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I’ve been talking about the post about my clothes and this is it! This is the post!

I chose my favourite clothes and clothes that I have something to say about and divided them to groups. I also threw in some accessories since apparently someone was interested in those too? So no, this is definitely not all my clothes and accessories but at least I tried my best in taking pretty photos of the ones I chose. I wrote captions to each photo (click them and you’ll see them) but if you have questions or anything about any of the clothes then feel free to message me.

If you read the captions you probably noticed that lots of these things are thrifted. What I have wanted to say for the longest time is that you CAN dress inspired by Japanese street fashion WITHOUT buying from Japanese brands or without buying all that amazing stuff you see on the internet. If you are on budget I definitely recommend thrifting, you can find the most amazing and unique pieces when doing that. I’d totally buy more pretty things from Japanese brands too if I could afford it but I think my collection of clothes is pretty nice anyway even when I have like. 3 items from brands haha.

Also yes I have been making clothes as a hobby since I was 12 and for the past 1,5 years I have been in a school to become a dressmaker so I know how to make a bit more complicated clothes like the ones in this post. A lot of the accessories are made by me too but I couldn’t write that in the captions since I had to keep them short uh.

I hope you will respect the time and effort I spent on this post and will not delete my caption, thank you very much. ♡

Chapter I - His Second Choice

 “Roses are red, violets are blue, my love life’s a mess and I couldn’t care less” Hana frowned at the text she just read out loud then averted her gaze to her best friend who was nodding proudly at the poem she apparently wrote for Hana.

“Aren’t I the best writer?” Kim Hyeri asked wiggling her eyebrows.

Hana rolled the paper that contained the ridiculous contents and started hitting her so called best friend. “Ah—ouch—ah!” the mischievous girl complaint trying to dodge Hana’s aimless hits.

“Yah Kim Hyeri is this only thing you came for huh?”

Hyeri laughed before she bit her lip and nodded.

“Aish!!!” Hana hissed. It’s so tempting to hit this girl sometimes she blabbered in her mind but instead of doing so Hana grabbed the rug she placed down and started wiping the counter again.

Hyeri came over the coffee shop Hana works at. It was only after the morning rush hour when she came while Hana was cleaning up the spilled coffee droplets on the counter. “You’re so annoying” Hana muttered

“Awww you’re always so sweet, Hana-sshi.”

Hana rolled her eyes.

“At least I visit you at work though. I don’t see your boyfriend around”

“He’s going to come over actually” Hana replied in triumph.

Hyeri played with the tissue box as she frowned. “Are you sure he won’t take that friend of his?” Hana stopped in her tracks before she blinked avoiding eyes with Hyeri’s as silence engulf the both of them. Hyeri looked at her best friend in pity, she was about to say something when the bells from the door jingled softly making the both girls turned their attention at the intruder.

Hana’s eyes lit up when it was met by Jungkook’s. She waved at him as he returned a smile and waved back but almost immediately Hana’s smile faltered when a familiar girl walked by his side. Hyeri was watching everything and couldn’t help but scoffed.

“Hey guys!”  The girl who was walking with Jungkook greeted as they reached the counter where Hana and Hyeri stood.

“Pfft… well I’m gonna go. I don’t need to exchange pretentious greetings here” Hyeri muttered, enough to be heard as she shuffled from the counter and headed towards the door. “Adios!” she called back before her voice was muffled when the glass door closed.

“So…!” Hana started. “Hey Yuri” she greeted at the confused girl from Hyeri’s short monologue. Yuri was sat on a stool leaning on the counter Hana just wiped. “Hey” Yuri replied and gave Hana a genuine smile; making Hana feel irked as she wanted to dislike the girl but she couldn’t. Yuri was too nice—too oblivious, Hana feel guilty to dislike her.

“Where you guys had been?” Hana asked

“Nowhere, we thought we’d visit you working” Jungkook replied as he gave you a peck on the cheek then took the empty stool next to Yuri; who let out a squeak at the skin ship Jungkook and Hana shared.

“You guys are so cute!” Yuri exclaimed unaware of the cold barrier separate the couple. Hana coughed to cover the awkward aura building up. “Do you guys want anything?”

“Ohh just green tea for me please”

“Same as her” Jungkook muttered

Hana narrowed her eyes before faking a grin at the two. “Coming right up” she turned around scribbling on the pad she had on her left hand as she entered the kitchen. Her co-worker looked up at Hana. “Is there an order?”

“Here” she handed the piece of paper from her notepad to her co-worker. Hana sighed as she looked through the small window that divides the kitchen and the café. All she could see was Jungkook and Yuri talking, something ached inside her though as the both of them were laughing.

“What could they be talking about?” Hana whispered to herself as she tilted her head, intrigued.


Sunset came and that was Hana’s shift over, she was walking home, exhausted when her phone buzzed indicating a social media notification.

Hana raised her eyebrows as she read the notification; ‘Park Yuri tagged you in a photo: spent my afternoon at a lovely café with my favourite couple’ Hana clicked on the photo and saw a selca of Yuri and Jungkook at the front as the both of them point at her in the background.

Are they supposed to be the couple? Hana grumbled as she shoved her phone back to her bag. 



 I will try to get Chapter 2 up by tomorrow~