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my dad got a new camera for portraits so we went on a walk and he took my picture. i like this even though it looks like i’ve been crying… it’s so tricky to get photographed on a high quality camera because it shows every flaw but this one i like quite a bit. i feel like i should be on the cover of some crappy romance novel

Inktober  Day 7 - “SHY”

(Re-make, ‘cause upon seeing it after a few days, I found too many faults to handle the embarrassment… surprised anyone liked it… Big thanks to everyone who clicked heart for the prevous version and I hope the new version would be worth the praise :) )

anonymous asked:

Can you draw some marichat?

I cheated, I doodled some platonic Marichat.  ;)  These dorks are both so deep in their crush that I see them becoming good friends before anything else.

EDIT:  Gahh!  What is it with me and forgetting masks?? I guess I must be ready for the big reveal!  ;) 



Warehouse 13/Black sails (Though lets be honest I totally wanted to make pirate stuff for Race and even though it’s not exact match for her canon I’d like to think it’s A pirates life for me fanart because I adore that fic ;D You can click for shit big versions of the manips if you like)

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kind of part of this au that i have in my head that i might eventually write, but for right now there’s this.


Romeo and/or Juliet - my choose-your-own-path version of the Shakespeare play - comes out in SIX DAYS, and we’re counting down those days by sneaking a peek at some of the art in the book!!

If you play as Romeo, you might end up picking an ill-advised fight with some carnivorous horses, which works out for you about as well as you’d expect. Every ending in the book is illustrated, and this one is by David “ @davidmalki ” Malki ! Click for the big version.   :0

You can get the book from:


My exchangelock gift for seasonsofjohnlock! She mentioned video games - specifically the Elder Scrolls, among others - so here are Sherlock and John in Skyrim! There’s nothing more romantic than sitting by a fire under the northern lights with your sweetheart and a sweet roll!

I’m sorry it’s a bit late, but I took on a big challenge in making this a full illustration and trying some new things! I’m really happy with it, so I hope you like it, seasonsofjohnlock!!

It’s pretty big - so click to see the full version, as well as some close-ups!