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People seemed to enjoy the last time I posted coloured pencil drawing progress shots so here we go again! (click for larger images & captions). 

The captions aren’t exactly the most detailed explanation in the world but if anyone wants to know more about how I do the thing just ask :)

Materials* : Graphite pencil for sketch, Faber Castell Polychromos & Caran d’Ache Luminance coloured pencils, Zest-it blending fluid, various paintbrushes (for blending), white gel pen & white gouache

*not pictured: the 80+ hours this took to actually draw

Finished drawing here

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So, because I have nothing better to do on a Saturday and I kind of felt like making a chart I charted out what I believe is the Bunny/Rabbit family tree.

If a mother isn’t shown it’s because they are unknown at this time. I mainly used canon evidence and last names to construct this. Let’s trace this from the top:

  • Roger Rabbit was supposed to be Bugs Bunny’s son in a later sequel that hasn’t been made.
  • Roger says in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” that Thumper from Bambi is his uncle, making him Bug’s brother.
  • He therefore has 4 unnamed sisters that appeared in Bambi
  • Thumper has a mate who he has 4 daughters with, shown at the end of Bambi.
  • Clyde Bunny was shown in the short “His Hare-Raising Tale” where he’s described as Bug’s nephew, making him Thumper’s son.
  • Roger Rabbit marries Jessica Rabbit of course
  • Br'er Rabbit I imagined to be Roger and Jessica’s son (somehow) merely because he’s one of the only other disney character’s with the last name Rabbit.
  • Because of the Rabbit last name I figured that Swift-Heart Rabbit from Care Bears would be Br’er’s daughter, mother unknown.
  • In “Care Bears in Wonderland” the White Rabbit claims that Swift-Heart is his niece making him Br’er’s brother.

Note: Bugs and Thumper’s parents are called Mr and Mrs Hare, however Thumper’s mate is known as Miss Bunny and I imagine Bugs would’ve gotten the name from Lola Bunny who I do believe are sisters if only because of the shared last name and similar color scheme. However I don’t think Lola is Roger’s mother due to the color scheme. Roger of course got the last name Rabbit from Jessica.

Big thanks to @pastarrie for the idea


So I recently watched Blue Jasmine and thought “What if Jasmine had Instagram?” As you can see, shit’s escalated and I spent 4 days making this useless, yet appealing, shit of something. Anyways, here are the final results. (Click the images for a larger view)

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A leaflet I’ll be distributing very soon. I may be using this online as well. Feel free to use it too, if you would like to. Click on the image for a larger version; I can send a .pdf if people want it.

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