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(On the left - From top to bottom)
The genius of Japanese movies, Ennoshita Chikara. An all-out special edition.
Cinema Haikyuu

“The World of Ennoshita Chikara”

Ennoshita Chikara (Screenplay, Director) x Hinata Shouyou - “Final Haikyuu Quest” is what I handed over
Kageyama Tobio / Tanaka Saeko / Tsukishima Kei
Aone Takanobu (Art Director) x Kamasaki Yasushi (Art Director) - The World of Art in Ennoshita’s Creations

Special Gravure
“Crow’s Angels”
Shimizu Kiyoko x Tanaka Saeko x Yachi Hitoka

Narita Kazuhito VS Yahaba Shigeru VS Izumi Yukitaka - The Genealogy of Ennoshita’s music
Azumane Asahi - Actor, and musician. A meeting that drew out many talents.

(On the right)
All of this will become a legend… (On left in black)
All of America (probably -> added in carrots) cried!! (In orange on right)
Hinata Shouyou / Kageyama Tobio / Michimiya Yui / Oikawa Tooru
Kozume Kenma / Aone Takanobu / Iwaizumi Hajime / Shimizu Kiyoko / Kuroo Tetsurou / Tanaka Ryuunosuke / Nishinoya Yuu / Others (Cast list at bottom)

My Manip Gif Tutorial

Okay since some people were asking I’m gonna make a tutorial on how I make my manip gifs. I’m going to assume you already know how to make gifs in the first place for this, but if you don’t there are already plenty of tutorials. I, for one use this methodbut any will work.

What I use:

  • VLC Media player
  • Photoshop CS6 (But I’m pretty sure older versions will work just fine)
  • A Drawing Tablet (Not essential in any case but It really helps)

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Last week I received the BECCA X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection.
It contains a mix of powder, cream and liquid versions of the treasured Champagne Pop highlighter.


This palette is my favourite product within the bundle. The packaging is simply stunning!! I love how sleek it is and the mirror inside is a great size. The colours of White and Gold scream luxurious, and the metallic trim adds a classy finish. The palette is small enough to fit in most modern handbags but it’s definitely larger than your average compact. 

Inside, you will find 5 pans - a combination of highlighter and blush shades, suitable for every skin tone. 

* Champagne Pop - Soft White Gold with Pinky Peach undertones
* Prosecco (aptly named) - Medium warm Gold

Mineral Blush Shades
* Amaretto - Matte finish, toasted Almond
* Pamplemousse - Matte finish, Warm Coral

Effervescent Luminous Blush 
* Rosé Spritz - Soft Peachy Pink with pale Gold shimmer

(Swatch image taken from the BECCA press release) 


The palette contains 5 new limited edition eyeshadow shades, including Champagne Pop, only this time for your eyes! 
There is a mix of matte & shimmer finishes in a colour spectrum fitting for a Summer vacation! At first glance, the two shimmer shades would complement a tan superbly while the three matte shades would work well to warm up the socket for a soft daytime glow or a smouldering evening look. 

Upon doing some research I have seen that there have been some issues with the production of these palettes, and Becca Cosmetics have pulled this off the shelves until further notice. 

Shimmering Skin Perfector® Poured Crème  £30.00 / $38.00

If you’re already a fan of the pressed Champagne Pop compact highlighter (pictured on the right) then you are going to love the new crème version. 
The formula features ultra fine pigment pearls that adjust to your skin’s natural undertones. It’s a creamy, smooth texture that rivals the glow and shine of it’s Sister.
Both products come in the collection, and can be layered over one another for the ultimate dazzle! Both the powder & crème formulas are already available in 5 alternative shades. 

Here are swatches on my arm for both products, and on the far right is a swatch of the two layered up. 

Shimmering Skin Perfector® Liquid  £34.00 / $41.00

Also featured in this collection is their iconic Liquid Shimmering Skin Perfector. It’s a lustrous liquid highlighter that contains light reflecting pigments for a natural dewy, finish. The product can be worn alone, or it can be mixed in with your primer or foundation for a more subtle luminous finish.
Again, this is the Champagne Pop shade but the formula comes in 6 alternative hues. 

Overall, I think it’s a great collection of products, I’m just gutted about the eyeshadow palette. But hopefully Becca will have that sorted very soon. 

You can click on the links to view the products and buy them direct from either Sephora or Cult Beauty

I recently did this Helsa portrait inspired by a scene in my sister’s Frozen fanfiction: ‘Frozen Again: But the Greatest of These is Love’

I plan to do another Helsa portrait from the story, as well as at least one Kristoff x Anna (Kristanna)  and a Eugene x Rapunzel (Eupunzel) from key romantic scenes.

I hope you like it!

(Click on the image to view the larger full sized version.)

It’s set when Queen Elsa has just commissioned Hans in a spur of the moment necessity, to be a Kommander in her navy, in order to command a ship to help rescue a kidnapped Anna!

Anyway, it’s really an awesome sequel story and if you’re a Frozen, Helsa, Kristanna and Eupunzel fan, you might like to read it!

It’s located here:

More Frozen Again portraits to come soon!!!

:hugs to all:

God bless!!!