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netflix originals series: young avengers (click for full size)

Founded to protect the world in the event that the Avengers disbanded, the young heroes, labelled “super-powered fanboys”, and later the “Young Avengers” by the public, are forced to step up after the disastrous events of the Civil War which left the previous Avengers fractured and at odds. 

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☼ hairs: @elzascarlet-yan / @blahberry-pancake
☾ tops: younzoey / @jordutch

“Go with the flow, rather than against it…”

Steadily, John fell into the same pattern, mirroring in such a way that would leave no one in any doubt that they were two blokes dancing together, rather than just occupying the same space. His breath was stuck in his throat, caught around a knot of need. Every time they brushed against one another or Sherlock’s hand skimmed down his arm, a jolt of raw electricity arced through his stomach to clench between his legs, and John struggled to think around the thickening cloud of desire.

Commission for significanceofmoths ! Based on a great story “Midnight Blue Serenity”, written by beautifulfic , which you guys can all read here :)

anonymous asked:

Do you know why sometimes tumblr reduces sharp photos to blurry photos when i upload them ?

Yes. That happens because Tumblr resizes them to the usual “Tumblr standard sizes”. Every post on the (computer) dashboard has the same width: 540 pixels.
And if you upload a photo that is not 540 pixels wide then Tumblr’s resizing algorithms kick in. And they are … let’s put it nicely … not really THAT good. If the photos are not an exact multiple of 540 pixels, this can lead to sometimes real blurry photos.
If you click on them and show them in the original size, all is fine again. But on the dash… mmmeeehhh….
I set my standard output size for my photos that I export from Lightroom to 540 pixels wide for photos that are higher than wide. And to 1080 pixels wide (two times 540 pixels) for photos that are wider than high.
That seems to work reasonably well. Of course you can use any multiple of 540 pixels. The height doesn’t really seem to matter. The width has to be 540 pixels or a multiple of that.

Edit: I gave some more specifics in this reblog of a video-post:

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How do you edit your gameplay pics of Bun? I really love how radiant it looks and it's really pleasing <3

first, oh my god, thank u so much!!! ♥ second, i think you might’ve set yourself up to something unexpected, because this tutorial is loooong. but!! here we go!

this has been asked before, but i always put it off hoping that ONE DAY i’d have a consistent editing style… but i’m afraid that’s never going to happen. so this walkthrough will be messy, and weird, and have a lot of ‘optional’ stuff in it, but i will try to include everything i might do. also, i suggest you look at this link as well, because it includes every action and psd i might use while editing, as well as the blurring methods i use, my topaz settings, and a description of how i soften my pictures. so if something doesn’t make sense here, check there, and you might find your answer.

note: this is long and very picture heavy! 

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Introducing a new AU I’m working on: VG heroes as Olympian gods and goddesses. First of all, I bring you Celeste as Demeter/Ceres. 

I really love how Celeste fits into the role (of guardian of family, fertility and production, etc) really well and the harvest hue just looks lovely on her.

That being said, I do plan on doing a whole series covering all 12 Olympians within the span of an infinite amount of time. Who should I draw next? Feel free to leave a suggestion on Twitter or by reblogging :D 


Source: 56号のまゆみこぉ
Artist: muku
Pairing: Mayu/Mikoto

Scanlation: larabarq
Please, please, please do not repost outside of tumblr.
If you can, please visit the source and rate it + bookmark! :)

Decided to do something quick to make up for my absence and what better than a MayuMiko comic? I adore these two and will probably scanlate more of their stuff in the future.

Also, the images look horrible when I post them as a photoset. This is because the actual size (width mainly) of the images is rather small. For better viewing pleasure, you can either view them on my tumblr MOBILE OR (the preferred) right click - open link in new tab for the original size.


Finished my pixel game, (Windows)

ahh, hope it works

Controls are:

  • left, right: to move
  • space: to jump/double jump
  • enter: to continue dialogue (and also enlarge the window if you press it at the start menu)
  • Esc at the start menu: go back to original window size
  • left click: to click on birdo and talk to him