click on the link to hear them

This kind of post has been done before and a thousand times more on Youtube, but because I felt like it here is just a little collection of the voice actors of the Homeworld Gems we’ve seen so far and the Off Color gems singing/talking. 

I unfortunately was not able to find any videos of Jasper, Aquamarine, Topaz or Rhodonite’s voice actors singing, so instead I provided links of them talking.

Yellow Diamond - Patti Lupone

Blue Diamond - Lisa Hannigan

The Rubies - Charlyne Yi

Yellow and Blue Pearl - Deedee Magno-Hall

Jasper/Carnelian/Skinny Jasper - Kimberly Brooks

Zoo Amethysts - Michaela Dietz

Holly Blue Agate - Christine Pedi (song doesn’t start until 2:40 mark) (also click here to hear her rap)

Aquamarine - Della Saba

Topaz - Martha Higareda

Yellow and Blue Zircon - Amy Sedaris (she doesn’t come in until 2:09 mark)

Rutile - Ashly Burch

Rhodonite - Enuka Okuma

Padparadscha - Erica Luttrell 

Fluorite - Kathleen Fisher

And as a bonus, have Bismuth’s voice actor singing opera.

Long Distance (Chapter Six)

Oh my god you guys, the fluff in this chapter is ridiculous. I mean honestly, we’ve basically lost any semblance of a plot and the three of them spend all their time texting and video-ing and it’s so fluffy oh my god.

Can’t wait to hear what you guys think lol

All the AMAZING ART for this chapter provided by my darling @latelierderiot​. I love her and you guys should too. Click on the links in the fic to see the pics, otherwise visit her page!!!!


Enjoy :)

{Group Chat}

From Bucky– Tony honey sorry I missed our video call this morning, had to be up early to help get the team on the road

From Tony– they don’t take you with them on the road? But who keeps the boys from eating cheeseburgers and getting fat instead of working out

From Steve– sweetheart, bucky is usually the one bringing the cheeseburgers. That’s why they don’t take him on trips anymore

From Bucky– I resent that. Anyway, babe just wanted to check in, I know you have a busy day today.

From Tony– not too busy to text you guys, no worries

From Bucky– that’s great. I was going to text you all day whether you were busy or not

From Tony– stuck in the office all day. Tried that new mocha mint drink from the coffee shop down the street and spilt it down the front of myself. Don’t have any extra clothes, so I get to sit in my office all day until everyone leaves.

From Steve– honey that’s awful! Can’t Pepper bring you a shirt?

From Bucky– I can’t stop laughing

From Tony– bucky you’re an ass

From Steve– bucky you’re an ass

From Steve– spending the day grading, no classes so I’ve got to get caught up

From Tony– that sucks, artist man. You definitely need to find something better to do with your time.

From Steve– why don’t you send me a picture Tony, maybe that will give me something better to do

From Tony– oh my professor. Should I wear my glasses and tie?

From Steve– oh honey, yes please

From Bucky– hey guys maybe take it off group chat if you’re going to start talking gross

From Tony– you don’t want a picture of me in a school uniform Bucky? My feelings are hurt.

From Bucky– does the school uniform include a plaid miniskirt? Cuz I’m on board for that

From Steve– Bucky! Omg Tony ignore him.

From Tony– I am completely scandalized right now. Scandalized and horrified. Who are these boys I’m texting? Deviants.

From Steve–…. On second thought, I don’t hate the skirt idea

From Bucky– hell yeah!

From Tony– wtf you two

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Fabulous Olicity Fanfic Friday - March 31st, 2017

Originally posted by foreverlostinliterature

Happy Friday! So this is my attempt to both thank awesome fanfic writers for their amazing work and offer my recommendations to anyone who is interested. Here are the fantastic fanfic stories I read this week! Click on the titles to get the links! They are posted in the order I read them. 

Can’t Turn Away From Your Light by @wherethereissmoak - Post 5x17 fic - Thea Queen arrives at the hospital after hearing about Oliver’s torture at the hands of Prometheus. Felicity won’t let Oliver reject everyone.

Show Me Where It Hurts (Will You Make it Okay?) by @bisexuallaurellance - Set immediately post-5x17. Felicity patches Oliver up.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words (And Other True Sayings) multi-chapter by @so-caffeinated - All-in-all, it’s the best kidnapping experience Felicity’s had so far by a lot. So, it’s kind of an epic surprise when the fallout from it is so, so much worse.

In Another Life (I Could be Your Man) multi-chapter by @angelicmisskitty - Their lives couldn’t be more different - and yet Oliver can’t take his eyes off the beautiful blonde woman that leaves the subway every morning at 7.43am. There is something about her that makes him look up every morning - something that also makes him aware he’ll never be good enough for her, or that she’d even notice him. He had no idea how much his life would change the day he rushed over to help her…Olicity AU - no Lian Yu, no saving the city (at least not in the way we know from Arrow :D ) LOVE LOVE, LOVE!

The Glasses by @anthfan - Post 5x17 fic - Picks up after the credits.

Dark to Light by @geneshaven - Post 5x17 fic Aftermath of Chase’s torture

Destroy me by @graffitisherlock - Post 5x17 Basically missing scene from 5.17, I guess? It could also be considered spec for 5.18.

Olicity’s Nervous Ask Out Scene multi-chapter(?) by @hisgirlfelicity - Oliver’s asks Felicity out Season 3 - Super sweet (Couldn’t figure out a way to link it back so I had to link to my blog)

Demon Between My Thighs, Making me High by @nightkeepyr for Olicity Valentine’s Smut-a-thon - Prompt: “Can I keep you?” This is a continuation of/sequel to ‘Dark angel in my ear’. 

Untitled List by @cruzrogue for Olicity Valentine’s Smut-a-thon - Oliver finds a list Felicity never meant for him to see - Very Hot!!

A Touch Unlike Any Other multi-chapter by @mel-loves-all  - Olicity Regency - The Earl of Archer out for the first time in a long time - LOVE THIS.

I May Be An Idiot But I’m Not Stupid by @wherethereissmoak - Based on the prompts “I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid” and “Who gave you you that black eye?” Set in season 3, a different take on the whole Cooper episode.

To Sacrifice the Sun multi-chapter by @emmilynestill - Oliver and Felicity are ARGUS agents working on a mission in Mexico, the two share some very important history.

Keep it Professional multi-chapter by @mogirl97 - Oliver is assigned to be Felicity’s bodyguard

Beaten and Broken, Still I Rise by @hopedreamlovepray - Post 5x17 fic What happened with OTA after the credits rolled

I Like Watching You Do That by @alanna-the-lionheart - Set early in Season 4 VERY HOT fic about Felicity’s reaction to Oliver on the salmon ladder

A Day in the Life multi-chapter by @tdgal1 - Felicity Smoak is an MIT graduate and assistant to Oliver Queen.   Suddenly she is his pretend girlfriend and in the spotlight.  Oliver Queen needs a girlfriend to get rid of an obsessive former lover and to please his parents. Fluffy, funny, happiness!

In My Daughter’s Eyes multi-chapter by @smkkbert - Oliver and Felicity are parents following a teenage pregnancy, they balance family life with school and I love it!

As Easy As Falling multi-chapter by @charlinert - Felicity has just received tragic news when she meets Oliver, I believe there is hope, highly recommend but you will cry but not every chapter!

Redemption multi-chapter by @vaelisamaza Oliver returns for being with the League after five - this story gets better and better - you should be reading this!

Broth for the Broken by @wherethereissmoak - Based on the prompt - “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?” Post 5x17 short drabble

Time for a Story multi-chapter by @smkkbert - This fic shows Olicity and their life as a (married) couple with family. Although Olicity (and their kids) are the protagonists, other characters of Arrow and Flash make appearances.

Running Ch 5 and Ch 6 multi-chapter @geneshaven - Oliver and Felicity are on the run, set in Season 5.

You Make Me Stutter by @felicityollies - After Oliver stumbles upon some videos on Felicity’s computer, he discovers they have a shared fantasy and it’s time for them to play it out.

Favourite Things by @wherethereissmoak - Based on the prompt: “Can you explain that to me?” Set in Season 2. Felicity has a unique way to control her lustful thoughts toward Oliver.

Time Will Wait for No One multi-chapter by @sentence-fragments Oliver and Felicity are blissfully happy together until a cruel twist of fate sinks the Queen’s Gambit while Oliver and his father are on their way to China for business. Oliver miraculously survives, fighting every day to make his way back to her. He learns about some things that have happened in his absence and decides to stay away. Until he doesn’t have a choice.

Choose by @graffitisherlock - interpretation of what Felicity finds in the Afterlife. Based on episode 2.16 of Legends of Tomorrow.

FF#17 Fervor by @leilahali - Prompt: Impulses - Olicity and Vertigo

FF #40: It’s Christmas Eve, Carter Bowen (Step Away) by @quiveringbunny - Prompt: Christmas Eve

Tell Me That You’ll Stay by @bisexuallaurellance - post 5x17 After being patched up by Felicity, Oliver comes to in the loft. There, he and Felicity confront some home truths.

I Wrote Your Name in My Heart multi-chapter by @alanna-the-lionheart - Oliver is kidnapped and returns a different man. Heartbreaking and beautiful!

Animal Lust by @purselover2 - Felicity learns a very sexy lesson when she pushes the right button.  Very Hot!!

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A little survey for my first fanart book.

Hello everyone, 

I’ve longed for the day I can collect my artworks and print them in a book. Now I think I can have enough art and… confidence to do. But I still need to hear from you guys, those one who’s my biggest power source, who give me chance to come near to my dream, who support my artwork, supporting me all the time!

Please click the link below and help me do a small survey (it’s short and quick), you would help me much to complete the final piece of the book! 

It will be world wide shipped when finish printing!

>> Here is survey link <<


Summary: Lee finds your Tumblr.

Pairings: Lee Pace x Reader

Word Count: 684

Requested by Anon: Can u write something like how lee pace would feel about tumblr and reading some of the fan fic?

Master List

Originally posted by leepace71

A/n: Just a very short in real life Drabble 

You hear your alarm ring for a second before it immediately shuts off. Weird.

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hear ye, hear ye!! the aliens have left us a gift. if you click HERE you will find quite a few 100x100 gif icons of the cutie patootie that is chloe bennet as herself and with short hair. i take no credit over these gifs, i just resized them and added a psd and a texture. i was going to use and keep them for myself but i decided to share since i’ll be using another format, and i might add more if people request it. the credit goes to the gifs’ original creators and you will find the link to them in the page. i hope this helps you guys in some way and please reblog if you find useful!!

mini rhink bedtime story for @mythicallism

once upon a time, there was a lonely boy. while he was constantly surrounded by people just like him, similar in age and belief, he never really felt understood. something in his mind kept hitting anxious, circular grooves, and it wore him down. people would smile at him, ask him to hang out, and admit to enjoying his presence, but he never really felt… wanted. not in the right way, anyway. not like anyone had ever taken the time to try to get to the core of him, whatever that was. 

well, that was until he turned twenty. a few weeks after his 20th birthday, link was sitting in the park reading a book, epitome of loneliness, when someone on rollerblades ate shit in front of him. he jumped, pulled from his science fiction, and looked down. a tall, gangly kid, just about his age, was groaning on the cement. and link would have felt bad, looking at him all wonky, limbs all twisted and bruised, if the boy wasn’t laughing. indeed, the stranger’s laughter clicked something in link’s heart - the sound - as if link had been waiting his whole life to hear it. 

link waited and watched, breathless, as the boy continued to laugh and roll over. he pulled his blades off, grumbled, “well, i tried,” and put them aside. he then stretched out his legs to examine the damage, pink tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth. he seemed oblivious to the fact that passerby, link included, watched him curiously, cautiously, or he may have just not cared at all. judging by the knowing smile on his slightly blushing face as he grumbled about balance, link assumed the latter. 

the boy rubbed at his knee, then his ankle, sighed, and finally looked up at link. “quite the show, eh?” he said. “can’t trust myself on these legs, but i do it anyway." 

now, up until this moment, link didn’t think anyone’s voice would affect him. singers, maybe, but not speaking day to day. not just plain ol’ smalltalk. yet here and now, this boy’s voice trembled right into link’s lonely heart and healed the most broken part of him. moreso, his cheeky smile bound him like the softest bandage. smirking, he waited for link’s response. link looked at him, really looked at him, and there was something in his gray eyes that looked so much like fate that link couldn’t help but laugh. he laughed and laughed, crumpling over on the bench and crushing his book, tears at his eyes. when he sat up, the boy was laughing with him, and somehow, their laughter harmonized. it sounded as if it was meant to be, and by the time the boy had finally climbed up to sit beside link on the bench, link was fairly certain they were already best friends.

and so it was.

Sometimes I wish there was more footage of each Bella singing at their full capacity. Like, I’ve heard basically all of them, even Kelley and Shelley (also how fucking hilarious is it that their names rhyme and they’re like lowkey fucking girlfriends in the movies. you cant convince me otherwise, Jessley is real), and their voices are fucking phenomenal.

 I really hope they get a chance to show their natural talents more, I mean Kelley is (or was?) actually in an a capella team. But she has a gorgeous voice, and Shelley can fucking belt it – like there’s a video somewhere floating of her singing take me or leave me from rent and she fucking kills it – i get chills.  (Nvm click it if you wanna see it ‘cause I added the link also while looking that up, she apparently has ‘sing-along songs with Shelley’ and you should fucking look that up ok) And I’d love to see Alexis’ full capacity, too. 

I’d also really fuckin’ love full fucking version of Titanium covered by Brittany and Anna K, because lord, that shower scene was never enough for me. Their voices melding together gives me a musical high. Anyway, I’m just rambling because I’m thinking about the third movie and excited to hear them singing. <3 

Married in-game?

Note: A two sentence love story I heard in passing.


They met in-game.
She was a mage.
He was a knight.
Naturally, they needed each other.
‘I see you’re not part of any team,’ came his message after they had both fought off the pixies attacking them. ‘Join mine.’

Oh, she thought. I didn’t expect to be asked to be part of a team so soon.

But when she checked his stats, she found out his was new too, and he didn’t have a team. What was he, twelve?

She agreed. She didn’t do well in big groups anyways.

It was just the two of them since then. They began talking over headset to coordinate better attacks. She found that he was a grown man after all, two years older in fact. He insisted he was just checking out the gaming system ‘for business reasons’.

They would log in every weekend and complete missions together.

A movie based on the game came out. There were massive advertisements throughout the game, and she fangirled everytime she saw one. He complained, but he always listened.

‘I wish we were in the same country. I’d have liked to watch it with you,’ she told him.

She sent him a link to the trailer. Then a meme. Then another. Then another.

'Stop spamming’ came the message when he finally came online.

'I was in a meeting and everyone stared at me when the notifications came. What’s with these funny photos?’

'Omfg they’re memes, Eisuke!’

She explained the concept of memes, and he declared them a 'good marketing strategy’ even though they were made by people, not the business.

He sent her a link.
'Open it. The password’s tjishkueei900’
'Secret code to a red room?’ She typed back before clicking.

It took her to a new tab. She typed in the password, and gasped.

'It’s a private link to watch the movie before it comes out’ came his message. 'We can watch it together.’
'I mean, at the same time.’
'I’ll call you, and you can put me on speaker. So I’ll still hear you when you get unnecessarily excited, like you always do.’

'Is hearing someone fangirl like, a kink for you?’ She asked when they connected.

She could hear Eisuke’s deep chuckle. 'No, it’s just interesting seeing someone so calm lose their mind over something so mundane like that.’

'Compliment or insult?’ She wondered outloud.

She sent a gift as thank you. She knew his business address thanks to his Facebook account. She put in game merch, and for a homely touch, she baked some biscuits that would survive the journey.

'Did you send me something?’ He asked when he came online a few days later.

For some reason, she blushed. 'Did you like it?’ she mumbled into the microphone.

'The cookies,’ he said, his voice sounding lighter, happier. 'Make them for me again someday.’

One time, he mentioned it was his birthday. She chided him for not telling her sooner, and offered to video call him.

They talked for hours. He told her about his life, and she told him about hers.

They started to video chat routinely.

Many months later, she sat talking to him while he finished his dinner. He had problems with not having time to eat, so she insisted he eat during their calls, joining him sometimes to make him feel comfortable, despite the fact that it was midnight at her end when it was dinner time at his.

'We’re the best two person team in the game,’ she boasted. 'I checked the stats this morning.’

Eisuke, who had been unusually quiet, sipped his coffee and put it down.

'Listen,’ he said. 'Do you want to get married?’

She gasped. 'Omg yess! I really want to unlock that cute bride outfit, just because of the glass slippers-’

'No, no, no,’ Eisuke interrupted, shaking his head vehemently. 'Not married in-game! I meant, in real life! You stupid, idiot otaku!’

'Oh.’ She blinked. 'Well. Okay. Why not?’ She buried her face in her hands.

'We’ll have to meet first,’ she whispered.

I’ll come to you,’ he whispered back.

She peaked at him through her fingers. 'You seem embarrassed,’ she commented.

Eisuke covered his webcam with his hand. 'I’m not. You are.’

JiHan Fanfic Rec

for the anon who requested a jihan fic rec! ♡

i read through most of the fanfics in asianfanfics and archive of our own and these were the ones that caught my eye after reading them! and i also found a few chaptered fanfics while linking and gathering all of these for you so i’ll add them to this list if they also catch my eye. i’ll update this list every month or two, depending on the fanfics that were added.

i hope you enjoy reading these and message me and tell me which ones you liked the best! i’d love to hear your opinions on them because they’re literally all amazing. click on the hearts to be linked!

three sections:
one shots

(!!) bolded – favorite

one shots

The Train Doesn’t Stop For Anybody (And You Were Left Behind) | pg-13 | angst/romance
One night - no, one hour if they’re lucky - is all they get, and they spend it like they’re on their death bed. (summary cut short)

 What It’s Like To Be New | pg-13 | AU/romance| (main!jihan) (broken!jeongcheol)
After becoming a rather famous idol, with hit records, great reviews in dramas and movies, the time finally came for Jeonghan to participate on the dreaded but beloved “Who was your lover?” reality program. (summary cut short)

 A Morning with the Hong Family | pg | Family!AU/romance/fluff | (main!jihan) (mentioned!verkwan)
Jeonghan and Jisoo have a nice morning with their adorable little son, Minghao.

 Jacket | pg-13 | School!AU/romance
But for one Yoon Jeonghan, the only thing he looked forward to was hugging a certain someone named Hong Jisoo wearing his white fluffy jacket.

 3 Words | pg | AU/romance
Jisoo and Jeonghan had come to cherish 3 little words.

 The Invisible Dictionary | pg-13 | AU/angst/romance
Jeonghan kept discovering new words but couldn’t find the meaning of love.

 Trespassing Cat | pg-13 | Two Shot | AU/romance
Joshua’s cat invades Jeonghan’s apartment and through his kitty actions it leads to fluffy things happening.

 Would you please sign the visitor’s book? | pg-13 | suspense/mystery
Everything changed ever since his father went on a business trip to Canada.

 three reasons why | pg | romance/fluff
Junghan keeps a list of reasons why he should never confess to Jisoo. Jisoo disagrees with all of them.

 latching onto you | pg | predebut!era/romance/fluff
Every friendship has their beginning, and Jisoo doesn’t regret starting his with Jeonghan.

Lost and Found | pg | romance/mild!angst | (this is short but literally i died)
Jeonghan, a boy who just had his eyes removed, and Joshua, a boy going through numerous surgeries, share a hospital room. And Joshua decides to tell Jeonghan about what he sees every day from the view of the park from his window.

what’s with all the questions? | pg-13 | humor/fluff
Where everybody is wondering about Jisoo and Junghan and getting absolutely no answers.

Tooth Fairy | pg-15 | warnings – mentioned homophobia | mild!angst/fluff/romance | (side!docheol/seungyoon)
Jisoo finds an angel in a form of… his dentist assistant.

The Art of Tsundere | pg-13 | highschool!au/slight!angst
Jeonghan isn’t so sure if he’s content with his futile life anymore. Or at least ever since Hong Jisoo entered his life.

of unsweetened iced teas and scarlet red paint | pg | fluff/romance
Jeonghan paints the boy who sings down the hallway everyday. He doesn’t think much of it, the stranger is only a muse after all, but then he brings him home one day and he’s so in love.

Chocolate Tastes A Lot Like You | pg | fluff/romance
Jisoo gets stood up again, but this time Junghan is there.

Overwhelming | pg | predebut!era/romance
They’ve always been cautious about interacting near the other members – always one breath away from being that friendship, the ones that always talk about the wrong things, that always single each other out just a little less naturally than their group dynamic should allow.


 Pizza and Other Cheesy Things | pg-13 | university!au/pizzaboy!au
It all started when Jisoo accidentally said ‘I love you’ to the pizza boy on the other end of the line.

 Nostalgia | R | angst/romance | warnings – abuse, violence | (main!meanie) (mainside-ish!jihan) (mentioned!woohan/jeongwoo) | unfinished, still being written!
Wonwoo has been bullied for years. Mingyu and Jeonghan are best friends and delinquents. Joshua is Wonwoo’s neighbour and childhood friend, and Wonwoo’s father is abusive. Their worlds collided one day, leading to a series of unexpected events.

 Four and Thirteen | pg-13 | fluff/humor/romance | hogwarts!au | (main!jihan) (side!jicheol) (side!soonseok) | unfinished, still being written!
Four Hogwarts houses, thirteen friends. Seventeen, obviously.“ In which Jihan is the terrible idea of a Slytherin/Hufflepuff couple, Soonseok is the even worse idea of a Gryffindor/Hufflepuff couple, and Jicheol is literally the worst idea of a Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff couple.

 English for Dummies | pg-13 | fluff/humor/romance | school!au
Jeonghan’s close to failing his English class. If he doesn’t pull up his grades he’ll be benched and his starter position on the basketball team taken away. Luckily for him his English teacher says she found a tutor for him; a native speaker who moved to Korea a few years ago. Joshua Hong is the English tutor Jeonghan’s been looking for: patient, sweet, and teaches in a way so the English actually makes sense. Joshua being easy on the eyes is just an unexpected bonus.

 Fight me, Hong Jisoo! | pg-13 | fluff/humor/romance | cafe!au | (main!jihan) (side!jicheol) (side!meanie) (side!soonseok) (side!boonon/verkwan) (side!junhao)
Yoon Jeonghan was known for being a specialist in his area… actually, every one knew him. he was after all, “The Yoon Jeonghan”, food specialist, regardless of his talent, Jeonghan owned a modest cafe. But even the most famous amongst us have rivals lurking. So what happens when a certain Hong Jisoo comes and threatens Jeonghan’s well deserved titles, but also his loyal customers? War, that’s what.

 Take Me to the Top | pg-13 | fluff/humor/romance | school!au | (side!jicheol – if you squint) | unfinished, still being written!
“Popular boys are no good, Hong Jisoo.” Seungcheol pokes a finger into his best friend’s chest. “No good, I tell you! They’re basic. They only care about sports and hot girls! So stay away.”

 It’s called a “man”-icure for a reason, right | pg-13 | romance/fluff | unfinished! (if you’re the author and you see this pls continue i love ur fic)
Joshua forgot that he could speak Korean when the beautiful longhaired man said hello to him and somehow because of that he ended up with manicured hands. Oh, and a bunch of other things happened in between but basically it all sums up to Johsua is in too deep and now he’s screwed.

 Let Us (Not) Count the Time | pg-13 | angst/major!characterdeath | unfinished, still being written!
Jisoo always counts the time but when a boy who has long-hair named Yoon Jeonghan moves into their neighborhood, Jisoo wonders what time really is all about.

 MALL AU | pg-15 (author didn’t give specific rating and idk if its gonna be nasty later so) | humor/romance | | unfinished, still being written!
Everyone in Seventeen works at the same strip mall. And it gets worse.

nc17 for u nasties (feel free to ignore this if this isn’t your cup of tea!)

 My Love, My Love, My Love | nc-17 | fluff/romance | one shot
Joshua has a special present for Jeonghan’s birthday.

 Not ‘Sex and the City’ | nc-17 | warnings – semi-public sex
Jeonghan and Jisoo ditch Jeonghan’s moms’ wedding reception.

Hufflepuffs Can Dominate Too | nc-17 | hogwarts!au | (side!jicheol)
Hufflepuff Jisoo feels little butterflies in his stomach when he sees that beautiful Slytherin.

L'homme Douceâtre | nc-17 | warnings – food!play
Jisoo ate sweets. Jeonghan ate Jisoo.

anonymous asked:

Ah! Hello I don't know if you've answered an ask like this before (I didn't see one) but I'm some one who really loves clicks and metal tapping together but I also think a tangle will be really beneficial for me so are there any you recommend that are pretty cheap? I don't have much money but I could probably manage something $15 or cheaper thank you so much in advance I'm new to stim toys and getting an autistic screening soon so I'm feeling more self aware of my stims and sensory things

For $15, anon, we can get you a couple of different stim toys! If we go for the cheapest options, we can get you a few of them! There’s a few things I would definitely recommend for anyone after clicking and tapping (and good stimmy noises generally) and I’ll throw in a couple of DIYs at the end as well. This should get you started at the very least, and you can explore adding to this kit (be it by purchasing or by making things) over time. It’s surprising how quickly I went from having a couple of stim toys to having a couple of baskets of stim toys…

(I’ll also say that it’s really normal to have that self-aware stage when you’ve been diagnosed - be it professional or self - or discovered that autism is something with which you relate. My experience was that I’d spent my whole life suppressing so much about myself, and once I had a label for my difference, once I came online and found people both with the same experiences and the language for those experiences, I felt incredibly aware of this and how I moved for a long while. A year later, I’m back to not noticing how I’m rocking my knees while I type; stimming and touching has become more subconscious again, with the difference that I now reach for those baskets of toys more subconsciously and I’m so much less restrained in general sensory/texture seeking.)


The cheapest option, no matter where you are, is ebay. (I’ve got my review here and a series of links here, but there’s many more listings here, often for $2 USD and under with free international shipping. (Folks may want to note that there’s now several listings for the glow in the dark Tangles for under $2 USD, too!) Please note that there is no real consensus as to whether these are legitimate, knock-offs, prototypes or something else: some people have found theirs to be identical to Tangle Creations packaged Tangles, while others (including two of us mods) have found them to feel cheaper - lighter, crackier, creakier, not quite right in ways hard to articulate. My feeling is that they’re knock-offs (and that this is indicative in the price) but I don’t actually know this for sure (that they use an older version of the Tangle logo makes it hard to tell). For you, anon, this might be the better Tangle to source, because I can tell you from my own experience that they crack and creak a lot more than a regular Tangle Jr, and at this price you can get a couple of them.

If you want a packaged Tangle, your best bet if you’re in the USA is Amazon or Fat Brain Toys (under $5 USD, $3.99 USD flat rate shipping). If you’re in Australia, try Toyworld stores (around $6 AUD each).

Fidget Cubes

Later on today I’m going to try and make a post about the knock-off cube I found in a local dollar shop. I’ll say this right now: it is clicky. Not just that it has buttons and switches to click, but it makes a loud plastic clicking noise when you use them. (It’s so noisy that I’d wish murder on the person using it beside me in the classroom.) In your case, anon, I’d go for the cheap version not only from pricing concerns but also because of the clicking noises they make. There’s a score of various ebay listings running anywhere from $1 to $5 with free international shipping in anybody’s currency and a few more listings on where to buy on this post.

Klixx Fidgets

This is basically a length of interlocking links that click when you move them. Tremendously clicky. There’s brand-name and imitation versions available - the imitations tend to be a few dollars cheaper. You can hear one being clicked in this video post by @yellows-stim-toy-hoarde.

Available on Stimtastic for $3.50 USD. The knock-off versions are called “Snap and Click” toys and there’s a Squishy Mart listing for $0.98 USD and on Children’s Therapy Store for $1.50 USD.


This is less clicky, in terms of volume, than my fidget cube, but it’s plastic, it’s scrunchy and it’s wonderfully stimmy to just crunch in your hand. It’s also the most expensive fidget here at $9.50 USD from Stimtastic and $12.99 AUD from Sensory Oasis for Kids. I’d be inclined to leave this one for later, simply due to the expense, as you can get multiples of the other toys in your budget. They are fabulous, though!

Snake Puzzles

This is another case, anon, where the cheaper the puzzle, the clickier and creakier it is. My Smiggle puzzles are mostly silent (exceptions being the glow in the dark ones, for some reason: the plastic feels more brittle) but my K-Mart puzzles (both small and large) click and creak as you rotate the triangular sections.

This is one of those odd items where I don’t have a good non-Australian supplier to recommend. K-Mart sells the mini puzzles for $1 AUD each, which I recommend as a super cheap creaky toy (although some of the covers over the triangular pieces like to pop free). There’s several larger ones on Amazon, but none are especially cheap. I’ve seen them on Banggood for $2.18 AUD with free international shipping, which might be your best bet.

Electronic Bubble Wrap

This is less clicky and more pushy with the sound of bubble wrap, but it might work for you if you really like pressing buttons. There’s a range of ebay listings here starting from $5.33 USD with free shipping.

Light Switches

Check out this post Mod Rainbow wrote a while back about finding cheap, unwired switches on ebay. If you’re after a switch to flick/click and you need something bigger than the switch on a fidget cube, here’s an option for under $1 USD with free shipping!


- Clicky bottle/jar caps - think Snapple caps, jam jar lids, anything with a popper seal in the middle. You can reuse Snapple bottles for water or anything else so you’ve got a snap-cap bottle on you for stimming and drinking, making this pretty multifunctional!

- @diy-stims has posted this tutorial on making a DIY clicker toy: two bottle caps glued to the insides of a folded length of cardboard.

I think there’s enough here, anon, to get you started, and most of it is priced reasonably enough that you should be able to get a few different things on your budget. If anyone has any suggestions for cheap or DIY clicky toys that I’ve forgotten, please comment and I’ll add it to the post.

Good luck, anon, with both your assessment and your stimming adventures!

- Mod K.A.

The Way You Look Tonight

Steve x Reader (Because my little marshmallow needs some love. All of them do, but I’ve been paying special attention to Buck, so Stevie is feeling a little left out.)

Prompt: Oh and I would have an idea: maybe there is a 40’s themed party( because Tony was feeling like it), so Bucky/Steve and the reader go together but Bucky/Steve loses his composure when he sees the reader in 40’s style? with dancing maybe? rest would be up to you 😊

Requested by: @anoril

Word Count: ~2000

Warnings: Slightly sad Steve, besides that, the amount of adorableness may just kill you. I went overboard.

A/N: I spent the whole time writing this listening to Enoch Light & The Light Brigade. Want to step back into the 40’s??? Listen to them. I’ll be linking songs throughout the fic so you can click and hear what will be playing in the story. Please enjoy!!! <3 <3 <3 <3  (P.S. Even though the title of this story wasn’t used, it totally reminded me of this story after I wrote it. You can find the title song here)

Originally posted by sonicaru


  It was Christmas time again, and everyone around the tower wasn’t feeling in the holiday spirit all that much. Things were slowly being patched up after everything that had occurred, but tensions were still high: especially between Steve, Tony, and the newly unfrozen Bucky.

  You weren’t much, just a low tier agent that happened to brighten up everyone’s spirits. Everyone loved when you were around, since you just seemed to brighten things up where the healing process seemed to be going well. You biggest challenge were the three boneheads that were being absolutely stubborn.

  Tony was your brother; he was always a pain in the ass to you. Bucky was starting to warm up to you in his own way, and you two had become very good friends. Your problem laid with Steven Grant Rogers.


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won’t you let it lie?

An angelkin playlist/mix! Each song/artist listed is a link, click on them to hear the songs!

01. Bastille // Bad Blood
02. Alt J // Taro
03. Crywank // Little Creepy
04. Yamma Ensemble // Psalm 104
05. Rachel Macwhirter // A Thousand Angels
06. Aisha // What For? (Only God Knows Why)
07. Bastille // Daniel In The Den
08. Purity Ring // Grandloves
09. Twenty One Pilots // Ode To Sleep
10. Porter Robinson // Divinity
11. Walk The Moon // Anna Sun
12. Purity Ring // Stranger Than Earth
13. HOLYCHILD // Running Behind
14. Twenty One Pilots // Clear
15. Naughty Boy (ft. Bastille) // No One’s Here To Sleep
16. Glass Animals // Holiest
17. Wild Child // Meadows
18. To Kill A King // Choices
19. The Mountain Goats // Love Love Love
20. Third Impact // Komm Susser Tod

Boyfriend and Beatles (Part One)

Hello darling and lovely followers!!!

So last night, I was rediscovering my love for The Beatles, right?  And I was laying there while each song was playing, I was like “WOW! I COULD TOTALLY SEE MYSELF LAYING HERE WITH HARRY AND PLAYING WITH HIS RINGS WHILE WE SING!” And then another song came on and I was like “Wow, I could totally see myself dancing around the living room with him to this song.”  And then it hit me, WHY NOT WRITE ALL OF THE SCENARIOS OUT?!

And so, my friends, that’s exactly what I did. 

Not only that, I made a playlist that, if you have Spotify, you can listen to as you read! (Or after you read each individual blurb if you’re like me and have a hard time reading while music is playing.)  

The following are little scenarios that came to my head when I heard each song, and hopefully will be easy for you to picture as you listen as well! And then maybe, if you ever hear the songs in the future, you’ll get struck with awful boyfriend Harry feels.

I originally made a 14 song playlist, but there was no way I was going to be able to write 14 little blurbs tonight.  So I separated them into Part One and Part Two.  Part Two should be posted HOPEFULLY tomorrow, but we’ll see!  Hopefully you guys like Part One enough!

ANYWAY. That’s enough rambling from me.  Sit back, relax,  click THIS link, and enjoy! ;)

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That Summer Podcast!


i recommend anyone who’s interested to check out the podcast that @dorkyisme and friends made on their youtube channel. you can click on the link here to see the videos they have so far!

they do play by plays of the chapters dedicated for each chapter and have really fun discussions about their thoughts on it at the same time ^^ i love it especially cause since i like reading comments that fangirl about the series, hearing people actually talk about it makes it even better LOL they even discuss other popular stories like Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, Gintama, etc. 

the podcast channel is just in its beginning stages, so they also request good feedback on what you like/what you think could improve! so please help them out and show them some love as they continue to broadcast more episodes and grow 👍
ONE-SHOT: Marriages and Traditions, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction
Shikamaru and Chouji talk about marriage and clan traditions, and their struggles to deal with following tradition but adapting to the new world after the war. Featuring Shikamaru, Chouji and Ino briefly. Part of my Allied Shinobi Chronicles series.

New ONE-SHOT Posted on my FanFiction account. Part of my Allied Shinobi Chronicles series. Here’s a preview - click the link for more:

Chouji and Shikamaru stood outside on the large balcony of Ino and Sai’s apartment.

Behind them, they could hear the voices of women talking about the dinner they just had and the loud clattering of dishes being washed.

Below them, a screen door opened and several of the dinner guests walked out onto the terrace to sit out on the furniture.

A pair of women walked toward the terrace ledge and sat on the edge to look out into the village. They talk to one another, and occasionally laugh or giggle at something said. But after a while, they both turned to look out into the village, and seemed to be taking it all in.

“Chouji, I was wondering…” said Shikamaru, staring down at the two of them.

“Hm,” said Chouji, who had been doing the same but turned away to look at his friend.

“Do you and Karui ever talk about the future? Marriage, having children, and that sort of thing?”

Chouji blushed a little at the question, but nodded, and turned back to look at the two women.

“Have you talked to her about where she would want to live if you two got married,” asked Shikamaru.

Chouji exhaled. He had a feeling that question might being coming.

“Yes, we’ve discussed it,” he said, a note of apprehension in his voice.

“And what did she say,” said Shikamaru, turning toward his friend curiously.

“She said…

Hey guys! Thanks so much for reblogging my post re: Masahiro’s tweets about the Pyramid Head design a couple of weeks ago.

I also just posted screenshots of his latest tweets about the Bubblehead Nurse designs and what his inspiration behind them were. The link is included in my submission to you here - could you please reblog it as well? (Or it’s here, if that’s easier). Would love for the Silent Hill community to hear about all this exciting new information about the old monster designs!

Thanks for your hard work on this blog! You’ve been doing a great upkeep of it all this years.

(P.S. If I’m allowed to make a suggestion - would you consider disabling endless scrolling on your blog and using pages instead, so we click from page to page to see older posts? Endless scrolling is not very kind on people who have slower connections, like me …)

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I don't mean to be rude but I've been hearing about B-Project a lot lately so I'm wondering what it is...

Hi anon! No it is ok, umm B-PROJECT is a big project including an Anime, Game, Manga and more… It is all about music, Also there is 4 groups Kitakore, THRIVE, MooNs and KiLLER KiNG. If you want to know more about them please click all the links.

The anime called B-PROJECT :Kodou*Ambitious

The game called B-PROJECT :muteki*dangerous

And the manga called B-PROJECT :Mousou*Scandal

The groups

I hope you love them!

Feeding Yourself From The Department of Defense (an RvB Fic)

new au challenge: write/draw your otp as rival mre reviewers on youtube (via @anneapocalypse)


It begins because Niner is going to kill Carolina in their home.

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