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So I have one big rule for cooking, like one rule that’s so incredibly important, that if you choose to not follow it, i will probably glare at you like really fucking hard.

Try. Everything.

As long as you’re not allergic, or it’s not against your religion or moral code, you need to try anything and everything. This rule was executed by me today when I decided I’d boil up some of the shirasu (whitebait fish) that I bought at mitsuwa the other day. 

With a little bit of salt, I could probably eat these things for like the next 40 years. They look hella weird, since they’re whole baby fishies, but shit they taste delicious.

And while I had these lil suckers, I decided, hey, why not try and make a whitebait bowl and an Enoshima Bowl form Tsuritama?

So I fuckin did it, yo. And it tasted like delicious miracles. So lets do this. Lets make some fuckin bowls.

Enoshima and Whitebait Bowls
(serves: 1 if you wanna explode and die, 2 if you want to end up severely rotund, and 4 if you just wanna eat it idk)



  • approximately 1 ½ cups boiled shirasu*
  • about a handful of beansprouts
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 Tbsp milk
  • 2 cups cooked japanese rice (click for instructions)
  • soy sauce (use liberally)
  • kewpie mayo (use liberally)
  • 2 Tbsp red pickled ginger
  • Sesame oil (for cooking)
  • a few pinches of salt
  • roasted seaweed

*If there’s like no shirasu by you, or you don’t eat fish, just substitute it with some beansprouts. No biggie, bruh.


Procedure for Enoshima Bowl-

  • Separate the bait into two portions, and then separate one of the portions in half.
  • Take the bean sprouts and fry them for about 2 minutes in some sesame oil.
  • Place two eggs in a bowl along with the milk, 1 tsp soy sauce, 2 pinches of salt, and whisk that shit till it’s all combined.
  • Add one of the small portions of whitebait and the beansprouts into the eggs. Mix until they’re combined.
  • Heat up a frying pan and add sesame oil. Pour the eggs onto the pan and cook for about 2 to 3 minutes. Flip the omelet over and cook for another minute before placing it onto a plate to use for later.
  • Take about half a portion of the cooked rice and place it in a bowl, patting it so that the surface is slightly rounded, but smooth.
  • Drizzle on a bit of sesame oil, some soy sauce and some kewpie mayo. It doesn’t have to look pretty but it will definitely add some flavor to the dish.
  • Place the omelet on top, and then take the other smaller portion of shirasu and throw them in the frying pan with a pinch of salt for like a minute, just so that they warm up.
  • Place it on top of the omelet with about a tablespoon of pickled red ginger.
  • Devour this gorgeous piece of art and then go fishing with your moe alien boyfriend.


Procedure for Whitebait Bowl-

  • Take the remaining portion of rice and place it in the bowl, smoothing out the surface.
  • Drizzle some soy sauce and sesame oil onto the rice, then cover the surface with some roasted seaweed flakes.
  • Take the final portion of shirasu and fry it in a pan with a few pinches of salt for about a minute.
  • Place all dem babby fishies on top of the seaweed and then top everything with a tablespoon of pickled red ginger and a few small sheets of roasted seaweed on the side.
  • Cry over the fact that you will never have a cool grandma like Yuki. 
  • haha psych my grandma’s actually the coolest grandma ever so there’s no way in hell I’d cry about that.
  • Cry over the fact that you will never have a grandma as cool as my grandma.
  • lol

Damn. I said it once but I’ll say it again. When you let go of your fears and apprehension or whatever and you actually try things that you’d never thought of trying before, you open yourself to a huge fucking world of fabulous fucking flavors.

This shit is so god damn magical. Like, okay, imagine, you can spend your life eating the same, comfortable, yummy but generic foods you’ve had all your life.


hear me out

OR you could fucking try everything and anything and open yourself to all these cool new possibilities. 

Aight. That’s enough potate-wisdom for one day.

Try not to cry over the fact that you will never have a moe alien friend or a cool pet duck like Tapioca.

Later, weebs.  



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