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"Again, take Shana for instance. She was demonized, to the point where she was seen as unforgivable. She stalked them for like what a month??? Ezra stalked those girls for literal years and spied on them. And unsurprisingly, the qwoc is the one that died" GOOD FUCKING POINT OMG WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO DIE WHILE EZRA LIVES? WHY IS EZRA REDEEMABLE BUT SHANA NOT??

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Hi tumblr. I need this hilariously staged picture I found in a Christian click bait article about how to stop your teenager from partying to become a meme. Plz and thank u


On today’s episode of: Jeff Sessions wants to bring back Jim Crow.

Click the source link for the rest of the article, but as you can see Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is wasting no time to roll back civil rights protections and make sure discriminatory policies are etched in stone.

Which is exactly wtf everyone - including Coretta Scott King - warned us he would do considering his history of doing JUST THAT - using his political power for racist ends.

Another reason to be worried, these voter ID laws are used to not only disenfranchise poor voters and minorities, but these populations have been specifically targeted since Obama’s win in an effort to regain republican control over districts around the country.
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What did he say in the article? I don't want to give it clicks, and nobody has posted it on tumblr yet. Anything bad???

  • he finds it’s therapeutic to write and it helped him process things
  • he said he doesn’t like to party/drink when he’s singing or touring because the notes are high and he likes to wake up with a clear head. but he likes to celebrate and stuff just only when it’s the right time.
  • he said simon giving him anxiety was a joke
  • he says he gets nervous
  • dan pushed the sexuality question and he said he hasn’t labeled his and doesn’t feel the need to explain himself about it
  • he said the band was the best thing that ever happened to him and he wouldn’t rule out a reunion
  • he said he doesn’t know about timelines but the door is open
  • he says that it was hard to see people under circumstances like louis’ with jay’s passing, but everyone came together to support him
  • he said adele is someone who leads the way and is a different level of artist
  • he said mick jagger is someone he admired growing up
  • on fashion “ If you want to wear a pair of ­yellow trousers you can wear a pair of yellow trousers. “
  • he loves london
  • he doesn’t know what he’s gonna be doing on the late late show but it’ll be fun
  • he said he would have been excited to watch dunkirk even if he wasn’t involved
  • he said he’s trying to enjoy the moment and not be pressured when it comes to numbers
  • he said he only played the album to four or five people in a room and he had all of these hidden playlists on his phone where it was buried
  • he said he didn’t go down the chart friendly electronic music route but he likes a lot of that music
Wait For Me To Come Home - Sebastian x Reader - One Shot

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A/N - Got myself into the little sebby family mood again. Featuring Isabella as always aha.

Sebastian x Reader - You are completely secure in your relationship with Sebastian, until you start reading some articles that make you doubt yourself. Sebastian gets rid of your insecurities by helping you relive some of your memories together.

Warnings: Fluff and angst  - It’s a long one.

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Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Chap. 8)

Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off -Reader signs up for an online app similar to Omegle, but little does she know that she’s talking to the one and only Sebastian Stan.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Angst. Oral sex (female receiving). Fluff. Sebastian being a sexy beast. Slight secondhand embarrassment. NSFW. 

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“[Trump’s election] is a problem for Putin, because he never meant it. Putin’s friends have stolen many billions of dollars over the last 17 years and that money is no good to them if they can’t spend it in Monaco, Mayfair, Malibu or Manhattan. The anti-western act was always just a game of balls and cups, intended to distract the Russian electorate from the wholesale theft going on all around them. But it proved so successful Putin has now helped elect an anti-westerner as leader of the free world.” Click for article.

(in which putin is the leopard eating his own face)

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I have this theory that Seungri became really interested in business because he accepted that he'll never have success as an artist like the other members. Now I see him drifting farther and farther away from Big Bang and focusing more on his business ventures rather than his role in the group and as an artist. What do you think? I used to think it was unimaginable for Seungri to leave Big Bang but now I think he has the financial security to do so.

I’m going with yes and no because of the many factors. This is gonna get lengthy so I’m gonna put it under a read more.

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Some words to my fellow VIPs


I’ve seen a few people say some of this already, but I feel like it’s very important and is more than worth repeating.

To start off, I can’t gloss over or ignore the fact that the latest development in this whole mess is heart breaking and very hard to read about (especially since we at this point still don’t know what will happen in the end). The pictures that came out today were awful to see…. 💔

What is important to think about and remember (even if it’s really hard to do so and I myself had to read words like this to really realize it): yes, we are down at rock bottom right now, with how the situation is at the moment. It’s, plain and simply put, fucking shit right now and I know that a lot of people are struggling a lot. However[!!], things will get better. It doesn’t seem like that will ever happen right now, I’m sure, but after things get worse, THEY GET BETTER. For some of you, it might unfortunately be very hard to believe that, but please try to keep that in mind and try to use it as way to stay hopeful right now!

I would like to extend a massive pat on the back and say that I’m proud of every VIP who has stuck around and who hasn’t left Tabi and BIGBANG since the news first broke. You are amazing and you show just how strong and tough the fandom is. Please continue supporting our five kings, because remember:

Until whenever” doesn’t have an end date.

If you truly stand by those two words, that should be a given. 2011 was a year that struck BIGBANG and VIPs down hard, but we all crawled our way up to the top after that. I can’t lie and say that it will be easy now, but we can do it! Please hang in there, support our kings and stay strong, VIPs! 👑💛

Also, as a final reminder/piece of advice: PLEASE take everything you read online with a massive grain of salt!! If possible, stay away from articles from sites like Soompi and (especially) allkpop! Those articles are written to get clicks and not necessarily to convey the actual, factual truth about what’s going on. Wait for official statements and try, even though I know it’s really hard, to stay positive and hopeful that things will work out for the better.

BIGBANG 💛 VIPs until whenever


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Oh my Lord, I fell down the Wikipedia rabbit hole of links and clicked on one of the old 2011 articles about Jennifer being cast on OUAT (Deadline, here) when Emma was still named Anna, blah blah, blah, scrolled down to the comments and saw this;

jason • Mar 9, 2011 10:21 pm

well its from the lost guys so that means it will be awesome for 6 seasons and then completely F the audience

Jason was the prophet we didn’t heed. I’m just picturing that guy now going, “I TOLD YOU SO!”