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Ok, I figured I’d put all of these in one post. If you caught the big @officialah unboxing live stream, these are all of the posters that i sent in to them. These were incredibly fun to make and I really hope they enjoyed them. Anyways, each photo is captioned so if you click on them you’ll be able to see which one was inspired by who. Also as a side note, when I first started on this project I don’t think Mica was full-time The Know yet but hey, she definitely deserved one. Hopefully she got hers as well. So, enjoy!


Orangie Sungjong Aesthetic 

(Thanks to @soooldout for tagging me)


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Anyways, today, I did my first stream and it went amazing!! It was so nice talking to you all! You guys are all so great! We had some technical difficulties but otherwise, it was fun! I really hope to do more of these! I seriously had a blast! As you can see, this stream was filled with nothing but Eddsworld doodles..

Thank you to @o0jaywolf0o (and your amazing suggestions), @starryflowerscafe, @secretlyatriangle, @stardustcaterpillar and @maryamsroomtrash for joining! You guys are all amazing and talking to you all was a great experience. Lots of laughs! 

Also, @ohshootsnootsnoot (thought you might enjoy the mattosis) and @thelisithere (maryam told be about your yellow leader) 

Thank you all!! Let’s do this again sometime. 


I’m going to be spending the week at SoCal and spending some of the days Disneyland and California Adventures with my fam for a graduation gift!! 

Celebrating this with Disney Klance! Lance’s fav princess is def Elena imma tell you that.

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Star Boys ⭐ ~ step-by-step process of >this< piece (^   v ^) <3 click through for minor captions!

since Tumblr can only hold eight photos, here’s my process reduced to eight steps. there’s a lot more fussing and changing and adjusting that goes in, but this feels like a good overview.

and here’s some bonus back story! X3 hehe~ i was really frustrated with my work last week… i honestly felt like maybe it was just time to move on and do something totally different. like it was just time to pack in my character work and go back to being a graphic designer. i kept starting new things over and over and over again and throwing them away. i felt very defeated. i was drowning my sorrows in coke zero and k-pop videos when i decided to just draw some self indulgent garbage to make myself feel better, regardless of how it might turn out looking. and i had no idea that it’d turn into this! XD

so when you’re thinking~ “why Pidgy… why did you dress those beautiful boys so stupidly?!?!” (7O  [  ]O)7 it was the k-pop dood! i was under the influence! have you seen the ridiculous/awesome clothes they wear?!?!? it’s FABULOUS! and i didn’t start drawing this thinking that i’d ever post it! HAHAHA!!! but it just worked out so smoothly! (O  v O) <3 and i felt myself feeling again like i knew i could - and new i wanted to - improve! I AIN’T GIVING UP YET!!!! (>   A <)

so yeah… (^   v ^);;; it’s a bit silly, and very colorful! hahaha! but~ i really tried my best to do new things and put my best foot forward… so i hope some of you enjoy it! i still have so much more i want to do! (O    w O) <3 <3 <3


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Neat extra content! Here is a sketch dump of some concept work for Tasty Teaspoon’s mascot, Yolli.

Early on, the project was actually named Cooking Club and we wanted to stick with our chef chicken mascot, but we needed a way for the look to match our new graphic theme. After some sketches, I came up with a final look! Yolli is a simple circle chicken with a welcoming cute vibe, ready to cook up a good meal.