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Bound II

A/N: THE STRESS LEVEL IS THROUGH THE FUCKING ROOF. I had to re write this entire thing bc my computer shut off and deleted the draft. I promised you guys part two today soooo here it is! Thanks for all the love! We’re almost at 300 followers, yall! Thats the craic lol. Enjoy!

Y/n is lying in her bed, still only dressed in a purple blanket but the biggest grin is plastered on her face. She and Harry had formally introduced themselves to each other; they found out that they actually live in the same town. Y/n began to talk about how insane this all was but the conversation quickly drifted off to irrelevant topics. Now, she’s listening to him blabber on about his week and she can’t help but wonder how or why she’s come to enjoy this.

How did she somehow normalize the fact that she can talk to somebody through her mind? How could she actually be interested in this guy’s personal life after knowing him for less than two hours?

“So..I got it fixed but now I feel like I should just buy another car if the engine is gonna keep failing, ya know” he shares, but she’s too caught up in her thoughts to realize he asked her a question. “Y/n, you there?” he chuckled. She snaps out of her daze and apologizes. “I’m so sorry I was stuck in my head” she breathed.

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Have Hazel Lockwood before (left) and after (right) I “edit” the photo for the masses.  … I don’t really edit.  It’s not really my thing, so what I do is just sort of up the brightness/contrast and make it a little sharper.  The Tumblr resize ends up smoothing out most of the jagged edges, which is super nice on postcards.  The only time I ever “edit” is on postcards or the pretty random sims posts in the morning, otherwise I cba to edit for pretty much any of my other pictures unless they’re super egregiously dark, which I try not to let happen these days.  There’s always a way to add more light into the damned game.  xD

Basically my game is just visually appealing when I play.  :x  Hazel’s necklace always makes me go “ooh pretty”.  HQ mod with no glow, but I’ve altered it to make sim textures really ridiculous and I’ve altered it so my shadows are 8K, I think.

This latter fact is really only noticed when it’s super sunny out, and probably only by yours truly.


“there’s a song i want to show you.” you stated, holding out your hand for his ipod. Baby gave it to you and waited while you scrolled through the list, found the one you wanted and hit play. the song “im having your baby” started playing and he smiled, “i like this song.”

you laughed, “me too Baby.”

“why did you want to show me this?” he asked, taking a sip of coffee. 

“look at the title closer.” you answered.

he looked down at the Ipod for a moment then back at you, you could see the moment it clicked in his eyes. a huge smile appeared on his face and he hopped from his chair, arms open for you, “we’re having a baby!?”

you jumped into his arms and he wrapped his around your waist, spinning you around, all the while shouting “we’re having a baby!!”

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Happy With You (Jimin x Reader)

Genre : fluff, a very bit of angst, mention of smut

Summary : you just knew that you were pregnant and you were worried on how your husband, Jimin, would react to it.

You were still sitting on the floor of the bathroom, you have been for 15 minutes, just staring at the pregnancy test on your left hand and your phone on your right hand, a calendar in front of you showing how many days you have been late for your period. Your mind was racing, thinking about hundreds of scenarios of what would happen next, some are good some are bad.

“You know, you should probably call him.” Your bestfriend said to you from the bed you and Jimin shared, eating potato chips so casually like this wasn’t a big deal.

“I don’t know what to say,” you said, still staring at the test that said that you were indeed having a baby growing inside you.

Your bestfriend rolled her eyes, “Maybe a ‘Hey, honey, guess what, you’re going to be a father!’ would be great. That was what I said to my husband and he was ecstatic.”

You finally moved to rest your head on the bathroom door behind you and sighed, “I mean, it’s not like we haven’t talk about kids before. Jimin have said he wanted to, but I don’t think it would be just 6 months after we got married.”

“So what? I got pregnant 2 months after I got married to Namjoon, and we’re gonna have another one just around a year after our first baby. Trust me, it’s okay.” she said while patting her huge belly.

And now you finally, finally, stood up and moved to the bed, flopping yourself on top of it and stared at the ceiling, “Remembering how your vigorous sex life is, I don’t think Namjoon would be surprised if you get knocked up so fast.”

Your bestfriend raised her brows, “Isn’t you two’s sex life vigorous too? I remembered hearing weird noises from Jimin’s studio, or that time when the two of you made that parked car looked like it was jumping up and down, or when you two came out from the practice room and had the whole mirrors fogged up, or–”

“Stop it!” You snapped, your cheeks heating up so bad while you tried to hide your embarrasses smile.

“Oh honey, the list goes on and on,” she winked.

You shot up from the bed and looked at your bestfriend, “And it’s creepy how you were always the one to know about it and saw us after. Don’t tell me that’s your kink, please.”

She shrugged, throwing a potato chip to her mouth, “That’s not my kink, you and Jimin just do it everywhere. I’m sure the other members know about it too.”

You groaned and fell back to the bed, “Oh fuck me. Now I know why they always shake their eyebrows at me whenever I am with Jimin.”

Your bestfriend probably sensed your stress and anxiety because she put down her potato chips and started to look at you seriously, “Listen, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You’re both married, that is not unusual. And honey, about this pregnancy thing, trust me it would be okay. Jimin loves you so much. I know he’s going to love the baby even before it is born, and he’s going to love the baby more after the baby is born. If you’re worried about Jimin being an idol and wouldn’t want to have a baby to disturb his schedule, it’s not true. Look at Namjoon and I, and our babygirl, I know he’s an idol but he’s also a human, he wants to have a private life where he can build a family, and I trust Jimin to have that kind of feeling too. Don’t worry so much, it’s not good for the baby. Okay?”

Your bestfriend who usually joke around seemed so serious and sincere you actually felt like crying. And you did, so she hugged you for a long time.

When you finally stopped crying, she got up and said, “Now, make that phone call to Jimin. And just try not to worry too much. I’ll leave you guys to it because I’m actually craving nachos now, probably going to crash on Namjoon’s writing time after all.”

Still hiccuping you nodded and thanked your bestfriend for everything. She left you on your apartment alone.

Now, about that phone call…

You took a deep breath and just started to call your husband before you changed your mind. It actually wasn’t a good idea because you still sounded like you just finished crying because the moment Jimin answered your call and heard you, he said “Babe, what’s wrong?”

Hearing his soft voice you loved so much made you start crying again. You didn’t know how you were going to survive this pregnancy because you were already so sensitive about everything.

You heard him stood up abruptly, Jimin was probably taking a rest from a dance practice and now you kinda feel bad about disturbing him. “Y/N, you’re scaring me, what is it?” you could hear the worry in his voice and you cried harder.

“I… I–I–I,” you started but you just couldn’t say anything more.

“That’s it, I’m going home. I’ll be there in 5 minutes,” Jimin said in a rush, you could hear him taking his car keys and the other members asking him what’s going on.

“N–no it’s fine, I–I’m f-fine.” You hiccuped again.

“Baby, you don’t sound fine and it’s scaring me so much,” he sound exasperated and worried, “I’m going home okay, I’m on my way. Don’t turn off the phone until I get there, okay?”

You didn’t know why you just couldn’t say it to him and saved him from being worried. So you just said, “O-okay. I lo-ove you, Jiminie.”

Jimin sighed from the other line, “I know, honey. I love you too. So much. Now stop crying, okay? I’m almost there.”

The whole way he kept telling you how much he loved you and how everything was going to be okay even when he still didn’t know why you were crying.

You were still on the bed in your and Jimin’s bedroom when he found you and kneeled in front of you on the bed.

“Hey baby, hey hey,” he kissed you softly on the mouth repeatedly and brushed your hair back, trying to calm you down, “Stop crying, it’s okay. I’m here now, tell me what’s wrong. You’re worrying me. Are you hurt?”

Jimin looked at you straight to your eyes and suddenly you were taken back to the time you first saw him and how everything inside of you just yearned for him. You remembered seeing his first smile and thought about how beautiful it was and how it made you happy too, just seeing his smile. Those crinkles on the edges of his eyes when he laughed and how his eyes sparkled. That crooked tooth of his that made you think of him as perfection. And again, those brown eyes of his that held so many emotions and words that cannot be said, the love from him to you. Now it filled with worry.

You still couldn’t find your voice so you shook your head first. “I-I’m not h-hurt.”

“Then tell me why you’re crying, baby, so I can take care of you.”

Still looking into his beautiful eyes, you decided to just showed him the pregnancy test that was still in your grip. You were a bit surprised he didn’t noticed, he was THAT worried.

He furrowed his eyebrows at first when he saw it, still haven’t understood what was happening. But after he looked at it more, he started to look back at you slowly. His face was unreadable.

Scared was an understatement with what you were feeling right now.

“You’re.. You’re pregnant?” Jimin finally said.

You gave him a little smile and nodded, still unsure.

“But… But… But how?” Jimin asked but looked like he wanted to smack himself, “I mean, I know how because I was inside of you so many times,” you blushed furiously, “But how… I mean, why are you crying then? Aren’t you happy?”

You looked hopefully at him, “Are you, Jiminie?”

He looked shockingly at you, “Of course I’m happy! Why wouldn’t I be? I’m going to be a father.” After he said it once it was as if it finally clicked and suddenly a huge smile appeared on his face. “I’m going to be a father! A father, Y/N!! And you’re going to be a mother!!! Oh my God! Y/N, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!” he exclaimed while kissing you repeatedly, bringing you down to the bed with him and turned you so you were under him, careful not to crush you with his weight. You couldn’t help but giggle, suddenly it felt like a weight was lifted from your shoulders.

He was still kissing you until finally he stopped and furrowed his eyebrows, “But why are you crying? Aren’t you happy? You still haven’t answered my questions.”

“Of course I’m happy. I’m just……worried.”


After seeing his reaction, you felt kinda bad for telling him this. “I was afraid you wouldn’t want the baby.”

But rather than being mad at you for expecting the worst of him, he just said, “Oh honey, did I give that kind of feeling? I’m so sorry. Of course I want the baby. I want us to start a family.”

“I’m sorry too, Jiminie.”

“It’s okay, Y/N, I understand. With me being busy might make you think that, but trust me, I want it so much. I just haven’t had the time to talk about it with you, and I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry for making you worried.”

“I’m sorry for making you worried too.”

“I’m sorry for making you worried about me worrying you.” Now he was being ridiculous.

You chuckled, finally stopped crying entirely. “We might ended up fighting about who apologized the most by the end of the night.”

Jimin threw his head back and laughed, making you smile and your heart to fluttered. And then he turned serious, “No, honey, we might ended up tangled in each other by the end of the night, completely sated and happy, after a celebration I’m going to give you.” Jimin started trailing kisses from your mouth to your neck. Caressing you with both of his warm hands and unbuttoning your pajamas, leaving you in your bra and panties.

You were getting hot when you thought of something, “Wait, you really want to start this family right? It’s not too soon?”

Jimin looked up from your neck, “Yes and no. I know we’re young but I really want to start a family with you. And I feel like you’re going to be a great mother.”

“And I feel like you’re going to be a great father.” You smiled lovingly to him.

He started to continue what he was doing when you stopped him again, “Wait, shouldn’t we call our parents? And maybe inform your other members because they’re probably worried why you just left the practice room earlier?”

“We’ll tell our parents tomorrow. And don’t worry about the other members.”

“But–” you were just about to say that the other members might call him soon to ask about it when Jimin’s phone rang.

Jimin was still caressing you and touching you passionately when he answered the call, you couldn’t really concentrate on what they were saying because Jimin just caressed that spot under your breast you loved so much.

On the phone, Tae said, “Hey Jiminie, everything alright?”

“Everything is perfect. Y/N is pregnant,” Jimin answered hurriedly, his other hand still touching that part you loved, you couldn’t helped but moaned out loud. “Now we’re in the middle of something. Bye.” Jimin shut off the phone call.

He was just starting to kiss you again when his phone rang once more. He thought of ignoring it, but knew if it was one of the members, they won’t stop calling until one of you answered.

Jimin answered on the 5th ring, heard the excited sound of the members screaming “CONGRATULATIONS!!!” so loud you could also hear it, and then they shut it off right after, leaving you and Jimin dumbfounded.

Jimin chuckled, “They’re crazy.”

You also chuckled but immediately turned into a moan when Jimin’s mouth moved to your breast.

“I can’t wait to have little you and I’s running around the house,” he said between pleasuring you.

“I can’t wait too. I love you.”

“I love you too. So much. And thank you for giving me happiness, Y/N.”

And then let’s just say, by the end of that night, Jimin fulfilled his promise to you.