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FYI - Reposting vs. Reblogging

I’ve seen some confusion about what ‘reposting’ entails, so I’ll clear this up

REPOSTING is taking something and uploading it to the same site as the original or to a different site.  When I post other people’s art, I am reposting their art on tumblr (with their permission).  Seeing a pretty picture on your dash, pixiv, deviantart, etc., saving it to your computer and then posting it yourself (without permission) is also reposting - the bad kind.  Don’t do this.

REBLOGGING is seeing a pretty picture on your dash and clicking the reblog button, therefore retaining the original source (hopefully the actual creator or someone with their permission to post) and giving them the credit.  DO THIS INSTEAD.

REBLOG but do not REPOST (without permission)

Regarding unsourced art.

OKAY, speaking as a person who has had their art stolen/used without their permission a (rather disappointing) number of times, I wanna share a thing.

To the people who run blogs that use fanart: I know that sometimes it’s hard to find a source for the art you’re using, especially if said art is very popular. Normally, the best course of action, if you don’t know the source, is to just not use the art. But, if you really must, here’s a way you can find the source.

Step 1: Go to Google Images.

Step 2: Go to the art you want to use.

(Using this one, as it has been stolen a few times.)

Step 3: Click and drag the image into the Images search bar.

Step 4: Look for a link to DeviantART or Pixiv.

Step 5: If you cannot find a link to either of those sites, or your only results are sites like these:

–do not use the picture.

Please remember that posting unsourced art hurts the original artist, and could get you into a lot of trouble!