click for the source on deviantart

Drawn by JeryaBlue (as a commission for me) with petals, photo filter enchantments, and text bubble added by me! She drew this using a three -year-old sketch of mine as a reference:

Click on the content source link to see the original without the changes to support the artist. She has a lot of good stuff and she is still currently open for commissions at very good price rates! 😉

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((I love it how you add souce to all the pictures. How do you do it?

Mod: It’s pretty simple really. What you do is go to Google images

And you’ll see this

You click that little camera and you’ll see this

Once that comes up, just copy paste the URL or upload the image from the other tab you see there. Soon enough, you’ll find the source.

Let me find an example

See how this is unsourced?

Just right click on it and click on “Copy image URL”

Once you do that, go back to here and paste

Then click “Search by image” and you’ll see something like this

Sometimes you’ll see something automatically put into the search bar, but that’s ok. But sometimes it’s completely irrelevant to the image, so you can take out part of it or just retype it and press enter and everything will be fine.

See? Just fine. Now to try and find the image. Most images are from deviantart, so stick to that first before going to pixiv or tumblr. Weheartit, polyvore, pinterest, imgur, and instagram are not sources (sometimes instagram but most of the time they’re just screenshots that have been filtered).

And there ya go! See, it was on the first page too. Sometimes it’s a few pages down, but most of the time it’s within the first three.

Then you go to the image that’s there. After making sure that’s the picture, and that it’s one that the person actually made (on occasion people on deviantart just upload art that isn’t theirs. I’ve encountered that a few times. Just inform the original artist and report the art thief). Once all is good, copy one of two links. The one at the top in the URL bar, or the one that you see beneath the details of the image that goes along the lines of “——-“

Then you go back to the unsourced art (I tend to save them in my drafts in case I make a mistake). Highlight “Source” and then click on that insert link button (it looks kinda like an 8 or infinity sign)

Paste the link and then press “insert link.” I generally check off the little box to be considerate to other users in case they were checking out something on their blog.

Once you see that’s underlined and that those two little icons are glowing, all is well. That means the link was included.

Then you can chose whether or not to save the draft or post it or add to queue or anything else. I post tend to post after I source, but everyone is different, so do whatever floats your boat.

TADA!~ It has been done. You can even ask the person to source it, but they generally don’t do it. And if you ever see your own art put up, just go to and you can report the person for putting up your work without the source. Tumblr will also take it down along with all the reblogs.

The process is actually really quick, like 30 seconds to a minute or so, the tutorial just took a while to make.

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

azaras-spirit  asked:

i havent seen any of your art on pinterest yet but if i do i will certainyl let u know and report it. ive already done this once and i hated it bc it was a friend's art and she didnt get any credit or anything but i recognized her style and knew it was posted without permission. ugh. art theft is not cool. i love pinterest but i hate that people can post stolen art -_-

There are a lot of my drawings there, most of them are “pinned” from my blog though so if you click on the image it brings you here or to my deviantart (even if I have a ‘share’ option switched off (for a reason) no one gets the hint!) But, you know, if that was the case it wouldn’t be that bad, right. But yeah, there are a lot of stuff from weheartit or with wrong source (because who cares, I pin it on this blog so it must be the author!) Idk, sometimes I think people forget that the time of Gallus Anonymus is over and autors want credit for their work!
Anyway, I don’t really have time to report all those people on pinterest and I don’t want you to waste your time to do that either. So remember you don’t have to do anything :) but thanks so much, hope you and your friend have a great week :)

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Hello, I just came across your skull style icon tutorial. Do you have tips on where to find the skull graphics to use? Thanks!

here’s a post by codecolorcreate with a huge list of places you might like to start!  you could also look on deviantart - just do a search, then click on ‘resources and stock images’ - there are a lot of really nice high quality sources there to use ( remember to check the terms of use on all resources though! ).  you can also do a google image search - use the  ‘useage rights’ filter on your results to find images that you can use for free for non commercial purposes.

FYI - Reposting vs. Reblogging

I’ve seen some confusion about what ‘reposting’ entails, so I’ll clear this up

REPOSTING is taking something and uploading it to the same site as the original or to a different site.  When I post other people’s art, I am reposting their art on tumblr (with their permission).  Seeing a pretty picture on your dash, pixiv, deviantart, etc., saving it to your computer and then posting it yourself (without permission) is also reposting - the bad kind.  Don’t do this.

REBLOGGING is seeing a pretty picture on your dash and clicking the reblog button, therefore retaining the original source (hopefully the actual creator or someone with their permission to post) and giving them the credit.  DO THIS INSTEAD.

REBLOG but do not REPOST (without permission)


Alright nerds, time to take a lesson in how to source or how to spot a source.

1. Mangacaps, Screencaps, and Gifs.

More than likely the original poster of a mangacap, screencap, and/or a gif will be the original creator. HOWEVER this is not always true. Manga and screecaps aren’t so easily claimed as one’s own unless they are edited in some way shape or form, and in most cases they will be marked with the original editor. BUT gifs will usually have a watermark or url of some kind to indicate the original creator, which will help you spot if it is from the original poster or it is reposted. Always make sure you check the gif for a watermark of some kind, and if you are still unsure, check the one who posted it and look for a variety of things like ‘my gif’ or 'my edit’ in their tags.

2. Properly sourced posts.

These posts will have a link to the original artist either right in the post or in the corner [corner sources cannot be removed so if it is pixiv or deviantart it is most probably correct] HOWEVER even if a post is properly sourced always check and see if that artist gave permission for it to be posted. It just takes a few simple clicks and a bit of translating in say Google or something like it. 

3. Original Artwork.

This is hard to spot sometimes because it is easier to steal. To know if it is from the original poster, most people tag posts as 'Art by OP’ to give an indication. You can also check the original poster and they will have something like ’—doodle’ or 'myart’ or any variation of those tags to let you know that they are the creator. BUT people will still try to steal it and claim it as their own, so if you are still unsure you can try and search the image in Google and see what comes up!

The example art can be found here.

4. Unsourced Art.

This is painfully easy to spot. Most of the time people will just post the picture and that’s it, with maybe one or two tags. There will not be a single source or indication, and many times people will tag it with 'no source lol’ or 'couldn’t find the source xD if you know it please add it to this post!’ Bottom line, if you don’t know the source don’t post it.

These are NOT sources:

  • Zerochan.
  • WeHeartIt.
  • YOU if you did not draw it.
  • Twitter [unless you know they are the original creator]
  • Photobucket.
  • Tinypic.
  • Pinterest.
  • Rebloggy [unless you’re sure it’s their own edit; rebloggy works much the same way tumblr does]
  • Google+
  • Facebook [unless you know they are the original creator]
  • Any sort of image hosting site.

These ARE sources:

  • Pixiv.
  • DeviantArt.
  • Twitter. [be sure to check if they drew it]
  • YOU if you drew the art or made the edit.
  • WorldCosplay.

Always remember to ask the artist’s permission if you wish to post their art or make edits of it. Do not repost an artist’s hard work and claim it as your own.


You see that lovely piece of unsourced Tsukishima art up there? Well, I’m gonna teach you how to source it.

First step: Right click on it.

Second step: Click on 'Search Google for this image.’

It will take you here;

Third step: See how none of these are sources? Oh wait look, there’s a Tumblr link! Click that. It takes you here, to the lovely original artist.

And if you scroll down a bit …

Oh look, there it is! And it has a Pixiv link.

Click on that. It’ll take you to the page. With the original work. Which should’ve been linked to.

But wait! Should I be posting it? That’s a good question. Go ahead and click on their Pixiv username. It will take you here;

Oh but it’s in Japanese! How do I know if I can post it? SImple! Right click and find the 'Translate to English’ or whatever your native language is and click that.

This should happen.

[this is the link to said source by the way]

Now, even if it doesn’t readily say that you shouldn’t post it without permission, YOU STILL NEED TO ASK.

Aaaand there you have it, how to source and spot a proper source!


1. Go to Google 

2.Click on “Images”

3.Click on the camera button

4.Click on “Upload Image” if you already saved the picture

5.Choose a file and pick the picture you want to source.

6.Find the correct source. Do not use weheartit or any forums as a source. The correct source either comes from Tumblr or from a deviantart account.

7.When you find a correct source, copy the URL.

8.Go back to Tumblr and click on the photo button

9. Choose the photo, under it put whatever you want to put.

10.Highlight the test where you want to put the source in

11.Click on the “insert link” button

12. Paste the link and you can save your post!




** THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG POST. Im not putting it under a “read more”, because i dont want my theme to distract from the points im making. Also i want people to read this. I put this in the “long post” tag for courtesy.**

This has literally been bothering me ever since i found out they outright cursed out my friend and fellow artist. I attempted to play devil’s advocate in some parts, but i just couldn’t justify these actions but through suggestions. Keep an open mind, and please try and report this user. Since instagram’s report system is confusing, i’ve made a somewhat step-by-step process through here [X].

Now with that out of the way; let’s get this fucking party started, shall we?

Let’s first go through the situation at hand first:

This user on instagram that goes by the name “america.england” has been posting “screenshots” and unsourced art of USUK art from their computer/mobile device. They claim to have downloaded all of their photo’s via Google and screenshots from other instagram users. Thus, according to their logic, means that they “don’t have to” source who created the art they enjoy in the first place. When artists first found out about this user, they first simply asked to take down their art, because that was the original artist’s wishes. This is a normal ritual that goes down when someone’s art is reposted; they ask for it to be taken down, and the user complies. But, this user then curses out the artists, threatens to block them, shows their unbreakable pride further than they should, and tries to justify their actions with poor excuses and foul attitude. This user still has a bunch of followers for no other reason then that they are basically a instagram-tumblr blog who posts their saved pictures onto a social media site w/o sourcing, and gets into a hissy fit whenever they are proven wrong. Then they desperately try and justify themselves, hiding their flaws through lies* and self-victimising, and in the end, dont learn their lesson.

Multiple people and artists have tried to take down their account, or at least try and tell them what they are doing is wrong. But, pride in strong in this one, kids. (And i’m going to mention pride often in this, so beware.)

Even though we succeeded in getting some art taken down, their account is still up. They used to put millions of tags on their reposts, even though they claimed to have “no time to find the original artists”. So, after a bunch of the art got deleted, they started tagging just one tag. “#usuk”.

As you can tell from the screenshots above, they tried to once again justify their actions, for what seems to be their last huzzah, or so we hope. But there are still millions of flaws in their argument, and since i am a USUK artist who got their old-ass art reposted on their account, and i have a lot of things to say, i will try and let everyone know why what they are saying is still extremely horrifying.

Let’s go through this once sentence at a time, shall we?

“This account isn’t for your enjoyment. This account was made because I saved 1000+ photos and wanted to save space by posting them.” 

Why not just use Photobucket, find another online picture saver, or at least a place where IT’S NOT A SOCIAL MEDIA SITE MADE TO SHARE TO A LARGE CROWD? (This is also a main point to this argument, im going to bring this up often.) If you wanted to “save space”, and didnt want to spend money, go to a site that allows you to do that and don’t try and gain followers for your “storage”.

“I have respect for the artists that make these drawings. Fuck, I’m even an artist myself and attend a school for animation.”

As an artist who attended/will eventually continue to attend school for animation/arts in High School AND College, and have PROOF that i am of age and actually studied in that field, this is kind of offensive to people like me. Sure, this is somewhat valid if what they are claiming is true, but unless i am proven otherwise (and im open to being proven wrong unlike this bloke), let’s just assume they’re just playing the victim card. This statement is like saying a racist joke but then claiming “but my friend is a POC, i can say that, we’re best friends”. I know, i’ve done that before. It’s still wrong. If you are an artist, and you say you have respect for other artists, don’t shit on artists. Even if you dont consider yourself an artist, it doesnt change either way. You’re either a hypocrite, or an asshole. You pick.

“But you people are asking for a source that I don’t have and I realize you’re asking me to go the extra mile to find the artist but I.DONT.WANT.TO. I made this account for ME. This is basically a photo album for me.”

I can tell you from the top of my head some wonderful people who GO that extra mile to MAKE SURE they 1) have permission from the original artist and 2) source them correctly. There are literally dozens of lovelies that i follow that give me the source, the permission link, and the beautiful art that comes with the package. These tumblr blogs are solely dedicated to making sure the artist is happy with their actions, and there are tumblr blogs solely dedicated to making sure assholes like you source your shit. Hell, ive even seen some of your fellow USUK instagram blogs who source to SOURCE YOUR SHIT if you’re going to post other’s art on another SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM. If you dont want to be that person, fine, you dont have to. Just PLEASE dont share it to a large audience if it’s meant to be a PHOTO ALBUM for YOU. If you’re not willing to go the extra mile to be respectful, stay 5 miles back, you dingus.

“This account could have had 0 followers and been private but I decided to make it open to public viewers.”

WHY? WHY THOUGH? That’s literally the opposite of a personal storage. Again, this is a SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM, meant to be used as a place where artists, bloggers, shops, etc get their stuff out to a large audience. If you wanted to share your “photo album” to your friends, that’s what Skype is for, that’s what Snapchat is for, that’s what a private Facebook is for, NOT a public instagram account. Literally anything private for you and your friends. Not a “following”. If your account “could have been private and have 0 followers”, and you seem to be fine with that, then FUCKING DO THAT??? All of these problems could be solved if you just make the account private and not have the intention of gaining young USUK lovers for your sick ego.

“You people who are dm-ing me and telling me to kill myself are not helping. I will post the content I want.”

This is probably one of the few things i agree with. People should NOT be telling anyone to kill themselves. But, you are making people angry for your terrible actions and reactions. Though, that does not justify these people’s actions. That stuff is terrible, no one deserves that. Its true, that’s not helping, but maybe it will open your eyes a little bit if you decide to be open minded. Instead of these people trying to shove you down, try and use that motivation to not get angry, but to look at it in their perspective. Again, this does NOT justify this user getting these type of DM’s, but take a look again on why they are acting this way. You have the right to post the content you want, but it HAS to follow the guidelines of the person who owns the art, and the guidelines of instagram. You, my friend, violated both of those.

“If you want the source and I so happen to have it, I will give it to you. When I mean “source” I mean name of a doujinshi. I don’t have the artists names because half of my photos are screenshots from other accounts. The other half are photos I save from google and even those don’t have their name.”

THIS is the gold here, friends. THIS is their prime argument. There are SO many things wrong with this, and here’s why: Why would you dare go as low as screenshoting from other’s accounts, or just randomly save from fucking Google images. Do you need me to tell you how Google fucking works? It’s a search engine that allows you to find the images and sources you want. GOOGLE IS NOT A WEBSITE THAT IN ITSELF HAS ALL THE THINGS YOU NEED. You HAVE to go INTO the links and sites that it suggests to you, and not just save from the fucking search engine itself. Maybe if you actually took 3 seconds to click the goddamn link, it could have taken you to someone’s deviantart or tumblr. I can’t even fucking believe this idiotic logic you have. It’s just so baffling. It’s like walking down a street, taking pictures of some cool landmarks, but not telling people where to go visit them itself. You’re just showing them pictures. If someone wanted to go there themselves, they cant, because you’re a selfish prick who didnt bother to look up at the signs. If someone wanted to leave a donation to said landmark to support it, they can’t, because they’d have to wander the streets looking for it instead of you giving them the map that you recklessly tossed away. It’s unnecessary work. The reason why so many people don’t include links and sources nowadays, is because of assholes like you who have this stupid logic. “Well, i didn’t write down the directions, because this person didnt do it either.” It’s a vicious cycle, and it needs to stop. Don’t continue it. Just because your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?

“I also enjoy the fact that people are targeting me because I do happen to post on a regular basis and have 1k+.”

????? THIS IS PURE NARCISSISM AND PRIDE, FOLKS. NO ONE cares how many followers you have. NO ONE cares if you “post on a regular basis”. It’s just easier to find you, that’s why you’re being “targeted”. (Also your tags are pretty long, friend. It’s not hard.) If other accounts did the same things you were doing, they would get the same treatment. You’re not special, just because you flip-off artist’s hard work. You’re just another asshole who can’t keep their ego in their pants for 0.3 seconds. “LOL fuck the ‘haters’, i dont care, fuck the man LOLOL”. Keep it behind closed doors, dude. Don’t wave your dick in people’s faces. Sorry, im just so sick of this at this point. Just, don’t be a prick about how your actions are “justified”, honestly.

“If you really expect me to post the source now, you are gladly mistaken.”

I think you spelled “my ego and pride is too big for me to carry, so i’m going to pretend i did nothing wrong and not look at my mistakes” wrong.

“I mean, would you rather me end my life or not post the source?”

How about you just listen to the artists of the art (that you so happen to say you “respect”) that you are reposting? Are you so stuck on either listening to death treats, or not listening to reason? The answer is literally right in front of you. Just say you’re sorry, and move on. Are you really so intent on literally not stopping what you’re doing, that you’re willing to end your own life? Why.

“If you want to bitch about me and my decision, unfollow?? Like I don’t want you on my account if you’re going to be bitching and complaining about my personal choice. Everyone who decides to comment negatively about this will be blocked. I don’t have time for your shit. I don’t care who you are, how many followers you have & even if I am following you. this account was made for ME. follow if you want, I could care less.”

Translation: “If you don’t want to see me shit in public, then don’t look lol”. Yo, you’re using a SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM that is designed to be SHARED WITH STRANGERS. If you want to shit with your friends while holding hands, or shit privately, then DO IT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Make your account private or use a different platform that isn’t social. Just because I and many others don’t like what you are doing, doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to spread your indecency to other unknowingly innocent people who dont know any better. Again, this is just encouraging the vicious cycle. Let me say it again just in case it wasn’t clear:


Literally look at the comments left on this post. People are supporting this because “well, other people do it and they say its okay, so i’ll just listen to this person instead of the artist that im taking the art from.” Sure, your intentions are not meant to be harmful, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that you are harming people still. Just because you acknowledge your actions, doesnt mean its solved.

The reason it takes “hours” to find a proper source, is because assholes like this keep on growing the gap between the artist and their art. PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE THIS INSTEAD.

It’s okay to admit that you’re wrong. It’s okay to learn from your mistakes. It’s okay to change. It’s okay to grow. It’s okay to be human.




BUT, if you try and rebuttal against my arguments, just be aware that i am open to potentially being wrong, and i am open minded to other sides of the story. Like a decent human being.

//drops mic//

PSA for all the new Young Justice fandom members!

Hello and welcome! We’re so happy you discovered the show through Netflix (or wherever), and have decided to join us! It’s really great to see so many new fans!

Unfortunately, I have also noticed many reposts of fan-art. This is a really big no-no in the fandom, Tumblr, and the internet in general. Please do not ever repost or reuse a piece of original artwork or edit without a link to the original. Even if you say “not mine!”, it still counts as reposting.

I know it’s tough to find the original source of artwork that was done years ago, but it doesn’t have to be! Here’s how to quickly find the original source of online artwork ->

First, right click the image when you happen upon it on a web-page, and click “Copy Image Source”.

If it’s a picture saved onto your computer, just hang on a second.

Then, go to Google Images, and click that little camera icon:

You’ll get 2 options:

You can either paste the image URL, or upload an image from you computer.

After you hit “Search by Image”, you will be given a bunch of possibilities of where the original image came from under “Pages that include matching images”.

Original sources include:

  • DeviantArt
  • Tumblrs (be sure to check that is has the tag “my art” or “my edit” or “mine” or anything the creator uses to claim art as their own to make sure it’s not another repost. Original posts also usually have the largest amount of notes.)
  • Pixiv (I think. Please let me know if this is incorrect)

If it IS from a Tumblr, please reblog instead of repost. If it’s from another website, please include a link to the source in the text area.

Another courtesy reminder: if someone messages you to please put a source on a repost, please do so. Many of these artists are our friends, and we like to see them receive proper credit for their hard work :)

Thanks so much for your time and cooperation! And once again, welcome to the Young Justice fandom :) We hope you’ll stay for a long time and get just as crazy as the rest of us :D

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How does one get lots of followers?

i feel like answering this honestly for once so here you go

When i started my blog in 2009 i didn’t really understand tumblr at first and like pretty much everyone ever i wanted a lot of followers. At the time I’d reblog whatever I thought was pretty and post stuff from weheartit (don’t do that) but basically I got my first 1000 or so followers by following every single blog I could find. I ended up following i think about 5000 people and lots of them followed me back. I don’t think it works that way anymore really and if it does it’s not worth it, they won’t care for the stuff you post anyway.

I think it depends on what you want your blog to be. Right from the beginning strictly reblogging other people’s posts wasn’t what I wanted to do and while I did start out posting stuff from weheartit which you should never ever ever do (I don’t care who you are don’t do it), after a few people on anon explaining to me why sourcing photography is important I switched to flickr and then later added content from behance as well, and I’m still doing that today.

If you’re into the just reblogging stuff thing instead of finding your own content then I can’t really tell you how it works. It just depends. I have a personal blog where all I do is reblog stuff and lots of it is kinda educational/social justice-y but there’s funny stuff and cute stuff and sometimes naked people and just idk stuff and photography/art I like and it works.

If your blog is just stuff you reblog I’d say make sure your theme fits. That’s so important, like seriously important. Don’t make it too colorful unless you know what you’re doing, if you’re here for the followers don’t have autoplay on your theme, if you want people to be interested in your blog when they’re on it for the first time don’t have a theme with 12353462 columns (maybe that’s just personal preference but those are the worst in my opinion)

What I did is I always went on blogs I liked and kind of just paid attention to what they made their blog look like. I always based the theme I used on other people’s themes until I figured it out myself. Maybe see who made the theme your favorite blog uses and look at the other themes that person has released.

Don’t be a dick to people. Don’t be a dick to people. Don’t. Seriously. Unless they deserve it. Otherwise, no. And talk to as many people as you can. Message them, say hi. Introduce yourself. I’ve made so many friends on here and it’s so worth it. They help with people finding your blog, too. But that’s not what you should make friends here for. And don’t ask everyone to “have a look at your blog” unless they state somewhere that they’re okay with it.

I don’t really think there’s much else you can do besides corresponding with people and making sure your blog looks good. Sometimes you just have to be lucky. Oh and please don’t be one of those people that remove sources/captions when they reblog something. That’s so disrespectful I don’t even.

If you post content you find on websites such as flickr/deviantart/behance/500px and don’t reblog other people’s posts from your dashboard much, always always always a l w a y s make sure your posts are sourced right. I’m so tired of people putting their urls in the click-through/the source link. I don’t care that you found the photo, it’s not yours. Nobody cares. Stop.

Let’s say you want to strictly post landscape photography, or design, or art, or portraits, anything that falls under a category in the featured tags. There are editors like myself for those and we are willing to feature your stuff if you come to us with links. Personally, I’m always happy to have people submit their posts to me, especially when they’re not very well-known blogs. Let’s be honest, we’re all too lazy to find them ourselves so you’re making our “work” a lot easier like that. Just don’t over-do it. If the person you send something to doesn’t respond/lets you know they’re not interested, don’t be rude.

I don’t know. I think it’s way more important for you to just enjoy the blogging experience instead of worrying about followers and all that. Make friends, find out what you want your blog to be like. Everything else will come to you. This isn’t really supposed to be serious. Unless you post your own work or you’re trying to make money off your blog. But that’s a different story, I can’t really help with that. Blah.

Regarding unsourced art.

OKAY, speaking as a person who has had their art stolen/used without their permission a (rather disappointing) number of times, I wanna share a thing.

To the people who run blogs that use fanart: I know that sometimes it’s hard to find a source for the art you’re using, especially if said art is very popular. Normally, the best course of action, if you don’t know the source, is to just not use the art. But, if you really must, here’s a way you can find the source.

Step 1: Go to Google Images.

Step 2: Go to the art you want to use.

(Using this one, as it has been stolen a few times.)

Step 3: Click and drag the image into the Images search bar.

Step 4: Look for a link to DeviantART or Pixiv.

Step 5: If you cannot find a link to either of those sites, or your only results are sites like these:

–do not use the picture.

Please remember that posting unsourced art hurts the original artist, and could get you into a lot of trouble!

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I'm really into your blog but I haven't seen you post none of your post and I'm really eager to see some of your stuff . I'm very inspired by your page.


This blog doesn’t belong to a particular artist, as we’re the official Bulbagarden Tumblr account. The purpose of this blog is to showcase the Pokémon fandom through fanart, cosplay, fan comics and crafts. 

EDIT: to be more specific, we reblog from the original artist, so you wont find anything reposted by Bulbagarden. 

We used to link to deviantART posts before, but it’s much better to just reblog from the original source here as many artists don’t like their art to be reposted to other platforms and few people actually click links. 

anonymous asked:

Dood it's not cool to post art without credit. It's the reason why artists have been deleting their art and stopped drawing.

I source everything I post. If someone reblogs it and removes the source, I can’t do anything about that. But all of my posts have the source to the artists pixiv or deviantart or whatever they are using. 

You see where it says source? Right below the picture.

Right there, right in the red box. Ya that’s the source. And when you click on it…

That pops up in a new tab. It’s fucking magic. 

It has happened in the past that I’ve forgotten to source things, and when that happens people invariably point it out and declare that I’m sort of scum for not sourcing the image, so I go and fix it. It’s an honest mistake, and I do make a point of sourcing all the art I post. I agree that it is not cool to just post art and not credit where it came from (I don’t check reblogs, that would take forever), but seriously go bother someone who doesn’t source their art. 

As for asking for permission, it’s just not worth the time. I enjoy this blog, but taking the time to ask permission for everything I upload would take hours, and I don’t have hours. I work full time, I have hobbies, I have a social life, I don’t have time to sit here and message 30-40 artists on a day when I queue things up. It’s just not going to happen. 

On the rare occasion that an artist has asked me to remove an image (it happened once), I was happy to do so. They were polite about it and it wasn’t a problem. I took the image down and then everyone went on their merry fucking way. Basically it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than it is for permission. 

Also i’m kind of tired of getting this messages. I’m just going to delete/ignore them in the future. I know I should have deleted or just ignored this message, but it really grinds my gears. I just want to post cute moe shit on my blog and have a good time. Dealing with people who white knight all over sourcing and permission is perhaps one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever had to do. It makes me want to leave sometimes.  

I’m probably going to regret posting this, but whatever. It gets on my nerves and it feels good to rant about it sometimes. 

reverendjamie-deactivated201508  asked:

Could you please include the sources when you reblog fanart? It's really shitty that you don't and it doesn't take that much effort to find it, but since so many people follow you you kinda have the responsibility to find the source artist.

Could you please link us to an example where we did not link back to the artist? We only reblog directly from the source, so anything we reblog does link to the original artist. If the artist included a caption under the image, it will show their username which you can click to go to the original post. 

In addition to this, anything we post from deviantART automatically includes a link to the original art on deviantART and the artist’s gallery. 


There are a lot of people posting unsourced art. And when told to source it they often say “Oh I found it on Google.” or “It’s been on my computer forever I don’t remember where it came from. 

Please learn how to source the art you post because it’s very easy!

Say you like this picture and want to post it.

Great! Now to give proper credit to where it’s due. Simply right click on it and click "Search Google for this image”.

Or if it’s saved to your computer, go to Google Image Search and click the camera and then “Upload an Image”.

Now click the search button and see what comes up. 

There are a few matches. It’s best to click DeviantArt links first. Only one link will bring you to the artist. Click around to find the art’s rightful owner.
Ta Da! You now know the original source of the art! Now when you post the art, you can make a link to the artist and the artwork! And that’s it! You’re done!

Remember to source your art please!