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Mchanzo Week– Day 2  Canon Divergence | Alternate Universe

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The original character designs for this entry come specifically from @overdrugs-mayhem and @shifterask ‘s version of the shapeshifter au! If you haven’t seen their work, please please please go check out their blog. I am absolutely in love with all of their work! 

(You may get a Day 2.5 of these two just because I adore drawing them.) 

Please do not repost to other sites and do not remove the captions! Thanks!

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Running Mix: 145 BPM (10:30 Mile)

Each song on this running playlist clocks in at 145 beats per minute, helping you stay on track for a 10:30 minute mile. This particular mix is made up of a balance between rock, alternative and pop songs:

  •  "(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones
  • “Use It” by The New Pornographers
  • “That’s Not My Name” by The Ting Tings
  • “Rehab” by Amy Winehouse
  • “Fantasy” by MS MR
  • “Ooh La La” by Goldtrapp
  • “My Life Would Suck Without You” by Kelly Clarkson
  • “Secret Country” by Minus the Bear
  • “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” by Selena Gomez
  • “Here it Goes Again” by OK Go
  • “Gumboots” by Paul Simon
  • “The Big Money” by Rush
  • “My Best Days” by Polar Bear Club
  • “A Story to Tell Your Friends” by Every Avenue
  • “Times Like This” by Jet
  • “This Ladder is Ours” by The Joy Formidable
  • “Jet Lag” by Simple Plan
  • “Star Baby” by The Guess Who
  • “I Don’t Wanna Dance” by Alex Gaudino

Total time = 1 hr 15 min

Click here to visit 8tracks and hear the mix. 

Title: Sick Day

Warnings: None

Request: Hey if your requests are open can you please do a Max Domi one where she wakes up in the morning because Y/N has to go to work but does want to so he cuddles with her and calls her in sick for the day! And by the way I really enjoy your writing keep it up!!

Note: Love it? Hate it? Let me know either way.

Links: My Master List  and My Current Requests

“No.” he mumbled groggily into the pillow, tightening his grip around your waist as you slipped your arm out from under the covers.

“Maxwell, I have to go to work.” you said, knowing how much it annoyed him when you called him that; only using it when you were trying to pull the upper hand.

“That’s not even my name.” he grumbled as he pulled the comforter back over your shoulders.

“I’ve already hit the snooze button twice. I can’t be late.” you said sternly.

“But baabbbeee.” he whined. “Just stay home and cuddle with me.”

“I want to Maxi, I do. But I have a job, there are things I’m responsible for.” you explained; trying, and failing, to push Max’s arm from your body.

“You have sick days.” he countered, his blue eyes blinking up at you.

“I’m not sick.” you retorted.

“(Y/N), my season is over, I finally have some free time. Don’t you just want to lay with me?” he pouted.

You rolled your eyes, managing to wiggle free enough from Max’s grasp to grab your phone off the nightstand. “I do. But we can cuddle when I get home. I think you’ll manage for the next eight hours. You have Orion to get you through the afternoon.”

“Yeah he’s great, but his breath isn’t as good as yours and he sheds.”

“You’ll survive baby, I swear.” you said, turning back to Max pressing a kiss to his cheek.

And that was your biggest mistake. Before you could slide out of bed, Max overpowered you, rolling on top of you and pinning your arms above your head. He smirked down at you, his shirtless torso propped above you. He held your gaze, licking his lips before leaning down to kiss you. You melted into him; you were so lost in the moment, you didn’t notice one of Max’s hands snaking up your arm, slipping your phone out of your hand. Delighted with the success of his sneak attack, he rolled off of you with a final peck to your lips; sitting up and pressing the passcode into your phone.

“No! Max!” you said, exasperated as you watched him go through your contacts. You tried to reach over and grab the phone back, but he was too big, too strong. Before you could stop him, he had clicked the contact for the HR department.

You flopped back down on the pillows, sighing, accepting your defeat.

“Hi, yes. My name is Max, I’m calling in for my girlfriend (Y/F/N)(Y/L/N). She’s not going to be able to make it in today… Bronchitius I think, she’s lost her voice… mmhmm… yes… I’ll tell her… thank you so much… you, too. Bye.”

Max dropped the phone into the covers, falling back to lay beside you. “Bronchitius?” you questioned.

“Well, you had to have something that meant you couldn’t call yourself off.” he explained.

“How many times did you and your friends use that in school?”

“Only once.” He said with a shrug. Your raised your eye brows, not believing him. “Really. It was only once. Then we got caught.” he chuckled.

You laughed, rolling over, tucking yourself into Max’s side. He grinned, wrapping an arm around your shoulders as he kissed your forehead. “This isn’t such a bad way to spend a Friday morning, is it?” he asked.

“This is the best way to spend any morning.” you conceded, the steady rhythm of Max’s heartbeat drumming beneath your hand as it rested on his chest, lulling you back to sleep.



Well- I’m sort of done now, I think? I’ve been wanting to draw the bosses as well; the dear, busy, rarely-seen boss Mr. Adling, and the petshop owner Mr.Aylward from @ladydarkina-art‘s fic “Between flesh and bone”! 

With little physical description to speak of, I came up up with the most boss-esque appearance I could think of for Mr.Adling– these are new waters to me, but it was fun imagining this appearance behind the lines in the fic!

I found the final reveal of his relationship status to be a very sweet and reassuring detail in the end, and his attitude and personality took a very pleasant turn for the readers! I doubt anyone expected it

Mr. Aylward was a bit of a natural rush-job as I drew him, a bears, scraggy hair, and before I knew it there was a lil pride flag on his apron :U But that might just be me - either way, he struck me as a guy with good humour, and naturally, a huge love for animals. I’d put my money on 3 dogs at home.

… And this… CONCLUDES MY HEAD CANONS OF THE BFAB SUPPORTING CASE!!! It’s all done!!! I’m so glad I managed to churn out all the headcanons that came to me, I’m honestly pretty proud, even though the fic’s finished since long :’D If you wanna see the other headcanons, click below: 

Misty, Tessa & Reader

Lisa from HR and the “Accounts Girl”

Effin’ Jeffin

November 20th was the one-year anniversary for BFAB, and man… I’m sad I missed it, cause I got so into this fic, and there’s still a lotta stuff from it I want to draw. I hope to make more pieces and sketches that do the story justice!

anonymous asked:

after I read your Harry and HR imagine I couldn't help but imagining Harrys reaction to finding out y/n & Hr got to the cuff stage and punching hr in the face, just wanted to say I love your blog and your Harrison wells imagines! what other characters do you enjoy writing for? :)

Haha thank you!! I really enjoy writing for Harrison, Hunter, LOVE EOBARD… Oh I also REALLY enjoy wiring for Mick Rory. OH, Cisco is also a lot of fun! I would say those are my favorites. But I do pretty much all of them. :)

And could you imagine Harry’s reaction to that?! He’d kill him… I just… He’d kill him, right?

You: “I mean… It was just sort of one time thing…”

HR: “A one time thing that happened two or three times a week.”

Harry: “You have to the count of ten to get off this Earth… One…”

HR: “Is he serious?”

Harry: “Two…”

You: “You might wanna run.”

Harry: “Three.”

HR: “He’s kidding though… Right?”

Harry: “Seven…”

HR: *nervous chuckle* “Okay, gang! Tell BA I had a blast but I’m gonna just-”

Harry: “Nine…”


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Read Harry VS HR Imagine Here

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Ellie glared at the demon who stood almost, offering his hand to hr. She kept it by her side, clicking ‘So, who is it? Wilford? Ed?’ Dark rose an eyebrow at her before chuckling low in his throat, snatching her by the wrist. “Now, why would I give either of them the.. pleasure of taking your hand?” he purred, like a feral cat. She looked up at him with her own cocked eyebrow. ‘Then who-’ That’s when it clicked. The grey dress, Host telling her how sorry he was, everyone’s sympathic looks.

‘Not you.

“Not your choice,” he growled back hand tightening on her wrist. No redness to show a bruise, but grey spilled over her skin. She tried to pull away, but he simply ripped her closer. “Either you proceed with this, or..” His smirk told her this was it, the thing he’d dangle over her head as his way of keeping control. He already had the Host, and her lack of vocals. What else could he do?

“..Or I can kick you out, your poor brother will be back at my side, confused and terrified, and..” He bit his lip, almost grinning. “Well, what use do we need with a sixth robot? I’m sure your friend would make fantastic scrap metal.”

Her eyes widened and those pretty curls Bim helped set were shook out and straining to stay up. He had it, he had the only two people she cared about on his strings, and she was tangled in those strings unwillingly. She’d lost Siri once, an she knew the horrible things Dark would continue to do to the Host if she couldn’t be there to defend him.

'You sick bastard. I hope you choke.’

“Now.. that’s no way to treat your husband to be, is it, darling?
Oooooh this is the good shit bro I love this u make me punch dark in the dick even more now

Me Every Day

*Studies some more*

Me: I need to take a fucking break
*Goes to the computer place at the library, open up this site where they sell stationery and books and you get your haul delivered less than 24 hrs later*

*SCREECHES, aggressively clicks the shopping cart button*

Me: My life is now complete.

*Opens up Tumblr and look around. Logs off. Heads back to study room*
*Studies some more*
*Buys lunch with 50 NTD…ish because I’m spending all my fucking money on fountain pens and washi tape and Andy Warhol notebooks, then picks up haul from yesterday*