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Excalibur with their head stuck inside a rock

((If too small click this version you can view it larger from my art blog ))

Excalibur has put on a bit of weight lately so when he tried to chase a rattata into a crevice who couldn’t get back out so we had to get Lop to pull him out haha!

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hi just another anon :) what are your top 5 maxis match male hairs? iluuu!

I don’t have that many male hairs I just usually download from xldsims - but I thought I would show you my faves anyway :-) click for a larger version here! (unrelated but i feel like @soft-almond would love this male sim)

  1. xldsims’ the commander hair
  2. xldsims’ urban ranger hair
  3. xldsims’ smooth as fuck hair
  4. peacemaker-ic’s sleek & swept hair
  5. spring fling stuff collab’s cosmo hair

other lists I’ve done can be found here, I think I’ve covered the bulk of everything I could possibly do, if there’s still one not there that you want - go ahead and hit me up :’-)


Hey guys, hope you had a good new year :) I had a couple of hours to myself today after handing in a piece of coursework and decided to colour a doodle of adult!Hazel from a really boring lecture. 

I have a massive soft spot for all the ladies of HOO, literally, I have such trouble trying to decide my favourite female character that I tend to just not try. Saying that, the children of Hades/ Pluto do tend to hit me right in the feels. Hope you like it, I’ll try to post some more portraits like this when I have some more free time :)

edit: you can get a larger version by right clicking and opening in a new tab I have discovered. 

A leaflet I’ll be distributing very soon. I may be using this online as well. Feel free to use it too, if you would like to. Click on the image for a larger version; I can send a .pdf if people want it.

Additionally, I should mention the following: if you want to be counted as an official supporter of this campaign, please either email me (email is in the image) or message me / send an ask on here and let me know (anon is fine, but please give me a name to use for you!). I can’t do this without you guys.

Magic Duels Amonkhet: Neheb’s Trials

Surprisingly, no story spoilers this time around people! The Magic Duels campaign for Amonkhet is the story of Neheb the Worthy’s Trials, and basically just the trial experience we’re already familiar with. Here are the screens from my playthrough. It’s a little hard to read, but I don’t want to spoil it using photos if I don’t have to. Right click and say ‘open in new tab’ if you want a larger version.

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The Parched Prospect Neighborhood

Finished my first complete neighborhood in Radiation Springs this morning, so I figured I’d give everyone a peek.  You can click on the image to see a larger hi-res version.

Front and center you’ve got the Double R Cowplant Ranch, home of the Ralston Family.  Just above the Ranch on the left is The Glass Bank, a base of operations for some Sim-Corp Scientists and their private Goon Squad.  In the distance you can see the Brotherhood Compound and it’s gigantic Communications Array. Across the street from the Brotherhood Compound sits the Red Rocket Gas ‘N’ Grub; the best restaurant in all of Radiation Springs.  Probably cuz it’s the only restaurant in Radiation Springs.  Finally, on the bottom right there is the Blast From the Past home. It’s the residence of the Anderson’s, a family of shut ins  who seem to be stuck in the 60′s, and don’t leave their bomb shelter very  often.

I’ll show off more neighborhoods as they get completed.

Have Fun :)!

In a galaxy far from home….

Well, at least United States Navy Arleigh Burke-class destroyerUSS Carney (DDG 64) is still firmly on planet Earth….only 5,000 miles (8,000 km) from home….patrolling under crystal clear skies in the Mediterranean Sea.

That’s her forward MK 45 5-inch lightweight gun….reflecting red night-lighting….with the universe painting a dramatic backdrop.

                              USS Carney earlier in the evening….


>>Top photo: Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Weston Jones, USN; CLICK the photo for a very cool larger version….