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Hooray, I finally finished! This is based on @russianfeya‘s Neon Pink Motorcycle fic. It’s a soulmate AU where people have a mark that changes color depending on the soulmate’s mood. Yuri no longer has a mark (due to Reasons) and it just hit me in the most recent chapter that when Otabek asks “How are you feeling?” he’s actually…you know, comparing notes. :D
Anyway, if that sounds like something you’d like to read, I highly recommend it!


The ladies are not having it.

An amazing art trade between myself (the boyz) and @sncinder who did such a cool job with the ladies. Please enjoy the Illyrian Ruffians showing off for the Ladies of the Night Court.

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I commissioned @deebzy​ to draw this poignant moment of clarity and comfort from my fic if nobody speaks of remarkable things and I’m just blown away at how gorgeous it is. Thank you deebzy for bringing it to life! (click for a bigger picture)


And way down we go
Way down we go
Say way down we go
Way down we go  [X]

A drawing I did for a modern/futurist AU where Laurent and Nicaise are genetically modified humans who escaped from their lab and Damen will eventually try to protect them.

This AU got partly inspired by the trailer of the Logan movie (hence the music linked above

Two versions of the colored drawing because one has a filter and I can’t seem to decide which to put.

I’m annoyed that it put the image in really small tho, so if you’re not in mobile and want to see the picture in bigger I’d recommend doing a right click and “open picture in a new tab”. Otherwise here’s a close-up of the filter one:


i went to the abandoned Prehistoric Forest amusement park mentioned here and explored around! i used to go here as a kid. a lot of the dinosaurs there are missing, but what is left is pretty creepy…it is rumored that the missing dinosaur corpses are just over the hill in the back, but i was hopping through 2 foot snow the entire time just trying to get these photos….maybe i will find them when there is less snow!

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Gabrielle was never a true pacifist as much as she wanted to believe it in Season 4 with taking on the philosophy of ‘The Way of Love’. She still had her own rules to follow by with keeping the peace but she was never an outright “non-violence” person. She knew that if it came to fighting to put something right then she had to do it. Even if she didn’t want to or Xena didn’t want her to. To fight for what she believed in. To fight for the safety and the well-being of her loved ones or for the freedom of the innocent. That’s the choice she made in ‘Ides Of March’ when Xena was injured and left vulnerable and defenceless.. There wasn’t even a hesitation. She knew the right thing to do was to defend and protect her reguardless of the teachings of Eli. Her love for Xena is why she did it. It’s why she picked up that javelin and hauled it right at the soldier. It’s why she picked up the sword and went all out berserk on anybody within even a foot’s distance from Xena. It’s why she picked up the knife and stabbed one of them repeatedly to death  Love is what motivated her to fight and kill those soldiers, so therefore her way wasn’t to do nothing at all, it was to do something. Anything she could that was in her power if it meant there was a chance she could save Xena.

So her dichotomy with peace and violence specifically in Season 6 wasn’t as contradicting as you may think. Because for Gabrielle, it was always take action and deal with the consequences later. From the very start of the show with her meeting Xena that was her way of doing everything. It’s just it never required her to use violence to do it early on as Xena always took care of it. But that begins to change and become much more necessary later on in the show when she is a skilled fighter and she’s in the heat of the battle. She always had the choice whether to knock her enemy unconscious or to kill them. And she chooses the latter when she knows it’s absolutely imperative and there is no other way to stop them. She never went against what she believed in at all. She was just struggling to find the right balance for her as a warrior and as a peacemaker. And a lot of the time it was instinctive for her. It was something that just came naturally. She was just thinking about it too much all the times when it didn’t work out for her. It wasn’t because it wasn’t the right way for her, even though that’s what she initially believed.

It was never defined what ‘The Way of Friendship’ was but it’s pretty obvious that this is what it means given her actions. It’s like an even greater level of love where you have to put the consequences aside to help another. Where you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. So Xena was wrong. Gabrielle was meant to be a warrior. It’s just it didn’t always need to be physical, unless it was the only option she had. She did it for love and friendship. She did it because she cared enough to cater to someone else despite what it may have meant for her spiritually. That was always HER way! She felt lost in Season 4 because she hadn’t come to terms with why it was she felt she needed to use violence in the moment. She never processed it because it was just something she didn’t really need to think about at the time. But it played heavily on her mind after the battle was over because she didn’t know that her true way of dealing with hardships was to fight for peace and love even though her spirit evidently did. So the question isn’t was she meant to be a warrior and ditch ‘The Way of Love’? It is was it inevitable that she would? The answer is ‘yes’. It was. Because her way wasn’t either ‘The Way of Love’ or ‘The Way of the Warrior’. It was ‘The Way of Friendship’ where it was required to fight and kill in the name of love. It seems completely nonsensical at first until you try to put yourself in her shoes. Then you come to understand her as Xena eventually did.

I tell you, I had such a hard time understanding her in Season 5 and 6. But I take back everything I said about her completely going against what she stood for in Season 1, 2, 3 and 4. It finally clicked and I’ve realized the bigger picture to it all. That it really doesn’t matter how you do something in a dire situation, as long as you make a choice to do something in the first place. I respect and admire Gabrielle for putting aside her teachings of ‘The Way of Love’ in order to do what she believed was the right thing to do in the moment. I can say with absolutely no doubt whatsoever that she is my favourite character in Xena: Warrior Princess because of this reason. I feel so guilty for thinking of her so negatively to begin with because I thought she had abandoned her own spirituality. I was wrong and I understand her now.

The bigger picture and point to this blog: 

X: You know, we live our lives the way we do, because someone has to help those who can’t help themselves. But is it wrong to expose a child to that kind of violence? That blood?

G: I think so. But, Xena, sometimes, it’s our only resort, until we find a more effective way of doing it all.

X: Perhaps the greater wrong is never to fight at all, huh? You know what? I think it doesn’t matter where we take a stand, as long as we make one.

And this ladies and gentleman is the one of the strongest and most substantial reasons to watch Xena: Warrior Princess. I hope you enjoyed reading.

- Girl4Music

Credit @lucyllawless@dagninexgf, @aflawedfashion and @ode-to-simplicity for the gifs

anonymous asked:

Hey I loved your spark merging theory with humans. Can I have a Drabble or some headcanons on how TFP Optimus and Ratchet would handle this? Would they even try or would the human s/o have to bring it up?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Thank you anon! For this one, I’ll be doing headcanons for both the characters and I’m assuming this is SFW.

For reference, this is the human/‘bot spark bonding theory mentioned. The picture you’ll find in the linked ask is very accurate of how I look to others when I discuss world building elements that I adore. I’ve been told so. )


✦ It’s brought up during his history lesson of what it was like back on Cybertron, explaining traditions and customs that were unique to his world. At one point he brings up Conjunx Ritus - a ritual done between Cybertronians when they’re certain of their love and loyalties to each other. He explains that final part of this process is spark merging when all has been said and done. It’s where the pair (or more) form a bond by exposing their sparks to each other and letting their energies mingle. He seems so… wistful when he speaks about it. The lights from his optics soft and his smile full of nostalgia and yearning. It’s what makes his human bring up the idea that they could try it out. They’re together and in love so why not give it a shot?

✦ Optimus back pedals away from the idea fast. It would be cute to see him so flustered and nervous but the panic in his optics are no laughing matters. He seems genuinely scared of the idea to try and merge his spark with their… soul? Heart? This is unknown territory for anyone and he doesn’t want to hurt his lover because of his selfish desire to want to be sparkmates with them. They’re giving this their all as is and it seems wrong to demand more from them. It takes a visit and confirmation from Ratchet that it’s a possibility for him to be willing to even think about this and it takes his human promising to end it the moment they get hurt for him to agree.

✦ Everyone tries to chip in when they find out what’s going on. The two try to keep it under wraps with only Ratchet involved - someone needs to make sure the two are fit enough to go through a spark-to-heart session after all - but it isn’t long before the others find out with how strange Optimus and his human are acting. The kids find out first, learning it from their friend and Miko can’t keep a secret under wraps for long. Soon it becomes all hands/servos on Team Prime - Ultra Magnus takes up command when out on missions with Arcee helping him out if he needs help. Wheeljack sticks around longer when he visits the base, asking how the pair are doing and trying to lift the human’s spirits up if they’re tired. Ratchet and Knockout don’t argue as much when it comes to sharing medical duties. It’s almost strange to see everyone working so well together. Strange yet sweet knowing they’re all doing this for their friends’ sake.

✦ During the more rougher parts of the process - especially when the human is developing their own EM Field - Optimus does whatever he can to make them comfortable. He helps them learn how to focus on one thing so the constant bombardment of emotions doesn’t overwhelm them. He makes sure he’s a calm and steady presence whenever they’re together, letting them latch onto him if the need arises. These are the hardest parts for him because it’s hard on them. They’re strong, he knows, and he also knows this is tiring and exhausting them as days turn into weeks and weeks into months. It hurts him to see them cry into his chassis when the feelings of everyone around them becomes too much for them to bear. He holds them close, almost folding over them in an attempt to block the world and keep them safe.

✦ In the end he and his human don’t regret doing this. Not when he feels it click during a session. After eight months of bonding and stopping, of flaring fields and tense nerves - It clicks. Like pieces of a puzzle sliding into place, showing the bigger picture they’ve been working to achieve with all they’ve done. The bond that has felt so frustratingly distant and so aggravatingly close becomes there. Becomes tangible and real for him and his human. Optimus’ vents hitch when the force of the love and compassion and joy he feels from his human becomes his and his joy and excitement and his awe becomes there. He closes his chest and no longer feels the phantom aches and sorrows. Only their happiness as he showers kisses on his human and whispers thank you to them, over and over again.


✦ The human learns it from when listening to Bulkhead and Wheeljack during their Wrecker days. When they begin to talk about how some of their friends thought it’ll be a ‘great’ idea to spark merge there and then during a fight, the human has to raise their hand to ask what that means. Wheeljack tries to be condescendingly funny - when two or three or five Cybertronians love each other very much - and Bulkhead cuts his old friend off to give a more sincere answer. It’s how Cybertronians express their deepest love and affections for those they care about, entering into a union where they literally join their sparks together. One of the sweetest and honest ways to be with someone. The human thanks Bulkhead for their answer when he finishes his explanation and excuses themselves from the get together, saying they needed to find a certain medic of theirs.

✦ Oddly enough Ratchet is open to the idea when the human floats the idea his way. The medic chuckles at their raised eyebrow and surprised expression, no doubt having expected him to shoot it down or scoff at the idea. Why would he shoot them down? Why hesitate? He likes them and they like him. He knows they don’t have a lot of time together so he wants to make it count. If they think trying to merge their heart with his spark will allow them to be closer than he’s willing to try it out. His faceplate flushes when his human gives him a peck on the cheek and they start teasing him for being a romantic sap. He isn’t being romantic. He’s being practical. S-Shut up.

✦ When the couple announce their plans to try and merge their ‘sparks’ together, Team Prime and company do their best to help make the transition easy as they can. The kids, Miko especially, try to not be. Ultra Magnus rearranges duties and tasks in a way that Ratchet has a lighter workload. Optimus and the rest try to be careful during missions, not wanting to tire Ratchet out. June volunteers her services to inspect Ratchet’s lover when a sessions is over. Knockout doesn’t sass Ratchet as much. It’s touching to see how love can bring everyone together.

✦ Ratchet is incredibly grumpy during the more difficult parts of the process. Why? Because his human is grumpy too and it throws him off a bit. He’s so used to them being the more patient one in their relationship, more willing to weather the storm of his sass and his bite. Except they don’t have much patience or calm in their reserves when dealing with all the emotions around them as they reach the final stages of the bonding. This has to be the most difficult period in his life. Having them snap at him or pull away from Bumblebee or the others is strange and frustrating and worrying. Sometimes he wishes he hadn’t said yes to trying to bond. Sometimes he thinks this is a terrible idea and he was being selfish for putting them through this.

✦ Except it is worth it in the end. When their bond finally forms and he’s able to properly reach out to them with not only with his servos and words but with his emotions and love for them. The nerves and stress they have is smoothed out by his calm and patience, easing their anxieties and encouraging their joy when they accidentally respond to him. It’s then that his human realises they can respond to his feelings. They can respond to him and only him. They did. They actually did it. His lover all but throw themselves against his chassis the second he hides away his spark, burying their face against his chassis and laughing in joy. Ratchet asks if they’re crying and can only smile when they say they will neither confirm nor deny that. It’s okay. He knows better.


For @talking2thesky who wrote me a Rinch Space AU- Looking for Astronauts- last year. I have been wanting to create some art for it since then, and finally, here we are.

This is for you dear.
Thank you for inspiring me, and holding my hand through this long process. ♥

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