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The last time Maryse Lightwood had seen her oldest son in the Institute chapel, he was about to martyr himself into a marriage for their family’s political gain, to find again honor that she and her ex-husband tarnished with decisions made out of delusional hate. Looking back on it now, the pride she felt while seeing him in a golden suit and with barely concealed panic buzzing underneath the neat edges of his sleeves makes her sick. It had been wrong, so very wrong. It had been something a good mother should have never done.

But Maryse has learned a lot since then - seeing her children blaze new trails in the sedentary Clave traditions and rules has taught her how to be better, how to apologize and try to redress past grievances.  She is trying to be a better version of herself, both for her allies as well as her own family, speaking apologies and confessions that should have been made long ago.

And here she is again, in the same Institute chapel, at another wedding. 

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anonymous asked:

You are the first and only writer I have read for this fandom. I love your work so much, I've re read all your Arrow stories twice (even the Firefly one even though I've never watched it). Do you have any favorite Olicity fics to recommend to keep me from going crazy my first hiatus? (I binged the first 4 seasons last year)

This is awesome!! Thank you! I’m super honored. And do I have recs? Oh yes, I have recs. 

First rec isn’t actually a fic, it’s a resource… @theolicitylibrary. If you want recs, they’ve got ‘em. If you want a specific trope or rating or genre, they’ve got that, too. Have a hankering for a fic where Oliver and Felicity are business rivals? There’s a link for that. Where she’s the vigilante instead? There’s a link for that, too. Where one of them is a werewolf? Yup. They’re an amazing resource and you can lose days (and weeks and months) going through lists of alpha/omega tropes and rockstar AUs and friends-to-lovers fics. 

But more specifically… how about I rec some authors, too? I haven’t been reading much lately - I spend all my time writing - so I’m more comfortable reccing authors I know are amazing and whose works I’m looking forward to catching up on. They’re all consistently excellent. This is by no means an all inclusive list.

@dust2dust34 - My co-writer for FiCoN and personal fav (though I admit to no small amount of bias). If you want smut and you want details and mining a scene for feelings, Bre is your girl. She has plenty of oneshots to choose from as well as some multichapter fics.  

@machawicket - Look, I can’t overstate Danielle’s skills as a writer. My husband doesn’t even read my fic but he likes hers. Her writing is funny, sweet, sexy and heartbreaking in turn but it’ll never leave you unsatisfied. She’s a master. 

@anthfan - Nikki is one of those writers that’s so good she makes you forget you’re reading a story, because it’s just something you’re living. It’s an experience. Her characterization is spot-on and her plots are super engaging. She writes both one-shots and longer stories. They’re all worth your time.

@hannasus - Susannah’s writing is the perfect balance of detailed exposition and tight narrative that lets you feel like you’ve experienced the whole setting in just a few lines. Add to that fully in-character characterization and interesting plots that keep you reading and you really can’t go wrong. I recommend reading her Something Like Fate series ASAP as she’s adapted it into the basis for an original novel (which she’s publishing later this year) and it may not be up on AO3 a whole lot longer. 

@rosietwiggs - I can always tell Rosie’s work in just a few lines. Her narrative voice is so very distinctive and so gripping that it pulls me in effortlessly. I don’t believe she’s writing for Arrow anymore, but even her unfinished works are worth a read. I especially recommend The New Normal, Lengths and How The Mighty Fall In Love.

@supersillyanddorky06 - I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard around about Matty’s writing because she’s right at the core of the Olicity fandom’s best known fanfics. With good reason. She’s prolific, plotty, smutty and evocative. If you have a weakness for Bratva!Oliver, I’d start here. 

@jsevick - I first met Jaimie after reading her Jurassic Park AU (really!) and being both delighted and amazed that she could make it work. I’m extremely lucky to have had her help as my beta pretty much ever since. If you like my writing, she’s a big part of it (along with @alizziebyanyothername). While she hasn’t posted in a while, her stories are just fun and if you like Gilmore Girls, her Arrow AU for Gilmore Girls is a treat!

@realityisoverrated-fic - I have no idea how you would feel about Smoaking Billionaires, Anon (I personally love it), but I’ve got to very highly recommend her Infinite Love series. At 110 parts and counting, it deals extensively with Oliver, Felicity and Tommy’s family longterm, including their kids. It’s alternately hot, sweet, and heartbreaking. But, most of all, it’s just well-written and interesting. If you’re willing to read them as a triad, I cannot recommend this strongly enough.

@geneeste - I would pay for more of Caught a Long Wind. Quite literally. But, that aside, Genie is a top notch writer. Whether her one-shots, WiPs or brilliant, ongoing epic co-written work with @machawicket, everything she writes should be devoured. 

@juliesioux - Julie uses the setting in a story as another character. There’s so much life to the world she puts her characters in that it practically breathes. Above that, she doesn’t shy away from hard topics. She will rush in head-first and dig deep to explore what her characters are going through. When you read her work, take her warnings seriously, but if you’re looking for a rich story to read that challenges you, she’s the perfect option to turn to.

@thatmasquedgirl - One of the most prolific Olicity fic authors (with 110 fics, including the absolute opus Technical Assistance). She’s consistently excellent, creative and she gives us as a fandom a whole lot to read. You can probably spent a huge chunk of hiatus happily buried in her work.

@entersomethingcleverhere - As a rule, I do not read first person stories. Not even when they’re published books sitting on shelves at my bookstore. I will break that rule for her writing. I like it that much. It’s heartfelt, moving, well-paced, and the connections between her characters are both real and evolving as you go. 

@arrow-through-my-writers-block - Shelby is… well, she’s just fun! She’s a solid writer who never disappoints. She’s got quite a few one-shots and a few ongoing multi-chapters. She’s probably best known for Starstruck, but all of her work is worth reading.  

@wagamiller - I just really love wagamiller’s work. Like a lot. There are very few authors I have on alert, but wagamiller is. Stories that make me laugh out loud are few and far between, but the 35B series surely did (as did @machawicket‘s Unbearable Hotness of Being, btw). Strong, sharp, witty writing that will leave you with a grin on your face.

@callistawolf - When I think of Callie’s work, I think of the fanfic version of sitting down with some hot cocoa and curling up with a warm blanket to watch a Hallmark Christmas special. She’s consistently excellent about finishing her work, which is lovely, and you can pretty much always count on a feel-good romantic ending. 

@hopedreamlovepray - Writing one-shots that stick with your reader is hard. Keeping a story to 1-2k and still being impactful is even harder. She absolutely manages it every time. Hope27 (as she’s known on AO3, so you can find her) has something like a hundred Olicity fics. These are, in my opinion, absolutely perfect if you want to lose yourself in a story on the train to work or during your lunch hour. 

@dettiot - Mel has a lot of great stories (like really great). My favorite is probably the “ink in my pen ran dry” series, but that’s a really tough call. Core Curriculum is super hot. The Felicity Stark series (crossover with Avengers-verse) is brilliant and fun and made me giddy while reading it. Beauty in the Breakdown is excellent. Jerry the EA series features one of the best takes on a relative OC I’ve read in fics. Love is Red made me squeal like a teenager with excitement (I’m not ashamed; it was warranted). And Two Men, Same Name (written with @melsanfo) is one of those that I am absolutely dying for the time to catch up on. While I’m at it, let’s rec Mel Sanfo, too. Her Masquerade is another novel-length fic absolutely worth a read. You really can’t go wrong with either of these ladies. 

@ash818 - Ash is freaking awesome. So, here’s the thing. Her Legacy series is mind-blowingly good. I have to admit, I’ve only read The Man Under The Hood in the series (this is intentional, for a reason you’ll see in a moment, but you need to read all of her work ASAP, okay? You do). This series… you’ve got future, married Olicity with teenage children as they continue their mission. There’s action, plot, heartbreak, angst, love, everything you could want. It’s in first person from their son’s perspective which is something I would probably never have clicked on in the first place had it not come highly recommended, but good lord is it amazing. All of her characters have life. All of them have depth. Her OCs are fully formed and vital to the story without overshadowing characters you already know. I haven’t read the later stories because after I decided to continue on with FiCoN verse, I didn’t want to inadvertently shade my views on Olicity’s growing family and continuing mission with anything she did in her series. If anything I do happens to run parallel to her work, I want to know beyond any doubt that it’s 100% coincidence. But her stories are something I’m absolutely itching to get to read… eventually. Her writing is excellent.  

@tinaday3w - I’m tempted to say “JUST READ IT” but that’s probably not enough… But really, just read it. No one does slow burn like Tina. Victorian era AU with pirate!Oliver? Yes, please. Hello. I’ll take two.

@emmilynestill - She’s just so good. And sooooo hot. I don’t know if you know this, Anon, but writing a good sex scene is hard. You don’t want your reader pulled out of the scene by wondering if a position is actually possible or when underwear came off (or if it did) or how gravity isn’t making them collapse. Like… smut is difficult. But it reads so effortlessly with Emmilyne’s writing. And, beyond that, she weaves it in beautifully with plot that keeps you wondering what’s next and emotion that builds and grows in an organic way. Orgasms and organic feelings. Honestly, what else could anyone really want?

@ruwithmeguys - Jess will gut you and leave you asking her to do it again. Indecent Proposal… just… read the warnings and be ready and read it with a lot of time on your hands and probably in chunks because ouch. But still… read it.

@academyofshipping - Sarah has this dry sense of humor that comes out in her fics that’s as clever as it is fun. Fluffy, funny, smart, cute and rich with feeling, Sarah’s writing is consistently strong. 

@someonesaidcake - Felice is fantastic for completed, multichapter AU fics. She has quite a few and I’m pretty sure every single one included smut at some point (if that’s your thing) as well as plot. 

And… I’ve spent like an hour and a half on this which was a lovely diversion for my day. I know I’m forgetting amazing people but I have to stop here. When in doubt, take the title of a fic you like, google that name in quotes along with “rec list” and find someone’s list where that story was included, then explore the others. Or, check the bookmarks on AO3 of an author you like, that’s a great place to mine for fics, too. And, again, I can’t rec @theolicitylibrary enough. That said… happy reading, Anon! We’ll get through this hiatus together… through fic and sheer force of will. ;-)

Love is the Punchline - Part 3

The one where reality is overly questioned, everyone’s crying, and Jupiter is transiting in/to Libra.

Love is the Punchline: Prequel, Part 1 (tfln), Part 2

A/N: Goodness gracious, I feel content. Thank you to everyone who has read, liked, reblogged, messaged me about this small series. It’s been fun to write, and I hope I did Harry and Y/N justice here.

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Seven Days With Bangtan | Namjoon

Originally posted by namjoonsgurl

Pairings: (Namjoon/Reader)

Genre: Smut

Words: 2,143

Tags: Light Bdsm, Dominant

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Floating Downtown Part One

Title: Deja Vu

Author: @sass-cass-writes / @sassy-castiels-angel

Description: Sammy its time to face your coulrophobia with Pennywise! With a string of disappearances occurring in Maine, the Winchester Brothers and the reader, a vivid Stephen King fan, try to stop the monster that snatches children and kills them every 27 years. But what will happen when the circus comes to town?

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader, Beverly Marsh (mentioned) Edward ‘Eddie’ Norman and Cujo (mentioned)

Pairing: Sam Winchester x mute!Reader

A/N: Reader is speech impaired after being tortured by Abaddon’s right hand man and having her vocal cords destroyed. I’ve never written mute characters, so this is a first. If anyone has feedback, please give some!

Warnings: fluff(?), brief mention of torture, porn(?), clowns

tagging: @totallyluckycoffee / @dixonlover1605, @wonderavian


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anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm so sorry for asking such a basic thing, but... could I ask how you make gifs? The whole process, starting from downloading the episode, torrenting or whatever, etc... I can't even do that much so no matter how many tutorials I read or watch, I can't even open it in Photoshop or download it correctly. >.< Thank you!

Hiya!! No no don’t be sorry!! It took me a while to figure it out too when I first got started so I’m happy to help you! I will mention that I have a pc, not a mac, so I can only show you what I have. Also I’m super sorry for this late reply!

Tutorial: How To Make A Gif (Extremely Detailed Version)

Difficulty: Easy
Time Allocation: ~1 hour
No Prior Understanding Required

What You Will Need:

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Musically - Tobi

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 1.5k

Request: Hiii! Can I please request a Tobi or Simon imagine (I don’t know if you do Tobi, so preferably Simon tbh) where Y/N is a YouTuber and is dating Simon and she does a video recreating musically’s so she like belly dances/twerk and stuff, and Simon or Tobi get teased or jealous bc she’s really good and everyone’s going on about how good she is? I don’t really know, but something like that please

A/N: I thought i would do this for Tobi as i’ve already got a request for Simon!

I’m using The Gabbie Show’s ‘ REMAKING CRINGEY F*CKGIRL MUSICAL.LYS! ‘ as a basis so if you want to understand what im on about you might wanna watch it, if you want to

——–> Click Here <——–

Thank you for requesting!



You and Tobi had been dating for just over a year now, you met at a youtube/gaming convention and hit it off pretty much immediately, a few weeks later he asked you on a date and you two had been dating ever since

Both of your fans loved your relationship, you had your own youtube channel with 4+Million subscribers and Tobi loved every minute of it, always jumping at the chance to have you on his channel so he can show you off 

You had uploaded a video the night before and Tobi hadn’t had a chance to watch it and him, being the good boyfriend that he is, wanted to watch it before you arrived at his flat later the day, he had already been tweeted about you so many times so this video sparked his intrest, well that and the fact its had 1.5 million views in the 14 hours that its been up for off

“Hey guys whats up its Y/N here and today I am going to be remaking cringey fuckgirl musciallys, this isn’t going to go well” A voice spoke through the speaker of the laptop that was in front of Tobi and Freezy 

For Tobi, it started out pretty innocent, him admiring how perfectly you recreated the musically’s and how beautiful you looked while doing it

Tobi’s thoughts were interrupted when a loud sigh left his friends lips, he noticed how Cal’s eyes were fixed on your body, his eyes staring hungrily he didn’t like the feeling he got when he saw the look in Cal’s eyes

Ignoring his paranoia of him thinking one of his best mates wanted to fuck his girlfriend, he focused back on the screen, seeing that you were recreating a musically to the song ‘Work’ by Rihanna and his thoughts changed, half of his mind went blank in slight anger at his friend for watching you so intensely and the other half caught up on the way your body moved on the screen, your hips messing with his mind making him think about how you moved them for him

But he knew now wasn’t the time to get excited as he watched you move onto your next musically, the song “Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran began playing and his face changed one last time as your version of the musically began to play and he heard a faint whisper next to him say
“Fucking hell” triggering another look over at Cal who seemed even more in to the video than before, he loved you and didn’t really want his friends looking at you in the same light that he does Tobi paused the video and looked over at Cal

“You okay bro?” He asked making Cal look back at him

“Yeah course” he responded

“You seem really into this video”

“I mean-it’s a good video I enjoy watching Y/N’s videos and well it’s not like she’s bad at what she’s      doing” he chuckled, gaining an dagger off of Tobi

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked, his voice abit more defensive now

“I just mean that if she wanted to she could become a dancer or something, she’s got the body and the face for it too”

“Do you have some sort of weird crush on my girlfriend”

“I don’t have a crush on her Tobs I just think that she’s really good at this and she looks really good while doing it, she just does it so well it’s hard to not imagine things”

Tobi didn’t respond to that, he didn’t know how he just stood up and left, going to his own flat and lying on his bed sighing loudly
He didn’t know why he was angry he just was, he didn’t want other boys, especially his friends, thinking of you in certain ways that he feels should just be a personal feeling between the two of you

He knew you were going to be at his flat sometime soon so he decided to edit to distract himself, he didn’t want to take his anger out in you just because he was jealous, obviously that’s not what happened though
Curiosity took over Tobi and he ended up back on your video, finishing the last few minutes, liking it and then scrolling and reading a few of the comments, he didn’t see anything bad to begin with just the simple supportive ones

“Oh my god this is so good!!”                                            


“Y/N your my favourite youtuber keep doing what you doing”

They made him smile, even though they weren’t for him he enjoyed seeing the amount of support his girlfriend got on youtube, he knew he wasn’t going to be that lucky that all the comments would just be about how much of an amazing youtuber you were
He was right about that, after scrolling down for a while the comments became abit more explicit, one caught his eye more than the others 

 "9:13, I bet that’s not the only thing those hips can do baby"
He saw that it had near enough 300 likes and many replied agreeing and bluntly saying that they like to fuck you in many different ways
He decided to click on the time and the video skipped forward to the Work by Rihanna musically, he understood why people love it as he did too, he just wasn’t impressed with certain peoples reaction to his girlfriends dancing and how it was so similar to his 
He gave up after that, he knew that the only person he was bothering was him self so he gave up, deciding now would be a good time to lie down until you arrived at his Not long after, you arrived at his door, unlocking it and walking in going Straight to Tobis bedroom, as that’s where he always is Walking in you see him sitting on his bed with his head in his hands, clearly not hearing you walk in

 "Tobi?“ You questioned making him look up and you “you alright babe?“

  “I’m fine, how are you?” He brushed off the question and tried to change the subject off of him and onto you, but it didn’t work

 “I’m great, are you sure your okay?” You went and sat on the bed next to him He simply just smiled at you and lent against you, sighing loudly You looked up and seen his computer screen was on a YouTube comment page, automatically thinking it was his your stood up and sat in his chair looking towards his screen, his eyes watching you the whole way You scanned through the comments, instantly knowing that they weren’t on one of his videos, you scrolled to the top seeing your video paused You sighed

“Why were you reading the comments on my video babe?” You asked slightly confused and concerned, spinning around in his chair to face him “Is that what’s bothering you?”

 “I just” he started and sighed, pulling the chair closer to the bed so you were face to face and holding your hands in his “I just don’t like seeing other guys say those things about you, the video was amazing don’t get me wrong I loved it, I love all of your videos, I know i can’t prevent it but seeing other guys say certain things about you makes me feel a certain way and I don’t like it”

 “Are you jealous?” You asked, shaking your head with a small smile playing on your lips

 “Of course I’m not”

“Don’t lie to me baby I know you are” you started laughing slightly, leaning forward so you were closer to him “You don’t have to deny it, I think it’s cute. But you have no reason to be jealous, these guys are behind a computer screen writing stupid comments on girls videos, honestly baby you have nothing to worry about" He sighed, you stood up and laid down on his bed, holding out your arms for him to lie down next to you, with he did, wrapping his arms around you and leaning his face into your chest

“I know, I just wanna be the one who gives you those compliments, I don’t want someone else to come into the picture and sweep you off your feet with the things I should be saying to you do I?” He spoke lifting his head up and moving so he was face to face with you, leaning his forehead against yours with his hand still wrapped around your waist pulling you close to him 

 "I’m in far too deep with you for me to even think about leaving you Tobi" With you reply he gave you a soft smile before connecting his lips with yours, placing a light lingering kiss before pulling away
 "I love you more than anything you should know this Tobi" you spoke once again, reassuring him that you wouldn’t leave him for anyone

 "I love you too baby" ending with another kiss to the lips, this one longer and passionate, like you were both trying to show how much love you both had for each other through this kiss Eventually you pulled away smiling at him You spent the last few hours of the day cuddling and watching any movies you could find

Tobi was all you could ever want, the kisses and cuddles were just a bonus for you

  • Title: Pull
  • Pairing: Jake x MC (romantic), Diego x MC (not romantic) and Mike x Jake (not romantic)
  • Summary: Jake and MC discuss what each of them thinks about soulmates. My entry for #ChoicesCreates @hollyashton@lauraotaku2234


Originally posted by uptional

Quietness sat between them comfortably, both of them looking at the shining stars and pale moon that contrasted with the black sky. There was a light breeze that had pushed them closer, his arm lazily resting on her shoulder to give her more heat, as they both lunged on the hammock.

Everybody else was sleeping, and when the girl suggested they went down to have a couple of beers and enjoy the silence, he couldn’t refuse. There was something about the way that she spoke to him, the way that she carried herself with him, that made it almost impossible for him to say no to whatever she might propose.

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Manhattan Mistress part 4


Pairing: Bucky x reader, Steve x reader, Tony x reader and OC!Casey (daughter of Y/N and Tony)

Summary: It’s time to get to know Wanda, Natasha and Pietro a little better.

Word count: 3.400

Warnings: Talk of murder, sex, abuse, prostitution, violence and death. There’s also an actual death in this part so be aware. Please do not read belong the cut if you’re not comfortable with any of forementioned!

A/N: Dedicated to my favourite mob AU writer @caplanbuckybarnes. Enjoy sweetie!

Part 1: the background story

Part 2: the friction

Part 3: the madness

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I had severe separation anxiety as a kid, so my mom would sing to me when she was in another room.

by reddit user rainbow_productions

When I was growing up, I was terrified of being alone. I don’t know what started it, or when/if it stopped exactly. I have a dog now, a mutt I got from a shelter- so I’m not technically alone in my apartment even when my roommate is out. Back to the point, though; when I was a kid, being by myself scared me so badly. So, irrationally badly that if I even thought that my mother had left me alone on our property, I would become a gross and sobbing mess until I could set my sights on her again.

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Jeremy Renner’s app - why I left and everything wrong with it.

First, I want to start this post making it clear that I will be not exposing names or sending hate towards anyone. I’ll merely talk about the reasons that made me choose to leave the app over the weekend. I will get into the topic of buying stars/boosts but I will NOT condemn people for doing it, as it’s not my problem what anyone does with their own money.

I joined the app on the same day it was released and I subscribed to it ($2,99/month). I was never very active over there, I would simply like the posts, make a comment or two and just watch people interacting and getting a hang of how things worked. And I wasn’t pleased. I will be writing this in topics, to make ir easier to understand. Things that weren’t seen by me or are just rumors will be marked as such.

1. The app itself: What it is and how it works;
2. Thecnical Problems;
3. Starts and Boosting;
4. The super fan label;
5. Bullying;
6. The “Clique“;
7. Contests/Replies ;
8. Favoritism;
9. Reaction from other fans;
10. What I think it should be done.

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Partnered: Vive La France (Stark!Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Word Count: 2421

Summary: it’s mission time in France, and of course the reader and pietro are the best duo ever. they really should date.

A/N: back at it again with some Pietro. I’m living. loving. Ugh. Hope you guys enjoy!!!

Read part one, “Partnered” here!

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Hey there! It sure has been a while, huh. ww; But, hey, I kept my promise!

So, how have you guys been? I’ve been rather busy. America is cool, but this university is quite demanding sometimes. I’m not complaining, considering I came here to work and all, but I wish I had some extra time. All I want to do after I’m done with my classes and homework is be lazy, to be perfectly honest.

What have you all been up to? Since I last showed my stupid head around here, I beat Undertale (just beaten—no true endings whatsoever), Layton and the Unwound Future (SO GOOD AND SO SAD) and Portal. I have also been rewatching Inazuma with my significant other, which is awesome! Oh, and I watched the newest Tri movie. It might not be perfect, but I get so easily pumped with that.

…And I have also been working on this nightmare.

Never in your wildest dreams would you assume that these four views took well over 20 hours of work (although I’d be willing to bet it took over 30). And that’s if we don’t take into account the amount of time I spent on OLDER VERSIONS OF THIS. I have been procrastinating on Fubuki’s miximax for years because I knew it would kill me. But, luckily, I’m not dead. I just wished I was a couple tens of times during the process. I hope @miyukiko​ won’t kill me either when she sees this, considering what I’ve done to her baby.

But it’s done! The result might not be the best and the rust might not help either, but this is it! Fubuki is finally done!! And, considering I have been working on this little shit for 2-3 years, I have my fair share of ideas about him. I’ll only cover one subject today, though.

Anyway, just in case anyone has never watched Digimon (which is a sin according to 8 different major religions), Fubuki is miximaxed with Gabumon, one of the main characters from Digimon Adventure, 02 and Tri! Not my personal favourite, but fairly awesome nonetheless.

As usual, more about FubuGabu under the cut.

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The Little Mermaid: The Movies

Since I am a huge fan of the tale and have seen so many versions of it shown theatrically, I thought I might share some thoughts on these select movie versions of Hans Christian Andersen’s masterful tale of The Little Mermaid. Keep in mind, these are just personal opinions of a crazy fan of the original tale. *List goes from left to right beginning at the top right corner of the pictures. Click on the title to see the film/see the film’s trailer. 

1. Malá Morská Víla (1976) ★★★★★
Probably my most favorite of the film adaptions, this Czech release closely follows Andersen’s tale while also adding a few very enjoyable twists. With beautiful music, lovely scenery, and a good dosage of humor, this movie is incredible and always brings me to tears in the end. My only complaint is the lack of fins on the mer-characters.

2. The Little Mermaid (1975) ★★★★★
This is one of the best cartoon adaption of the story there is! This sweet 1.5 hour anime cartoon is both well done and charming, with lovely music, fun animation, and a great following of the original tale. I give this film five stars not only because it brings tears at the end, but because it does so well with character development and has great additions to an already great story.

3.  Saban’s Adventures of The Little Mermaid (1991) ★★★  
The first episode of this TV series is based on Anderson’s original tale, but if that was the only episode there was, this cartoon would get much less in the stars department. The original tale is done tastefully and with great adventure, but the series itself is where the magic continues. I love the mermaid, Marina, and though her prince Justin is a bit of a fail sometimes, this really is a great series. I’d recommend it to anyone.

4.  Disney’s The Little Mermaid (1989) ★★★½
People are probably going to hate me for only giving this flick three and a half stars, but hear me out! I fell in love with this movie’s soundtrack before the movie itself and once seeing the movie, I held onto $20 for two years before it was rereleased and I could buy it. Why only three and a half stars then, you ask? Probably because the magic wore off. I still love this movie and enjoy watching it (oh the music!!!), but I think what bothers me most is how far it is removed from the original tale. Also, some of the characters get a bit annoying after a while (I can hardly stand to watch the Les Poissons portion anymore).  All-in-all though, this is a great movie, I just have found other film adaptions that are better.

5.  Shelly Duvall’s Faiere Tale Theatre: The Little Mermaid (1987) ★★★
Oh where to start? As lighthearted as the rest of her Fairie Tale theater stories, Shelly Duvall’s Little Mermaid is no different. Lighthearted with a few jokes only parents would understand, this is an enjoyable retelling with some very memorable parts (oh, the piano room scene!), but overall, it draws a little too far from the original tale for it to reach too far in the star category.

6.  Shirley Temple’s Storybook: The Little Mermaid (1961) ★★★
What can I say? This film version is adorable! Well done for 1961, this film takes almost a theatrical play sort of format as is the case in all of Shirley Temple’s Storybook movies. Though I am not a fan of her look in this film, I can’t help but adore the adorable mermaid Shirley portrays. Not all of the acting in this film is great, but I do enjoy a good mermaid film and this is one. Definitely worth a see!

7.  Rusalochka (1976) ★★★★★
I love this film! Though it is very removed from the original tale, it is so different to the point of a masterpiece!  The film twists are fantastic, the music is fun, the fashion is breathtaking, and goodness! Got to love all of the plot twists. A warning for young audiences, however, as there is very brief nudity during the mermaid transformation scene.

8.  Reader’s Digest’s The Little Mermaid (1975) ★★★★★
The mermaid is cute, the music is fun, and this follows the original story almost flawlessly. If you’re looking for a narrated film version with very few flaws, check this version out!

9.  Rusalochka (1968) ★★★★
This film was very well done and quite haunting. I think part of it has to do with the dark colors and fluid character design. Though not easily found in English, I give this film four stars for its closeness to the original tale and its haunting qualities.

10. HBO Family: The Little Mermaid (1997)
I was not a huge fan of this re-telling of the tale. I think part of it had to do with their twists to the original tale, but I think most of all, I just did not like the mermaid’s tail design. It was a creative twist, but it was distracting.

11. Magical Memories: The Little Mermaid (2011) ★★
This movie was well done with some cute humor, but it just wasn’t one of my most favorite, or one of the most memorable film retellings of this amazing original story.

12. The Little Mermaid (2007)
Heavily anchored with a non-discreet “don’t pollute” under message and an irritating song, I’ll have to say this version is only good if you want some quick entertainment for a few laughs.  

13. Hans Christian Andersen: My Life as a Fairytale (2001) ★★★★
Though this movie isn’t entirely the Little Mermaid (thus the 4 stars), it is amazing!! Though not all of the acting is great, the story, and the mermaid portion itself is so well done and so masterfully woven into the overall plot. I would definitely recommend this movie.

14. Golden Films: The Little Mermaid (2002) ★★
This version is hilarious. Though it’s not my most favorite version, it is one of the best low-budget options and totally worth a view… or more!  

15. Starlight Video: The Little Mermaid (2005) ★½
I’ve only watched this version once, and it was not one of my most favorites. Definitely not as bad as the 2007 cartoon release, but just not that memorable. 

the horse in my dreams

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Happy birthday @ragwitch !!!

Thank you so much for being you and I hope this day is filled with joy and happiness! I hope you like it! :D

“You have 2 new messages!”

Darcy tried really hard not to lunge at her phone; Jane was still there after all.

But she had messages, two new messages.

She looked at the clock surreptitiously, 2.45pm. She deflated immediately. Of course it was just Nene and Bells’ updates. Meh.

Every day since the dawn of time Bells would wake up, bat her cute blonde eyelashes and rise with her golden wings. The sun would rise and Nene would lower the moon and… possibly get into bed? She had never asked what they did after that. It wasn’t even a difficult job, they just needed to give the things a light push. The sun and moon were as self sufficient as her dawn.

She reached for her phone slowly, tapped in the pin and slammed her thumb on the ‘Gate’ app with more force than necessary.

It was a simple app, with just a big red button in the center, and it was exactly that.

Like the useless box, Gate consisted of a button that was created to be pressed at will without any real use. Unless you were Darcy, of course.

She counted the minutes slowly, and as soon as the display signaled the go ahead, swished her thumb again on the red button. A question popped up immediately. “Would you like to proceed?”

Well, yes, or Bells will destroy me… she sighed. Confirm.

“Dawn successful.”

Yay… job done. Was she supposed to feel proud? Like, yay, you pressed the correct button, dawn is coming and humanity will not suddenly wonder why the sun is up at night?

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Of All The Stars

Gif by

Pairing: Ken (Lee Jaehwan) x Reader (female)

Word Count: 3.2k+

Rating: (F) for fluff 

Summary: On a camping trip with the boys Ken plans a special evening to confess something important to you.

A/N: Well, I was planning on writing the usual sexy make out situation, but then this happened?! I’m just filled with all kinds of SOFT FEELINGS this week apparently (someone help me, he just does things to my heart). 

As soon as you said the words “camping weekend” and “road trip” you knew he’d be in. It was set to be a weekend of clear skies and the perfect mild temperature as summer blends into fall. Jaehwan grabs his phone and starts calling the other boys while you begin packing up the supplies. It’s quickly decided that you and Jae will pick up Hakyeon and Hyuk in your car while Taek drives Hongbin and Ravi in his. 

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Book Adaptations Wishlist

Let’s start with my biggest fandom that is based on a book-series. Percy Jackson and the Olympians, by Rick Riordan.

I’m one of the… very few who likes the Percy Jackson movies. Most certainly not in the sense of them being adaptations of the books. Hah. Good one. No, I view them more as “motion picture fanfiction”. I mean, damn the pretty cast they got. I love Clarisse and Chris in particular. And I will forever be grateful to the first movie because without it, I would have never in a million years found the books simply because I’m not a big reader so the only way I ever learn about books is by watching an adaptation and deeming it to be my taste.

Now, things with PJatO were a little more complicated than that. Back before the movie hit theatres, I was checking out all the releases announced for the year and among them was this. The word “Thief” in the title caught my attention because I love a good con movie or show. I clicked it and back then the link only lead to the book and a section about it getting an adaptation, so that’s how I found out it was a book adaptation. Reading the synopsis of the book, I thought it sounded pretty cool. Next step was, of course, to check the character list. Because I love Greek mythology.

Main character a son of Poseidon. That’s cool. I love elementals, particularly those with water-powers. And there, not far down, was the name that got me hooked. Nico di Angelo, son of Hades. HOLY UNDERWORLD YES. Hades is my favorite male god. That his kid was listed as one of the main characters of the series - and NOT as a bad guy, because if modern adaptations taught me one thing, it’s that American authors love to paint everything in black and white and anything related to the underworld had to be the devil.

So Nico di Angelo was why I went to see the movie. Needless to say, Nico wasn’t in it because he only joins the series later on. But I did like the movie, Percy was cute, I was still curious to meet Nico, so when I found myself on a classtrip to Munich weeks later and was dragged from store to store and ended up in a bookstore where all six books (I do count The Demigod Files as part of the original series too) were on display at the time, I impulse-bought them.

I loved them. A lot. We’re not gonna talk about Heroes of Olympus here because that will take too many hours of my time. Let’s just say I don’t love them.

But yeah, the movies are not good adaptations of the books.

Then again, personally, I think that no movie can ever properly do a book justice. You can’t take a story that unfolds in like 500 pages of book and cram it into a two hour movie. You’re forced to cut sooo much out of it. It just doesn’t work.

That’s why I’m a huge fan of this new trend of adapting books as TV shows. It’s a very good way of covering more ground, taking things slow and giving the plot its due.

I’m desperately waiting for a good Percy Jackson adaptation. But I don’t want it to be live-action, to be honest. I mean, between Grover’s furry butt, Chiron’s horse-hide, the monsters and pegasi and demigodly powers, the show would need a huge special effects budget. And that’s just not gonna happen. So it’ll look cheap as fuck. Which would be an utter shame.


I want a Percy Jackson cartoon show. I’d entrust DreamWorks with this. DreamWorks has done some amazing cartoon shows the last decade - Voltron, Dragons, Trollhunters. Particularly the cooperation with Netflix is working well for them. And with the team behind Avatar, like they’re doing with Voltron, I could REALLY envision a Percy Jackson cartoon. Imagine Percy water-bending like Katara or Korra, Nico looking like Keith in goth-clothes, I’d be dying to see that. Particularly considering that Avatar and Voltron use this beautiful 2D art style. I wouldn’t object to quality 3D like Trollhunters and Dragons, but I’d prefer 2D. I’m an old-fashioned gal like that.

To me, that would be the perfect way of adapting Percy Jackson.

Aaand I got a little lost in Percy Jackson. It happens. Oh well, I guess this is gonna be a long-ass entry then.

What I wanted to say was that I thoroughly approve of the TV show adaptation of books. I know I love Game of Thrones and Vampire Diaries and, of course as you may have noticed if you know me at all, Shadowhunters. All books I haven’t read (though I’m trying to read The Mortal Instruments. I’m just slow). I’ve just always been more of a TV-show kinda gal than a book-reader.

Now, if only they’d adapt the books that I actually love to read. That would be amazing. But somehow, I read stuff that doesn’t even get movies. Sure I read Percy Jackson and that got two failed movies, but we already covered that.

Because yes, I actually do read. Books that I haven’t met through their adaptations.

My all-time favorite book is Wicked, by Gregory Maguire.

I started reading it back in 2010 when I was doing an internship at our cozy local little bookstore - a very homey little place that was specialized on fantasy and sci-fi books. And Wicked was relatively fresh out back then and stood there in the special display and drew me in because of the green-skinned lady. I have a thing for green-skinned ladies, but that’s between me and Shego. So I started reading it during my breaks, when I had nothing else to do. Ten pages here, twenty pages there. By the time my internship ended, I was too hooked to forget about it so I bought it.

I saw its musical adaptation twice. Once in Stuttgart, the German version, and then when I was in London for the first time, the English version.

I love that musical as much as I loathe it.

The same as The Lightning Thief movie. And I mean it. Literally the same. You can view it as live-action fanfiction, but you can not with half-a-mind view it as an adaptation. It has as much to do with the book as The Lightning Thief movie had to do with The Lightning Thief book. That is to say, the characters shared the same names, but neither their behavior nor their physical appearance actually fit. And the plot, if you cook it down to a very basic one sentence summary - “Percy Jackson has to find the Lightning Thief” and “Elphaba Thropp rebels against the wizard” - fits, but do not ever dig for actual details, because those do not cover what happens in the book.

As a musical lover and someone who can view an adaptation as a separate thing from the source-material, I thoroughly love the musical. But as someone who loves that book to bits and pieces, I hate that the majority of people have only ever heard about the musical and are most likely not even aware of the book or haven’t bothered reading it and are now actually under the impression that all it is is a cheesy love-story. Which it is not. The romance is a foot-note in this long masterpiece that is basically a metaphor for the holocaust. And I will never be able to forgive the stupid fix-it shit of “Oh, Fiyero was turned into the scarecrow and they lived happily ever after”. No. They don’t. Or the fact that they turned my favorite character into a vindictive piece of crap.

(Okay, so maybe I am not as able to separate the two as I like to think, but cut me some slack they turned Elphaba’s trusted friend into a literal heartless tin-man who wants to slaughter her. What the fuck is that even.)

And I got lost again.

So, yes, I want a Wicked adaptation done right. A TV-show. After all, this is a book that literally covers her entire life, from birth to death. It tells a pretty long  story and I’d like to see it done right, instead of turned into a high school musical love drama, as the musical did. Not to mention I want to see the polyamorous relationship between Elphaba’s parents and Turtle Heart, maybe if we take more time for her childhood, we’d get more feels for the threesome too. Her two gay friends Crope and Tibbett. Her own “maybe not quite just friends” with Glinda. Her bisexual son who was entirely cut out of the musical. I mean, maybe we cut the girl out who married the Cowardly Lion, but uh they never had sex because she was a rape survivor who had no interest of ever having sex again - perhaps was even asexual, though it was never explicitely stated in the books - and only married him for safety reasons and all that did connect them was deep friendship?

I’d also like to mention my favorite book-series - while Wicked is my favorite book and its direct sequel Son of a Witch might be the only book I ever read within a literal day because I couldn’t put it down, the third and fourth books were a little on the… drawn out and exhausting side of things.

The Bartimaeus-series by Jonathan Stroud.

Bartimaeus is my favorite book-series, because it is - from start to finish - perfection. And Bartimaeus himself is a sassy little shit. We’d definitely need voice-over narration to not forget his sass. Can’t decide if I’d want it as a cartoon or as a live-action show though. But either way, I’d kiss the feet of the person who would fucking finally decide to adapt that book-series. I mean, seriously, among all the many, many shows and all the many, many adaptations these days, how has no oneever thought about giving this book any form of adaptation? It deserves it. It really does deserve a good adaptation.

And then there’s just one more. My favorite childhood books.

The Woodland Folk, by Tony Wolf.

I don’t think many people have ever even heard of this. It’s from an Italian author and as a child, I only owned two out of the twelve books that existed. But they were my most often read books. I knew them by heart, literally.

I later on, as a teen, bought the missing ten books on the internet and devoured them.

Those books are the reason I got hooked on fantasy, why I am obsessed with fairies and mermaids and witches. Tony Wolf’s illustrations in those books are the reason I always wanted to draw. They are beautiful and sweet and they would make for an amazing cartoon.

I know out of all of those books on this wish-list, this is the one that’s most far-out-there and will probably never happen, but I’d be ridiculously happy if it did.

Habits of My Heart: Chapter 7

This chapter was kinda difficult for me to write. I find it hard to believe that the awful comments Sharna received all season didn’t affect her at all. I’m sure she probably talked to others, but for this story’s purposes she talked to James of course :) Rest of the chapters are found in the tags!

It finally happened. The elimination several people on her social media accounts had been waiting for. On one hand, the competitor in her was disappointed, but on the other hand, she couldn’t help but embrace the relief she felt now that it was over. It was clear from the beginning of the week that her and her partner were never meant to click. She had a hard time wrapping her head around it; usually, the further she and her celebrity got in the competition, the closer they became. In this case, however, it was the opposite. She didn’t want to place any of the blame on him, especially with how they were treated on their last night, but then she’d seen how he talked about her and the show in an interview just a few days later. That, coupled with the way people were talking about her on social media as if it was her fault they got sent home, or that they agreed that this elimination was way overdue, infuriated her to say the least.

She debated texting him to ask if he was busy before she requested to video chat, but decided she would try calling him first and then send a message asking him to call her back if he didn’t answer.

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