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how to make vector icon [click the pic for high resolution]
a lot of people asked me how I make my icons so here goes! I’m not really great at explaining what I do since I myself kinda don’t know haha but there’s is tips&tricks that may help you! have fun creating and please tag me in your creations, I’d love to see them!
If you’re still clueless, take a look at this tutorial by @aescademic (this was heavily inspired by this post tbh) 


Here some parentlock for you guys ;w; I just needed to draw some peaceful art after all the angst we’ve been trough ..
Sherlock and Rosie sleeping in his chair in front of the fireplace and John finding them while returning from going shopping..
Is swear this is canon and no one can convince me otherwise <3 Sherlock and john raising Rosie together is just too wonderful <3
I hope you like it ! <3

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Goddess of the Sun: Orianna Del Sol

Yes, I am alive! And recently, my English teacher gave us an assignment to create a short native story that includes magic, violence (surprisingly), and deceit. And in addition to that, we had to create a small comic book with illustrations! I wanted to digitally draw out my comic though, and after asking my teacher, she said it was completely fine! 

This is one of the many characters that are going to make a small Easter egg appearance in it, since she’s not a main character, but I adore her so why the hell not? This is the Sun Goddess, Orianna, and her hubby which I’ll soon release is called Aku, the God of the Moon. Their story revolves around the total eclipse and how it came to be, but since it’s kind of lengthy and is a collaborated story between me and my friend, I’ll make a post about it later on since their pertaining story is completely different and irrelevant to the one I’m working on.  And I might add them to my Eldarya storyline as side characters??? I don’t know, but we’ll see. :>


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Class I Exy Teams {a massive thank you to @palmettomonsters​ for letting me use her Exy Court edit, make sure to check it out!}