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hello here are some colored sketches I did today and I’m shamelessly smashing two things I like together

lmao where do I even start?? so this is like a Miraculous Ladybug/Hunter X Hunter mash up.

There is a lot of info so if you want to read, look below the cut. Some other versions of the masquerade ball picture are below too!

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Commissions are now open!

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Commissions page has been updated! Contact me at my email if you would like a commission!

  • will draw: OCs, any fandoms, any ships, softcore NSFW or gore
  • won’t draw: underage ships, anthros
  • Prices can be negotiable, for example if what you’re asking is easy to draw then I may lower the price
  • Prices will also vary if there are backgrounds involved
  • Payment is via paypal only.
  • A link to the payment via paypal will be sent to you by e-mail once the sketch is approved
  • Drawings can take up to 1 to 2 weeks to complete, depending on the commission. If a deadline must be met, please let me know beforehand!
  • I’m open for any follow up questions! So drop me a message or e-mail me :D

In your email, I will need info regarding:

  • Type of commission (sketch, full colour, etc)
  • Description (bust/waist up/full body, character(s), coloring, etc)
  • Deadline (if there is one)

.:: Master Nindarhmen Lavellan’s wardrobe ::.

Nin loves warm colours and will prefer wearing oranges and yellows, which match his eyes.

Fabric-wise, he prefers his pants and shirts light (linen, mostly) and his jackets a bit heavier (like velvet).

(click through, the pictures are captioned!)


NCT WRITE WRITE 2017 - All you need to know in 2 helpful pictures. [click for high-res]

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Less than 3 weeks to the start of prompting season! We hope you’ll all be there to participate! In the meantime, please help us spread the word!

More info on how and when to prompt coming up soon.

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Hey fellow GTLivers! I’ve been drawing these little doodles of Steph for the past few streams. You can see which streams they are from by clicking on the pictures o: I’m uploading these on twitter while the streams are live (on the days I can watch), so if you wanna see them right away, you can follow me there :) Here’s my twitter account

I’m also offering some sketch commissions in this style at the moment, you can find more infos here!


lol so I’ve finalyl released my designs for the next gen. I hope they’re nice to look at v///v; Reblog to support me if you’d like. I just want to know if they are cool lmfaooooo XD; Click on the pictures to expand them and read a little more info. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST-REBLOG INSTEAD!! :)  

I like theseeeee so much x////x; I would love to see them drawn in others’ styles. vuv~ 


Hex-  Nathan West.
Height: 5 ft 1 in.
Age: 15

The Love Child of Kid Flash and Jinx-He is a constant reminder that redemption of evil is possible. His mother being an ex-villain gives him lots of insights on how the criminal mind works. He may look like his mother, but he mostly acts like his father. He is fairly confident and has a bright disposition and positive outlook on life. His superpowers include flashes of light and beams of energy like his mother, but sometimes he can run really fast like his father in very short bursts. He cannot sustain that running skill for very long. He can transform into flashes of light if he runs really fast. His favorite color is pink and will always tell you that it is a manly color.

Agent- Samson Stone.
Height: 6 ft 0 in.
Age: 16

Samson is an adopted son to Cyborg. Cyborg could not have children, but decided to adopt Samson after deeply connecting with him after a mission. Samson is very level-headed and mellow. He is very much like a gentle giant. He enjoys technology and music and frequently has earbuds in his ears. He is fully human-but wears a tech suit his Father and him have built. His arms have the classic Sonic canon that cyborg wields-But also can push out blades from the side for slashing. His censor is built into his visor-He can read heat signatures and pull up GPS in front of his eyes. Samson has a habit of saying “booyah!” He enjoys children and loves to play videogames. He can fly with jets and he builds robots in his spare time.

Starshine- Kara Grayson.
Height: 5 ft 6 in.
Age: 19

The team leader, she has a level-head and speaks eloquently. Inheriting her father’s leadership skills, and her mother’s cheerful disposition, Starshine is the most compassionate of the group. Starshine makes hard decisions at times, which her teammates respect her for. She has super agility and has all the powers her mother had before her-and she absolutely loves visits home to planet Tamaran. She talks like a normal, average earth teen, unlike her mother, and is the only other person besides Starfire to see her father’s face without his mask. She is good at keeping secrets and her teammates often confide in her.

Beastia- Rora Logan.
Height: 5 ft. 3 in.
Age: 17

The first child to Beastboy and Raven, Beastia had a dramatic first encounter in the world. She takes after her father the most, and uses her powers to shapeshift into shadows and animals alike, sometimes morphing into a combination of the two. She can shadow jump from shadow to shadow and phase through objects. She doesn’t have much skill in telekinesis like her mother or brother, nor can she fly unless she is transformed into an animal that can achieve flight. Beastia has minor healing abilities and some foresight into the future. She is mostly withdrawn, and is very hard on herself unfortunately. She enjoys being support, and doesn’t like the limelight or being a leader. She deeply loves her family.

Entity- Galen Logan.
Height: 5 ft. 0 in.
Age: 15

Entity is the second child born to Beastboy and Raven, and is much more powerful than his older sister. He can shapeshift, but he chooses to mostly use magic. He does not have healing abilities, but can fly and teleport and shadow jump. However, his morphing abilities do not stop there. He can immitate voices and people and can even transform into different people with a combination of magic and his shapeshifting for a short amount of time. He is very strong but weak to peer pressure and temptation. He is the most emotional of the group and can have a hot head. He enjoys videogames and plays them often with Agent. He doesn’t understand sarcasm and it goes right over his head. Entity likes to improve his magic and will get stronger by any means…

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how do you make userboxes ?

A simple question with a simple answer.

You’re going to need to go here.

When you do, you’ll get a webpage like this:

If you want fancy colors that aren’t in the “Select Color Schemes” tab, you’ll need html hex colors. Google now has an html color picker! Just search “html color picker”. You’ll get this:

Once you have your pretty colors picked out, type whatever you want the box to say in the info box.

You should have this:

Now, for the picture!

You’ll need a direct link of an image of whatever you want. Preferably, something square. I got a Miu icon from here.

(If you find an image and need a direct link, right-click the image and hit “open in new tab”.)

Now, copypaste the following into the ID box:

<img src=“yourimageurlhere” width=“45px” height=“45px”></img>

Where it says “yourimageurlhere”, put your image url. Do not delete the quotes!

You’ll get this:

Finish by taking a screen capture, and cropping out your userbox.

That’s it!


💖💖🎈🍭👉 FOR SALE 👈 🍭🎈💖💖

Please read everything before messaging!

🍓 Click pictures to view captions for prices (they’ll be under the cut too). Feel free to ask for more pictures or more info (like if they have tags, their year, etc).

🍓 I only ship in the U.S. and I only take payments thru paypal.

🍓 Listed prices do not include shipping. Message me with what you want to buy + your zip code to get an estimated shipping cost.

🍓 Please use the IM system, it’s easier for me! Either on here or on my main blog @bugpunk​ (please don’t send messages to both).

🍓 EVERYTHING COMES FROM A PET + SMOKE FRIENDLY HOME though most things have been stashed away in storage for quite some time.

🍓 It could take me up to 3 weeks to send out packages so please please consider this before messaging. I can always wait for you to send the payment as long as you’re a serious buyer (don’t ask me to wait or hold an item if you are just “considering”). I can usually get things out by the end of the week on Fridays but due to things out of my control it can sometimes take longer. It’s totally understandable to not want to wait that long but please don’t bother inquiring if it’s going to be a problem (I don’t mind keeping in contact/keeping you updated during this time though).

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Happy birthday to Jinguji~!! 🎉 myhusbandilysm💞💗

Originally posted by zacksfairest

“I think its okay to have a lot of romances. It’s part of experiencing life but marrying only once is nice. I can spend my whole life with this person. I believe romance exists in order to meet a person like that.”

–Ren Jinguji, ASAS booklet


Words describing Ren: flirty, passionate, eccentric, fiery, adventurous, cunning, relaxed


Basic info:

Height: 183cm

Weight: 63kilos

Blood type: B

Birthday: February 14th

Zodiac: Aquarius ♒️

Instrument: Saxophone


“I acted cold but I really wanted to hug you, hold your hand and kiss you, I want to lend you a shoulder whenever you cry.”

–Ren Jinguji, UtaPri Repeat, Along with a Cantabile Kiss(Maji Love End)


Ren’s aesthetics~


Ren admires all things Mediterranean- the cuisine, culture, locations, languages, beaches, activities- he has a thing especially for Italy.

He enjoys photography so a good birthday gift would be a camera. He randomly clicks pictures and puts them either in an album or he would create a “picture wall”, on it you’d find sceneries, animals, candid pictures of his s/o and some pictures of him and his friends to name a few.

He likes to pack his bags and fly/drive off to any place out of the the blue. He sees no reason as to why someone should not travel; its one of his passions.

Mr. Fashion expert, his wardrobe is goals and he is one to use the phrase “I swear on my Chanel” when jokingly defending himself. He also wouldn’t mind running a blog on fashion and his aesthetics.

He once joked that he should write a novel on all his “love-filled” adventures with ladies. Syo groaned and replied that such a book would never finish.

His cooking would send you to heaven. He enjoys spicy food and can cook a variety of cuisines, he doesn’t mind desserts either but he is not a fan of chocolate.

I also have this headcanon where Ren knows how to play the saxophone part in George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” by heart. Just enough to swoop away your heart eh? ;)

Romeo here is also aware of the language of flowers so the next time he sends you an exquisite and intricate bouquet, make sure to google the flowers and their meanings ~

His Hogwarts house is Gryffindor or alternatively, Slytherin


“Don’t go!”

–Ren Jinguji, UtaPri Repeat, Whimsical Score(December)



Also known as the “European Standard Tank,” the Europanzer project started in 1955 to France and Germany’s American models and fit more precisely their collective requirements. The design emphasized mobility and firepower as both countries estimated that modern rounds rendered heavy RHA armour useless. Superior range and accuracy combined with a better speed and maneuverability were to compensate for a lack of protection.

In 1963 the French prototype was evaluated in Germany. These were refined in 1963 into the Standard-Panzer and the AMX-30. Both countries eventually decided to built their own tanks due to too much specification divergences and other considerations. The Standard-Panzer became the blueprint for the e Leopard I in 1964.

Click the pictures for more info.



Hello, guys! As you know, Jackson’s birthday is coming (March 28) and, to celebrate it, some philippines jackys/ahgases got together and created this incredible project. Their main goal is to help Jackson conquer the world as they show a digital birthday advertisement for his birthday in one of the prime advertising spots in Metro Manila. However, in order to make this happen, donations are necessary, so they’re asking for our help. Please, let’s make this happen. Jackson deserves it! Also, there are packages/gifts involved, how you can see in the second and third picture. For more info and to donate, click here.


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as some of you may know, j-shawols collected over 900 lightsticks for canadian shawols who were not able to get their own. @shineecanada has released information regarding the distribution of these light sticks which can be read above; click here for a high resolution version of the picture. distribition will start at 5pm venue local time on the day of the event. only one fanlight per person! the supply is limited, so get them while you can! they are also looking for batery donations. make sure to follow @shineecanada on twitter for updates!

Reality   By: Y. Black

New tale I’m sharing as a sample let me know what you think.

I swear on everything, how many times do I need to put my information in, just to confirm I want to do this trip? I’ve only saved the last 3 and a half years. I’ve dreamed of this for so long. Ever since the first time I watched the infomercial that highlighted the perks and destinations that this incredible voyage would venture and offer. I was ready for this journey right now, but confirming my info and payment with my retina, I still had 18 months to pack.

As soon as the payment was confirmed, my inbox chimed and I accessed the confirmation number that was promised to me. I clicked the new message titled Moonlight Mariner. I spun my chair around and gazed upon the hologram that was centered in the room. My excitement was overflowing as I watched the translucent picture come to life before my eyes.

“Hello Justice Cooper, I am Cynthia. I will be your personal host as we prepare to embark on your amazing journey aboard the Moonlight Mariner. First, I would like to thank you for choosing Moonlight. We specialize in making your travel dreams a reality. Based on the questionnaire that you filled out, as well as a quick scan of your interest in your histories, in addition to your frequent spending habits; I was able to comprise a catalogue of several excursions that I am sure you will love.”

“Wow.” I was completely elated.

“Wow, indeed Mr. Cooper. Or do you prefer Justice?

“Oh, ummm… well Justice is fine, I suppose.” I was astounded, I mean I had heard about interactive holograms, but never had I encountered one. I was utterly in awe, to say the least. “Your name is Crystal correct?”

“No sir, my name is Cynthia.”

“Apologies, I’m not very good with names.”

“No worries Justice, I am sure we will become well acquainted over the next several months.”

I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant, but she had piqued my interest considerably. At this point, my excitement was palpable. I mean I knew what I had signed up for but I never imagined I would have my own personal hologram delivered right here in my very own living quarters. Desmond wouldn’t believe me if I told him. Hell, he’d probably shun me. He thought I was completely crazy for even wanting to take the voyage. But guess who gave zero fucks about what Desmond thought of my desire to take the trip? That’s right, Me. I wasn’t going to share my experience with him, and the last thing I needed was a Debbie Downer trying to rain on my parade.

Cynthia downloaded a countdown/preparation calendar into my pod, that she posted on the wall just outside the kitchen. Our interaction left a gigantic smile on my face, a bit of uncertainty in my stomach, and a million questions I wasn’t sure I could or was even ready to ask. Being a realist with optimistic ways and an expert dreamer, I just let the blocks land as they may.

That night I kept having thoughts of this Cynthia character. Was she a real person? How did she get that job if she was? Would I actually get to meet her in person? I wonder if she will be onboard the journey?  My thoughts gradually became more unfiltered and unhinged. After pondering for what felt like hours, I decided to turn in before I questioned myself into an aneurism.

Upon entry of my sleep chamber I was presented with several dream options.

Desmond bullying in childhood

Mom’s funeral

Revenge on Desmond

The Moonlight Mariner


I wanted to choose the Moonlight but curiosity was said to kill the most curious of cats and Cynthia had more than stirred the interest within me. I donned my breathing mask and was out before my eyelids had a chance to properly shut. My mind was a very vivid place, so it only heightened with my chamber’s direction. Contrarily, Desmond still slept the traditional way. He wasn’t a dreamer like I was. He and I shared DNA, but that was about as much as we had in common. But he was my brother and though we rarely saw eye to eye, he was all I had, and I loved him for it.


I stood at the foyer of my pod complex. I had just exited my Uber Xtreme and as it whisked away my gaze summoned at the sound of my name. There she stood. She had a shimmering caramel skin tone, and dark locks that fell just below her shoulders. Her eyes shined like the fullest moon on the dimmest night. She was dressed in active wear as though she had just returned from working out at the gym. Everything in my immediate vicinity became still, virtually lifeless. I could feel my cheeks give way to a fleeting smile of adoration. As she drew nearer I extended my hand but was knocked for six as she leapt into my arms.

“Justice, I’ve missed you so.”, she said as she nestled into my neck. The familiarity she exuded was one I couldn’t quite put my finger on, she continued, “I knew you were going to be gone but those extra two days really did a number on me. Were you able to accomplish everything that you needed?”

“Yes, I was.  Desmond needed my help with the farm. It also gave me some much needed time with my niece and nephews.” I went back home about three times a year. I had been in Upper Miami for almost a decade now. I left there not much longer after I had graduated. Desmond was a traditionalist like I mentioned. He took after Pops in that regard. Mom was the one who had dared me to dream and be great. He despised the wave of new. But I often joked about his beach farm in Orlando. Global warming had the real Miami disappear well over two centuries ago. There were modern day Atlantis like cities that littered the globe these days. If you should ever have the time you should visit, they are amazing. Upper Miami was created along with many other Upper’s to combat the inevitable rising tides of the world’s oceans. It was located 6 miles above the earth’s crust. It was quite a genius idea at the time it was created. It provided relief to humanities most imminent threats outside of the Ice Age. Most times I used the Upper Community Transit, or UTC to get back and forth to the farm.  Well, UTC to the crust, then four hours on a vessel then another hour by electric motor vehicle. In total the trip was about 8 and half hours.

“I’m sure they missed you so much.”

“As I have missed them. They are growing so fast these days.” I was ready to have kids of my own but my dating life had been a recurring epic failure. Desmond often tried to make my dating life a topic of discussion. He never was open enough to explore how I had and frankly, I had no desire to try and enlighten him. “What did you miss of me?” I probed Cynthia. More for myself and information as to our interaction rather than truly wanting to know. It was as if I was trying to piece together an unsolved mystery at this point.  

“Well Mr. Cooper, I missed seeing your smile, and waking you up in the morning, in the special way you like” She raised an eyebrow and pursed her lips while gaving me a sassy smirk. As we made eye contact, I felt my groin tighten. She continued, “I missed asking how your day was and inviting you over for dinner.” I was beginning to get a picture of what this was. “You know, you are my favorite human right?”

I was thrown a bit. I was almost certain Cynthia was the real thing. Yet she was a droid. I guess it only made sense as she was too perfect. From her glamourous looks that allured me, to the way she knew my comforts. Never had a soul come close to that nor had they ever shown this much interest in me. “Well Cynthia, you are my favorite too.” I kissed her on the check and my dream concluded.

I woke up refreshed as I always did but I was filled with many questions that pleaded for answers. I knew that I’d be plagued for hours on end. The most pressing of those questions was whether she was like me or if she was truly a droid. As I worked that day, I couldn’t help but wonder who was who at Horizons Water facility. In an effort to smooth integration, the company had within the last year hired 150 new employees, but hadn’t stated if the new employees were droid or humanoid. I kept my distance though, as I’d recently been disappointed by a droid, to say the least.

At Horizon, I worked in the lab. It was here where I would test the Ph and salinity content of water extracted from the clouds below. I only associated with a handful of people who were tenured at this point. Phil and I had grown close as we had gone through orientation together, and here it was, five years in and counting. He worked on the other side of the plant where he did purification of the samples extracted.  Resources have become an even hotter commodity and new ways to produce more with less have been the latest trend. Being somewhat on the cutting edge suited me well. I was always conscious of my footprint, even as a youngin’ I was keen on recycling. Even more so, how I could help with the issues that the plagued the world.

Albeit all my pushing Cynthia to the back burner did nothing, she consumed every vacant moment that my mind had. My commute was consumed of her prancing through the innards of my mind. The Uber ride home was monotonous as my chamber had an uncanny ability to tie my dreams into my reality. That being said, part of me was anxious. Having that blurred line of recalling her presence upon my arrival, I couldn’t help but pause. It was almost as if I was waiting to hear my name called in the lovely tone that only her melodic voice could hum.


Kuroo & Kenma’s random info from Cross Team Match~
(List isn’t complete just yet!)

Note: Click on the picture to see the caption!



  • He spends like half of the game avoiding Kageyama (who wants to ask him for pointers) and Hinata (who wants to ask him for tossing practice)
  • Kuroo says that Kenma is their precious setter.
  • Kuroo is also surprised that Kenma oddly agreed to play volleyball with him (since Kenma usually spend times playing games in his room)
  • Kenma thinks the mosquitoes hate him since they always bite him (even when he hangs around with Kuroo). The protagonist thinks otherwise lol.
  • Kenma’s never gotten a failing mark and usually Kuroo teaches him before exams.
  • He wants to be shorter since he doesn’t want to stand out.
  • He’s mercilessly targeting every reward during festival until Yachi comments he’s like a real sniper and Kageyama watches jealously..
  • Kuroo always mocks Kenma’s favourite food (apple pie) although, Kenma says Kuroo’s favourite food is also weird.
  • He calls us lifesaver for bringing a charger lol (and Hinata doesn’t understand bc he can go on without phone for days.). 
  • Kenma’s the type of gamer who plays all versions of a game (He doesn’t specify the title but he said the two versions had different contents so I’m guessing it’s like playing both Fire Emblem Fates version idk lol)


How to differentiate a mackerel pike:

(Others: Masterlist || Video Playlist)


After E3, more stuff on the Japanese end of P5 has been revealed. We now have more info on Cooperation, which is the successor to Social Links.

The tarot cards have a darker tone to them, which reflects the nature of the game, and feature all-new designs for the Arcanas, along with French names for each. Click on the pictures for bios on the first wave of Cooperation members.


day 1/8 | tomarry christmas special 🎄

To take you where you are most needed,” he reads, but Harry is too busy staring up at the man he killed over half a year ago. “What a load of rubbish.  Is this a Zonko’s product?”

expect a lot more of this for the next scheduled eight days! :D explanations and more info for this are under the cut, but it’s really long, so i’m warning you on that. also, click on the pictures to see them in full hd!

[ full view ]

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anonymous asked:

Idk if this is really dumb but... how can I tell how many px wide my photo is? If I can? (Idek if that makes sense!!) Sorry about this weird question as thank you in advance! ,:-)

so on photoshop you can go to image > image size to see how big it is!! or on a mac if you right click a picture and click “get info” it will show the dimensions!! 

also for the anon who said: Okay I hope you don’t mind me asking this… I saw the ask you answered about dashboard pictures needing to be 540px wide, what would you recommend for the height for landscape gameplay pictures?? I can’t work it out haha. 

sorry i don’t have any particular dimensions i use! it depends on what ratio you like the crop the picture - if you resize to 540 with photoshop you can link it so it’ll resize the height accordingly

ssselcouth  asked:

How hard was it for u to get tickets? I'm trying tmr!!! So excited for you!!!!!

Thanks! It was honestly easier than expected but I know uk dates are different than us! Some tips though make sure your Ticketmaster account is up to date and all the info like your card is already in! I also installed an ad blocker on chrome that helped with captchas so instead of having to click on pictures and waste my time with it I just had to click that I wasn’t a bot. Also I hit refresh on the page with like 4 seconds left on the countdown so I got to them the split second it opened
I don’t know if any of this aided in me getting them but I did all I could and it worked somehow.
Good luck to you I know it’s super stressful my heart was beating so fast when I did it!