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Diana being precious and supportive with kids remains the Most Important Content, reblog if you agree.

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Mother’s Day

REQUEST: Can you write like a super fluffy blurb where it’s mother’s day and Harry and your kids just wake you up with cuddles and kisses and (like your other one-shot My Love, My Life My Always) he shares a pic of you and your kids cuddling and laughing and its pure fluuuffffff

A few of you have also been asking for fluff recently, so here it is! Sending so much love to you all. x

“C’mon, bugs…nice an’ quiet now.”

“We know Daddy, yeh don’t have to keep remindin’ us,” your little boy explained, causing you to giggle quietly from your place in bed.

Usually you would be up and out of bed already, preparing breakfast with Harry before you needed to go wake your twins up for the day. But Harry had made a huge fuss the night before about you getting the chance to sleep in—however, your sleep schedule had been to synced to your children and your morning routine that you had been laying in bed awake for a half an hour now.

You closed your eyes and tried to stay as still as possible when you heard your bedroom door open slowly. Harry’s steps were paired with another set of quicker ones, and it took everything you had in you not to flip over and look at your loves.

“Daddy, can we wake her up now?” Your son whispered as quietly as he could manage, which was still pretty loud.

“Yes, go wake her, loves.”

You waited a few seconds, hyperaware of your breathing and whether or not it would be fast or slow enough.

Suddenly, you heard two pairs of little feet pattering against the floor as your babies ran into your bedroom.


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online dating- h.s imagine

As Harry stared at his computer screen, he felt as if the website was taunting him. As he was about to click on the “Sign up today” button, he took his hand away from the mouse. Harry groaned loudly as he put his head into his hands. He blames Louis and Niall. They’re the ones that put the thought in his head that he had to be with someone.

Harry plopped down in the middle of couch between Niall and Louis. Both of them were texting on their phones. Harry grabbed the remote and pressed the play button as he grabbed a handful of popcorn. “So what’s the plan for tonight, boys?” Harry managed to ask while he was scarfing down the popcorn.

Louis and Niall exchanged a look before Niall settled more into the couch. “Um. We’re just going to Mia’s for dinner.” Niall said as he locked his phone.

Harry stared at the movie playing in front of them. “That sounds cool. What time are we going?” Louis cleared his throat, “8.”  Harry nodded, oblivious to how quiet Louis and Niall have gotten about the conversation, “Should I arrange a car?”

Niall sighed as he reached over and grabbed the remote, pausing the movie. “Actually mate, me and Lou are going on a double date.”

Harry squinted his eyes and nodded his head as he took another bite of popcorn, “That’s fine. Maybe I can call Liam.”

“I don’t think he would want to hang out after being from the states. Probably wants to hang with Bear and Cheryl…” Louis said as he scratched the back of his ear. Harry hummed in agreement. “I suppose I can find something to do tonight.”

Niall sighed, “Mate, we’re worried about you.”

Harry looked over at Niall with a perched eyebrow, “What could you possibly be worried about?”

Quietly Louis said, “It’s just been a while since you’ve been with anyone.” Harry shrugged his shoulders, about to respond before Niall continued, “We worry that you might be lonely.”

Harry chuckled as he placed the popcorn bowl on the coffee table and sat upright, “Just because I’m not with anyone doesn’t mean I’m lonely.”

Niall nodded his head as he too sat upright, “We know it’s just that everyone’s been moving on. Liam and Lou with their kids. I’ve found someone I can potentially see a future with. And you…”

“Just moved into this amazing apartment” Harry interrupted.

Louis nodded as he patted harry’s back, “Yes. You got this sick new apartment. But wouldn’t it mean more if you could share it with someone?”

Harry would never admit it but Louis and Niall did manage to get into his head. He does notice out of all his friends, they all have someone to come home to. They’re getting ready for the next chapter of their lives. It does get lonely whenever his couple friends are hanging out without him.

Now, here he was, signing up for an online dating profile. Harry’s always thought online dating was scary but he thought if he was set out to settle down with someone, it would’ve happened by now. After setting up the basic details about his profile: A decent picture, age, location, likes, dislikes…Now came the hard part.

Harry mumbled to himself as he read out what the link said, “Write something about yourself.” Harry sighed as he placed his fingers on the keyboard.

Hi I’m Harry. Just on here seeking someone I could potentially have a future with.

Harry shook his head no. Have a future with? He couldn’t possibly put that thought into someone’s head before they even met.

An awkward man who loves The Notebook, avocados, and

Harry scolded at himself. What? Is he purposely making people turn away from his profile?

Just a loser that’s peer pressured by his friends.

Harry chuckled to himself. That IS why he’s here but he can’t write that. Harry let out a sigh. Who knew this could be so hard? Finally, Harry thought if he was potentially finding that special someone, he should be himself.

Hello, my name is Harry. I’m on here because it’s time I get serious about my life. I want to find someone who will watch rom-com with me while eating avocados and someone who will bake banana bread with me. Someone who values friends and family. Without mine, I don’t know where I would be. Sorry if I come off as forward, that’s just who I am. Thank you for reading this mess of a caption. Have an amazing day. xx

Harry reread it about ten times before he sighed and clicked the “save” button. That’s the best it’s going to get. Once his page was set up, the website started suggesting to him which profiles to get a better look at. “And here we go” Harry thought out loud as he clicked on the fist page he saw.

Looking for something fun.

Harry pinched the bridge of his nose as he moved on to the next page.

I’m just on here to see if my boyfriend made a profile.

“Really?” Harry thought as he shook his head.

Taken but that’s what makes this interesting.

Harry screamed out in frustration. He mentally debated whether or not he should just delete his profile before he clicked on the next page.

My name is Y/N. Originally I created this profile with my friends because we loved making fun of people’s bold and humorous profiles but after seeing how so many of my friends are getting married and being asked to be a  bridesmaid for the fifth wedding; it made me think that maybe I should be putting myself out there. I always hated meeting people online. I hate how times have changed. I would rather meet someone at a bar. I would rather read an actual book than read it on my phone. I like the feeling of having an actual CD in my hands. I don’t know, maybe I’m just too old school. But it’s who I am.(:

“She even ended her caption like how I ended mine..” Harry thought. He then began looking at your pictures more closely. There were pictures of you on holiday at places like New York, Paris, and Italy. There were pictures of you, sure enough, reading a book. Harry chuckled to himself. As he clicked on the next picture, he let out a gasp. He already knew looking at your pictures you were beautiful but as he looked at this particular photo of you laughing while looking away from the camera, he knew you were absolutely gorgeous.

Harry sighed as he gave himself a pep talk as he clicked on the little “Send a message” button. Harry began to type:

Hello Y/N. I’m Harry.

i’m back! lol this was such a cute little thing to write. def let me know what you guys thought!


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Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook have known each other since the start of high school. Both Jimin and Tae lives together with Jungkook and Jin in an apartment in Brooklyn. Jin is like a mother to them.

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So i saw this post by @miracu-lois and i thought it would totally makes sense if Plagg has the same humour as Salem. I loved that show so much i remember watching every single episode. Salem was my favorite character. Click to read the captions. 

I would like to make more tbh so

Part 1/? maybe

Adrien’s shirt’s from here

She Is A Very Good Muse

Originally posted by bangmybox


Note:I am always taking request! Also you can find this imagine on my Ao3.

Requested by Anon:” may i ask for an Alex hogh Andersen imagine? where YN plays his sister(Aslaug and Ragnar had a daughter) and Alex is super in love with her,barely managing to disguise on interviews and always posting pics of her on instagram,until he finally admits and they become a couple”

You are heading towards your trailer, you have just finished a scene with Marco. You play a Marco’s character, Hvitserk’s twin sister Hildred. Meaning you also played the sister of Jordan, David, Alexander, and Alex’s characters. All of you are pretty close, the main ones who hang out after shooting scenes is Marco, Alex and you. As of lately though, it ends up only being you and Alex. Not that you mind, for you have been smitten for the Dane for a while. In your own mind, Alex doesn’t return the feelings. But oh how wrong you are.

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codlena  asked:

So I try to ask you this question very calmly because my emotions is 100% out of control, but I swear you have to do a little writing about this last picture Cody posted in bed ! I know I probably pissed you right now, but we have to get some words for this picture it's crazy, lmao

I lost it when he posted that picture. So, I hope you enjoy this crazy drabble i came up with after I read your message. Feedback is much appreciated, ha.

ReallyCody: Couldn’t be happier to be home on a day like today. Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸

“Babe? I’m home!” Cody yelled out as I heard the front door open and closed. 

I quickly spit out my toothpaste and yelled, “In the bedroom!” I rinsed my mouth with water and put my toothbrush on the toothbrush holder.

Cody dropped his bags by the bedroom door as I walked out of the bathroom. He looked exhausted, but the light in his eyes were bright as he smiled at me. I squealed as I ran towards him. Cody opened his arms before I lunged at him, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. Our lips instantly meshed together for a deep, long, and passionate kiss. Cody had been gone nearly a week in Paris for a Teen Wolf Convention while I was stuck in LA working, and boy did I miss him.

“I’ve missed you so much,” I said between kisses.

Cody’s arms tightened around my waist and captured my bottom lip between his before he pulled away. “I’ve missed you more.”

“Impossible,” I mumbled against his neck before peppered his jaw with wet butterfly kisses. Cody chuckled as one of my hands slowly trailed down his back, feeling his impressive muscles underneath his shirt. His hands moved to my ass and squeezed it, making me gasp.

“Wanna bet?” His voice was deep and low against the shell of my ear as he pulled my hips against his, instantly feeling just how much he’s missed me.

I tugged his shirt, signaling him to remove it. He shook his head, denying what I wanted. I pushed my bottom lip forward and gave him my best puppy eyes. “I want to take a shower first and get rid of this airplane smell.”

“Fineeeee,” I groaned as I hopped off of him. I turned on my heel, but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back to his chest before I had the chance to walk away. “But you can join me in the shower if you like,” Cody said huskily as his arms wrapped around my waist.

I smirked as I leaned up on my toes and pressed my lips against his. He slipped his tongue in and fought for dominance. Without breaking our kiss, we walked backwards towards the bathroom. When we reached it, we quickly began removing our clothes. I turned on the shower as Cody closed the door behind us before our lips met again under the warm water.

Cody wrapped a towel around my back and pulled me towards him, pressing my naked wet body against his. His lips smirked before he kissed me. “I love you.”

“I love you too, baby,” I smiled.

“Come to bed with me,” he whispered against my lips.

I hummed with approval. “Let me just dry my hair first and I’ll be right here.” 

“Okay, babe,” he pecked my lips once more before he walked away. I couldn’t help but watch. He truly was a beautiful man.

“And don’t you dare put any clothes on, Cody Allen!” I shouted.

I heard him chuckle. “Only if you promise you won’t put any on either!” He shouted back.

“Deal!” I wrapped the towel around my body before I plugged in the blow dryer and began drying my hair. After about five minutes, I walked into our bedroom to find Cody underneath the fuzzy comforter I bought and his phone in one hand, taking a selfie.

I giggled. “What are you doin’, baby?”

“Taking a quick picture. One second,” he said as he quickly typed something on his phone. My phone on my nightstand buzzed. I saw an alert that Cody had posted a new picture on Instagram. I clicked on the link, saw the picture he just snapped a few seconds ago and read the caption,

ReallyCody: Couldn’t be happier to be home on a day like today. Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸

“Damn, baby,” I mumbled. Cody chuckled as put his phone down on his nightstand and rolled to his side to look at me. I shook my head at him and asked, “do you have any idea how many girls you’re going to kill with this photo?” 

Cody chuckled as he shook his head. His smile quickly faltered and his eyebrows furrowed together as he saw the towel hugging my body. “I thought we said no clothes?” He uncovered himself and showed me his birthday suit.

I licked my lips before I tucked my bottom lip between my teeth. I dropped my towel and slowly climbed into bed, making my way towards him. “Ready for round two, baby?”


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Yoongi and J Hope has been getting a lot of attention for their contents (paired and individually) Especially the story of how each of them struggled with their own battles. J Hope risked every thing to become a dancer and Yoongi publicly claimed he was bisexual even when it was a taboo thing for Koreans.

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Like I Do-Daniel Seavey (Part 2)

Author’s Note: I am so sorry that this took so long but I think it’s worth the wait! ;-) Here is part one if you haven’t read it already!  :-) Also–I must warn you that the beginning is a little boring as Daniel is not in it (if you read the first part, you know what and why) but trust me, it is building up to something good! :-)

♥ ♥ ♥

You wave goodbye to the last of your friends as they go their separate ways in the driveway and sigh to yourself before turning back inside. Everyone had left the party by now and it was just you, Eric and your parents.

“What now Birthday Girl?” Eric asks, throwing an arm over your shoulder as you walk with him into the living room. “Now we clean.” your dad laughs as he joins the two of you, his eyes immediately darting to Eric’s arm around you. You laugh before agreeing with your father. 

“Basically. We have to put the food away, put the presents upstairs and then take out all of this trash.” you answer him and he nods in agreement before grabbing a few gift bags. 

“These go up to your room right?” he asks and you smile at him. A while ago you’d given him a tour of the house and you were surprised he actually remembered where your room was. 

“Eric you don’t have to help clean up.” you offer but he quickly rejects. “Not a chance. Besides, I’m taking you out tonight so its only right.” he says and your dad feels the need to chime in. 

“I like him!” he yells from the other side of the room where he was taking a few decorations down. “Oh goodness. Yes, all of the presents go upstairs.” you say and Eric shoots you a wink before disappearing with a few gifts. 

You leave to help your mom in the kitchen and grab the broom to sweep up some fallen confetti. “Here you go.” she says as she wields the dustpan and you clean for a while in silence, the two of you exchanging smiles every now and then as you worked. 

“I think that’s everything.” she says happily as she shoves the last container of left overs in the refrigerator. “Okay. I’ll go check on dad and Eric.” you chuckle before heading back into the living room to find Eric and your dad on the couch together. 

“Oh God. Is he lecturing you?” you groan as you stand across from them. “Only a little.” your dad jokes and Eric just smiles at you. “Okay well I’m going to get changed for tonight.” you excuse yourself before making your way to the stairs. 

“(Y/N)!” Eric calls and you pause for a moment as you listen to what he has to say. “I left the opened gifts on the floor by your closet and the unopened ones on your bed!” he says happily and you thank him as you ascend the stairs to your room, wondering what he was talking about when he said unopened gifts. 

Suddenly it hit you, Daniel kissing you, Daniel leaving in the middle of your party because he felt “sick”. You never got a chance to open his gift and now you weren’t sure if you even wanted to…It wasn’t that you didn’t want to exactly, you just weren’t sure if anything between the two of you had changed. 

And now, staring at the gift bag on your bed, you hesitantly dial Daniel’s number and wait for your answer, your hands shaking as you bring the phone up to your ear. “Hello,” he greets and your heart practically leaps at the sound of his voice, 

“Dani I-” your heart sinks as you’re cut off by the continuation of his voicemail and you sigh before leaving him a quick message. “Dani, I’m sorry. Please call me.” you say softly, your voice trailing off a bit before you continue. 

“We need to talk about things.” you mumble before reaching for his gift and setting it down on your vanity, playing with the handles on the bag before emptying the contents. 

A black jewelry box catches your eye and you bite your lip as you open it slowly, a gasp leaving your lips when a Pandora charm bracelet is revealed along with a tiny note from Daniel. Reaching for the note first, you fight the tears as you read Daniel’s message out loud. 

“18 years of memories and counting. Can you match each one?–Love, Daniel” You smile before taking the bracelet in your hands, memories of you and Daniel flashing back to you with each charm. 

A music note to symbolize the beginning of you and Daniel’s friendship when you met in guitar lessons, a panda bear to symbolize the time you Daniel got kicked out of the Oregon Zoo, a palm tree for the first time you visited him Los Angeles…

Last but not least, a silver heart that you guessed marked his feelings for you; the memory being your first kiss. It all happened so fast and a feeling of guilt hits you as you think back to the kiss.

“He doesn’t know you like I do!“ You remember Daniel yelling and you mentally curse yourself for pushing him so hard. Maybe if you wouldn’t have argued with him he wouldn’t have done what he did. 

“He doesn’t love you like I do. He can’t. No one can.” His words echo in your mind and you trace bottom lip with your thumb, remembering the way Daniel’s lips felt against yours, trying to sort out your feelings about the kiss as you did so. 

Did you really not like it? Your hand moves to your stomach as you remember the way you felt as Daniel got closer to you just seconds before the kiss. You’d never been in love, and you weren’t even sure you knew what love was. 

Your hands reach for your phone and you dial Daniel’s number once more, your finger hovering over the call button for a few seconds before a knock in the doorway pulls you out of your thoughts. 

"Hey (Y/N), you going to be ready soon?” Eric asks softly as he takes in your appearance and you remember that you originally came upstairs to get changed. You mentally face palm yourself before stuffing the bracelet Daniel had gotten you into the vanity drawer and get up to face Eric. 

“I actually don’t feel too well. Would you be angry if I asked for a rain check?” you frown sympathetically as you lie to him. “That’s okay, its been a long night. Happy birthday, (Y/N). I’ll call you tomorrow.” he says understandingly and gives you a hug before leaving you alone with your thoughts. 

You felt bad for suddenly canceling on Eric but he was right, it had been a long night and you were ready for tomorrow already, even though it was full of its own pros and cons. 

Pros: you were going to get to see the boys’ concert, meet their sweet fans, and get some quality time in with your friend Aspen. Cons, well con: you didn’t know how you were going to face Daniel. 

Not wanting to think about that yet, you begin getting ready for bed and after a long shower, you throw on some pajamas and hop in bed with your phone, checking your social media for the first time today. 

Since the fans found out about you and Daniel’s friendship, your social media following grew immensely and although you were extremely grateful, it was impossible for you to keep your notifications on all day if you wanted to focus on anything else. 

The second turned them on, your phone instantly blew up, all of the mentions and birthday messages from today coming at you all at once. As you were scrolling through Instagram, a tagged picture caught your eye and you clicked on it immediately, sighing when you saw it was a picture of you and Daniel together. 

It was taken just after a long hike on the Angel’s Rest Trail, you and Daniel sweaty and smiling with pride as you faced the camera hand in hand. Your eyes scan the caption quickly and you discard your phone before you have a chance to react to it. 

@seaveydaniel: Happy Birthday (Y/N). I love you more than you will ever know. His caption was the last thing you read before falling asleep.


“You coming (Y/N)?” Aspen asks softly as she leads the way back to the tour bus. “I don’t know if I should, I am kind of tired.” you lie and she frowns before linking your arm with hers. 

“Oh come on, you can at least hang out with us for a bit before we go to the hotel. I can’t stand being the only girl around these morons!” she laughs and you join her. 

“Okay, okay.” you agree and you walk arm on arm to the bus, the two of you in no hurry as you would probably be waiting on the boys for a bit anyway. “So did you enjoy tonight?” Aspen asks when you’re able to finally sit down. Your mind begins to swarm and you nod before answering. 

“Yeah it was a lot of fun. Nice to finally get to see the boys on stage.” you smile and she nods before whipping out her phone. The second Aspen diverts her attention from you, you let your face fall as you go over the events of the concert and the after party. 

The concert was great. The boys did well and you were delighted to meet some of the sweet fans. The only thing you wish you could have changed was Daniel’s attitude on stage. 

You could tell he was hurting and even though he kept his signature smile, his eyes told another story every time they met yours in the crowd. The after party was better, you and Aspen got to relax a bit and watched as the fans talked and laughed with the boys. 

Every once in a while though fans would approach you, bombarding you with questions and comments about you and Daniel’s relationship, asking things like “Are you and Daniel dating?” and “Can the two of you just make it official already?”. 

You answered them with a forced smile, hoping that Daniel couldn’t hear them from his spot across from you. Overall though, it was a great experience and you were glad that you didn’t back out; and you hoped that Daniel felt the same way.


“Here they come!” you hear Bill exclaims and you sit up to see the boys through the bus window, waving their final goodbyes to the fans before finally making their way onto the bus. 

“Hellooo ladies!” Jack greets, waving to you and Aspen before making himself comfortable on the seat next to Aspen. “Hey Jack.” you laugh as he pushes Aspen over to make more room for himself before greeting the rest of the guys. 

“Great job tonight, you guys blew me away!” you cheer and the boys all thank you before sitting down as well. “I’m so sweaty its disgusting.” Jonah groans before excusing himself to the bunk area to put on a new shirt. 

“So what was your favorite song of the show?” Zach asks as he and Corbyn sit down to join you, Corbyn’s eyes don’t leave his phone and you assume he’s talking with Christina. 

“Hmm. It’s hard to choose, but I would say ‘We The Party’.” you tell Zach with a smile. “I like that one too.” Daniel pipes up from his spot in the doorway and you notice that he’d been keeping his distance. 

“I know you do.” you smile at him but he doesn’t quite return it. Instead, he silently sits across from you in the spot next to Jack. “What was your favorite?” you ask softly, turning your attention back to Zach. 

“I would have to say 'All My Love’. I love that one.” he says and before you have a chance to continue the conversation, Daniel is chiming in again. “Mine’s 'Free’.” Daniel says loudly and you smile at him as he continues. 

“Are you going to ask me why?” he asks and you hesitate before doing so. “Why is 'Free’ your favorite Daniel?” “Because it reminds me of this girl I know.” he mumbles, sitting back on the couch and you roll your eyes at his childishness. 

Petty Daniel was definitely your least favorite Daniel. “Hey someone scoot over so I can sit.” Jonah whines from just a few feet away from you and you’re glad he could stop the conversation between you and Daniel before it got as heated as last time. 

“You can sit here Jonah. I should get going anyway.” you say as you stand up and grab your purse, earning a few whines and waves from the rest of the group. 

“Bye (Y/N), I’ll text you in the morning!” Aspen beams and you smile at her before saying your goodbyes to the boys. “I’ll walk you out.” Daniel says suddenly and you try to hide the shock on your face as you nod softly. 

Aspen shoots you a look and glare at Jack immediately, of course Daniel told Jack about the kiss, and of course Jack had told Aspen. You grit your teeth as you and Daniel get through a group of fans who were still outside. 

“Hey guys I can take pictures with you in just a minute, just let me get (Y/N) to her car safely.” Daniel says sweetly as he puts a hand on the small of your back, something he always did when you’d been caught in a crowd. 

When you finally reach the car, he pulls away and you turn to face him as you unlock your car and throw your purse inside. “Thanks Daniel.” you practically whisper, fiddling with one of the belt loops on your jeans as you wait in silence for him to respond. 

“Of course. And am sorry I didn’t call you back (Y/N), Its just-” he starts but you finish for him. “Its hard for you. I get it.” you smile softly and he nods before rubbing the back of his neck.

After a few minutes of standing in silence, Daniel speaks up. “Well, I’ll call you tomorrow before the flight?” he asks and you smile before giving him a small hug. “The show was amazing Daniel. Thanks for inviting me.” you say before getting in the car, Daniel sending you off with a thump on the trunk.


The next morning, the incessant buzzing of your phone wakes you and you answer it with a yawn. “Hello?” you say groggily and Eric’s voice greets you on the other side of the line. 

“Morning (Y/N!)” Eric beams and you return his greeting as cheerily as humanly possible. “I’m sorry did I wake you?” he asks sarcastically and you can tell he’s smiling. "Seeing how its currently ten in the morning, yes.“ you groan. 

You’d never a morning person and it was something that took Daniel a while to get used to. You smile to yourself as you think of Daniel but quickly turn your attention back to Eric. 

"So what do you want to do today?” you ask, finally getting out of bed for the day. “Breakfast?” he asks and you sigh before correcting him. “Brunch.” Eric’s laugh echoes over the phone and you join him before the two of you agree to go to brunch at eleven. 

Once you’re off the phone, you head to the bathroom to shower and do your makeup. After that, you rummage through your closet and settle on a v-neck spaghetti strap dress with a floral pattern and a cardigan to match. 

Twirling the ends of your hair in the mirror, you sit down at your vanity and deal with it too, fixing it just how you like it. Opening up the drawer of your vanity, the sparkle from Daniel’s bracelet catches your eye and quickly take it in your hands. 

As terrible as it may sound, a part of you wishes you were spending the day with Daniel instead of Eric. That didn’t mean that you loved him though, did it? A knock on the front door snaps you out of your thoughts and you slip the bracelet on before grabbing your purse and heading downstairs. 

“Morning.” Eric greets you at the door and you smile at him as he leans in for a kiss. For some reason, though, you dodge him and his kiss lands on your cheek. “Good morning.” you say awkwardly before heading to his car side by side. 

“Okay so I was thinking that we go to the cafe and get our food to-go and then head to the lake for a picnic?” he asks and you nod slowly. An off feeling goes through you as you think about Daniel’s flight and you try to brush it off but the motion of the car isn’t really helping. 

“(Y/N)?” Eric questions and you turn to him with a small smile. “Did you hear what I just said?” he asks, his own smile fading as you shake your head. “No I didn’t sorry. What were you saying?” you ask and he repeats himself about taking you on his parents’ boat sometime. 

“Yeah that sounds cool.” you lie as you fiddle with the charm bracelet on your left wrist; you hated sailing ever since you were young. You weren’t sure why, but for some reason, you always got seasick and even thinking about it now made your skin crawl; and if Daniel were here he would laugh at Eric even mentioning it. Daniel… 

“Eric, wait.” you surprise yourself by interrupting him mid-sentence and he listens as you continue. “I need you to take me home.” The words were jumbled coming out of your mouth and you weren’t even sure if you meant them, but Eric was. 

“This is about Daniel isn’t it?” he asks and you nod shamefully. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what’s coming over me but I-” “You love him.” he finishes for you and you fall silent at the certainty of his words. 

“I don’t know.” you admit softly. “I saw you guys at the party…the kiss.” he almost whispers and your heart sinks. “What? Why didn’t you say anything?” You had no right to be angry with him–what Daniel did was practically all your fault–but you wondered why he would keep this from you, why he would act like nothing had changed between the two of you since that night. 

“I know you told him you didn’t feel the same way. I could tell by his reaction. At the time I was glad that you didn’t kiss him back. But now…” he trails off. “Now?” “Now, I don’t know. Its obvious that you have feelings for him, even if you can’t admit it to yourself.” he says and you can’t help but feel sorry for him. 

“I’m so sorry Eric. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.” you apologize but he just smiles. "Its okay. I like you…I really, really like you but Daniel loves you. And a hell of a lot from what I can tell.“ he smiles and you can’t stop the pink from running to your cheeks. 

"What now?” you ask, your brow furrowing as Eric drives past the cafe you were supposed to get brunch at. “Well its about 11:17,” he says as he looks away from the road for a moment to check his watch. “And Daniel’s flight leaves at what, 11:45?” he asks and you nod slowly, still unsure of what he’s getting at. 

“Yes, and?” you question, a smile creeping onto your face at the mention of Daniel’s name. “So we’re going to the airport.” he says matter-of-factly and your smile grows. “Are you serious? You would do that?” you beam at him from the passenger seat. 

“For Daniel, no. For you, yes.” he speaks with a smile but you can tell it hurts him to do this. “Thank you so much.” you say, excitement flooding your system as you see the road signs leading to PDX.


As the distance between you and the airport gets smaller and smaller, your stomach turns and you swallow hard to settle it. “Are you alright?” Eric asks and you nod before trying to sort out your thoughts. 

If Eric was right about you loving Daniel, why was it so hard for you to grasp the idea? You think to yourself and your excitement turns into pure nervousness as the car comes to a stop in front of PDX. 

“You can do this.” Eric says and you smile at him before reaching for the door. “Do you want me to wait or?” he asks and you shake your head. “I can find my way back but thank you. For everything.” you say softly and after giving him a quick kiss on the cheek, you exit the car and begin for the main lobby of the airport. 

You’re greeted by a sharply dressed woman with a smile and it hits you that you had absolutely no idea where Daniel would be. “Hi how can I help you?” she asks perkily and you return her smile while you think of how to word your next question. 

“Yes, um, can you tell me where the flight from here to Los Angeles boards?” you ask and she looks at you in confusion before you clarify. “It’s scheduled to depart at 11:45.” you add and she looks through a few papers before grinning at you. 

“You’re here to see that boy band aren’t you?” she asks accusingly and you decide its better to look like a crazed fangirl than an idiot in love. “Yes. I love Why Don’t We so much!” you play along, laughing to yourself at how she rolls her eyes playfully. 

“Down that hall and up the stairs. You better hurry before they’re swarmed with girls!” she says and you thank her before following her directions, the butterflies in your stomach getting stronger as you ascend the stairs to see a group of girls huddled up in a circle, the boys’ heads just barely poking out of the crowd. 

As you watch Daniel with the fans, your heart swells and it finally hits you that you are madly in love with this boy. Everything about him is just so perfect–the way he acts with his fans, the way he is passionate about everything he does, the way he makes you feel–all of his amazing qualities hit you at once and you decide its time to make your move. 

Walking slowly, in an effort to blend in with the crowd, you hope that he can’t see you as he poses a few pictures and as the few fans who were your armor leave to make their way toward Jonah, you inch closer to him, staying behind him before speaking up. 

“Can I get a picture as well?” you ask innocently and he turns around quickly, a big smile on his face. “(Y/N)!” he exclaims, pulling you in for a bear hug. “I was just about to call you but then the fans got here and I-" 

"It’s fine, I understand.” you cut him off, eager to get him alone so you can finally tell him how you feel. “Are you in a rush?” he asks worriedly and you shake your head before pulling him off to the side, a handful of fans gawking at the two of you while another handful give you the death glare for stealing him away. 

“No I just need to talk to you alone.” you say as you continue to lead walk with him, your hand pulling him closely behind you before you stop in an empty hallway. 

“What’s going on?” he asks once you’re finally alone and you sigh as you think of how you’re going to say this. “Daniel I…” His eyes search yours and you swallow hard, your heart pounding as he patiently waits for you to finish. 

“DanielIloveyou.” you say and his emotion is unreadable for a moment as he processes the words that just came out of your mouth. His brow furrows and you realize that he may not have even heard you. 

“Daniel I-” before you can repeat yourself, Daniel’s lips are on yours and even though its second time your lips collided, it felt like the first and the feeling in your stomach told you that it would be like this every single time. 

“Say it again.” he begs as you part from him, and you smile before before repeating those three magic words. “I love you too (Y/N). So much.” he says before pulling you in for another kiss. 

The fans begin to flood the once vacant hallway, their chatter and phone screens filling the room but you don’t mind. For now its just you and him…and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Stormborn and Ironheart.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen, Genevieve
Word count : 1,689
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Final part of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

You were staring at the wall, trying to keep calm and relaxed. Jensen was out in the hall with River, but in here, you were alone. Again. And even though you’ve done this before, you were scared.  You tried your best not to cry, you wouldn’t give him that satisfaction.

“It’s only a matter of time now.” The nurse smiled at you. “Would you like me to call for the anesthesiologist now?” You nodded. You knew you couldn’t wait much longer. “Alright, I’ll be back.” She left the room.

You eyes didn’t leave the wall. Your heart breaking.  “Y/n?” You hadn’t heard the door open, or anyone come in. With nurses in and out, you didn’t care. “Sweetheart?” That grabbed your attention.

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Long Distance // Grayson Dolan



REQUESTED: @infamous-666girl

and btw I wondered if you could do an imagine about how you have long distance relationship with G and he comes and surprises you?

A/N: I always see imagines in major cities so for all of my imagines I’m going to try and show off the states that don’t get lots of attention in Imagines. We people living in small states need to feel appreciated to! 

Also gonna start to try and post every day at 10 am eastern time. 

The sun was high up in the sky and the clouds were scattered about revealing the blue hidden by them for so long. This was the first sunny day in weeks that your city has had. 

It was also summer so you didn’t understand why your weather was acting up but then again you lived in Indiana. The state with the most bipolar weather. Despite it being a beautiful day you stayed cooped up in your room watching your boyfriend and his twin brothers youtube videos. Grayson and you have been in a long distance relationship for about six months now. The two of you have thought of visiting one another but never actually set a solid date for it to happen. You two met through twitter when you dm’d him your number but you never thought that in a million years he would call you. 

“Y/N!” Your mom yelled from downstairs. Groaning you put their video on pause and went to walk down the stairs. 

“Yes?” You called from the top of the stairs wondering what errand she was going to send you on. 

“Can you go to the grocery store to get me a few things? Oh and also I need you to go return this because it isn’t the correct one,” your mom instructed while waving for you to come down the stairs. You noticed she had this weird look on her face but you shrugged it off thinking it was just her..well being weird. 

Once your feet planted on the last stair she gave you her long list of groceries and the item she wanted returned. Your mother was taking full advantage of you having your license. 

“Oh I also need you here at exactly four o’clock. Don’t be late.” 

Furrowing your eyebrows you nodded your head and kissed her goodbye. 

Grabbing the car keys you looked at your reflection in the mirror and decided that the shorts and baggy t-shirt you had on was decent enough. You had on no make-up and your hair was up in a messy bun because you were to lazy to actually do anything today. 

Little did you know that the moment you walked in through the doors of your house a special boy would be there. 

Parking your car in your driveway you turned the ignition off your car. Getting out you noticed that your mom had all the curtains closed and the lights were off. 

“That’s weird,” you mumbled to yourself as you began to gather up all the bags. Closing the door with your hip you walked up to your house door and unlocked it. 

Pushing it open with your leg you turned on the light with your elbow and noticed rose petals scatted all over the hall and up the stairs. 

“What the fuck,” you whispered

“Mom!” You yelled hoping that she wasn’t doing something that you didn’t want to see. 

Setting the bags on the dining table you stared at the rose petals and decided to follow them. As you walked up the stairs you noticed a full rose on all eleven steps. Picking them up as you made your way upstairs you furrowed your eyes as the petals ended by your door. 

Titling your head back in confusion you turned the door-knob and pushed your door open. 

“Oh my gosh,” you gasped out while throwing a hand over your mouth in shock. 

“Surprise baby,” Grayson smiled while holding the last of the twelve rose. 

Letting out a sob you ran up to him and pulled him into a tight hug. Feeling his arms wrap around your body you buried your face in his neck and continued to cry. 

“I love you,” you smiled while now staring into his beautiful hazel eyes. 

“I love you too Y/N,” he smiled before pulling your face into a gentle kiss. 

His large hands cupped your face while yours wrapped around his neck messing with his hair. 

“Aww isn’t this cute!” Your mom yelled interrupting the moment you two were having. 

“Mom, how? When?” You asked her knowing now why she was acting weird all day. 

“We planned this out two months ago. Grayson contacted me asking if he could come visit and I said yes. Now he is going to be allowed to stay here but in the guest bedroom I don’t want to be made a grandma anytime soon. I’ll leave you two alone to catch up but leave the door open,” your mom instructed as she walked out. 

Giggling you waited for her walk down the stairs before closing the door leaving it slightly a-jar. 

“Your mom said not to close the door,” Grayson said with wide eyes not wanting to get on your moms bad side. 

“It’s not closed. The door is still open.” You pointed out while showing him how their was a small gap between the door. 

Hearing his laugh you smiled as your heart began to race once again.

“I’m so glad you are here,” you spoke as the two of you were now cuddled up on your bed. The sheet was lazily thrown on top of the two of you as re-runs of an old tv show played in the background. Neither of the two of you were paying attention as you were talking to one another getting to know each other more. 

“I’m glad you are glad I’m here.” He smiled while pressing a kiss to the back of your hand. 

“How long are you staying?” You asked him. 

“About a month,” he responded. 

“A month? What about your videos?” You asked him worried that you might be distracting him from his job. 

“Don’t worry about that. Ethan and I filmed a few videos before I flew out here so we should be set until then. None of the fans know I am here yet.” 

“They also don’t know we are dating,” you stated while playing with the rings adorning Grayson’s tan fingers. 

“Yeah, that too. When do you want to tell them?” He asked me. 

“I don’t know. I mean they know something is going on because you are always flirting with me on twitter or liking my pictures on Instagram,” you teased. 

“I gotta show my girl off in a non-obvious way to the fans. I mean you do have a bomb Instagram theme.” He laughed. Smiling at him you grabbed his phone and set it on his chest. 

“Look your mom took this picture of us,” Grayson smiled as he scrolled through his messages. Looking at the picture you smiled and pressed a kiss onto Grayson’s cheek. 

“Okay let’s tell them, but do it before I chicken out,” you stated. 

Doing as told Grayson logged in onto his Instagram and clicked on the picture. 

GraysonDolan: This girl right here @ y/u/n makes me the happiest guy in the entire world. I had the privilege to surprise her today and it was the best idea I ever had. This picture right here is the first time we met and hugged in person. I love her and don’t plan on leaving her anytime soon. Please be kind to her and don’t send her any type of hate. I promise you guys she is the sweetest and most amazing person ever. 

“Grayson,” you cried when you read the caption of his post. 

Pressing her lips against his for a short sweet kiss you pulled away and cuddled up to his side. 

The rest of the night was spent with the two of you cuddled up, scrolling through the multiple positive comments everyone was posting, and ended off the day with falling asleep in each others arms. 


Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Boyfriend!Namjoon x Reader

Count: 1753

Summary: This was your leather bound book of stories to be written, a collection of I love you’s preserved in the eternity he had so willingly given you.”

Visual Collab with @ohsuga    here

Namjoon | Taehyung | Hoseok | Jimin | Jin | Jungkook | Yoongi

“Need a hand?”

You felt the clasp slip away from your fingers as your boyfriend frees you from your struggles. Necklaces, and especially this one that you had received for your anniversary, had such annoyingly beautiful designs which always fumbled your attempts time and time again to clasp the ends together. However, under the careful hands of Namjoon, the crystal ornament softly falls into place and lays beautifully between your shoulder blades.

It had been a while since Namjoon posted a #KimDaily, and the two of you had decided to explore the city with the intention of taking some shots. A smile graces your lips as you checked your outfit in the mirror one last time, finding it comical that the matching grey trench coat hung beautifully on your boyfriend’s frame while it completely dwarfed you in size. With a satisfied nod, you grab your keys and rush to the call of the lean man standing by the doorway telling you to hurry up. Hand in hand, you and Namjoon stumble through the unknown city while excitedly making a mental list of all the different places to create new memories.

The pair of you had been together for nearly 5 years after meeting through a rather embarrassing incident at your university’s food court which had involved a wet floor, some spilled spaghetti, and a frantic Namjoon sheepishly pulling his lunch out of your hair. Fast forward a few years, and Namjoon’s genius had managed to secure a job in the big city as a researcher at a planetarium and his only request was for you to come with him. Not wanting to be a burden, you initially declined until Namjoon pulled out the painting of the night sky you had drawn him to commemorate his achievement, convincing you to try out your talents in the so-called daunting city.

Lost in your thoughts, you bumped into your boyfriend’s back and hit your nose along the way, a complaint was ready to fall from your lips until your gaze followed his own to a bookstore nestled between the cities modern skyscrapers. It didn’t take long for your inner bookworm to lead you inside with Namjoon’s hand squeezed in your own, ecstatic at the possibility of discovering a hidden gem amongst the bustling city. He could only smile as he let himself be dragged into the second-hand store, amused at how your small frame could withstand such a huge passion for the arts.

The two of you spend hours sifting through old books, laughing and loving as you both point out your favorite stories and run your fingers along the aged bindings. Namjoon quietly listens as you ramble on about how works of literature serve as the biggest inspiration behind your paintings, and that you’ve lost countless hours drowned in the beauty that could only be brought to life by words and paint. It was when you stumble across a favorite childhood story of yours and become lost in the memories it had once held, that he finds himself entranced with you.

Not wanting to lose such a captivating moment, Namjoon quickly digs out the camera buried in his bag and snaps a photo, his dimples showing as he stares down at the image on the digital screen. The picture of you smiling gently as you turn the pages of your treasured childhood memory has Namjoon’s lips reaching his ears. “God I am so in love,” he thinks as he scoots closer to you, asking you to read him the book in your hand.

Of course he asks you to read it, he wants to hear the nostalgia in your tone and the calm excitement in your every syllable. This is as you as he has been yet to see since you’ve moved and it is absolutely intriguing to watch the upward turn of your lips as you gaze at the illustrations beneath the tips of your fingers. His arms drape around you as he rests his head against your shoulder, listening intently as you point out all your favorite characters.

He chuckles when you tell him you had once scribbled a mustache on the Cookie Man in your copy of the book, teasing you by saying that you shouldn’t go changing the artist’s take on the story. “How would you feel if your paintings were altered?”

“I was seven, Joon.” You say in defense, but you’re blushing all the same at the embarrassment of something you had done in your youth.

He only lets out another laugh, tightening his arms around you as he kisses your temple before moving to stand up, ushering you along with him. The tips of his fingers wiggle in a gesture for you to grab on and so with the book now shut and neatly tucked back into its home on the shelf, you slip your hand into his and let him lead you from the memories of your past and the joys of your childhood.

While you walk with your shoes brushing the grass of a park tucked in the middle of the city, you don’t notice the knot of your shoelaces fall apart and slip beneath the rubber soles. With a yelp you reach out and grab the corner of blond man’s sleeves in an attempt to steady yourself from tripping, however, it only deters his balance which sends the two of you tumbling into the dewy grass. Namjoon begins laughing loudly as he barricades you within his arms, shielding you from the bruises that he knows you receive so easily.

As you come to a stop he snickers, “We can’t take photos now that my armor has been soiled while protecting your royal highness.” He teases as he peeks down at you, checking to make sure he has protected you fully from the fall.

“I suppose you’re right.” You grin and push yourself up before offering a hand to Namjoon, although your fingers soon extend to fix his messy hair as he straightens up. “I’ll treat you to coffee now that there’s no fear of you staining your shirt.”

Amidst your struggle with a stubborn curl, his arms curl sweetly around your waist and gingerly pull you closer. His fingers gently wrap around your sides and you find your eyes dragging to his as he kisses your palm before pressing it to his cheek.

“What?” you whisper, heart pounding at the intensity of his gaze.

“I just… suddenly really want to kiss you. Can I?” Your heartbeat was thumping so erratically in your ears by now that you barely made out his words.

Yet still you nodded, eyes closing as you felt the warmth of his lips press softly to your own in the sweetest of kisses. You stay like this for a while, with Namjoon peppering kisses in between telling you just how much you mean to him, and how much he loves you. Your heart speeds up as you return his affections, confessing your attraction to him all over again as if you hadn’t done so a thousand times over already.

When your lips part with a final peck, you find yourselves walking once again with the smiles of teenagers in love coating your every feature. Eventually, you come across a small coffee shop where only drip-coffee is served, and you laugh as Namjoon scrunches his nose and puffs his cheeks at the lack of chocolate flavoring available. Nonetheless, the two of you settle into the corner of the café with hot coffee tickling your fingers and eyes peering out at the city that you now endearingly called home.

The two of you end up spending hours telling each other childhood stories of days spent outside, with fingernails caked in mud and smiles as wide as the oceans. He gets lost in your adventures, entranced by you speaking so vividly that your words may as well have been etched into the books lying on the shelves of the bookstore as their own story. In the midst of your melodious words, he tilts his head to the side with the impression of a dimple at the edge of his cheek and suddenly your sentences melt into the air as your cheeks flush pink in embarrassment.

You smack Namjoon lightly on the arm and turn your blushed face away. It is a wonder how after all these years this man still managed to give you butterflies. “I love how you still get embarrassed after all the years that has passed us.” A whined ‘shut up’ instantly tumbles from your mouth as you turn away with a pout, lips pressing to the brim of your cup as you sipped at the coffee.

After a minute of fiddling with his phone, he fell back into his seat and ushers you to check your twitter, asking you of your thoughts on his most recent post with a satisfied grin playing on lips.

“I thought we didn’t take anything for our outfits today.” You mutter as you open up the blue app, clicking on his profile to where said-post was waiting. However, your heart swells as the picture that is displayed before you, recognition flashing immediately as you recall it being the same photo Namjoon had taken earlier at the bookstore.

“New city, new favorite hideaway. Same partner, same love. #TheLoveOfMyLife” read the caption. Your cheeks regained their rose tone as you tell your boyfriend that he was cheesy for sharing such a photo for the world to see. Namjoon can only smile as he sips at his coffee with a hand outstretched for yours, thumb swiftly caressing your fingers as they tangle with his shyly.

Each step home urges you into the world you had built up from those days in the library until you were here, with him, in a present so alarmingly different from the fairy tales you dreamed of that were instead replaced with a life you would never think of leaving. He was the past you never knew of, the present you so graciously adored, and the future you looked to with eyes brimming in the journey you so eagerly awaited.

Although Namjoon was not the books on the shelves of your childhood, inked over with dollar store markers and flower stickers, he was an adaption of a fantasy you had only realized the day he appeared before you. This was your leather bound book of stories to be written, a collection of I love you’s preserved in the eternity he had so willingly given you.

Into You (7/?)

Summary- It seems with event season rolling on, you find yourself in Tom’s presence more and more, which gives you the perfect opportunity to show him who’s got the upper hand.

AN- Tbh I’m not really sure, give me feedback though! I love hearing from you guys, shout me a message here



In recent weeks, since your brilliant time at the BAFTAS, you’d found yourself int he company of Darren more and more. Yeah, the hot guy with no name, that was Darren. Although the at first you were rather put off by the name he had put into your phone, and you even questioned him to make sure that was his actual name.

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