sorry for how totally off topic this is for my blog. There’ll be a couple more of these, but they’ll all be tagged similarly, so feel free to block them. Also tagging @notbillwurtz, because this is probably up their alley. Feel free to post ‘em individually if you want, so they show up in the GIF menu.


On the left: Yarichin Bitch Bu PIXIV VERSION

On the right: Yarichin Bitch Bu MANGA VERSION (the one we’re working on)

Both official work by Ogeretsu Tanaka. Look at them. Click them, make them bigger, compare them AND PLEASE TELL US AGAIN HOW COMPLETELY UNNECCESSARY AND USELESS IT IS TO WORK ON A REBOOT. Case closed. Thank you. 


(There is so much stuff that has been corrected, but I can’t upload more here ^^)


So someone requested I post the smartphone versions of the original wallpapers so here they are (click on them to make them bigger)


My second giveaway prize for Diira, that I went ‘slightly’ overboard on, because Alistair and Orin Surana are my sons and they hurt my heart a lot

My imagined reunion between them after the events of Awakening, after being torn apart and unsure of each other’s feelings  ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)

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Favorite Heartbreaking Zach and Amy moments 2/5 

“It’s just not the right time." 

*BTS REACTION: Your Hands Being Shaky at a Fan Meeting*

It isn’t often that BTS comes to your area, if they do it’s for concerts. So when you heard of the fan signing you just had to go, no matter what. However, the excitement of getting your ‘Wings’ album signed didn’t out weigh your anxiety in the slightest. You can’t stop how badly your hands are shaking as you hand over the album to the first BTS member seated…

H O S E O K:

He understands that you aren’t shaking because you are in awe of meeting them. Hoseok is able to tell that you are shaking because you’re afraid of the atmosphere you are in: hundreds of fans pushing each other to get closer to BTS. He finds it absolutely amazing that you came to the fan signing despite your anxiety. The knowledge that there are fans who love them and their music that much fills him with joy and inspiration.

When he hands you back your album he grabs your hand gently and interlocks your fingers. “I won’t let go until you stop shaking. I am your hope, so let me give you some.”

Your eyes are so wide and after some deep breaths you do stop shaking. You give him a shy smile to tell him that you’re okay. You are able to go through with the rest of the fan signing and the members, thankfully, don’t mention anything about how J-Hope helped you. They do give you a bigger smile than usual though.

A couple of months later, Hobi is scrolling through the notifications of the BTS account and most of them are retweets directing them to a video.

He clicks on the link, he trusts ARMY’s opinion. Even though you are wearing a black mask and loose fitting clothes that are suitable for dancing he recognizes you immediately. Truthfully, you’ve been on his mind ever since the fan meeting. Your small interaction plays in his brain on a loop. Seeing you dance the same movements he did, with just as much passion and focus, makes him feel like this is your way of telling him thank you. He goes back to twitter and follows your dance crew’s account.

“Namjoon, when are we going to LA again?”

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Some of my photography inspired by twenty one pilots songs

Before You Start Your Day. This one just feels like the song to me, it just makes sense. 

Kitchen Sink. Something that might seem mundane but you have given meaning to and it gives you hope and purpose at your darkest times.

Trees. The glow in the leaves, or hiding in the shadows in between. It feels like there is something or someone, silent in the trees. And whatever it is, it is more godly than you.

Goner. Almost fully covered in branches, almost fully gone. But the hand is still visible, so there is hope.

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The Magicians Hogwarts AU

Featuring Ravenclaws Julia and Alice, Slytherins Margo and Eliot, Hufflepuffs Quentin and Penny, and Gryffindor (and quidditch chaser) Kady.

(I’m sorry that the formatting is weird, Kady is vertical so she can’t be paired with another image without chopping off her head, and I was trying not to make the post super long.  Please click on them to see them bigger!)

black ink/alcohol markers


Toby Leonard Moore in NYC 22 1.09 ‘Playing Gods’


So, no hiatus necessary!
 I might take a little longer to release these new eyes though as I have requests to work on at the same time, but I really wanted to do something new to refresh my mind :) 

I revamped an old sim to show these eyes off, I hope you can see them alright. If not, make sure you click to make them bigger :D
Let me know what you think! <3

Chapter 29

A/N: Here is the next chapter! Please note that this will be the last one for about 2 weeks, hopefully sooner! I will be taking a mini break but will be back with more Harry and Addy very soon!

“Without further adieu, please welcome our spectacular curator who designed this exhibit. Miss Adalyn Mackenzie everyone!” Michael, the director of the museum clapped his hands together angling his body towards Addy welcoming her to the podium.

With a smile Adalyn stepped carefully to the stage ensuring she would not slip in her heels in front of all the people gathered at the museum. Today was the opening of her new exhibit at the Imperial War Museum she had worked so hard on the past few weeks. It was indeed a miracle Addy had completed it by the deadline. Beaming with pride she lifted her head up to see nearly a hundred people gathered. Gently grasping the edges of the wooden podium she began her speech.

“Thank you Michael for the warm welcoming. It is a pleasure to be here with you all today to be part of this wonderful new exhibit opening. Myself and many others who have dedicated numerous hours to make this display possible for all of you to see today are very excited to share it all with you.” Inhaling a quick breath her eyes scanned the crowd noticing the cameras clicking away. The same cameramen that hounded her outside the doors of the museum this morning before work. Breath Addy you are at work. You can’t runaway now. Don’t let them take this from you too.

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