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(This is a slightly edited version of a previous post that I’ve now deleted since it pointed to a download that contained several mods from different creators.) 

I’m sorry, Anon - I’m not taking requests right now, but the good news is that this house is a popular build in the Sims community, so there are a kajillion of them out there! Try searching on “charmed” or “halliwell” for the Item Name or Hashtag search in the Gallery (as I did in the pic above - you can click to see the larger version). I found a ton of CC free ones just by doing that. I narrowed it down by “Lot” and “Residential” as well. If you don’t mind CC, you can click on “Advanced” and check “Include custom content”. You could also try googling “Sims 4″ “halliwell manor” - just be careful not to download any that include the mods, since that goes against many creators TOUs. Hopefully you can find one that you like!

Searching For Storybrooke

(or, if Once Upon a Time’s Storybrooke, Maine was a real place, where the f*ck would it be?)

OK, so, this topic is my personal baby because I am a weirdo and I find the theoretical location of Storybrooke in Maine an intriguing question. Maine is culturally a relatively unusual – let’s actually say quirky, because I like that more - place compared to everywhere else in the US. Even the other New England states (as well as the Canadian Maritime Provinces) only have some common overlap with the unique cultural flavor of Maine. Add to that the fact that the evidence on the show itself as to Storybrooke’s location is very mixed and self-contradictory, and you have a bit of a puzzle. I’ve explored canon evidence for the town’s location in this post, and suggested a possible locale for a “real Storybrooke” equivalent.

Please note that this is a very image-heavy post so brace yourselves if you click that Read More.

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Drew up a little comparison between Mangle and Funtime Foxy to showcase their differences.

A transcription of my notes, if you can’t read my awful handwriting:


  • Indent at top of head
  • Taller eye sockets
  • Rounder muzzle
  • Inner endo teeth visible
  • Teeth larger overall, cover entire jaw
  • Jaw curved
  • Longer side tufts
  • Ears thinner


  • Fur tufts at top of head
  • Rounder eye sockets
  • Eyebrows
  • Squarer muzzle
  • Muzzle dots
  • Gradually smaller teeth, only seem to be on the front of the top jaw
  • Jaw straight
  • Ears teardrop shaped
  • Shorter side tufts
  • Face segmented


  • Mangle has red accents while FT Foxy’s are a slightly darker shade of pink (with purple muzzle dots)
  • Mangle’s jaw connects up to the head on a hinge, while FT Foxy’s head meets with the jaw
  • FT Foxy is shiner overall
  • Different irises - FT Foxy’s have thin lines with one oval highlight, while Mangle’s are a sunbeam shape with two small lower highlights and four upper highlights
  • FT Foxy’s lips are indented/molded, while Mangle’s are painted directly on
  • Different endos - FT Foxy’s seems to be comprised of ridged bars, while Mangle’s seems to be solid metal
  • FT Foxy’s colors are a slightly darker, more magenta pink compared to Mangle