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Paint Tool SAI - Pop Up Panels

aaaAAHH IM SORRY FOR HOW LONG THIS HAS TAKEN ME, I SWEAR I DIDN’T FORGET //this has haunted me for a long time ;;

^ So this is what your Paint Tool SAI will look like by default! Everything arranged attached to the program window itself.


^ Go to your local disk/wherever the Paint Tool SAI folder is!

^ Click on the Paint Tool SAI folder.

^ Click on the file called misc.

^ Okay, now this will look really scary, bUT I PROMISE IT’S NOT!

^ Scroll down until you see “Popup panels”! If you read the description, it’s pretty easy to guess what you’re gonna do in the next step!

^ Set both of those 0 values to 1, so SAI registers that you want the panels to be pop up!

Then you’ll want to save the misc file (Ctrl+s)!

^ Now everything is pop up! Have fun <3 I hope this helped!!


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As promised to anon, here are samples of my in-class notes. These notes are written inside the classroom during lectures/discussions. Every page on my lecture notebook pretty much looks identical to the others lmao. Also, they may look a bit sloppy and dull as compared to my usual reviewers yikes.


As promised, lady Brick! His design is very strongly gendered (huge emphasis on big shoulders/narrow waist&hips, receding hairline) so it was fun to see how far I could push that in a female version.

For dude Lilith, click here:


The other night I received an anon message asking me to do a tutorial on how I make my icons. I can’t promise this tutorial will make sense or be easy as I am absolutely horrible when it comes to explaining things but I will try my best XD Also, just an fyi, I make my icons using photoshop so this would be a photoshop tutorial. If you don’t have photoshop then you’d be best looking for other icon making tutorials that use other editing programs. 

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Little Talks: Part 5

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Notes~ Joshua is Jensen’s brother, in case you didn’t know. Also, Mack is an OC of mine, in case you forgot.

Word Count~ 950

Warnings~ Minor Angst (I know the gif makes it look like a lot but I promise it’s not), friend fluff between the reader and Mack.

Song~ All The Pretty Girls by Kaleo (Don’t ask, I just like it)

Tags~ @nxvakwinchxster @elaina-faith @raeganr99 @spnfanficpond (let me know if you wanna be tagged!)

Catch up here! Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

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My name is Y/N.

“Hey, who you talking to?” You asked Jensen curiously as you walked into the bedroom with another box.
“My annoying brother..” He answered with a small smile as he stared at the screen.
“Thanks for that, dickhead,” Joshua interjected, snorting.

You rolled your eyes fondly as Jensen laughed, and you felt yourself smile when he tilted his head back as he belted out laughter. You’d never get tired of seeing him so happy.

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