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Here some parentlock for you guys ;w; I just needed to draw some peaceful art after all the angst we’ve been trough ..
Sherlock and Rosie sleeping in his chair in front of the fireplace and John finding them while returning from going shopping..
Is swear this is canon and no one can convince me otherwise <3 Sherlock and john raising Rosie together is just too wonderful <3
I hope you like it ! <3

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Class I Exy Teams {a massive thank you to @palmettomonsters​ for letting me use her Exy Court edit, make sure to check it out!}



Hey guys! sry for not posting so much ;/
My family and I finally found a dog we want to adopt.. and now we have to prepare everything c: Also school has started again and a lot of exams are on the way ^^

I really wanted to draw something small today c: so I decided to redraw a picture I’ve found on google to practice my new style a bit c; I hope you like it <3 I also want to draw john soon ;w;   

*Update*  Here’s the John Watson I promised :D I hope you like it <3


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