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“Stop talking for a second and just… let me tell you something.” 

I had this idea about if Keith and Lance got stranded in space and for some reason the team can’t get to them or doesn’t know where they are, and they think they’re gonna die so they finally confess to each other. 😏 

But then the team finally comes and rescues them and they’re forced to actually deal with their feelings. 

Posting this on here (with permission) because y’all need to see this beautiful piece my friend drew for me on my bday


Also if you have the chance you shld show your support on the original tweet. The link for it is here

They’re honestly so amazing and I love them dearly 

alaylays  asked:

Annabeth and piper in formal wear, give the world what it needs

I’m so sorry this took so longgggg! I was planning on actually doing two: this one, and one with them in fancy shmancy dresses, but… well… there’s a reason I’m only showing you one. 

Heyyyyyy Tumblr made them fuzzy >:(

Angel in the Darkness (M)

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Summary: After a patient urgently pleads you to go and help a friend of his, you naively agree to it. Little did you know, that you would get more than what you agreed to, when he leads you to a brothel, to help a dangerous prostitute named Jeon Jungkook.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (ft. Jin, but not romantically)

Genre: Smut (M), angst, mafia!au, prostitution!au 

Word Count: 5,468

A/N: This is a dark and filthy story! Graphic descriptions of sex (masturbating, etc), heavy dom/sub undertones, drug use, vulgar language use……(alot of smut comes in later) This is a mature read! You have been warned!

 part 2

Your mother told you that there was a purpose for what everyone does. That there is always a reason for someone’s actions; whether it was bad or good. If it was a good action, the individual has learned the most rewarding path to handle situations; regardless if it was easy or not. If it was a bad action, the person could reflect on it, and with guidance, they will learn the right way toward dealing with obstacles. And to this day, that is how you viewed life. If you handled something well, you would be rewarded in the future, if you handled it poorly, you would need to reflect on why you did such a thing, till you find the right path. With these beliefs, you always wanted to find the ‘purpose’ of an individual’s actions, and help them find the right way. So that’s how you ended up working at a rehab centre; helping mentally to find the root cause of someone’s poor actions, and leading them to a better future.

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Sexting (Jimin smut)

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Summary: On a lonely night, you decide to sign up for an anonymous sexting site. Of course you are matched with the notorious fuckboy you’re constantly trying to avoid. Park fucking Jimin.

Themes: Sexting, Fuckboy Jimin, College AU.

Pairing: You x Jimin

Word Count: 4k

This fic contains: Explicit and graphic depictions of smut, sex over the phone, swearing. 






I’d rather not say/enter here:


Decent conversation/making friends/finding a language buddy/other





THOR562: 21 years old- Seoul, South Korea- also interested in ‘other’.




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Planetary Mini Spell Jars and Crystal Necklaces

I’ve been working really hard on these planetary spell jars and I’m so excited to announce they’re here! Each one has an essential oil and mini crystals associated with each planet. Find out specifically what I used on their Etsy listing. They’ve been charged under the latest full moon as all my creations are. They’re intended to channel the energies of each planet. When you hold them you can see glitter floating around in them. I’ll have videos up soon on my Instagram! Click on the pics to get a better view.

The crystals are all aura crystals but I will have more options available for them soon, such as naturally occurring minerals associated with the planets.

These are available for preorder right here! Astrological spell jars/crystals are coming soon!


how to get stuff done

1. invent a deadline for yourself and stick to it. either you finish things early and have free time for other things or you don’t meet your deadline and still have a few days to catch up before it matters

2. celebrate every little achievement. it’s frustrating to wait to get an assignment/exam back because you get no immediate satisfaction. after every task you complete go for a walk, see a friend, cook, get a hot chocolate. feel good about your progress without having to wait for someone else to tell you that you’re doing a good job

3. organise your to-do list using these 4 categories: 

  1. important and urgent - do this now!
  2. important but not urgent - schedule this
  3. not important but urgent - delegate this or schedule it for later
  4. not important and not urgent - don’t do this until you have done everything else

4. divide and conquer. if you have a paper to write divide it up into easy chunks e.g. plan/first draft/second draft/checking etc. and tackle these one at a time. don’t just write ‘history paper’ on your to-do list because you will feel unproductive until you tick it off, even if you are making progress

5. don’t forget to put self-care on your to-do list. make sure every day you write down and tick off ‘drink water’ ‘get some fresh air’ ‘take some time away from the computer’ ‘brush teeth’ ‘shower’. you will feel productive and also be looking after yourself, both of which will boost your general productivity

6. study slots not study tasks. break up your tasks into time slots and write those on your to-do list. instead of ‘revise German Unification’ my to-do list will say ‘1 hour German Unification’. after 1 hour I will stop and tick off that task. then write it again later or the next day if I want to do more. it is easier to quantify tasks (especially humanities/arts revision) by time rather than by topic. 

7. have a visual indicator of your progress. if you think you need to spend 6 hours on German Unification in total then draw a rectangle and divide it in 6 and colour one segment in for every hour you work so you can see your progress. this will serve as motivation and as a reward for hard work

8. find a friend with a similar/better work ethic than you and sit together in a library and study hard. it’s nice to surround yourself with people who are also working hard for motivation, and for someone to talk to during your study breaks

I hope this helps! 

for some unconventional study tips click here or here

(Timeskip after Yori’s passing…on a certain day…)

Yuuki started talking about the thoughts she had after that happened to Kaname

I’m saying weird things huh.. but it won’t disappear…
I thought it was a future where I have no choice but move on alone
(not 100% sure)
But, Ai is here and you (Zero) who is always by my side.

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Sims Tag Yourself Meme Challenge

by @itsoceansecret

I’m Sweet & Sour and sometimes Spicy Nuggetz! This was really fun to do btw ;-;

Challenge rules: Tag your challenge with #simstagyourself and make a meme based on the tag yourself memes that fits the characters (must be your sims) you used. Tag other 5 people. 

Gonna do more than 5 but.. I tag @plumb-barb@simtasia, @simgallery, @sims3hasstoppedworking, @literallywhothe, @obsimmian, @cakenoodles, @freckled-pixels, @touchmypixels, @pixelddump, @simovee, @riley-annette, @baehaved, @fanaskher, @spladoum, @buckleysims, @remysims & whoever wants to do this! 


“You better not flip kelpie and try to drown me.”

wow this took way too long, i started this when that chapter came out btw. anyways if you’re still in the dirkjake fandom and you haven’t read this please go fix that. super super IC accurate canon characters in a very not canon setting, obviously. not just dirkjake either, awesome wholesome alpha friendships too.